Month: September 2012

2012 – EHF Executive Board Minutes 14/15 September

  Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting FIH Office, Lausanne, Switzerland, 14th & 15th September 2012 President’s Welcome: The President opened the meeting by requesting a minute’s silence to mark the passing of Robert Watson, EHF Hon. General Secretary 1978 – 1989 and Vice President 1989 – 1993. She noted how important it is for the EHF family to remember Robert Watson as he was in his full health – a witty and intelligent person who contributed an enormous amount to the EHF in his various roles. She then welcomed the Executive Board and the incoming Director General of the EHF to Lausanne for the third meeting of 2012. She also welcomed Kelly Fairweather, CEO of the FIH to meeting. Lausanne SEP 2012...

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Olympic Hopes of Moscow Region!

Eighth International Kids Hockey Festival «OLYMPIC HOPES OF MOSCOW REGION» will be held in Elektrostal (Moscow Region) from 7th to 9th of September. Girls and boys of 10 to 12 years old will take part in the event. The hosts of the tournament are Moscow Region Hockey Association and hockey club Dinamo – Elektrostal. Since 2009 the festival has been held under the auspices of European Hockey Federation. This year the festival «OLYMPIC HOPES OF MOSCOW REGION» will welcome 25 kids teams from Elektrostal, Noginsk, Obukhovo settlement, Korolev, Mytishchi, Pavlovskiy Posad, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Nizhniy Novgorod and Minsk (Republic of Belarus). Prize winners of the festival will be awarded with special medals. Young hockey players (six field players and a goalkeeper) will be playing two times 15 minutes each. The matches will start at 8 a.m. On Saturday (September, 8th) the club will hold its traditional Open Day. Children will get the opportunity to enroll in the hockey sections, participate in quiz games and contests, and see the Olympic photo exhibition with their parents. On the 7th of September at 6 p.m. the first match of Hockey Men’s Championship of Russia will take place. Sportsmen of Dinamo – Elektrostal will meet their rivals from Ekaterinburg. The second match will be held on the 8th of September at 4 p.m. Look for any additional information...

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FIH publishes Rulebook for 2013

The FIH has published its 2013 edition of the Outdoor Hockey Rulebook, which is now available to read and download on the FIH website rules page. The FIH believes hockey is enjoyable to play, officiate in and watch.  Nevertheless, the FIH continues to seek ways of making hockey even more enjoyable for all its participants while retaining its unique and attractive characteristics. The first change of note for the 2013 edition aims to simply an important rule.  The way a goal is scored is amended; it now includes what is referred to as an “own goal”.  A goal can now be scored after the ball is touched in the circle by either an attacker or a defender.  Before this clarification, it was confusing and frustrating to players, spectators and officials that the ball went in the net but was not a goal.  It also can be very difficult to tell who touched the ball in the circle, hence the own goal. A notable rule change in 2009 was the introduction of the self-pass from a free hit.  This has sped up the game; play sometimes continues almost seamlessly after an infringement.  As a further step to increasing the range of quick and effective options from a free hit, the ball can now be raised directly and intentionally using a push, flick or scoop action.  Raising the ball after a free...

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