Friday Focus – Club of the Year (small) 2014 GDViso Update

29th January 2016

As the deadline for submissions for Club of the Year 2015 approaches, we caught up with one of the winners of the award for 2014, Portugal’s Grupo Deportivo Do Viso.

How did winning this award change your club?

All of us here at GDViso couldn’t be prouder of what we achieved a year ago. Being named  Club of the year by the EHF was a major bust for our project. It meant that, in the eyes of the EHF, this is a project worth developing. That is truly important when you try your best in something that you believe in.

How did the award affect your media strategy?

Once we found out we had won, we quickly began working to maximise media impact, and we were successful. We were able to secure press and appearances on several major TV channels, radio stations and programs and newspapers. All of this meant we had a boost to our social media as well, as our following grew considerably!

GDViso receiving their award at the Unibet EuroHockey Championships In London, 2015

What about in the Club itself? How has the award affected your day to day operations?

In terms of hockey itself, we saw growth in your young athletes. This was due not only to the award but also due to our youth and social work in our community. We began a project to include a ParaHockey section in our club. Several of our senior players starting taking the lead and holding practices with the ParaHockey team. Some of the ParaHockey players train with our senior team now. It’s a very special project.

Do you have any further plans to improve your club? what about infrastructure?

The Club was energised by this award, but so was the city of Porto, as they were proud and very happy to see our efforts so rewarded. We hope to receive more support that will allow us to go ahead with our plans to obtain a new pitch and a clubhouse. This project is tied to the city, as it includes a social aspect in the community. Although we were unable to secure a headlining sponsor, we continue working and forging partnerships with local companies.

Follow GDViso’s journey through their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @gdviso


Source: EHF/Tiago Marques


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