EHF Nordic Caravan – Last day for our Croatian coaches

27th June 2014

Yesterday was the fourth day of the Nordic Caravan, the last one for our Croatian coaches, Tomislav and Goran. We have greatly enjoyed their reports, and EHF would like to thank them for their time and great work in Sweden. Today, two new coaches take over the Caravan: Josh Netherwood and Matt Anderson, from England. We will hear from them tomorrow!
Day 4
Yesterday we had the  chance to train in a beautiful sport complex in the centre of Gothenburg which is host to many sport facilities, including the Valhalla pitch.

We started things off a bit differently. Goran held the reverse stick clinic for the younger players, while Tomislav took a couple of older players (young leaders) for a coach the coaches session. The aim was to give them guidance into basic coaching of the youngsters, so they can help in the youth development of their clubs. Both morning sessions  ended up with games with hockey magic balls, using international rules. This provided some spectacular moves!

After a lunch break, we continued with Hockey Magic. Players here were also invited to develop and perform their own tricks, which they did. They even taught us a few things! Modern defending skills was the topic for the next session, per players’ request. They were very motivated to learn these new skills. The final exercise was the famous and dangerous Tunnel of Terror. The players kept focused and everybody enjoyed this challenge. In the last game match players were eager to show what they have learned these past two days. There was a lot of positive energy in the air and even we were not that tired after long four days, because of the energy we got from the kids.

We really hope the we have inspired the players and the coaches to keep working hard in Swedish Hockey.  We want to thank Svenska Landhockeyförbundet for organizing the Caravan, the EHF for supporting and special thanks for all the parents taking care of the two of us here.
The Nordic Caravan does not end with us though!. Josh and Matt are taking over tomorrow in Lund. Have fun!

Source: Goran and Tomislav Jamicic

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