Belgium finish 5th at the Fintro EuroHockey Junior Championships

26th July 2014

Photograph: EHF/Frank Uijlenbroek (c)
26/07/2014 – Nothing to win or lose in this game but Belgium was clearly here with the purpose to win and grab the 5th place at the Fintro Junior EuroHockey Championships 2014.The host took all initiatives and had ample opportunities to get in front. However they did not finish them off. And like the cliché in sports says “if you don’t score your chances, the goal will fall at the other side.” On one of the time France reached the Belgium circle, Lauret SHIRLEY scored the 0-1.
Belgian knew that if kept playing like they were they would get some goals in. And sure enough 2 minutes later Axelle WOUTERS equalised with a diving shot on the right and quickly after Manon Simons gave Belgium the lead. Belgium was on a role and Axelle WOUTERS scored her second just before half time, 3-1.
A long tournament week had clearly tired the players and in the second half not very much happend. Belgium took back some energy and this gave France more room and Elene Sotgiu had to make a few saves. Two minutes before full timet Justine BLONDEL scored the 3-2. France kept pressed forward, looking for that equalizer but the Belgian defense stood strong and the host end the Fintro Junior EuroHockey 2014 on the fifth place.
Final score 3-1 (3-2)
’24 Lauret Shirley 0-1 (FG)
‘ 26 Axelle Wouters 1-1 (FG)
’29 Manon Simons 2-1 (FG)
’35 Axelle Wouters 3-1 (FG)
’68 Justine Blonder 3-2 (FG)


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