2013 – EHF Executive Board Minutes, Brussels, 20/21 September

Posted On 22nd September 2013

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting

EHF Office

Brussels, Belgium

20th & 21st September 2013






Marijke Fleuren (President), Carola Meyer (part), Mika Rihtilä (part), Jorge Alcover, Inez Cooper, Bjorn Isberg (part), Walter Kapounek (part), Angus Kirkland, Leonardas Caikauskas, Simon Mason, Ludmila Pastorova, Gianni Rossi



Apologies for Absence:




In Attendance:


Jane Brennan, EHF Administration Officer

Erhard Heissmayr, Regulations Working Group Member (Part)




The Minutes of the meeting held on 15th August in Brussels, were signed by the President as a true record.


President’s Welcome:


The President welcomed the Executive Board to Brussels, in particular she welcomed new members Inez Cooper from Ireland and Gianni Rossi from Italy.  She was sure that they will enjoy their time with the Executive Board working together with us on a better Europe.

She went on to say that as the other two newly-elected members were unable to join the meeting until the following day (due to their involvement with a FIH Task Force on Indoor Hockey) she would continue the full welcome on Saturday morning.

She wished to welcome Inez Cooper in particular as the Executive Board had been one short of its full allocation of female members for the past 2 years.

She took the opportunity to thank again Jan Vymazal, Jerzy Smorawinsky and Jean-Christophe Capelle for their most valuable contribution to the EHF.


EuroHockey Championship Tournaments

The President went on to say that a lot has happened since the last meeting, the EuroHockey Championships took place in Boom. The hosts did an excellent job and brought the tournament to the next level.

We saw great television and the LED boarding and the possibilities of this technology were inspiring to see.

Of course the EHF was happy that the LED boarding did not cause problems for the players.


In light of the recent Olympic discussion, the Organising committee did a great job exactly by making the event to a great experience for fans and spectators.


The President went on to speak about the other events which took place during tournament – High Performance Coaching Course, Umpires 4 Europe, Umpire Development Programme and the ParaHockey tournament.  These events showed that the tournament was not only about top hockey but also many other exciting things. She likes to thank Norman and Herman for the excellent way they conducted the coaching course, Paul Box Grainger for his continuing efforts in Breda, Jean, Michiel and Carol for the mentoring of the UDP groups and the Youth Panel and Ute for their hard work for the Parahockey Tornament. The President congratulated again the Italian team with their victory.


Of course,it was not only about the Championships this summer: a lot of other Nations tournaments took place including the U18 Youth Championships Boys in Vienna, and Girls in Dublin, the Youth Championships II Boys in Gasawa, and Girls in Santandar, and Youth Championships III Boys in Prague and Girls in Zagreb.  Senior Nations Championships also took place in Vienna (Men Championships II) and Cambrai (Women Championship II), Lausanne (Men Championship III) and Athens (Women Championship III, and Men Championship IV) – it was great to see all the photos and reports from these tournaments on the EHF website.


During these various tournament we all experienced fantastic volunteers, great hockey and of course it is always a special moment to see the joy of the winners: a glorious moment.



The President noted that the EHF was back to ordinary business immediately after the tournaments with the Competitions Committee-Outdoor meeting on Monday 26th August.

A lot was discussed during this meeting including the subject of EHL regulations and differences between these, EHF and FIH regulations.  Jorge Alcover played an important role in informing the Competitions Committee of the FIH on our views, who met on 10th September.


FIH Task Forces

The President reported on a meeting she attended with the FIH Task Force Calendar the previous week.

She informed the Board that this task force was brought about to determine the exact parameters to decide what the best International Calendar could be for the top tournaments in the period 2015-2018.  She noted that today the FIH Task Force on Indoor Hockey is meeting – Bjorn Isberg and Walter Kapounek are involved in this group and would report on the meeting the following day.



The President wished to record her congratulations to Thomas Bach on his recent election as President of the International Olympic Committee.

She also wished to record her congratulations to Japan on their successful bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.


However it is unfortunate for Europe that the bids submitted by Madrid and Istanbul were unsuccessful and the Board wished to pass on its condolences to Spain and Turkey.



As already mentioned, a meeting of the new Umpires 4 Europe group took place in Breda during the EuroHockey Championships.

Carola Meyer and Jorge Alcover attended the opening day of the meeting and reported that a great programme was run by Paul Box-Grainger.


A seminar was due to take place in Minsk as part of the EHF Supporting National Growth programme, to be conducted by Thomas Eilmer, unfortunately Thomas fell ill suddenly.  However Elena Eskina (RUS) and Tatyana Kaltypan (UKR) kindly agreed to conduct the seminar at very short notice, and we have received reports that it was very successful.


The President wished to note her thanks to Elena and Tatyana, along with her compliments and thanks to the Umpires Working Group and Michael Eilmer for assisting in the completion of the Seminar.


The Board extended their good wishes to Thomas Eilmer for a speedy recovery.


The President asked for some feedback on the above events from Leonardas Caikauskas as there were Lithuanian umpires involved in the events.

Leonardas noted that the U4E programme was excellent and provided the opportunities for practical experience, as the umpires officiated during the tournament in Push Hockey Club in Breda.


The Seminar in Minsk was also interesting, however he noted that it was disappointing that apart from Elena, who conducted the course, there were no other umpires from Russia who attended.  However the organisation was excellent.



The President reported that the wife of Pavel Rosa, Rozalia passed away in June. We received a very nice letter from her son Boris thanking the Board for meeting with his family during our meeting in Bratislava in 2012.  We will always keep Pavel and his family in our hearts.


She also reported that a letter was received from Mara Braca – she will celebrate Guido with a hockey event involving her son’s hockey team and has asked for some support from us.


EU Sports Forum

The President reported that along with the Director General she would attend the EU Sports Forum in Vilnius on 30th September and 1st October.


