2016 – EHF Executive Board Minutes, 16/17 September 2016

Posted On 10th January 2017

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting

EHF Offices

Brussels, Belgium

16th – 17th September 2016


Marijke Fleuren (President), Carola Meyer (part), Mika Rihtilä, Jorge Alcover, Inez Cooper, Bjorn Isberg, Walter Kapounek, Angus Kirkland, Simon Mason, Ludmila Pastorova, Gianni Rossi

In Attendance

Jane Brennan, Operations Manager

Annie Panter, FIH Athletes Committee (part)


President’s Welcome

The President, Marijke Fleuren wished a warm welcome to all of Executive Board, especially to Annie Panter who was joining the Board for the first time to discuss the Athletes panel.

She went on to note that a lot of hockey had taken place since the last meeting particularly at the Olympics in Rio. However first she wanted to mention first the EuroHockey Youth U18 and U16 Future Heroes Cup that took place during the summer.

She wished to congratulate all hosts, and winners, in particular Belarus girls who won the U18 Trophy in Glasgow, securing promotion to the Championship for 2018. For Belarus this is really an important step. France is also doing well and advancing up in the different age categories, Italy on the women’s side is coming up again and Austria with Wales, in the Hockey 5s are also doing well.

We had very good hosts in Glasgow, Cork, Bulgaria – we are especially thankful to Bulgaria as it was not possible to have the U18 tournament in Turkey due to circumstances beyond their control.

All tournaments were very well organised and full reports of them can be found on the EHF website.

Regarding Turkey: Things looked very promising when she and Angus had visited there in June but unfortunately, the situation seems to be changing. She noted that she hoped to meet and speak with the Turkish Hockey President during the EHF General Assembly in Dubai.

She noted also that it appears in World League I that a lot of European teams are qualifying through to the 2nd round and hopefully next to the 3rd round – with the 3rd round next year a qualifier for the World Cup.

Marijke went on to speak about the Olympics in Rio. As was expected it was very different to London and Beijing. She noted that there was fantastic nature in and around Rio with beautiful mountains and wonderful beaches. The Rio organisation has done everything to make it a pleasant stay for the spectators.

The hockey stadium itself was lovely, simple and colourful though the surroundings were a little sparse. Spectators seemed to enjoy it, and she was surprised at the number of spectators who found their way there! Half of the seats were empty at the beginning but this was the case everywhere. There seemed to be some difficulties with the delivery of tickets or those who got tickets did not come. We are not entirely sure of the reasons.

The President reported that she saw almost all matches, which were impressive, with totally different teams coming forward – where one day a team was excellent, the following day the same team was not. In the end the results were astonishing – the Belgian Men’s team really looked very fit and strong and played very well. However, in the final, unfortunately for the Belgium’s, they met a better team in the Argentinian side on the day. For hockey it was wonderful to see Argentina win gold, the stand almost collapsed with the supporters! She noted that they were deserved winners and it was a great result for hockey.

Germany, winning the bronze medal, and Holland, always the stalwarts didn’t make it his time to play in the finals, this may ultimately be a good thing for hockey as they have to work very hard to come back again. From a European perspective it was wonderful to see Ireland there who lost some matches closely, and had some wonderful performances. They have now risen to 10th in world which is really an achievement.

Marijke reported that whilst in Rio she took the opportunity to meet presidents and CEOs of the 6 European teams who also has clubs playing in EHL to inform them about the status quo of EHL and to get information from them and to talk about their wishes.

On the women’s side things were also exciting, the final was a marvellous match, almost a repeat of the final of the EHC in London. Maddie Hinch was the hero again for GB in the shoot-out, and it is a wonderful achievement for GB women. She went on to say that fortunately the Dutch girls accepted the result very well, which is important for fair play. She noted that she was honoured to present their gifts with their medals. She also congratulated Germany on their bronze medal, along with all other European medal winners.

She referred to a short article which was published on the EHF website about her time in Rio. She noted that, though European, it is always important to have a world view, and try to see all matches, not only those with European teams. But of course we are very proud to see 5 of the 6 medal winners from Europe, though the order and the names are different than before – and we should all be happy that is the case, it’s really good for hockey.

