Judge's Seminar begins in Breda

24th August 2014

The Education Committee – Officials working group is holding an Judges seminar this weekend in Breda, in conjuction with the C4E seminar for Coaches and the U4E seminar for umpires.
Led by conductors Barbara Morgan and Iain McKay, the participants took part in active tutorials with real life scenarios in the morning, followed by practical table work. The participants were very active during these sessions, which were quite lively!
After the days activities, self-analysis was required, as well as some homework for the next day! A friendly dinner completed the day’s work, a very enjoyable first day indeed!

Active tutorials with real life scenario’s in the morning moved to practical table work for our participants with lots of active co-operative learning from the team. They had lots of varied tasks to complete and the day was finished with some self analysis and testing home work exercises!!!!
The EHF would like to thank Iain McKay and Barbara Morgan for their support and hard work in leading this seminar.

Source/Photographs: Barbara Morgan

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