Supporting National Growth – Applications now open!

Posted On 24th March 2014

Supporting National Growth
43 European Nations are affiliated to EHF, each at a very different stage of their umpire development programme. Moreover, we recognise that MONEY remains a real barrier to doing all the things NAs might like to do. EHF is committed to helping all member nations to grow, and applications for SNG have been sent to all NAs, so please send in your applications NOW!
EHF clearly can not and should not try to run umpiring within National Associations. But what we can do is help with planting and nurturing the seeds of growth, of developing home-grown talent. And we can make a fairly modest amount of money, provided by EHF, go quite along way by intelligent thinking, good planning and modern technology.
This includes…
– EHF will appoint an Umpire Manager/Mentor, at the cost of EHF
– EHF will arrange in conjunction with you one-day classroom workshops on umpiring-related topics for your umpires and your umpire coaches
– EHF will arrange in conjunction with you two-days practical workshops following the classroom workshops for your umpires and your umpire coaches
– EHF will invite participants from nearby (zonal) countries also to attend these seminars
Five seminars took place in 2013 and were very successful.
Umpire coaches may be individuals with no previous umpire management or coaching experience, but they should be keen to learn and to grow the talent base in their own country.
The Umpiring Group will also liaise with the Coaching and Officiating Groups to leverage maximum value for National Associations from neighbouring countries.
– EHF has developed a high quality Webinar Portal whereby interactive distance learning seminars can be made available to delegates from National Associations – from the comfort of their own homes. This makes it possible to learn from leading presenters at a fraction of the cost of attending in person.
– Tell us about Regional Tournaments
– Organise Regional Tournaments
– Suggest topics for workshops and webinars that would really help YOU in your country.
SNG aims to
 Give umpires/umpire coaches a professional development on rules and regulations
 Give umpires a professional coaching on the pitch
 Give umpire coaches a professional training how to coach umpires
We hope to attract umpires/umpire coaches particularly from less developed countries, so that it may be a real “first step on the ladder” for umpires and for umpire coaches to share what they learn with umpires and umpire coaches from their country.
EHF will also liaise with the EHF Zonal Coordinators to get information about your needs and tournaments possibly can be used.
– EHF will cover the costs for the Mentor
– EHF will partially cover costs for umpires and umpire coaches
If your National Association needs assistance of this kind, please let us know. Thomas Eilmer, Member of the EHF Education Committee (Umpires Working Group) is the co-ordinator of this project. Should you need further advice or information about SNG please contact the EHF office (

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