Marijke reported that last week she attended the final of the ParaHockey tournament which took place in Antwerp at Dragons. She was delighted to see that a lot of players from the Belgian national team in the middle of the players. It was clear to see that they are all so proud of their silver medal.

Finally, she wanted to note that EHF are very proud that we had a UDP umpire in the finals from Belgium, and also Sarah Wilson another UDP participant from England taking part. She wished to congratulate all European umpires and officials who were appointed to the Games.



Apologies for Absence

Leonardas Caikauskas – unfortunately Leonardas was unable to attend due to ill health – the Executive Board wished him a speedy recovery.


The Minutes of the meetings held on the 3rd & 4th June in Stockholm, Sweden were signed by the President as a true record.

Matters Arising


Presentation Annie Panter, Athletes Committee Rep on FIH Executive Board

The President introduced Annie Panter to the Executive Board– she was a player for England from 2002 – 2012, and was elected in 2014 onto the FIH Athletes panel. She will take over as joint chair along with Marsha Cox from the current chair Michael Green during the FIH Congress in Dubai.

Angus reminded the Board that the Terms of Reference for an EHF Athletes committee was distributed to the Executive Board in Stockholm and as no comments were received he has proceeded to discussing the process between now and next August with Annie.

Annie greeted the Board, and thanked them for the opportunity to speak to them.

She explained that between now and next August the plan is to put in place a structure to have elections to the Athletes committee. The proposal is as follows:

The committee will consist of a Chair plus 4 others (2 males, 2 females). The Chair will be appointed by EHF, and will most likely to be one of the Europeans currently on FIH committee. (Currently the European members are Annie & Mo Furste.) The other 4 will be elected, similarly to FIH elections in 2014. Each National Association will be able to nominate 1 candidate to be put forward to be elected, each athlete can vote for 2 men and 2 women. FIH did it with athletes physically voting at event, however EHF will investigate if this is possible to do online through TMS or another system which would be easier to allow a wider spread of athletes to vote.

The first step is to choose candidates. Annie suggested that there should be some kind of restriction in terms of how long you are retired. It was however felt that athletes not yet retired would find it difficult to find the time to meet as a group.

In general Annie noted that she felt the Athletes panel has brought something extra to the decision making process of FIH. Each person is assigned to a committee, so you have an athletes voice at each committee. Athletes then can spread the word about how decisions are made and why which leads to a more open dialogue.

The Board discussed if the EHF should follow the same guidelines or perhaps consider a different approach. Simon Mason noted that it is important to be clear on the purpose of the committee, it’s brief and what it can get involved in.

The President noted that when you are a serious organisation the athletes voice must be there, however it is important to use the voice in the right way, and the process should not be too time consuming for athletes. What they can contribute can be really valuable.

Carola Meyer added the importance of the athletes’ committee members speaking to athletes at tournaments and events. The Board agreed that the aim is to do it as well as possible initially but to be aware that we will have to learn and make changes as we go on.

The next step is that at the December meeting the Board will receive a proposed timeline and plan with costs etc.

The President and the Board thanked Annie for her time and useful contribution to the meeting.

Development Projects Committee

Gianni Rossi presented the report from the Development Projects Committee. 

Gianni reported on the EHF/KNHB Sharing Knowledge/Twinning Programme:

Belarus- Push Breda HC

Lots of actions with Herman Kruis VERY active. Breda Push U18 girls visited 3 hockey centres in Belarus and played a festival v Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. Local coaches gained a lot from sharing knowledge at these matches.

Lithuania- Push Breda HC

Good progress so far. Lithuania sent a team to Belarus and also Sven van der Most (EHF TCP coach and current coach of Victory HC in Belgium) was sent to mentor and work alongside the coaching teams of Lithuania Women and Men. Lithuania Hockey and Sven van der Most to agree the 2017 full detailed plan asap to ensure Sven’s availability for 2017.

