Umpires Development Project (UDP) Group 9 – Deadline for applications is October 31st!

22nd October 2014

The European Hockey Federation is now receiving applications from motivated umpires for the 9th UDP group. Letters with all relevant application forms and information have been sent to all National Associations. The deadline for applications is October 31st 2014.
The concept of this Umpires Development Project sees the EHF organise a group of umpires (female and male) on an annual basis. The group will be selected and evaluated over a three-year period. This new group will be formed by 6 umpires.
The selected umpires receive personalised tuition and guidance from an “Umpire Mentor” together with attending various seminars, physical conditioning and umpiring appointments. Former top umpire Jean Duncan is the project co-ordinator and a number of former top umpires have supported UDP as group mentors: Ray O’Connor and Margaret Hunnaball (former Project Co-ordinators), Louise Knipe, Philip Schellekens, Henrik Ehlers, Claire Kelly, Andy Mair and Xavier Adell, Carol Metchette, Michiel Bruning, Stella Bartlema & Juanma Requena.
The EHF has budgeted for the three year programme for travel, accommodation, full board, tuition and materials)
Each National Association who has an umpire participating will be asked to pay €3,750 per umpire (€1,250 per year) over the three years.
Nominees must:
 Be between the ages of 18 and 30
 Have a good level of English
 Be actively umpiring within your National Association
 Have international experience (under-16 or above)
 Provide at least one feedback form from an international tournament (desirable)
 Provide a 5 minute video of their umpiring as part of the selection process
 Commit to the programme fully
 Maintain the expected standard of fitness including passing regular fitness assessments
The selected umpires will have shown a commitment to umpiring in their own country and a willingness to commit to programme, with the potential to attain a minimum Grade 1 status within a reasonable time.
For more information, contact the EHF Office (

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