EuroHockey Indoor Announcements

24th June 2015

24.06.2015, Brussels: The EHF is pleased to announce the venues, pools and dates for a number of upcoming EuroHockey Indoor events.

2016 EuroHockey Indoor Clubs:

Following the meeting of the EHF Indoor Committee last May, the EHF announced the 2016 EuroHockey Indoor Clubs line-up with the exception of two of the Competitions. We are very pleased to announce that two of the events will take place in Russia in 2016, The EuroHockey Indoor Men’s Trophy, Pavlovskii Posad (RUS) – 12-14 February 2016, and the EuroHockey Indoor Women’s Challenge I – Pavlovskii Posad (RUS) – 19-21 February 2016.

To see the full list of events, dates and qualified teams, click here

2017 EuroHockey Indoor Junior Championships:

In addition, the EHF is pleased to annonce the venues and dates for the 2017 EuroHockey Indoor Junior Championships. The venues were proposed by the EHF Indoor Committee and these venues were approved the EHF Executive Board at their meeting in Brussels last week. Lisbon, Portugal will play host to the Junior Championships for Men with Puconci, Slovenia will host the Championship II. The Women’s Indoor Junior Championships will be hosted in Vienna.

To see the full list of events and qualified teams, click here

Pictured: Current EuroHockey Indoor Junior Champions, Austria, (FFU PRESS AGENCY COPYRIGHT Sander UIJLENBROEK (c))









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