Croatia – Oosterbeek HC

After the club visit from Croatia reps Nikolá and Luka to Oosterbeek and the coach education visit of Albert, Paul (from Oosterbeck HC) and Norman to Split contact has been maintained through email and Facebook.

During this visit in June, 12 new young coaches qualified at FIH Level 1 coaches.

The Split people are working hard to:

  1. grow their membership through recruitment at schools
  2. grow its regional competition by inviting players to start their own club
  3. start a women’s team
  4. strengthen its relationship with Croatia Hockey and the municipality of Split
  5. establish a hockey field – the municipality will release space for a half pitch in the centre and/or next to a hotel near the sea. Croatia Hockey will transport half a synthetic pitch to Split (see Give and Get)

Czech Rep – HOD

Programme finalized between the two parties:

Event management/club management visit of Czech reps Karolina and Lucy to HOD in October ’16 and coach education visit of 2 HOD coaches to Prague July 2017 to coach and train-the-trainer in the Hockey Summer Camp. There will be an U16 team exchange, 1 visit, in 2017 and 1 in 2018

Portugal – Venlo HC

Venlo HC ready to welcome the Portuguese coaches to their club and to support hockey development in Portugal. Unfortunately, from the Portuguese side there are some concerns about Venlo which Gabrielle Van Doorn and Norman Hughes are hoping to resolve.

Switzerland – Oss

On the Swiss side 3 people have been appointed for the 3 programme parts of the twinning which are:

  • Creating a solid national-regional-club hockey structure
  • Player recruitment
  • Umpiring

Skype contact over the summer has resulted in the arrangement of an exchange visit in autumn ’16 and around Easter ’17. Yolande Brada will conduct a course for umpiring coaches during the weekend 17/18 September. The Swiss twinning co-ordinator has been informed and invited for this course.

Austria – Oranje Rot

The programme will be started in November with a full week visit of the Austrian U21 team and coach-, umpire & club development delegates to Oranje Rot. Dates are 21-26 November.

Poland – Kampong HC

A comprehensive programme was agreed upon between the two parties, but been postponed due to personnel changes at Kampong. Gabrielle Van Doorn and Norman Hughes are working on getting this back on track.

Bulgaria – Athena HC

Two coaches of HC Athena have joined the Albena Summer Camp and coached the Bulgarian youth together with their Bulgarian colleagues. The Dutch coaches came back enthusiastically and have reported on their experience on September 8th. They will promote the camp amongst coaches and players for next year. The Bulgarian visit to HC Athena will take place in the period 26/10 – 2/11/16


The President and Board noted that may be some of the twinnings need a little ’push to make the twinning worthwhile, such as Austria/Oranje Rood, Portugal/Venlo and Kampong/Poland. There is a meeting scheduled for next week with the KNHB and the issues will hopefully be discussed and expanded on then. (In the meantime a lot of progress has been made.)

Gianni assured the Board that Norman and Gabrielle were working very closely with all involved and hope that the situations would improve.

The Board also asked that Gianni report with more specific details at the next meeting with regard to the twinning projects.

EHF Youth

Hockey Magic- A 3-way partnership between Hockey Magic (Tomislav Jamicic and Dirk Bester) delivered coaching clinics and camps in Hungary and Slovakia during July. This replaced the Youth Festival that Portugal could not plan or deliver on time.

The Board asked Gianni to clarify the nature of EHF’s relationship with Hockey Magic, they also noted that the coaching clinics and camps were a great initiative, however it is important to be clear about the relationship with the company.

Panel- under the leadership of Jamie Hooper and Leen Rycx the panel continues to grow. Youth Panel members have supported a ParaHockey Integration Festival to be held in Victory HC Belgium 9-11th Sept.

A meeting with KNHB has been arranged for 26th Sept to agree the agenda for the Young Leaders Festival Amsterdam 2017. The proposed dates for this are 15-19 August 2017 at HC Athena. The aim is to train, inspire and connect active young leaders to form a strong and sustainable EHF Youth Panel and to contribute to the development of hockey in Europe, including their own country/region.