The President finished her welcome by requesting that the Executive Board members make an effort to attend all meetings and make their travel arrangements to allow them to be present from start to finish.


Matters Arising




Development Projects Committee Report


Carola Meyer presented a report from the Development Projects Committee

Carola apologised that she would not be able to be in attendance the following day.


She reported that the Development Projects Committee had a very good meeting, however it was disappointing to see that some members could not come for various reasons – financial and otherwise.



  • 10 Young EHF Leaders from 8 nations attended and worked for the EHF Parahockey event in Boom
  • 2 Youth Panel members delivered coaching in Balkan Caravan
  • Youth Panel supported London Forest Flyers Disability hockey day


NA Support Grants

  • Balkan Caravan proved a big success with venues in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia (Mateusz Grochal and Danny Berry)
  • Nordic Caravan proved a big success with venues in Sweden and Denmark (Tomislav Jamicic and Dick Bester)
  • Croatia Coaching Week successfully delivered by Herman Kruis and Stan Huisjman
  • Portugal continue with their New Hockey Generation Project and focus heavily on Club School links. They have also started with Parahockey in Lisbon


Hockey 4 All

  • Successful delivery of EHF Parahockey event in Boom


The Executive Board wished to compliment the EHF Youth Panel on their excellent work for the ParaHockey Event in Boom, also to Bea Uvin from the Belgian Hockey Federation for her help.


  • Facilitating the building of a network of contacts across Europe for the promotion and introduction of G Hockey


The President reported that she had recently been appointed Chair of is the FIH ParaHockey Taskforce.  This committee will explore what the possibilities are for growth in the different NA’s and if there is a possibility for one of the disciplines to become a Paralympic sport.  She noted that Gianni Rossi had also been invited to join the committee.



Pitches and Kit

  • Amstelveen carpet has been sent to Zagreb hockey centre
  • Pinoke carpet has been sent to Finland
  • Eindhoven pitch in process.
  • Amsterdam H&BC have very kindly donated a large amount of clothing to the EHF
  • The KNHB has also donated a lot of clothing part of which was taken by Poland during EuroHockey Championships.


Club of Year

  • A presentation was received at the General Assembly by Cito Aufenacker, President of Harvestehude HTC and he officially accepted the award on behalf of the club at the EuroHockey Championships.


EHF Survey

  • Completed in time for the General Assembly and was presented to the delegates.  The survey shows up the real issue of 550k of our 630k player base is in only 5 nations
  • 18 nations have under 1000 players


Priorities for Committee for the next period:

  1. Youth Panel to agree meeting date to plan their activity 2014 and select new chair
  2. France and Italy plan EHF Youth Festivals/Camps in 2014
  3. Agree meeting of key persons to format Parahockey rules and events
  4. Debate how we engage the spectators more for 2015 Parahockey event in London
  5. Finalise event that can be used by Wheelchair group in 2014
  6. NA Grant papers to go out by end Sept (2 year term)
  7. Continue with Pitches and Give and Get focus
  8. Work up detail of 2014 budget and actions


Budget Request 2014



In this area DC wishes to “inspire the next generation” by supporting international events in

  • France – U12 in April – Pas de Calais
  • Italy – U14 in July – Pisa or Rome tbc


Youth Panel

  • Support for 1 meeting at HQ and their activities in 2014 (support to Para Hockey)



Hockey 4 All/Club of Year    

  • 2 proposals are being considered for 2014 ParaHockey event
    • HC Victory in Belgium
    • Rome
    • We will also need some budget to support Wheelchair event
    • 1 meeting of key G hockey experts is planned for 2014 at HQ
    • Budget also allocated for Club of Year 2013 when we award 2 categories
      • Top/Elite Clubs
      • Developing Clubs


Jorge Alcover requested that the committee investigate if the EHF will be involved in the annual Disability Hockey tournament in Germany in 2014.  This is the tournament which took place in Monchengladbach during the EuroHockey Championships in 2011.


NA growth                              

  • DC is focused on targeting NAs who can grow to 5,000 players using the results from 2012 survey
  • Papers requesting bids for support will be sent out by end Sept
  • Initially the NAs highlighted as having the potential to grow step by step to 5,000 (using Survey findings are
    • Ukraine (3060)
    • Croatia (1060)
    • Czech Rep (1509)
    • Poland (1972)
    • Switzerland (1775)
    • Bulgaria (2405)
    • Portugal (1589)
    • DC will prioritise 3 or 4 max NAs from bids we receive


The Executive Board requested a report at next EB meeting include which countries have been chosen.


Simon Mason noted that there was currently a project taking place in Belgium which dealt with player growth and best practise for start-up clubs.  He suggested that the committee contacted the person in Belgian Hockey who was responsible for this as he may be in a position to assist the EHF with new ideas.


The Board agreed the Budgets requested in principle to be finally signed off at the December meeting. Budgets in lines with 2013.



Education Committee Report


Ludmila Pastorová presented a report from the Education Committee


Coaches Working Group Report


Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


Top Coaches Programme group – High Level

  • High Level Seminar in Boom- 11 delegates comprising all 6 TCP members and 2 C4E members plus nominations from Spain and Belgium attended seminar conducted by Herman Kruis, CDO and Alberto Rodrigues (NACSport) – good feedback from all delegates who have also received individual assessments
  • Plans for TCP group to attend Spain v Germany U21 camp in Barcelona in November
  • 3 webinars arranged for TCP group
    • October – Herman Kruis – Player Profiling
    • November – Michel Kinnen – Defense at Turnover
    • December – Roger Newcombe – DPC skills for Top GKs


Coaches 4 Europe group

  • C4E delegates attend Breda Push HC for Buddy system exchange
  • 3 webinars being arranged for this group


Coaching Assistance (CAP)

  • Successful delivery of CAP Croatia by Herman Kruis and Stan Huisjman
  • Successful delivery of Balkan Caravan coaching by Mateusz Grochal and Danny Berry
  • Successful delivery of Nordic Caravan coaching by Tomislav Jamicic and Dick Bester
  • Successful delivery of seminar in Slovenia by Nobert Nederlof


For 2014 activity we are planning the following:


Top Coaches Programme – add group 2 6 new coaches We plan to stage a High Level seminar during World Cup 2014 and also 1 International training camp plus 5 webinars for this group


Coaches 4 Europe – add new members to increase the group to 16,  Plan for 10 full paying members and 2 scholarships We plan a weekend at Breda Push for this group together with webinars x 5 and club buddy visits.


