UDP – summer of hockey!

3rd August 2015

18 UDP umpires and 3 mentors were in action during July in 5 locations around Europe. Every one of the 9 groups were represented!

EuroHockey Championships II, Prague
Gavin Cruickshanks (group 9) Michael Eilmer (group 3) Stepan Podmol (group 1) Kerri Targett (group 7) Karine Alves (group 6) Violeta Eismayer (group 3) Alison Keogh (group 4), Saadet Zakiyeva (group 2), Margaret Hunnaball (mentor group 1) &  Juanma Requena (mentor group 8).

EuroHockey U18 Championships, Santander, Spain

Daniel Rodriguez Fernandez (group 8), Angelika Koppen (group 8) Rachel Williams (group 9), Nathan Stenier (group 9)

Nathan, Angelika & Dani

Dani & Nathan

Dani & Angelika (Group 8), Rachel & Nathan (Group 9)

EuroHockey Championship IV, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Michiel Otten – neutral, (group 7) Michal Margolien (group 4).

EuroHockey Championship III Lisbon, Portugal 

Pietro Galligani (group 7)

The UDP was also represented at the U21 Volvo 6 Nations Invitational in Breda.

Emma Shelburne (group 8), Sandra Wagner (group 5) Paul Walker (group 6), Karen Evans (mentor group 9).

Source: EHF


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