During the Festival Young Leaders will be trained in:

  1. content (umpiring, coaching, event management, marketing, communications, administration)
  2. communication skills (video, interviewing, social media, etc.)
  3. personal leadership
  4. intercultural exchange

During the meeting on Sept 26th the Festival programme will be further defined and discussion will be started on the establishment of a communication platform, through which young leaders can be recruited and challenged to contribute to the Youth Panel.

Norman Hughes will meet with Thomas Tickelman regarding a European Youth Camp in Amsterdam around the EHC2017.

EHF Para Hockey (ID)

Essen proved a great success in spite of bad weather on the Saturday of September. 5 nations attended- Germany, Holland x 2, Spain, Italy and Belgium on their first ever Para Hockey event outside Belgium. Italy beat Spain in the final to regain their title. Gianni showed the Board a short video of the excellent event in Essen.

EHF/KNHB team are meeting re: Para Hockey on 26/27th Sept to firm up details and send out final invitations for 2017 Para Hockey Championships. Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and England are all confirmed for 2017.

A meeting has been held with Jonathan Bernon (France) to support their inclusion. He is confident they will attend. Norman and Gabrielle are to have a meeting with the hosting club Pinoké. The President asked Gianni to follow up with Scotland and Ireland who may be in a position to send teams also.

Para Hockey (ID) international rules are now on the FIH website alongside Hockey 5s and Beach Hockey. Gianni noted that there is a need to push FIH to progress MoU with INAS and Special Olympics.


Beershot HC carpet has been transported to Zagreb. Serbia pulled out at the last minute and only Croatia could provide transport by partnering with Zagreb City who paid for the trucks (15,000 Euro). They plan to lay it on the Hockey 5s area at Zagreb Hockey Centre and also in Split to support the new club there. Other pieces will be used in 2 schools in Zagreb.

Ewoud Hol from LHC Roomburg came to Breda with a van full of GK kit which was shared out amongst the 5 nations wanting it. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 Euro worth of GK kit was gifted to Norway, Croatia, Portugal, France and Hungary!

CLUB of the YEAR

Presentations to both clubs have been successfully completed by President and Vice President.

Large Club – SevenOaks (England) was presented by President at the Champions Trophy in London.

Small Club – Uddingston (Scotland) was presented by the Vice President (Jorge) at the U18 tournament in Glasgow.


Gianni reported that Projects in Czech Rep, Croatia, Portugal continue to be monitored

Turkey TAP has been placed on hold until after Presidential elections in Oct/Nov.

The President thanked Gianni for his report and the committee for their hard work in particular on the EHF/KNHB Sharing Knowledge programme.

Education Committee

Inez Cooper presented a report from the Education Committee.

Working Group – Coaches

Inez noted that the coaches structure is working very well with focus on content and curriculum.

The programme is very integrated and working well in FIH Academy programme. They are still working on putting more content in there. The EHF is one of the key contributors from any CF.

The Programme going well, and now has people coming through with FIH levels – 14 coaches from TCP got to level 3 and 2 achieved FIH Level 2.

Herman Kruis, Norbert Nederlof and Norman Hughes are working very well together. The President noted that she had visited in Breda Push during the weekend of the Education courses in August, and she could really see the quality coming through, it is clear that FIH Academy would not be where it is without them.

The President asked Angus to note EHF’s involvement in the FIH Academy at the next CF meeting, it is important not to just acknowledge it at the end of the programme.

Top Coaches Programme (TCP)

16 coaches from TCP 2016/17 group and 3 mentors attended FIH Level 3 in London 20-25 June with theory and practical sessions for all delegates and match analysis session using Champions Trophy games. The partnership with FIH worked well and we hope to partner FIH at Amsterdam next August.

Coaches for Europe (C4E)

13 coaches from C4E plus 2 observers from KNHB and 4 mentors attended the Breda seminar 17-20 March under the leadership of Norbert Nederlof. It was a very successful seminar due to excellent mentor/coach ratio and plenty of pitch time. There was good cooperation from Deltalent (the local province) in particular in providing young players for the purpose of the seminar. 10 coaches achieved FIH Level 2 competency and 3 coaches achieved FIH Level 2 attendance certificate. Presentation on Talent ID were given by Robert Maaskant (Soccer) and planning underway for C4E 2017.