National Associations Programme – Zonal coaching seminar budget whereby 3 NAs come together. We have allowed for 2 of these in 2014. EHF will cover the cost of conductor fees and travel and local NAs pay the local costs


Ludmila reported that zonal seminars will only take place if there is more than one National Association involved so that more can benefit.


The Board requested that a report be submitted for the meeting in December outlining a summary of which National Associations have benefitted from the budget this year.


The Board also requested that in future an evaluation with this information be presented the Executive Board in September for the year to date events.


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

  • Firm up details of Spain v Germany TCP Camp
  • Firm up webinars for C4E group
  • Delivery of pilot EHF L1 in Sofia 18-20 October
  • Increase mentors for TCP and C4E groups
  • Send out papers inviting NAS to nominate for TCP group 2 and C4E group 2
  • Write to KNHB and FIH re use of World Cup 2014 for TCP group.


Umpires Working Group Report:


Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


Significant activity across all three tiers of the umpiring strategy over the past four months, as follows:


Tier 1 – UDP

  1. Group 6 Practical weekend in Vienna June 2013
  2. Groups 5, 6 & 7 attending World League Round 3 in Rotterdam, June
  3. Group 6 & 7 attending EuroNations Championship in Antwerp, August





Tier 2 – U4E (Umpires for Europe)

  1. Launch of U4E at Practical Weekend in Breda, Netherlands
  2. 20 umpires from 16 different nations attended, plus four mentors
  3. Carola Meyer and Jorge Alcover attended opening “ceremony”


Tier 3 – SNG (supporting national growth)

  1. Umpire coaches’ weekend held in Oslo at end August – SWE/FIN/ DEN/POL invited, conductor Ged Curran.

Ludmila reported that 27 umpires attended this seminar and it was very successful.

  1. Umpire coaches’ weekend held in Minsk, BLR 12th-14th Sep – Conductors Elena Eskina & Tatiana Kaltypan – this was also a success (please see President’s report above) and a report will shortly be published on the EHF website.


Priorities for Committee for the next period:

Tier 1 – Mentors agreed for 2014 – Stella Bartlema (NED) & Juanma Requena (ESP)

Tier 2 – Exchange weekends for U4E umpires plus Webinars – first conductor Marcin Grochal (POL)

Tier 3 – Make plans for 2014


Officials Working Group Report:


Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


Activities 2013 of EHF Education Committee (working group officials)


Local Judges seminar (basic level – indoor) in Prague, 26/27 January 2013

  • (6 participants, 2 men and 4 women) – conducted by Edna Rutten;

TO seminar basic level (Judges) in Hamburg at Easter, 30 March/31 March 2013

  • NA’s were asked to nominate promising participants
  • (11 participants from 7 different countries: FRA, BEL, NED, SWE, DEN, UKR, GER) – conducted by Sheila Morrow (WAL) and Ian McKay (SCO);

3rd UM Refresher Course in Amsterdam at Easter, 30 March/31 March 2013

  • On invitation (18 participants from all over Europe) – conducted by Yolande Brada.
  • The focus was on coaching and Rogier Hoorn, a Dutch sports psychologist was conducting.

TO seminar intermediate level

  • (refresher course for TO’s/seasoned Judges moving up to TO level) in Brussels, 4-6 October 2013
  • Targeted by EHF (16 participants (equal gender) from 13 different countries: AUT, BEL, DEN, ENG, ESP, GER, IRE, ITA, NED, POR, SCO, SWE, WAL) – conducted by Björn Isberg, Edna Rutten and Sylvie Petitjean plus guest speakers (coach, team manager, UM, doctor/medical officer, pitch manager).


The Board suggested that the issue of passports for Nations Competitions be an item on the agenda for the TO Seminar.


Planned Activities for 2014


TO seminar advanced level (seasoned TO’s with potential TD upgrade/refresher course for less experienced TD’s): targeted by EHF, planned to be held in Brussels in March/April 2014: 8 men and 8 women – dates tbc

TO seminar basic level (Judges), NA’s to ask to nominate promising participants (in total 16 participants) in good cooperation with EHF Appointments Committee, to be held in the weekend of 21/24 August 2014 in Breda (NED) in conjunction with an EHF umpiring (Umpiring4Europe) and coaching seminar – to be conducted by Sheila Morrow (WAL)  and Ian McKay (SCO)) – conductors, place and dates tbc


EHF UM seminar (UM Refresher Course) is proposed for during the World Cup if the FIH do not run one – place and date tbc


The Board requested that the committee present further details on this proposed seminar


Action plan Umpires Managers 2014

The FIH will probably organise an UM seminar at the World Cup 2014 in The Hague (NED). The final decision on this subject will be discussed at the FIH Umpiring Committee meeting on 12/13 October 2013. It is not yet decided what level this will be pitched at, or whether there would be a core programme with some sessions at Potential for FIH level and some at higher levels.

It is strongly recommended that in any case   – but more specific, if a FIH UM seminar is going to be held but not for all levels –   an EHF UM seminar (UM Refresher Course) will be organised for those who won’t be invited for the FIH seminar – place and date tbc


The Board requested that Carola Meyer clarify with FIH Umpiring Committee if they will be running a seminar and confirm details to the EB in December


Budget should be allocated to organise this seminar in 2014: EURO 3.000,-


Feed Forward Forms
– an update of the feed forward form for Umpires Managers and
– an anonymous system for 360 degrees feedback regarding Umpires Managers
EHF Appointments Committee has set this up for the outdoor season 2013 – waiting now for the TD feedbacks.


