Ritm-Azot, Amsicora, Menzieshill, Gintra Strekte, Kecioren and 1946 Praga all win promotion at the 2015 EuroHockey Challenges

Posted On 25th May 2015

Challenge I, Vienna – Day 4

First relegation  match, Clydesdale and Prague played it safe first. An intense but scoreless first half ensued. It was a different story in the second half, where both teams scored 3 goals, received yellow card and a fourth Clydesdale goal was disallowed. The match ended with a shoot-out, with Praha coming out on top. 3A Clydesdale Western v 4B SK Slavia Praha 3-3 (0-0) 0:2

The second relegation match saw the Belgian Dragons take on the hosts. Arminen, cheered by the home crowd, found an early lead with 2 goals. Dragons dominated most of the second half but were not able to get past the Arminen defense until minutes before the final buzzer. It was simply not enough, and the match went to Arminen. 4A KHC Dragons v 3B SV Arminen 1-2 (0-2)

Grodno easily took this match from the Welsh side, securing their spot at the top of the final table and a coveted promotion spot. 2A Swansea City HC v 1B HC Ritm-Azot Grodno 0-4 (0-3)

The second promotion match was an even one. The teams neutralised each other during the first half, and continued the tie through the second half. Catania created a few good chances through a few PCs, but they were unsuccessful. Amsicora took the game on penalties, and won the second promotion spot. 1A S.G. Amsicora ASD v 2B HC Universitario Catania 1-1 (0-0) 3:1

Final Ranking Team
1  HC Ritm-Azot Grodno (BLR) Promoted to EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy 2016
1  S.G. Amsicora ASD (ITA) Promoted to EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy 2016
3  HC Universitario Catania A.S.D. (ITA)
3  Swansea City HC (WAL)
5  SK Slavia Praha (CZE)
5  SV Arminen (AUT)
7  KHC Dragons (BEL) Relegated to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge II 2016
7  Clydesdale Western (SCO) Relegated to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge II 2016


Challenge II, Mérignac – Day 4

Highway succeeded in keeping their momentum from their win yesterday and started strong against the Swiss side.  Olten pushed hard until the very end but they looked tired and could not make the difference.  3A Highway Hockey HC v 4B HC Olten 6-1 (4-0)

Gintra started stronger and had the 2-1 lead by half time. In the second half, Lille fought back from a score of 3-1 to tie at the whistle. An exciting and closely matched shoot-out followed, with Gintra eventually taking the win. 2A Gintra Strekte Uni HC v 1B Lille MHC 3-3 (2-1) 8:7 SO

The last match of the tournament saw Menzieshil meet Rotweiss Wettingen. The Scots opened the score with a penalty stroke. Both teams worked hard to gain the advantage, but Menzieshill kept its composure and showed its better technique, finishing the game with 2 more goals. 1A Grove Mezieshill HC v 2B HC Rotweiss Wettingen 3-0 (1-0)

Final Ranking Team
1  Grove Menzieshill HC (SCO) Promoted to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge I 2016
1  Gintra Strekte Uni HC (LTU) Promoted to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge I 2016
3  Lille MHC (FRA)
3  HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)
5  Highway Hockey HC (TUR)
5  Sport Athletique Merignacais (FRA)
7  HC Olten (SUI) Relegated to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge III 2016


Challenge III, Prague – Day 4

No contest here, as HFTC-Tauras dominated the game completely. Special mention to no. 7, Kristina Poskute who scored 5 of the 9 goals. 4A Nacka LHK v 3B HFTC-Tauras 0-9 (0-4)

A close defensive game, Imittos and Newport both worked hard but gave nothing away until the 65th minute, when Newport was finally able to break through with a PC. 5 minutes later, a field goal sealed their victory. 3A Newport Gwent LHC v 4B HC Imittos 2-0 (0-0)

Kecioren took the lead and was up by one at the half break. The increased their lead to 2, which woke up Post, who responded with 2 of their own. A shoot-out decided this close match-up, with the win going, and the promotion spot, going to Kecioren. 2A Post SV v 1B Kecioren Baglum SK 2-2 (0-1) 1:2 SO

A tight first half in the last match of the tournament, for the second promotion spot. After a goalless first half, Prague secured its fate with 2 goals in 4 minutes. 1A HC 1946 Praga v 2B Eagles HC 2-0 (0-0)

Final Ranking Team
1  Kecioren Baglum SK (TUR) Promoted to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge II 2016
1  HC 1946 Praga (CZE) Promoted to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge II 2016
3  Eagles HC (GIB)
3  Post SV (AUT)
5  Newport Gwent LHC (WAL)
5  HFTC-Tauras (LTU)
7  Nacka LHK (SWE) Relegated to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge IV 2016
7  HC Imittos (GRE) Relegated to EuroHockey Club Champions Challenge IV 2016

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