EuroHockey Indoor Championship in Vienna and the hosts secure a place in the Semi-Final

17th January 2014

The day opened with the Champions Germany v Russia. It took 6 minutes for our first goal here in Vienna which was scored by Likov (RUS). Second goal, also by Lipov, number eight. Shortly after, Fuerste scores for Germany. With 2 minutes to go, Knoblaunch equalizes (2-2). Within seconds, an unmarked Likov made a perfect pass to Loginov (RUSSIA no. 19) and the halftime score was 2-3 to Russia. Fuerste equalizes for Germany and they decide to play without a GK, which pays off as no.8 Nevado scores (4-3) at the 28th minute. No.11 Spichkovski levels the score then time out RUSSIA. 3 minutes on the clock, and a brilliant strike by no. 27 Von Drachenfels puts Germany ahead (5-4).Germany scores once more as Fuerste gets his first hat trick of the day.
Final Score: GERMANY v RUSSIA 6-4 (2-3)
Match 2 NETHERLANDS v ENGLAND No.8, Ward (ENGLAND) opens the scoring 5 minutes into first half. Englandland strike from the base line with no.17 Cheesman making it 2-0. ENGLAND keeper goes off and no.8 Pruijser scores for NETHERLANDS (1-2). No. 4 Turkstra for Netherlands again, equalizing. No 8 Pruijser scores again, NETHERLANDS ahead 3-2. Just before halftime, ENGLAND equalized via no.3 Arnold. Finally, no. 8 Pruijser scores his third goal of the match to put NETHERLANDS ahead (4-3). Netherlands kept pushing, another goal by no. 7Kranstauber. England fights back, no. 8 Ward scores (5-4). No England keeper, again Pruijser for his fourth goal (6-4). Germany retaliates as the last 5 minutes began. Netherlands no.7 Kranstauber scores his second goal of the match (7-5). ENGLAND keeps pushing and no. 10 Beckett brings the final score to 7-6.
Final Score: NETHERLANDS v ENGLAND 7-6 (3-3)
Match 3 CZECH REPUBLIC v POLAND First goal of the match came via Polish captain no.8 Rachelwalski (0-1). No.21 Vacek equalizes for CZE (1-1). Czech score twice putting CZE in the lead 3-1 with 3 min to go in the first half. An amazing goal from no.5 Prochazka leaves CZE with the first half (4-1) Poland came back fighting in the second half, with a goal after 25 min. (4-2). No.17 Majchrzak brings POL back to hope with a goal (4-3). In the 37th minute, Poland score and the first draw of the Tournament is recorded.
Final Score CZE v POL 4-4 (4-1)
Match 4 AUSTRIA v SWEDEN The host’s first game. There were no goals after 5 min. Finally SWE takes the lead with a goal by no.9 Hellstrand (0-1) and again with no.10 Bjorkman (0-2). With a flick from the top of the D, SWE continues its attack with a goal from no.3 Eriksson (0-3). AUSTRIA wake up and claw one back, no. 18 Minar (1-3)! In the second half, AUSTRIA come out fighting as no.22 Monghy scores. (2-3) and again with no.9 Koepper who equalizes (3-3) with 12 min to go. (5-3) with a goal by no.9 Koerper with 7 min to go. No. 19 Germany makes it 6-3 as Austria take control. Austrian captain and no13 Stanzl makes it 7-3 with 3 minutes to go. A final goal from Sweden but it’s not enough as the whistle blows.
Final Score: AUSTRIA v SWEDEN 7-4 (1-3)
Match 5 RUSSIA v ENGLAND 2nd minute in and Russia made its presence known, with a goal by no.12 Nikiton (1-0). Russiasia scored again the 7th min, with a goal from no.10 Zhirkov (2-0). And Russia again with goal by no. 21 Azarov, flicked from the top of the D (3-0), taking the game to half time. In the second half, England took advantage of an open goal to score, no.11 Griffiths (3-1). England were back in the game with another goal, this time by no.10 Beckett (3-2), 8 min to go. No8 Ward gets a green card, and ENGLAND are down to 4., final 3 min. Ward comes back and scores the equalizer, final score 3-3.
Final Score: RUSSIA v ENGLAND 3-3 (3-0)
Match 6 NETHERLAND v GERMANY Nevado for Germany (0-1) scored early with Fuerste making it 2 (0-2). No.8 Nevado again followed by Netherlands no. 7 Kranstauver (1-3), ended of first half. Second half: In the 25th minute, Fuerste scores for Germany (1-4). Keeper is subbed too late and Netherlands took advantage, no. 4 Turkstra (2-4). Germany answers, and no.27 Vondachenfelds scores with 13 min to go (2-5). Netherlands score again with goal by no.7 Kranstauber (3-5). Fuerste gets his second hat-trick of the day with an easy one on the 34th minute (3-6). Low drag by no.10 Tigges (4-6) as Netherlands kept fighting. No.8 Pruijser (5-6) scores can Netherlands draw? Yes they can, as no.8 Pruijser scores again and equalizes in the last seconds! Final score: 6-6
Final Score: NETHERLANDS v GERMANY 6-6 (1-3)
Match 7 POLAND V SWEDEN – 9 minutes in and Sweden took the lead with 3 goals (0-3). No. 17 Matsson scores to take SWE to 0-4, and again with a hat-trick, number 17 Matsson (0-5). Poland’s captain no.8 Rachelwaski scored (1-5) in the 18th minute, again no.8 Rachelwalski, (2-5). Sweden scored again, 2-6. Halftime score. (a busy half) In the opening seconds of the second half Poland number 4 Raciniewski scores. (3-6). With 12 minutes to go, a penalty corner for Poland and they scored (4-6) via Rachelwalski. Poland scores after a green card left Sweden with 4 for the corner (5-6). Yellow and green cards left Sweden with only 3 players on! With Sweden back to full strength Poland Makowski equalizes (6-6). Polands efforts pay off, and they’re up 7-6 thanks to a rebound off the keeper, a goal from Racineiewski.
Final Score: POL v SWE 7-6 (2-6)
Match 8 AUSTRIA v CZECH REPUBLIC : At the 8th minute in, Daniel Piterak scored for Czech. No.18 Minar equalizes for Austria (1-1). In the final seconds of the first half, no.21 Schmidt puts Austria one ahead. 2-1 In the second half Austrian number 5 Eitenber scored in the 25th minute (3-1). Shortly after, Czech came back with a Capouch goal (3-2). Czech equalized with a 28th minute goal by number 8 Vudmaska (3-3). Austria went ahead with a goal by no.4 Podpera. 4 min to go and Austria scores again, no.9 Korper (5-3). Austria confirm its place in the semi-final with 6 points from today. They will be hoping to top the group as they face Poland in the final game of the pool.
Final Score AUSTRIA v CZECH 5-3 (2-1)
Photograph: Austria celebrate their win (EHF/Norbert Gruener).

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