Day 2 of the Nordic Caravan: hockey magic in Stockholm

25th June 2014

Day 2 Stockholm
All the rain was behind us and a new day began.  It was rather warm and sunny, so everybody were eager to start  the second day of the EHF Nordic Caravan.

In the morning , we started with a backhand clinic. Slowly but surely, the kids discovered more and more about backhand hit rhythm, positioning the ball towards the body and the importance of balance. During the games, the  kids were very successful in performing good forehand hits and also  some basic tactical key points like playing wide and deep. The improvement was noticeable and kids felt that.

After a lunch break we continued with Hockey magic tricks. The kids performed their own tricks  to the rest of the group: Imagination and Creativity at its best! Fun and lots of smiles on kids’ faces as well! We also had time to teach them and practice eye and hand coordination exercises. We finished the day with a practice match where the kids had an amazing time. Time for the Caravan to move on: it took us three hours and 500 km by train to reach our new destination. Goodby Stockholm, hello Gothenburg! A new place, new kids, same passion.

Source: Goran Jamicic

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