EHF TCP Seminar – Day 4 at the Rabobank Hockey World Cup

2nd June 2014

The Top Coaches Programme (TCP) is currently conducting its high level coaching seminar at the Rabobank Hockey World Cup in the Hague. Czech coach Karolína Kříženecká sent us a report of the 4 day of the seminar.
June 1st – Day 4
Today I woke up in a hockey heaven. We spent the morning at the club with six pitches, then in the afternoon at the stadium with 15,000 spectators, where we saw the best players in the world in action. And in the evening? We  rewatched and  analyzed the matches of the day.

In the morning we were welcomed again in the club HC Leonidas. This club has few rivals in terms of facilities: 6 pitches, which include a indoor hockey arena which can be used both in winter and summer. While matches went on in the pitches, we were upstairs having a workshop, next door to the FIH umpires’ workshop!

In groups of three we presented the results of our analysis of the first matches of the World Cup: Belgium v India and England v Spain.  Our mentors encouraged us to think outside the box, which sometimes led to  interesting discussions. It is interesting to hear the views of experts from different countries and compare them with some of our habits and practices, some of which we use over and over again without truly reflecting on their purpose and efficacy. Why does everyone play PCs from the left?  A huge thanks to Siefgried Akman for a great presentation.
After a quick lunch with the President of the EHF, Marijke Fleuren,  and the completion of the presentation, we went to the stadium. For the match Netherlands v Argentina we focus on “pressing style” and the “running patterns of midfield players”. In the match New Zealand vs Korea we focused on “the running patterns of strikers.”

It’s midnight and we are still far from being done. We are divided into three groups to prepare a presentations for tomorrow on the topic: ” You want to be a good coach ? Work hard” .We all know that this is true 100% of the time.
Source: Karolína Kříženecká, TCP coach,  Czech Republic

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