Supporting National Growth (SNG)

A Seminar is planned:

  • Serbia – Norman Hughes/Antonio Antonov FIH Level 1 16-18 Sept 2016

See Development report where Twinnings are delivering coaching on many occasions.

The Board noted that there seemed to be some issues with the SNG programme as there was only one seminar planned. Mika Rihtila noted that it is difficult to organise as you need to have 2 neighbouring countries to participate and this is not always easy geographically.

The Board had a full discussion about the possibilities to improve SNG and with regard to the possibility of offering menu of services that could be available to NA’s. Inez confirmed that this would be discussed at the upcoming meeting in October and would report back from the Education Committee in December.

Working Group – Umpires

Inez noted that 2016 looks like being a really successful year for the EHF Umpiring Group.


First, The Olympic Games in Rio was a wonderful advertisement for the EHF UDP programme. Three UDP graduates were selected for Rio, and they all performed with distinction – Marcin Grochal (POL) – Semi Final, Sarah Wilson (SCO) – Bronze Medal Match, Laurine Delforge (BEL) – Gold Medal Match.

The UDP programme continues to provide great assistance to the development of European umpires, and we reached our tenth anniversary this year. Groups 8, 9 & 10 all met up together for a successful working weekend at the Champions Trophy in London in June. However, activities with the different groups continue year round aided by the mentors. After four years of fantastic service leading the UDP programme, Jean Duncan (SCO) has stepped down and Eric Denis (BEL) has taken over the reins, and injected a new bout of energy and ideas into the programme.

Our current UDP mentors are: Group 8 – Stella Bartlema (NED) & Juanma Requena (ESP), Group 9 – Andy Mair (SCO) & Karen Evans (WAL), and Group 10 – Michiel Bruning (NED) and Carol Metchette (IRL).

Inez noted that we are always looking to improve our programmes, however, and there has been one significant change to the way we select our UDP umpires from the many applications we receive. With the Umpires 4 Europe (U4E) programme now in its fourth year, and having proved a great success, it was decided to use the U4E Breda Tournament as an “interview” for UDP. Seeing people umpire is a far better way of deciding who should be selected than looking at on line applications, and this fact was reinforced in Breda on 26th-28th August, when Eric Denis (UDP) and Yolande Brada (Appointments Committee) also gave great input.

Inez confirmed that the next UDP group has been selected and would be announced on the EHF website in the coming days.


34 umpires from 17 different European nations enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Breda with six mentors (from six nations) providing them with invaluable support and feedback. A webinar was held in June for U4E participants in preparation for the Breda seminar

The U4E programme is now in its fourth year, and reaches out to countries and umpires across Europe in a very meaningful way. For many umpires, there is little or no support in their own country, and they are incredibly grateful to be on U4E. But also, even for countries who do have good support systems, it is obvious that there is immense pride and enjoyment in being able to share knowledge and friendship within the European Hockey family. Moreover, the coaching tool we provided of a match video for every umpire with mentor commentary is cutting edge and much valued.

Our current U4E Mentors are: John Heron (SCO), Jean-Francois Stappaerts (BEL), Belen Gonzalez (ESP), Mirjam Wessel (NED), Tamas Hermann (HUN), and Pierre-Philippe van Besien (BEL).


Our tier three programme, Supporting National Growth, has been preparing for the autumn seminar season, but also exploring opportunities to support the KNHB Twinning programme on the umpiring front.

All NA’s have been invited to organise a Level 1 Umpire Coach course (seminar); Although it was decided to change from a PUSH to a PULL approach, we have pro-actively contacted various NA to encourage them to take the necessary initiatives; We received only one request and that was from Scotland.

On 30th Sept – 2nd Oct a seminar in Scotland with conductor Philip Schellekens has been organised. As it looks now, umpires of two or three other countries will participate. We have developed a Level 1 Umpire Coach Course and this will be tested in Scotland and we had various discussions about the future of Umpire Education and more specific SNG. This resulted in a discussion document that will be presented in the next meeting

The SNG programme is led by Thomas Eilmer (AUT) and Rob ten Cate (NED).

