U18 EuroHockey Championships – Semi-Final lineup

Posted On 27th July 2016

27th July 2016: Following 4 days of play, the line up for the U18 EuroHockey Championships semi-finals are known. From Pool A – Germany and Belgium and from Pool B Netherlands and England

Netherlands 11 (D.de Haan 3, D.de Vilder 3, T. Beins 3, J. de Geus 2)  Italy  1 (N.Missaglia)

The Netherlands opened the game with a beautiful run from D. De Vilder but it took until the 10th minute for an impressive deflection from D. de Haan, who appeared on the backpost with perfect timing to deflect in for Netherlands first goal. Immediately Italy won possession and N Missaglia fired home in the 11th minute to equalise. However a more skilled and very focused Netherlands added 6 before the half. Stunning goals came from de Vilder and Beins from the PC set pieces and the final 2 field goals were well worked team goals. Italy’s defence worked hard to stop the flow, but the quality of the Dutch team was a tough ask today. Dutch coach Bas of his teams performance  “It’s always difficult to play so early in the morning, but the boys did very well.” As goal difference might have been a feature to determine the pool he added that they would have to wait to see what happens in the England v Spain game but all they could do was “focus on our own game”. Taking about the ‘rising star’ in Daniel de Haan who scored another 3 goals he added that “He’s doing really well, he works hard, it’s a tough job as a forward player, you have to fight for the space and he’s finding his shape now.” On the ‘rumour’ abounding in Cork that none of the other teams wanted to mark him, he smiled and said that he’s strong and really really fast so it’s difficult for defenders, in addition he has really good skills!


Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
Netherlands 10 7 de HAAN Daniel Field Goal 1 – 0
Italy 11 17 MISSAGLIA Nicola Field Goal 1 – 1
Netherlands 13 10 de VILDER Derck Penalty Corner 2 – 1
Netherlands 15 7 de HAAN Daniel Field Goal 3 – 1
Netherlands 18 3 BEINS Teun Penalty Corner 4 – 1
Netherlands 23 3 BEINS Teun Penalty Corner 5 – 1
Netherlands 26 6 de GEUS Jonas Field Goal 6 – 1
Netherlands 35 7 de HAAN Daniel Field Goal 7 – 1
Netherlands 40 10 de VILDER Derck Penalty Corner 8 – 1
Netherlands 52 3 BEINS Teun Penalty Corner 9 – 1
Netherlands 56 6 de GEUS Jonas Field Goal 10 – 1
Netherlands 70 10 de VILDER Derck Field Goal 11 – 1

Spain 2 (C.Curiel, A.Alvarez) England 4 (E.Gilmour 2, J.Oates, E.Kimber) 

Spain went ahead via a PC – direct flick by C.Curiel in the 5th minute. Both teams had chances but it took another PC to change the scoreline, this time E.Gilmour also via a direct flick brought the scoreline to 1-1, and that’s how the game remained at the half time.

England pilled on the pressure in the early stages of the second half and were rewarded as J.Oates scored and England led for just 2 minutes when A.Alvarez levelled the score again. England had the better of the possession and E.Gilmour was once again on target with another flick which was on target. Both teams had chances towards the end of the game, but the English defence stayed strong and a corner in the 53rd minute sealed the victory for England.

Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
Spain 5 14 CURIEL Cesar Penalty Corner 0 – 1
England 23 17 GILMOUR Euan Penalty Corner 1 – 1
England 43 20 OATES James Field Goal 2 – 1
Spain 45 10 ALVAREZ Alejandro Field Goal 2 – 2
England 47 17 GILMOUR Euan Penalty Corner 3 – 2
England 53 18 KIMBER Evan Penalty Corner 4 – 2

Germany 10 (Schiffer x5, Blumensaat, Harms x2, Knobling, Hartkopf) Czech Republic 0

Germany secured their place in the semi finals of the U18 Eurohockey Championships with a comprehensive 10-0 victory over Czech Republic. Jan Schiffer scored no fewer than 5 goals all from penalty corners; he produced a selection of drag flicks left and right combined with low drills into the bottom corners to leave Vaclav Uhlir with no chance in the Czech goal. The Germans transitioned the ball from defence to attack in the blink of an eye but credit must go to the entire Czech team for their spirited performance throughout.

Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
Germany 4 22 BLUMENSAAT Carl Field Goal 1 – 0
Germany 8 18 HARMS Leopold Field Goal 2 – 0
Germany 10 25 KNOBLING Eric Penalty Corner 3 – 0
Germany 18 27 SCHIFFER Jan Penalty Corner 4 – 0
Germany 26 27 SCHIFFER Jan Penalty Corner 5 – 0
Germany 32 27 SCHIFFER Jan Penalty Corner 6 – 0
Germany 39 27 SCHIFFER Jan Penalty Corner 7 – 0
Germany 53 27 SCHIFFER Jan Penalty Corner 8 – 0
Germany 58 26 HARTKOPF Raphael Field Goal 9 – 0
Germany 63 18 HARMS Leopold Field Goal 10 – 0


Belgium 3 (Freyling, Devis, Gougnard) Ireland 1(Sarratt)

Belgium have booked their semi final spot of the U18 Eurohockey Championships with a 3-1 victory over Ireland, though the scoreline in no way reflects how closely matched these two sides were for the opening 60 minutes of this action packed game. There was rarely a dull moment in front of a packed crowd in Garryduff, with vocal Irish and Belgium fans cheering on their sides.

Kyle Marshall was the engine room of the Irish side and distributed the ball up the pitch at will. But Belgium had an equal to Marshall in the form of Loic Sidler who created opportunities from thin air as he glided through the centre of the field.

The sides exchanged penalty corner goals in the first half, Ireland’s coming from Guy Sarratt once again to add to his hat trick from yesterday’s match against Czech Republic. Belgium to the lead for the first time thanks to a tap in at the back post that caught the Irish defence unawares in the 59th minute.

Ireland pulled keeper Luke Roleston, who made several fine saves, in the 64th minute but were quickly caught in a 2v1 situation that left the kicking-back with no chance and Boris Gougnard made it 3-1. A super performance from both sides with very little in it for the vast majority of the game; Ireland now move into Pool C and face Spain at 12pm on Friday.

Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
Ireland 21 17 SARRATT Guy Penalty Corner 1 – 0
Belgium 28 17 FREYLING Cyril Penalty Corner 1 – 1
Belgium 59 18 DEVIS Emil Field Goal 1 – 2
Belgium 67 22 GOUGNARD Boris Field Goal 1 – 3


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