Guidelines and job description for Technical Officials

– guidelines for NA’s to nominate local judges, which is sent to EHF Appointments Committee to be approved and used for the upcoming Indoor appointments: done

– job description for Technical Officials (all levels): a draft will be developed at the EHF TO refresher seminar and has now been put forward to FIH.


The Board agreed the Budgets requested in principle based on last year’s figures. To be finally signed off at the December meeting.


Communications Committee Report


Angus Kirkland presented a report from the Communications Committee


Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


  • Noted that there will be a full TV/Media report prepared following the TriFinance EuroHockey Championships, this is not currently available.  This will be done with England Hockey should have it early October.


  • Noted that the EHF used the new FIH TMS including live scoring on our site during the event.

It was confirmed that it is possible for the EHF to use this system at other events, but it is currently only set up to deal with Senior Nations tournaments.


  • Note: 241,673 page views on www.eurohockey.org during the event, with 44,000 unique visitors.

Angus confirmed that the average page views in a normal week are approximately 25,000. The week prior to the TriFinance EuroHockey Championships the number increased to 75,000.


  • The Committee was delighted that the EHF Hall of Fame was launched during the TriFinance EuroHockey Championships, Boom, 2013

The President wished to thank Yamila Conill and Siobhan Madeley for their organisation of this event. She noted, the the three inductees seemed to be very happy with their election.


  • Criteria and the process for future nominations will be announced after the next Communications Committee meeting in October.


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):


New website – launch January 2014

EuroHockey Branding – 2014 onwards



New Board Members


The President started the second day of the Executive Board meeting by welcoming all four new members – Inez Cooper, Bjorn Isberg, Walter Kapounek, and Gianni Rossi.


She noted that it is always wonderful to have new members – and on this occasion we have 4 new members which is a significant number, we realise that it will bring a new dynamic to our group.


It is important to set out the aims of the Executive Board – each member must always keep in mind that they are here not just for their own National Association but to represent Europe as a whole.

It is not always easy to be neutral but the President requested that all members do their utmost to remain so, as this is a very important part of their role.


This does not mean that members cannot emphasise what is important to them and also to their own NA however it is also important to take a global view of all issues.


One of the most important qualities is the ability to listen to each other, and within the European Hockey Federation we encourage this, not only within the Executive Board but also within all of our committees.


Of course English is not the mother tongue of every member, but this is taken into account and members are encouraged to communicate in order to ensure that they understand fully what is being discussed.


She then presented each new member with the official EHF silver pin.


FIH Executive Board Report


The President presented a report from the FIH Executive Board


The President referred to a presentation by the FIH on ‘Securing Hockey’s Future in the Olympic Games’.


The President emphasised the importance of this information and to keep it in mind in all of the decisions we make.


She went on to say that she feels there has been a lack of communications, up until now we have been aware of the IOC and our NOCs, but going forward we need to involve them in our world and communicate with them.


the President asked all Board members that whatever hockey event/ meeting takes place in their country to consider if there is a possibility to invite somebody from their NOC and to take the opportunity to explain the key assets of hockey to them.


We already know that Leonardas Caikauskas is a member of the Olympic Committee in Lithuania, and Walter Kapounek is involved in Austria, we should all be more aware of the members of the IOC Board and our local National Olympic Committees.


The President went on to say that the FIH Executive Board came to the conclusion at the end of the report that our focus in the future must be to ensure that we have a progressive sport, an inclusive, and a far-reaching sport (through TV exposure).  Television is key for the development of hockey.


The President reported on her involvement in the FIH Task Force International Calendar.

Main points of the meeting

  • The meeting consisted of all participants presenting their point of view.


  • It was agreed that Television is an important element, in order to achieve good TV coverage it is important that the calendar is clear and consistent, and also that clashes with other major sporting events are prevented. For television it is all about numbers.
  • Hockey was compared to other sports, some have clear windows but some do not.


  • It was agreed that one of the most important things to establish are clear lead times – timings and events must be announced well in advance to assist planning, keeping in mind the Olympic status of hockey, the interest of the athletes and to have well organized events.


  • It was also agreed that athletes need to be involved in discussions, and that it needs to be agreed what top hockey events are.


  • A new calendar will be sent out. It is clear that all of us have to give something to get something. We will see what the outcome will be.


  • It was mentioned in the meeting that the Hockey India League was the only not FIH event involved in the Calendar


The President asked Bjorn Isberg and Walter Kapounek to report on their meeting with the FIH Task Force Group for Indoor Hockey:


They reported that since the recent change of rules with regard to Indoor Hockey (decreasing the number of players from 6 to 5), this particular Task Force had been discussing Hockey 5 in addition to Indoor Hockey.

The group discussed the numbers and targets and it was agreed that Olympic participation was the number one goal.


Walter reported that he made a short presentation during the meeting to express his point of view which he believes is shared by many Europeans – the recent change in the number of players is not of major importance, it is a technical change and we are open to trying it.


However the major issue for Europe is that in many National Associations Indoor Hockey is not just a complimentary game, it is THE complimentary game, it is very decisive, and for some it is the main game and outdoor 11 a side is the more ‘complimentary’ game.

For approx. 60% of European nations it is not possible to play outside during the winter period, so the main focus is on Indoor Hockey.


In addition to this, Indoor Hockey for some countries is an opportunity to win medals.

In most cases it is impossible to have two separate National teams so this must be taken into account when drawing up the international calendar.


Walter went on to report that the FIH assured the group that they had no intention to diminish Indoor hockey in Europe and no intention to have World Level events during the ‘Indoor window’ apart from World League round 2.


