Newcomers Namur take the honours in the afternoon session in Mulheim

Posted On 13th February 2015

In a highly entertaining afternoon with near misses and the hosts almost beaten, it was newcomers to this Division who finished the day on a high with an important win against the Russians.

East Grinstead v RotWeiss Wettingen

The opening game of the second session of the day was between East Grinstead and RotWeiss Wettingen. As both teams had lost their earlier game, points from this game were critical. MESSERLI opened the scoring for RWW in the 5th minute. A beautiful swivel and flick by GRIFFITH roofing the ball into the net in the 15th minute put East Grinstead level  for the first time in the game. A second goal from him a minute later saw East Grinstead go ahead.  EG earned their first PC of the game in the 18th minute, a direct low strike and they extended their lead to 3-1. However RotWeiss Wettingen earned their 4th corner of the first half and the switch to MESSERLI and the gap was narrowed to 3-2. The score a the half. An explosive start in  the second half from RWW saw them equalise 3-3. The game was then lacking in real chances until an excellent save from EG GK POTTON kept the score to 3-3. A great effort from Niall Stott in the 35th minute almost ended the deadlock, but he found the side netting. A PC for RWW in the 39th minute and a switch to the baseline to put the the score 4-3. In the dying seconds East Grinstead were awarded a double PC, some desperate defending off the line and RWW won the game and pushed themselves to top of Pool A, at least until after the Uhlenhorst game.

Final Score East Grinstead v Rot Weiss Wettingen 3-4

HC Rotweiss Wettingen  ‘5 11 MESSERLI Benjamin Penalty Corner Goal 0 – 1
East Grinstead                    ’15 6 GRIFFITHS Chris Field Goal 1 – 1
East Grinstead                    ’16 6 GRIFFITHS Chris Field Goal 2 – 1
East Grinstead                    ’19 15 FAULKNER Simon Penalty Corner Goal 3 – 1
HC Rotweiss Wettingen  ’20 11 MESSERLI Benjamin Penalty Corner Goal 3 – 2
HC Rotweiss Wettingen  ’22 5 SCHRÖTER Maximilian Field Goal 3 – 3
HC Rotweiss Wettingen  ’40 18 STEIMER Silvan Penalty Corner Goal 3 – 4

C.H. SPV Complutense v HTC Uhlenhorst Mülheim

The final game of Pool A on the opening day at the EuroHockey Indoor Club Champions Cup and the hosts HTC Uhlenhorster took on Complutense. A well organised Spanish team, back off winning the Spanish Championship went ahead in the 7th minute via SANCHEZ. The hosts equalized in the 11th minute, but to the surprise of the home crowd it was Complutense who were ahead at the half the goal coming from ÁLVAREZ-VILLABOL in the 16th minute. In the second half Complutense worked hard as a team and defended superbly to hold off the host, some frustrations came to the fore as the intensity of the game increased. it took until the 29th minute for the Germans to equalise. They went ahead with a perfect pass from Captain STRALKOWSKI to HERZBRUCH in the 33rd minute. Complutense equalised in the 34th minute and with their keeper off Uhlenhorst forced a PC in the last minute, saved, but illegally so a stroke was awarded and STRALKOWSKI, the PS expert, hit home for the win! It was absolutely Match of the Day here in Mulheim.

Final Score – C.H. SPV Complutense v HTC Uhlenhorst Mülheim 3-4

C.H. SPV Complutense   ‘7 4 SÁNCHEZ Ricardo Field Goal 1 – 0
Uhlenhorst Mulheim      ’11 19 NITSCHKE Jan Field Goal 1 – 1
C.H. SPV Complutense   ’16 6 ÁLVAREZ-VILLABOL David Penalty Corner Goal 2 – 1
Uhlenhorst Mulheim      ’29 11 STRALKOWSKI Thilo Field Goal 2 – 2
Uhlenhorst Mulheim       ’33 14 HERZBRUCH Timm Field Goal 2 – 3
C.H. SPV Complutense    ’34 14 SAN MARTIN Daniel Field Goal 3 – 3
Uhlenhorst Mulheim       ’40 11 STRALKOWSKI Thilo Penalty Stroke Goal 3 – 4

Partille SC – SV Arminen

Next up was the 3rd Pool B game of the day. EITENBERGER put Arminen ahead in the second minute. BELE doubled the scoreline in the 8th minute and in spite of a goal clawed back by Partille in the 16th minute, Arminen had the better half. 2-1 at half time. In the second half Partille were awarded a PC in the 28th minute and  HEMVIK never looked in doubt of scoring, creating space after the first runner tried to shut down the shot, with excellent control he held onto the ball and put away his shot. 2-2. SV Arminen went ahead again

Final Score: Partille SC – SV Arminen 2-4

SV Arminen   ‘2 5 EITENBERGER Sebastian Field Goal 0 – 1
SV Arminen  ‘8 8 BELE Alexander Field Goal 0 – 2
Partille SC     ’16 11 STROBY Axel Field Goal 1 – 2
Partille SC     ’28 2 HEMVIK Karl Penalty Corner Goal 2 – 2
SV Arminen  ’31 8 BELE Alexander Field Goal 2 – 3
SV Arminen  ’38 13 RUDOFSKY Pit Field Goal 2 – 4

Royal Hockey Club Namur v  Dinamo Yekaterinburg

The final game of the day was also in Pool B, a well fought game between 2 even teams. It was 1-1 at half time, the Russians did try two power plays in the second half in the second half, early and late, both times pushing hard for the win. But in fact it was just after the keeper was back on that they went ahead 3-2 in the 32nd minute. 2 quick goals from Namur in the 36th and 37th minute secured the win for the Belgians as the Russian went again with a power play of 5 and a kicking back a late goal not enough to take the points.

Final Score: Royal Hockey Club Namur v  Dinamo Yekaterinburg 4-3

Royal HC Namur                          ’11 15 NAVEZ Pol Penalty Corner Goal 1 – 0
Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg  ’16 8 LYKOV Aleksandr Field Goal 1 – 1
Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg  ’32 10 VOLKOV Dmitry Penalty Corner Goal 1 – 2
Royal HC Namur                          ’34 9 POKORNY Viktor Penalty Corner Goal 2 – 2
Royal HC Namur                          ’36 13 JACOB Gilles Field Goal 3 – 2
Royal HC Namur                          ’37 12 VAN DIEST Nicolas Field Goal 4 – 2
Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg  ’38 17 FATTAKHOV Linar Field Goal 4 – 3


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Photograph:The highly animated supporters of Royal HC Namur (Frank Uijlenbroek (c))




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