UDP Group 6 Graduation at EHL Round 1 in Barcelona

15th October 2014

The Graduation of UDP Group 6 took place during the EHL round 1 in Barcelona this weekend 10 – 12 October. Group 6 gathered with their mentor, Louise Knipe,  to enjoy the hockey during the weekend and to attend the UDP Graduation dinner on Saturday night.
Paul Walker, Karine Alves Pereira, Claire Druijts and Mentor Louise Knipe
The graduates were:
Karine Alves Pereira (FRA)
Claire Druijts (NED)
Paul Walker (ENG)
Oliver Tarnoczi (AUT) *
Mentor – Louise Knipe
* Oliver was unfortunately unable to attend the Graduation weekend.
The graduation dinner was attended by EHF President, Marijke Fleuren and Jorge Alcover, EHF Vice President. Marijke spoke on behalf of the EHF thanking the participants and their mentors for the work they had put in over the years.

Mentor Louise Knipe spoke of her involvement in the programme and thanked the graduates for their hard work over the years.
Paul Walker spoke on behalf his Group thanking the EHF for the opportunity to be involved in this programme and how fantastic it was to be part of such an innovative and successful initiative.
The UDP were very much in evidence throughout the weekend with Group 6 graduating, Group 8 attending and 5 past and present UDP umpires in action on the pitch. In action during the weekend were:
Geoffrey Conn (UDP 1)
Benjamin Mauss (UDP 2)
David Sweetman (UDP 2)
Andres Ortiz (UDP 5)
Pietro Galligani (UDP 7)
Andy Mair (Mentor of UDP group 3)
Karine Alves Periera, Paul Walker, (Group 6) Benjamin Mauss (Group 2), Piertro (Group 7) and Lukasz (Group 8)
Also present for the weekend were Group 8 with their mentors Stella Bartlema and Juanma Requena.
Group 8
Angelika Koeppen (GER)
Emma Shelbourne (ENG)
Loukasz Zweirzchowski (POL)
Daniel Fernandez (ESP)
Monserrat Olmo (ESP)
Groups 6 & 8 attended a workshop on Saturday morning facilitated by Paco Vasquez (World Panel Umpire). Paco spoke to the groups about managing stress in their performance. EHF and UDP would like to thank Paco for his time and effort in giving this workshop.
UDP member Daniel Fernandez, FIH World Panel Umpire Paco Vasquez, UDP Gropu 8 Mentors Juanma Requena and Stella Bartlema, and UDP group 8 member Lukasz Zweirzchowski


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