Central European Indoor Interleague

Posted On 14th February 2011

For Women and Men

Porec, Croatia, February 5th – 6th 2011


          Indoor hockey tournament of Central European Interleague held in Porec (Croatia), February 5th and 6th 2011, was the traditional tournament of the indoor season 2010/2011 of Central European Interleague for women and men. It was the 5thseason of ladies and 6th season of men indoor Interleague.

Tournament was played under the official indoor rules and regulations of EHF. Eight men and four womens teams enrolled for the tournament: KPH Raca and KPH Nova Dubnica (both Slovakia), HK Moravske Toplice (Slovenia) and HK Zrinjevac (Croatia) in women, and HK Triglav and HK Moravske Toplice (both Slovenia), SK Senkvice and KPH Raca (both Slovakia), HK Jedinstvo, HK Zelina 1 and 2, HK Marathon in men competition.

The women played in one pool Round Robin system. After pool matches, first two teams played the final match and team placed 3rd and 4th played for the 3rd place.

The men played in two pools and final ranking was decided in cross-over matches. Final match was played between winners of the pools, match for the 3rd place was played between teams placed 2nd in both pools, etc.



Finals            Raca            – Moravske Toplice               6 : 1
For 3rd           Zrinjevac       – Nova Dubnica                  4 : 5



Finals            Zelina           – Senkvice                           4 : 4          (3 : 4 PS)
For 3rd           Raca            – Triglav                               2 : 2          (6 : 5 PS)
For 5th           Marathon     – Jedinstvo                          8 : 3
For 7th           Moravske T. – Zelina 2                            4 : 3

Final standings were as follows:


Ladies                                                Men
1. KPH Raca (SVK)                          1. SK Senkvice (SVK)
2. HK Moravske Toplice (SLO)      2. HK Zelina (CRO)
3. KPH Nova Dubnica (SVK)          3. KPH Raca (SVK)
4. HK Zrinjevac (CRO)                      4. HK Triglav (SLO)
5. HK Marathon (CRO)
6. HK Jedinstvo (CRO)
7. HK Moravske Toplice (SLO)
8. HK Zelina 2 (CRO)

Raca (SVK) won the title of the Central European Indoor Interleague Champions for the fourth time all together, while Senkvice (SVK) won the same title for the first time.

By: Denis Jelačić

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