However this could cause problems for many nations who would have teams participating in World League Round 2.


In conclusion it was agreed that all countries are very different but Hockey 5 is a good way forward and might help to develop hockey.


The Goals of Hockey 5 are:

-Increase exposure

-increase players and nations


The President thanked Bjorn and Walter for their informative report and for their participation on the Task Force.



Competitions Committee – Indoor Report


Competitions Committee – Indoor

Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


Hosts for indoor club event

There is still no host for EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge (women).  The Competitions Manager had asked the participants if they are willing to host and all of them responded negatively. The committee decided to appoint the host – Amator Gyeplabda Sportegyesulet (HUN).


Hungary have confirmed that they are willing to host this tournament, however they have confirmed that this is only possible with financial support from the EHF.  They have requested €2,000 to assist with the costs of the officials.


The Executive Board discussed this request and agreed to offer €1,000 to the club and to invoice all other participating National Associations €150 per club.


This will be communicated to the National Associations and if they do not agree to make this contribution it is possible that the tournament will need to be cancelled.


Bjorn Isberg suggested that the Board schedule a strategic discussion at its next meeting with regard to the payment of officials travel.


Hockey 5

With the introduction of Hockey 5 for Indoor, the Rules and Regulations needs to be updated as soon as possible. All National Associations were informed at the General Assembly that EHF Indoor Competitions in January 2014 will be played to the new FIH Rules, and that EHF will issue the new set of the regulations in January 2014.


Change of venue

Czech Hockey requested to change the venue of the EuroHockey Indoor Championship for Women due to a cost issue with the original agreed venue.


Jan Vymazal has confirmed that the proposed new venue is suitable and Edna Rutten (TD) has approved the change of location.



Spain withdrew both Men (Indoor Nation Championship) and Women (Indoor Nation Championship II) for 2014 due to lack of funding.


Italy withdrew both Men (Indoor Nation Championship II) and Women (Indoor Nation Championship III) for 2014 due to lack of funding.


England and Scotland were invited to replace Spain and Italy for the Mens tournaments and Russia was invited to replace Spain in the Women Championship II as the highest ranked teams in the lower divisions.


Slovakia were invited to replace England in the Men’s Championship II Tournament.


All teams have accepted.


Denmark withdrew their Women team for Indoor Nation Championship III. There are no reserves but the competition will consist of 5 teams instead of 8.


The Nations will be as follows (changes are marked red):



Championship in Vienna (AUT): GER/CZE/AUT/NED/RUS/POL/SWE/ESP/ENG


Championship III in Sveti Ivan Zelina (CRO): POR/CRO/WAL/TUR/FIN/GEO/SVK



Championship in Prague (CZE): No changes – GER/BLR/POL/NED/CZE/AUT/FRA/ENG

Championship II in Siauliai (LTU): UKR/LTU/SUI/SCO/SVK/BEL/WAL/ESP/RUS

Championship III in Porec (CRO): SWE/CRO/TUR/POR/GEO/ITA/RUS/DEN


Approval of match schedules

FIH has approved all Nations Indoor Championships Match Schedules.


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):


  1. Obtain host for Women Indoor Club Challenge Tournament.
  2. Arrangements for the Outdoor & Indoor Club Briefing meeting to be held in November 2013 in the EHF Office in Brussels or via Skype (tbc)

The Executive Board suggested that this be done via webinar in order to save costs.

  1. Ongoing support and advice to host venues and teams in all 2014 Indoor Clubs and Nations tournaments.

The next meeting of the Indoor Committee will be held on 10 May 2014 in Brussels.


Competitions Committee – Outdoor Report


Jorge Alcover presented a report from the Competitions Committee – Outdoor


Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board

  1. The Committee considered entries and offers to host Club Tournaments in 2014 and the agreed venues are as follows:

Men’s Club Champions Trophy – Cagliari (ITA) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                                    Pool B

Grange HC (SCO)                                                     Monkstown HC (IRL)

HC OKS-SHVSM (UKR)                                              Navax AHTC Wien (AUT)

S. G. Amsicora ASD (ITA)                                         HC Bra (ITA)

Whitchurch (WAL)                                                    Atasport (AZE)

Men’s Club Champions Challenge I – Rakovnik (CZE) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                                    Pool B

Banbridge HC (IRL)                                                  Rot Weiss Wettingen (SUI)

SK Slavia Praha (CZE)                                               HC Minsk (BLR)

Grammarians HC (GIB)                                            HC 1972 Rakovnik (CZE)

HAHK Mladost (CRO)                                                Akkord (AZE)


Men’s Club Champions Challenge II – Slagelse (DEN) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                                    Pool B

HC Lipovci (SLO)                                                      Luzerner SC (SUI)

Partille SC (SWE)                                                      Soerbymagle HC (DEN)

Eagles HC (GIB)                                                       HC Asteras Agion Anargyron (GRE)

SK Senkvice (SVK)                                                   Gaziantep Polisgucu SK (TUR)

Men’s Club Champions Challenge III – Bratislava (SVK) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                                    Pool B

AD Lousada (POR)                                                   KPH Raca (SVK)

HC NSA (BUL)                                                         Slagelse HC (DEN)

HK Triglav Predanovci (SLO)                                     Epitok Hockey Club (HUN)

Ardas-Rudamina (LTU)                                             HK Jedinstvo (CRO)


Men’s Club Champions Challenge IV – Kordin (MLT) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                                    Pool B

Seinajoki United (FIN)                                              Lokomotiv HC (BUL)

Olcote HC (HUN)                                                      Napeos Apollon HC (GRE)

Qormi HC (MLT)                                                      Inta-Baltic-Champingnons (LTU)

ABC Team (FIN)                                                      HC SHVSM Olimpia (UKR)


Reserve teams: 1.  Kringsja SK (NOR)  2.  Akker HC (NOR)


