A dramatic day at the Fintro EHJC as Germany put the hosts out of the Final

25th July 2014

Photograph: Germany celebrate! EHF/Frank Uijlenboek (c)
25/07/2014 – Germany started very fierce and pinned Belgium on their own side. The German pressure payed off and in the 9th minute they were awarded 4 pc’s in a row. At the fourth PC Belgium had only three defenders in the goal, as Nicolas De Kerpel ran out too fast and had to go behind the midline. German captain Tom Grambusch dragged the 1-0 low at the backboard. After 15 minutes Belgium stepped up to the level of the Germans and they took over controle of the game during the last 15 minutes of the first half. However they couldn’t threaten German goalie Victor Aly. Germany led 0-1 at half time.
In the second half the host kept dominating and were awarded a PC in the 41st minute. PC specialist Alexander Hendrickx dragged the equalizer in the net. Germany was struggling but Belgium didn’t finish their changes. 11 minutes before the final whistle Germany got their sixth pc of the game. Line stopper Nicolas De Kerpel stopped the ball good but it bounced off his stick and hit him on the body so Germany was awarded a penalty stroke. Tom Grambusch flicked it high in the net, 1-2 Germany. Only three minutes later almost the same happened on the other side of the pitch. Timur Oruz got the ball on his body while defending a penalty corner and Alexander Hendrickx equalized again: 2-2. Two minutes before full time Jonas GOMOLL scored what seemed to be the winning 2-3 from a penalty corner. But in an unbelievable final attack Belgium was awarded a last PC and again Alexander Hendrickx scored and equalized for Belgium. 3-3 at the full time so shoot-outs had to decide who would grab a ticket to the final against the Netherlands. Germany won after a fantastic shoot out and will play the final of the Fintro Junior EuroHockey Championships tomorrow.
Final Score 3-3
‘9 10 Tom GRAMBUSCH GER (PC) 0 – 1
‘41 16 Alexander HENDRICKX BEL (PC) 1 – 1
‘59 10 Tom GRAMBUSCH GER (PS) 1 – 2
‘62 16 Alexander HENDRICKX BEL (PS) 2 – 2
‘68 14 Robbert RUBENS GER (PC) 2 – 3
‘70 16 Alexander HENDRICKX BEL (PC) 3 – 3
Shoot out
Belgium                                                 Germany
14 RUBENS Robbert X                    8 KAPAUN Max O
12 DE KERPEL Nicolas O               14 GOMOLL Jonas X
18 PLENNEVAUX Maxime O       6 NITSCHKE Jan O
7 WEGNEZ Victor X                        9 TROMPERTZ Moritz X
8 CUVELIER Dimitri O                   12 HERZBRUCH Timm X
Final Result 3-3 2-3 S/O


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