Russia: XIV International Kids Indoor Tournament

Posted On 5th April 2013

Last weekend of March was marked in Elektrostal with the traditional indoor hockey tournament Podmoskovie. This tournament was devoted to the 90th anniversary of  All-Russian Sports Society Dinamo.

The participants of the tournament were 16 teams (eight teams of boys and eight teams of girls) from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Moscow Region was represented besides the hosts by the following teams: Vympel (Korolev), Nika (settlement Obukhovo, Noginskiy district). Young hockey players also came from Russian cities Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Syzran, Belorussian cities Minsk and Smolevichi, and Ukrainian cities Shostka and Berdichev.

Three last days of spring school holidays became non-stop hockey days for boys and girls who were playing indoor hockey from morning till night. As a result, two girls’ teams from Elektrostal Sports School of Olympic Reserve met in the final match. The team coached by Sergey Snegirev became the winner and the second place was taken by the team coached by Almira Nurtdinova. Bronze medals were taken to Minsk by young hockey players from Belarus.

Boys’ final was also among the hockey players from Elektrostal. Players coached by Maksim Kukushkin defeated the team coached by Mikhail Golovanov. The youngest players from Elektrostal coached by Dmitriy Riajskiy in a stubborn struggle won bronze medals. They gained a victory over the team Svema from Shostka (Ukraine).

The organizer of the tournament Trustee Council of Moscow Region Hockey Association instituted individual prizes besides the cups and exclusive medals. Best goalkeepers of the tournament were Egor Boiko (Shostka, Ukraine) and Vlada Zhdanovskikh (Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 18, Yekaterinburg), Best Forwards were Gleb Chugunov (Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 18, Yekaterinburg) and Ljubov Solovieva (Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 2, Elektrostal), Best Defenders were Ivan Ezhelev (Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 1, Elektrostal) and Elizaveta Terekhova (Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 1, Elektrostal). Young hockey players were awarded with their prizes by Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR and Honoured Coach of the USSR, sixfold World Champion  Mikhail Osintsev.



1.Sports School of Olympic Reserve-1 (Elektrostal) coach Sergey Snegirev
2. Sports School of Olympic Reserve-2 (Elektrostal) coach Almira Nurtdinova
3. HC Minsk (Belarus) coach Svetlana Korzhevich
4. Volga (Syzran) coaches Svetlana Naidenkova, Olga Baeva
5. SC Vympel (Korolev) coach Zinaida Chuikina
6. Victoria (Smolevichi, Belarus) coach Alesia Piotukh
7. Sports School of Olympic Reserve-18 (Yekaterinburg) coach Yana Moiseenko
8. Nika (Obukhovo, Noginskiy district) coach Viktoria Selivanova


1. Sports School of Olympic Reserve-1 (Elektrostal) coach Maksim Kukushkin
2. Dream Team (Elektrostal) coach Mikhail Golovanov
3. Sports School of Olympic Reserve-2 (Elektrostal) coach Dmitriy Riazhskiy
4. Svema (Shostka, Ukraine) coach Igor Yakovenko
5. Start (Berdichev, Ukraine) coach Vasiliy Garbuz
6. Sports School of Olympic Reserve-18 (Yekaterinburg) coach Eduard Grigoriev
7. HC Minsk (Belarus) coach Aleksey Stanilevich
8. Izmailovo (Moscow) coach Dmitriy Shamin

Source: Russian Hockey Federation

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