2013 – EHF Executive Board Minutes, 15 August

Posted On 15th August 2013

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting
EHF Office
Brussels, Belgium
15 th August 2013

Marijke Fleuren (President), Carola Meyer, Jorge Alcover, Mika Rihtilä, Leonardas Caikauskas, Jean-Christophe Capelle, Simon Mason, Ludmila Pastorova, Jerzy Smorawinski, Jan Vymazal, Angus Kirkland

Apologies for Absence:
In Attendance:
Jane Brennan, EHF Administration Officer
Andy Belles, Astroturf


The Minutes of the meeting held on 7 th & 8th June in Rome, were signed by the President as a true record.

President’s Welcome:
The President welcomed the Executive Board to Brussels for the third meeting of 2013. She also welcomed Andy Belles (Astroturf) and thanked him again for the hospitality shown to the President, the Director General and EHF Hon Member R. David Balbirnie on their recent visit to Astroturf in the USA.

Andy noted that it was a pleasure to attend the Executive Board meeting and thanked the Board for allowing him to sit in on the meeting. He went on to say that Astroturf had experiences of observing other organisations they sponsor during their Board meetings and it is something which helps in finding other ways to help grow the sport and continue the mutually beneficial relationship.

The President noted that unfortunately it would be the last meeting for several Board Members.

She wished to thank Jean Christoph Capelle in particular, and noted that the EHF owes him a lot for what he has been doing with the organisation and indeed that all the Board looks forward to the coming days of Hockey in Boom which they are sure will be fantastic.

She went on to say that our other Board members would be thanked and recognised later in the meeting.

The President thanked the staff in the EHF office for their preparations and hard work coming up to the General Assembly and the EuroHockey Championships. She thanked the Director General in particular for his hard work and excellent positive attitude since taking on the role last October.


Matters Arising

FIH Executive Board report

The President reported on the meeting of the FIH Executive Board which took place on 9th June.She noted that, unsurprisingly, the Olympic status of hockey was a major item on the agenda of the meeting.
A presentation was given, and this will be presented on further at the EHF Executive Board meeting in September.

Indoor Hockey was also one of the major items discussed during the FIH EB meeting. A letter has subsequently been sent by the FIH to all Member Associations outlining the changes that will take place in Indoor Hockey. She noted that the issue of hockey’s status in the Olympics has already had consequences for the Indoor hockey – this was reflected in the changes announced by the FIH in their recent letter.

She reported that a task force has been created within the FIH, with several European people involved. The Hockey 5 format is a trial with the aim to attract more people to play hockey.

Hockey 11 will still be our main product, with Hockey 5 as a complimentary product.

The President reported that the issues with hockey’s status in the Olympics were one reason that helped her agree to the proposed changes for Indoor Hockey. She also reported that a presentation on Indoor Hockey was also given and showed that the numbers of goals scored has decreased significantly, and the proposed reduced player numbers aim to counteract this trend.

She reassured the Board that the item was discussed at length during the FIH Executive Board before a decision was made.

EHL Report
Jorge Alcover presented a report on the Euro Hockey League

2013/2014 Round 1
He reported that dates and venues for Round 1 have been announced and published on the EHF and EHL websites.

Jorge reported that following discussions with FIH after the last EHF Executive Board meeting in Rome some updates were made to the Regulations.
He reminded the Board that in Rome we agreed to try to follow FIH in competition regulations as much as possible in order to avoid confusion for spectators, players and umpires.

The main changes being:

  • No more extra times
  • Reduced video referrals from 3 to 1

He noted that there are still a number of items to be discussed with the FIH including:

Video Referral restrictions (within 23m or not)
45 seconds at Penalty Corner (EHL must wait until 45 seconds is up before push out, FIH push outmust be taken within 45 second window)

The President suggested that EHF explain to our Hockey community that we are discussing it with the FIH and that from 1 st October the final set of regulations will be published.

She also wished to communicate that her preference for variations in the regulations (EHL/FIH) be none, with a maximum of one.

Jorge reported that a request had been received from Austria to review the system when a 2nd club plays in Challenge tournament the points are not divided. He noted that this is on agenda for the next Competitions Committee-Outdoor meeting.

The President then updated the board on the EHL and she wished to note that the involvement of Infostrada has helped a lot.

Finance Paper

The Hon Treasurer presented a proposed payment schedule to the Board

Mika Rihtila presented to the Board a paper outlining proposed payment schedules for our Member Associations yearly invoices (which include the Annual Subscription fee and entry fees into EHF Competitions)

A full discussion took place on this item and the President proposed that it be brought back to the September Meeting for a final decision.


25th General Assembly

The Director General reported on the EHF General Assembly.

The procedure and agenda for the 23 rd General Assembly due to take place on 19 th August was discussed and agreed.

The Board agreed to award Diploma of Merits to several volunteers over the course of the General Assembly and EuroHockey Championships.

Any Other business

The President then spoke that it was Jerzy Smorawinski last Board meeting. Jerzy has been a long servant to the sport of Hockey having, in addition to being on the EHF Board, been the Polish team doctor at the 1972 Olympic Games, a Vice President and President of Polish Hockey, a member of FIH Executive Board and Medical Committee, and a sounding Board on Anti-Doping issues as he is the Chair of the Polish Commission Against Doping in Sport. The President thanked Jerzy for all his contributions on the EHF Executive Board since 2009 and presented a Diploma of Merit Award to him.

The president had wished to do this at the dinner after the General Assembly but unfortunately this was not possible.

She also thanked Jan Vymazal for his work and noted that he would be officially thanked during the General Assembly the following day.

As there was no further business the President formally closed the meeting.

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