Nomination Period for Indoor 2016 Appointments

10th April 2015

The Nomination period for Indoor 2016 officially opened on FRIDAY March 6th, 2015. It will remain open for six weeks, ending on FRIDAY April 17th, 2015.

No nominations will be accepted outside the designated periods, so if you encounter any problems please let me know.

Furthermore, the EHF Appointments Committee strongly advices you to nominate as many umpires/officials as possible.

Some useful reminders:

– All appointments are made at the Appointment Committee’s discretion.
– There is no limit to how many umpires/officials you can appoint. We advise you to nominate as many as possible to avoid any problems arising from illness, work scheduling conflicts and so on.
– Our automated appointments system (AWS) will send automatic reminders for every unanswered appointment. If an appointment has gone unanswered for over 28 days and we have not received any news, this appointment is subject for removal at the AC’s discretion.

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