Following the completion of the 2014 EuroHockey Club Tournaments, the EHL and EHCCC, the EHF has announced today what teams have qualified for the 2015 EuroHockey Club Tournaments.

The Final positions and promotions and relegation for the Women’s Tournaments can be downloaded here.

In the EuroHockey Club Champions Cup for Women, the format (ie 8 teams and one Tournament at Easter) will remain the same in 2015.

Based on the 2014 rankings the countries who have qualified for EHCCC 2015 are:

Netherlands, 2 teams
England, 2 teams
Germany, 1 team
Spain, 1 team
Ireland, 1 team
Russia, 1 team

A full list of the rankings for EHCCC can be downloaded here and EuroHockey Trophy and Challenges (women) can be downloaded here.

On the men’s side as the teams qualified for EHL has already been announced (see here) the Final positions for EuroHockey Trophy and Challenges are available  here.

Letters and Entry Forms will be sent by the EHF Office in the coming days and all queries should be sent to