Women’s Club Champions Cup – s’Hertogenbosch (NED) – 18 – 21 April 2014


AH & BC Amsterdam (NED)

HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED)

Berliner Hockey Club (GER)

Uhlenhorster HC (GER)

Reading HC (ENG)

Real Sociedad de Futbol S.A.D. (ESP)

Railway Union HC (IRL)

Atasport (AZE)


Women’s Club Champions Trophy – tbc – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                              Pool B

HC Victorya Smolevichi (BLR)                              Leicester HC (ENG)

Loreto HC (IRL)                                                 CH SPV Complutense (ESP)

CSP Izmaylovo (RUS)                                         Royal Antwerp HC (BEL)

HC Metrostroy (RUS)                                          MSC Sumchanka (UKR)


There is no host for the Trophy at the moment.  The Competitions Manager wrote to participating Clubs asking to re-consider and send their offer to host with a deadline 05.09.2013. We have received a few answers, but all of them were negative. The Committee decided to appoint England Hockey Board as a host. We are waiting for their response.


The Board noted that there have been problems finding hosts for this tournament for the last few years.



Women’s Club Champions Challenge I – Catania (ITA) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                              Pool B

HC Ritm-Azot Grodno (BLR)                                Baku HC (AZE)

Grove Menzieshill HC (SCO)                                HF Lorenzoni (ITA)

Royal Wellington THC (BEL)                                H.C.U. Catania A.S.D. (ITA)

Clydesdale Western (SCO)                                  SK Slavia Praha (CZE)


Women’s Club Champions Challenge II – Lambersart (FRA) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                              Pool B

Iris Hockey Lambersart (FRA)                             Gintra-Strekte-Uni (LTU)

Swansea LHC (WAL)                                          HC Rot Weiss Wettingen (SUI)

HC Hostivar (CZE)                                              SV Arminen (AUT)

HC Olten (SUI)                                                   Kecioren Baglum SK (TUR)

Women’s Club Champions Challenge III A – Vienna (AUT) – 06-09 June 2014

Pool A                                                              Pool B

Post SV (AUT)                                                    Cardiff University LHC (WAL)

HK Novi Sad (SRB)                                             HK Moravske Toplice (SLO)

HK Zrinjevac (CRO)                                            HFTC-Tauras (LTU)

Alta Boryspol (UKR)

Women’s Club Champions Challenge III B – Porto (POR) – 06-09 June 2014

One pool:

Sport Athletique Merignacais (FRA)

Hawks HC (GIB)

Sport Club do Porto (POR)
Eagles HC (GIB)

Hockeyklubben Odin (DEN)

HC Imittos (GRE)


  1. The Committee considered entries and offers to host U16 Championships in 2014 and the agreed to propose the following venues for the approval of the Executive Board:


Championship (U16 Boys)


Venue:              Vienna (AUT)

Dates:               10-13 July 2014


Championship II A (U16 Boys)

Teams: Pool A: FRA/SUI/GIB/TUR

Venue:              Gibraltar (GIB)

Dates:                   10-13 July 2014


Championship II B (U16 Boys)


Venue:              Lithuania (LTU)

Dates:                   10-13 July 2014


Championship (U16 Girls)


Venue:              Bologna (ITA)

Dates:               10-13 July 2014


Championship II (U16 Girls)

Teams: One pool: CRO/FRA/GIB/BUL/TUR

Venue:              Gibraltar (GIB) –

Dates:               10-13 July 2014



The Board were disappointed to note that no report was received from the Competitions Committee with regard to the discussion of the U16 format.


Jorge confirmed that the committee had agreed to review the format again in the next committee meeting.


The President reported that an official High Performance Working Group would be established along with the new Committees for 2013.


  1. The venue in Belgium for the 2014 U21 Championship (Women & Men) will be Waterloo Ducks.


  1. The Regulations will be published in November after the EB approval.


  1. Club ranking – it was agreed that in the EuroHockey Club – Trophy (Men), in addition to the basic points won, each club playing in the Trophy will receive 3 bonus points.

If a Nation only has team(s) in the Challenge division, bonus points do not apply. These      Nations can enter into the Trophy (and ultimately the EHL) by their respective Clubs getting   promotion from Challenge I to the Trophy. The Board agreed that a full and concise     explanation was needed


  1. Marc Coudron presented the idea to study the possibility of a new format for the European Nations Championship and increase the number of teams to 16.  Any such new format would not be considered before the 2019 Championships. Marc will prepare a paper (first draft) with pros and contras regarding that subject for our February meeting.


  1. It was noted that there will be a debrief meeting following the EuroHockey Championships with Belgian Hockey Federation followed by a meeting with the England Hockey Board to discuss the 2015 Championships.  These meetings are planned for October.

Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):


  1. Obtain host for Women Club Trophy Tournament.
  2. Ongoing support and advice to host venues and teams in all 2014 Clubs and Nations tournaments.

The next meeting of the Outdoor Committee will be held on 01 February 2014 in Brussels


The Board requested that a full review and analysis of the EuroHockey Championships be presented at their meeting in December.


Regulations Working Group


Erhard Heissmeyr presented a report from the Regulations Working Group


Jorge Alcover proposed that on the 1st October every year the EHF seek approval from the FIH to use their variations and check our own regulations to confirm if anything needs to be amended.

1.         The Regulations Working Group was set up with the following remit:

1.1        To review and rationalize the current EHF Indoor and Outdoor Regulations for nations and club competitions

1.2        Where appropriate, to simplify and make more meaningful, the Regulations for lower level competitions (e.g. Challenge events) to encourage wider participation from countries and their clubs.



