#FridayFocus – ParaHockey news and updates

15th July 2016

For this Friday’s Focus feature, we’re doing a round-up of all the ParaHockey activities going on this summer, as well as bringing to the fore some important new developments.

First up: Rules!

The FIH has published on its website Rules of ParaHockey for Athletes with an Intellectual Disability (ID). These rules will not only regulate international ParaHockey competitions (more on that later!) but can also serve as a guide for those who would like to start their own ParaHockey chapters but are unsure where to begin. More resources for ParaHockey can be found here.

Integration Tournament in HC Dragons, Belgium

HC Dragons in Brasschaat, Belgium will be hosting its annual integration tournament this year, 9 – 11 September. Previous editions of this tournament have been greatly successful, thanks to close co-operation with the EHF Youth Panel. If you are interested in joining this tournament, please email us!

Special Olympics – The Netherlands

Hockey took part in the Dutch Special Olympics. EHF strongly advises all National Hockey Federations to form close links to their own Special Olympics offices as they can help a great deal in finding the right support. For more information about the event in The Netherlands click here.

Euro ParaHockey Championships, Amsterdam 2017

Next year alongside the EuroHockey Championships 2017, the fourth edition of the Euro ParaHockey Championships will take place 20 – 24 August. KNHB hopes to host 11 teams (of 12 players) to compete for the title and share an amazing experience. The tournament will be held in a local Amsterdam club, while the final will take place on the main pitch at the Wagener Stadium. Is your nation ready to bring a team? Or do you wish to volunteer at this tournament? Contact us with all your questions and download the 2017 ParaHockey Flyer for more information.

Source: EHF/ hockey.nl

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