#FridayFocus TAP Project “Training the Workforce”

22nd April 2016

22nd April 2016, Brussels: Today’s #FridayFocus brings an update on the TAP Programme in Turkey. The Turkish Hockey Federation, the KNHB, the EHF and the FIH are all working together under the TAP-project for the development of Turkish Hockey. 

This development focuses on the development of hockey for all players, goalkeepers as well as their high performance teams, umpiring but also included in the programme is education for Coaches. During last week – Friday 15th April until Sunday 17th April the focus was completely on Coaching. Workshops were scheduled for a group of 19 Level 1 Coaches. This forms part of the “Training the Workforce” element of TAP.

The group started with the learning outcomes of the course combined with  the indications of levels and coaching pathways, the different  roles of the coach and its domestic indications for Turkish development.

After going though some theories such as risk management and several  visuals of skills , the group went to the pitch to  go through the different technical applications and apply them with a group of young talents. The web-assessments of Start Hockey and Start Coaching were dealt with in an online tutorial, which considered to be challenging by the group, they were also successful.

The group was thrilled to go through their final assessment for Level 1 FIH Coach on 17th of April 2016.

Many thanks to Tutor Michel Kinnen for his time and dedication to the TAP Programme.

More details on the programme can be found here

Source: EHF/Turkish Hockey Federation

Photographs: Turkish Hockey Federation

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