EHL aligns with FIH timing for 2015/16

23rd September 2015

23.09.2015, Brussels; The Euro Hockey League will adopt the latest FIH timing rules for the 2015/16 season which begins on October 9-11, 2015 in Hamburg with Round 1.

This means that matches will now be played in four 15 minute quarters with 40 second time stoppages for penalty corners and for goal celebrations.

The alignment of the rules will increase the similarities between the international and club game, reducing some of the confusion that previously existed for players, officials, spectators and television audiences over the differences in match timing.


Specifically, this means that, during the 2015-2016 EHL season, matches will consist of four periods of 15 minutes and time will be stopped for 40 seconds when a penalty corner is awarded and when a goal is scored. 

At the end of the first and third period there shall be an interval of two minutes. During this interval, teams are not permitted to leave the field of play. 

Play for the second period is resumed by a centre pass taken by the team that started the first period. Play for the fourth period is resumed by a centre pass is taken by the team that started the third period. When a penalty corner is awarded, time is stopped for 40 seconds, except in the case of re-awards or penalty corners awarded after a Video Umpire referral. 

In the case of a re-awarded penalty corner time will be immediately stopped but the teams will not be allowed an additional 40 seconds. The umpire will re-start play at the earliest possible opportunity, ensuring that any delay is kept to a minimum. 

After a goal is scored, time is stopped for 40 seconds, except in the case of goals awarded after a Video Umpire Referral and a Penalty Stroke. The umpire will then re-start play, unless time has to be stopped for another reason.

Any queries should be directed to the EHF Competitions Manager, David Voskamp;


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