2.         Review of current regulations

In undertaking the review, the following Regulations were considered:

•           FIH Tournament Regulations – Outdoor Competitions (January 2012)

•           EHF Regulations – Nations Championships – Sen. & Jun.(M & W) (November 2011)

•           EHF Regulations – Youth Championships – U16 & U18 (B & G) (Nov 2011)

•           EHF Regulations – Club Competitions – Club Champions Cup (W) (January 2011)

•           EHF Regulations – Club Competitions – Club Trophy & Challenge (M & W) (Nov 2011)

•           FIH Tournament Regulations – Indoor Competitions (December 2010)

•           EHF Regulations – Indoor Nations Championships – Sen. & Jnr. (M & W)(November2011)

•           EHF Regulations – Indoor Club Championships (M & W) (November 2011)

•           EuroHockey Invitational Tournaments (Indoor & Outdoor) – Guidelines for Hosts 2011


3.         The RWG reaffirmed that its overall aim was to reduce the confusion for players, umpires and technical officials by ensuring that, as far as possible, the EHF and FIH Regulations were consistent.   To this end, it was working to reduce the number of different sets of regulations from the current 7 to 4Nations Indoor; Nations Outdoor; Clubs Indoor and Clubs Outdoor – with any differences for specific events being set out in an Appendix for that particular competition. 


4.         As part of its discussions, the RWG looked at the current EHF and FIH Codes of Conduct noting that, in the main they were the same in content although in many respects the EHF version has a clearer layout.  However, there are a few, albeit mainly minor, differences, the one major one being that the FIH now include `Any act of violence on the field of play’ as a Level 2 offence whereas it is still a Level 3 offence in the EHF Code.  The new EHF Code of Conduct has been amended to include this change and was submitted to the EB in December 2012.


5.         FIH ISSUES:

FIH Tournament Regulations:  It appears that the FIH is now producing regulations for specific tournaments/events rather than one standard set of regulations that apply across all.  The RWG recognised that, although there was merit in this approach, it could cause confusion, when clubs and nations have to refer to the FIH regulations to make sure they look at the correct document.

It was therefore agreed that the EHF Competitions Manager ask the FIH to produce annually on a given date, a basic set of regulations in addition to any tournament-specific regulations


Schedule of Variations to the Rules:  In March 2013, the FIH Rules Committee circulated a letter to all Continental and National Federations making it clear that the FIH Tournament Regulations and, in particular, any regulations which vary the Rules of Hockey such as the 2 minute suspension for a green card, should only be applied to senior and U21 international matches and were not endorsed by the FIH for any other level of hockey.  Indeed the letter went on to say that `If Continental Federations or National Associations wish to implement Regulations for competitions within their jurisdiction which include a Rules related matter, they should seek approval from the FIH a minimum of eight weeks prior to intended implementation’.


Whilst it is therefore in order to include the Schedule of Variations within the EHF Tournament Regulations for Nations Championships, the RWG assumes permission is required to include the Schedule in the EHF Tournament Regulations for Clubs Championships.


It was agreed to request the EHF Executive Board to seek clarification/ permission from the FIH on the situation relating to club competitions.


Extra Time (Indoor Regulations):  All reference to the playing of extra time to determine the outcome of matches has been removed from the new EHF Outdoor Regulations to bring them in line with the current FIH Outdoor Regulations.  It is understood that the FIH is to introduce updated Indoor Regulations in September 2013 and it has been confirmed that  extra time has been removed from these as well.





At the EB meeting in Rome, a number of issues were resolved which are now are included in the Regulations including:

Shoot-Out:  The EHL Regulations for 2013 were amended to differentiate between an unintentional foul inside or outside the circle when the shoot-out is retaken and an intentional foul inside or outside the circle which results in a penalty stroke being taken.  However, this is still different from the FIH Regulations and the RWG has suggested that the EHF  write to the FIH asking it to consider bringing the shoot-out regulations in line with the Penalty Shoot-out as played by the EHL.

However, whilst the RWG agrees with the EHL that the award of a penalty stroke for an intentional foul by the goalkeeper might encourage GKs to foul, the way in which the FIH differentiates between intentional and unintentional fouls is more consistent with what happens normally in a game than simply awarding a goal for any GK foul.


The Executive Board proposed that EHL Regulations use the wording of the FIH regulations Agreed!


Penalties/Sanctions for Non Compliance with EHF Regulations:  At the last Outdoor Competitions Committee meeting, the Disciplinary Commissioner agreed to consider producing a list of penalties similar to that used by the FIH as there was a strong feeling from the committee that this would be of benefit in ensuring compliance with the regulations.  Whilst there is some merit in allowing a degree of flexibility in dealing with non-compliance issues, there are a number of regulations with which compliance is essential including:

  • Withdrawal from competitions
  • Submitting the Team Entry Form on time
  • Attendance at Briefing meetings.

It is therefore recommended that a list of penalties/sanctions be produced for these offences.



It is further recommended that any agreed penalties are strictly enforced to act as a deterrent to others.

Previously agreed


Withdrawal by Clubs:   The Regulations for both Indoor and Outdoor Club competitions have been amended so that if a club withdraws after the deadline, it will cause the next team entered by the National Association to only be relegated to the next lowest division but to  stay there for a period of 2 years before it is eligible for promotion.


Rankings at the end of Club Challenge Competitions;  Current practice to determine rankings between teams that finish 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th equal at the end of a competition and have not played in the same pool, is to place the team that played first above the team whose match was scheduled second.  As this does not appear to a very equitable system, it is recommended that their ranking the following year be based on their Pool standings.       Additionally the teams relegated from the lowest tournament now go into a draw with the potential new


The following queries still require resolution before the Regulations are finalised:

            Indoor Clubs Master

D.1 – It has been assumed the FIH has given permission for the Schedule of Variations to apply to EHF club events – if not, this will need to be amended. (The same applies to the Outdoor Clubs Master)


D.6 (a)  Says that `No extra time shall be played (except in the event of a draw after completion of regulation time in the classification matches of the Cup tournament only)’.  This seems to be at odds with the policy to remove extra time from all matches so may need to be changed unless there is a good reason to keep it in the Cup comp.


