2016 – EHF Executive Board Minutes, 11 November 2016

Posted On 10th January 2017

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting

Inter Continental Festival City Hotel


11th November 2016


Marijke Fleuren (President), Carola Meyer, Mika Rihtilä, Jorge Alcover, Inez Cooper, Bjorn Isberg, Walter Kapounek, Angus Kirkland, Simon Mason, Ludmila Pastorova, Gianni Rossi.

In Attendance

Jane Brennan, Operations Manager

President’s Welcome

The President welcomed the Executive Board members to Dubai, and thanked them for being up bright and early for the breakfast meeting.

She welcomed them to the “no limits” world – the theme of the FIH Congress. She informed them that 121 Member Associations were expected to be represented at the Congress, and noted that it was wonderful to have so many Europeans in attendance – a record number, 40!.

She went on to give a brief report on the FIH Executive Board meeting which took place the previous day.  She went on to say that it is clear that there are gaps in Education with the other continents, however all of them were performing very well in one identical format. In Europe we are lucky enough to be a kind of an example, though this works in favour of us it can also work against us at times. She informed the Board that she always praises the EHF staff, and how impressive what we accomplish is with such a small staff.

She went on to say that it is not only the staff, but also the Executive Board, and she thanked them all for the great work they are doing. She reported that the excellent presentation Angus Kirkland gave to the FIH EB reflected what we are doing, and hopefully we will continue to go on in this direction.

She noted that there was a detailed discussion with regard to the voting procedures and the statutes, while the Home and Away league – its process and criteria also discussed.

Finally she said that it was an emotional end to the meeting being the last one with Leandro Negro and Kelly Fairweather.

She informed the Board that we would officially thank Leandro in our own General Assembly later that day.



Apologies for Absence

Leonardas Caikauskas.


The Minutes of the meetings held on the 16th & 18th September in Brussels, Belgium were signed by the President as a true record.

Matters Arising

Angus Kirkland reported to the Board on outstanding debtors, who, in accordance with the EHF Statutes would not be permitted to attend the General Assembly. Those countries were:


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia





28th General Assembly, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Director General reported on the EHF General Assembly.

The procedure and agenda for the 28th General Assembly due to take place later that day was discussed and agreed.

Any Other Business

The President spoke about the upcoming FIH Elections for President and Ordinary members of the Executive Board, wishing luck to all European candidates who were standing.

She closed the meeting by looking forward to a successful General Assembly with our Member Associations.


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