Currently awaiting an FIH decision on this.


Outdoor Nations

D.1 (b) – we need clarification from the Disciplinary Commissioner as to whether individual Acknowledgment and Agreement forms are required at all Nations events or just the Senior and Junior ones (i.e. not the Under 18s and Under 16s).


Outdoor Clubs

D.1 (c) – This refers to the EHF Image Rights being applied to all EHF tournaments but it is not in the EHL regulations.  Is it just an omission from the EHL regs or, if it doesn’t apply, we need to say here that the EHL is an exception.


Jorge confirmed that this was not discussed with EHL, therefore EHL should be deemed an exception.


Appendix B:  Club Champions Cup Women

18.2 – Should we remove all reference to the 45 sec clock or clarify that it only applies when there is TV coverage and then the EHL regulations (not the FIH) will apply?


The Board agreed that this should be clarified as suggested.


8.         Once these queries are resolved, the EB is requested to approve the Regulations as circulated.




Bjorn and Erhard wished to note their thanks to Sheila Morrow, it was really impressive the amount of work and time that she has put into the regulations.


The President proposed that all Outdoor Regulations be published by 1st November with the exception of the EHL Regulations which should be published on 1st October.


The President thanked Erhard, Bjorn and Sheila for their immense work with this group.


Euro Hockey League


Jorge Alcover presented a short report on the Euro Hockey League


He reported that the venue of KO16 has not yet been confirmed but several locations are being considered and the Chairman of the EHL is visiting these clubs this weekend.


Nothing further to report.


Appointments Committee Report


A report was received from the Appointments Committee who were meeting at the same time as the Executive Board.


Indoor Appointments 2014

All indoor appointments for have been done in June/July this year and have been published early August. A number of people (15 per 2014 29/8) did not accept their appointments yet.


Meeting Appointments Committee

Saturday 21st September the Appointments Committee has their yearly meeting in which the indoor and outdoor season 2013 will be reviewed.


In this meeting the outdoor appointments 2014 will be discussed. As soon as the Competitions Committee gives the final decision re the Club tournaments for next year, all our members can start to make the drafts for all appointments for 2014 re umpires, UMs, TDs and other officials.


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):


We will be looking for some budget for systems enhancements to AWS mainly in the reporting area


The President wished to express her thanks to the Appointments Committee and Yamila Conill in the EHF office for all the work.  We are aware it is an ongoing job that never stops and causes headaches so the work is greatly appreciated.



Hon Treasurer’s Report


Mika Rihtilä presented the Hon Treasurer’s Report


The Hon Treasurer presented the Accounts for the year to date.


He also presented a reviewed paper to the Board outlining proposed payment schedules for our Member Associations yearly invoices (which include the Annual Subscription fee and entry fees into EHF Competitions).


This paper also gives the EHF some incentives and penalties ensure all income owed is received. The current debtors list of NA’s is quite low but action is required for certain Nations.  These are to be followed up.


The Board approved the proposal


The Hon Treasurer recommended that the Board approve in principle the Budget requests from the Development Projects and Education Committee so that they can begin to implement their plans.

This allows for certain projects and activities to start to be co-ordinated for implementation in the first quarter of next year.   The Budgets will be fully agreed at the December Board meeting.




Director General’s Report


Angus Kirkland presented his report



Angus reported on some correspondence received from Members of Honour and other invited guests of the TriFinance EuroHockey Championships, thanking the EHF for the hospitality and wonderful tournament.


It was noted that Chirs Bussutil Leaver was re-elected as President of Malta Hockey.


General Assembly 2013

Angus reported that a letter from Wales was received giving positive feedback on the General Assembly, with some suggestions for future General Assemblies which will be taken into account during planning process.


He, along with the President wished to thank all the Staff for their hard work resulting in a successful General Assembly which seemed to be well received by most Member Associations.


The President added that it was a very vivid meeting and it seemed that delegates took the opportunity to speak to each other during the various coffee breaks and lunch.


FIH Memorandum of Understanding

Angus reported that he was currently completing a report for the FIH as per the Memorandum of Understanding in order to receive the second instalment of the FIH Development Grant 2013.


This will be submitted in the coming weeks.


Angus proposed that the Board review the Strategic Plan at the December Board meeting.


TriNations EuroHockey Championship 2013

Debrief with Belgian Hockey Federation is scheduled to take place on 9th October

A meeting has been scheduled to take place on23rd October with England Hockey Board to discuss the 2015 Championships.


Licence Fees for EuroHockey Tournaments

Angus proposed that the existing Licence fees adjusted to ‘minimum’ licence fees so as to encourage bidding from potential hosts.




European Games

He went on to report that an application for hockey to be part of the European Games was submitted but unfortunately was unsuccessful, however we would like to keep a dialogue open and arrange a meeting with the EOC sometime in November.


Musco Lights

On 18th Oct there will be an official switching on of Musco Lights in Lithuania.  These lights were presented as a gift from Musco as part of our on-going partnership with them.


A second set of lights will be switched on on 1st Nov in Hooegeveen in the North of Holland.

We would like to record or thanks for Musco’s continued support of the EHF.


Get and Give

Angus was delighted to report that the EHF had received a large amount of new clothing from Amsterdam H&BC as part of our Get and Give programme.  This clothing is currently in storage in Brussels and will be distributed amongst a number of Member Associations before the end of the year.


He wished to record our thanks to Amsterdam for this wonderful and generous gift.


Any Other business


All new members wished to thank the President and the Board for the warm welcome and an interesting meeting.


The Board agreed a schedule of meetings for 2014 with dates for the June meeting to be confirmed.


21/22 March – Brussels or France

27/28 June – Brussels

26/27 September – Brussels or France

Oct/Nov – Marrakech

12/13 December – Brussels


As there was no further business the President thanked Executive Board for their contribution and formally closed the meeting.


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