Overall, another busy and successful year!

Working Group – Officials
* TO seminar (advanced level) in Brussels (BEL), 15/16 April 2016:
The EHF Education Committee (working group officials) has no further information on any actions taken towards Emi Vilchez (ESP), who did not show up at the seminar without any notice, or to the Spanish Federation. The EHF sent a letter to the RFEH in June asking for an explanation and no response had been received before the reply was submitted to the Board, however Inez confirmed that a reply has since been received from Spain.

However, it has been noted that Emi Vilchez is appointed as TO at an EHF Indoor event, without attending an EHF TO seminar. Angus reported that Ray O’Connor, Appointments Committee chair had confirmed that 2017 would be a transition period with regard to appointments of TOs who had not attended courses.

Top TD seminar in London (ENG), 24-26 June 2016

The participants were invited upon selection by EHF Appointments Committee:
5 Top Men TDs (Christian Deckenbrock (GER), David Ellcock (ENG), Steve Catton (ENG, Iain McKay (SCO) and Erik Klein Nagelvoort (NED)) and
7 Top Women TDs (Sheila Morrow (WAL), Barbara Morgan (SCO), Ann Wotherspoon (SCO), Magda Nazareth (POL), Elisabeth Fürst (AUT), Marion Gerö (AUT) and Sabina Zampetti (ITA))
Rogier Warris (NED) was also invited as one of the European Top Men TDs, but unfortunately he had to withdraw due to an FIH TD appointment.

Steve Catton (ENG) took part in the Organising Committee for this seminar. Furthermore this seminar was organized in joint cooperation with FIH Hockey Academy and Andre Oliveira (FIH). Accommodation was booked by FIH Academy in a Student House. The seminar room was situated at Loughborough University and the entrance tickets for Saturday matches were provided by England Hockey. The FIH HA has (financially) supported this seminar.

Conductors of this seminar were Björn Isberg (SWE) and Edna Rutten (NED).
Guest speakers: Andre Oliveira (FIH) (subject: the FIH Hockey Revolution), Sue Catton (subject: the relation between the host and the TD), Sally Monday (England Hockey as host of European and International tournaments – what are the differences for TOs), Philip Schellekens (the relation TD / UM and how to read umpire feedback reports) and Andy Halliday (the relation TD / TO and The Coach).

A feedback report has been sent to Inez Cooper, chair of Education Committee.

Technical Officials seminar (Basic level – Judges), 26-28 August 2016
This year’s EHF basic judge’s seminar was again held in Breda at HC PUSH. Inez reported that 31 participants from 13 countries took part in the seminar: GER (3), ITA (1), CRO (3), DEN (2), FRA (2), HUN (2), BEL (2), NED (1), POL (1), ENG (4), SCO (2), ESP (4) and RUS (4). One person (Cathy Oultram, WAL) had to withdraw due to a family emergency.
The sessions that were covered were: Match report forms, GK equipment, stick & strip checks, passport & team entry sheets, rules & regulations, management & planning, observation exercises, AltiusRT training, Media guidelines, role of the judge, TO & TD. This was in addition to the 32 matches they provided a technical table at on Saturday 27th August and the 20 matches on Sunday 28th August. Feedback on their table work was given to the participants.

The feedback forms had some of the following comments: – “Great and enjoyable experience” “Good practical pitch session” “Enjoyable seminar, fantastic opportunity to learn ‘live’”. Down side was the heat and lack of air conditioning in the hotel rooms.

Barbara Morgan (SCO), Edna Rutten (NED), Sonja-Annabel Swede (GER) and (last minute – thank you again!) Sylvie Petitjean (FRA) were the conductors of this weekend.

FIH Educator seminar – June 2016


Sheila Morrow (WAL) and Rogier Warris (NED) participated in the FIH Educator seminar in London, June 15th -17th. A feedback will be discussed in our next meeting in October 2016.
Next year candidates to be discussed:
proposal: Sonja Annabel Schwede (GER) and Sylvie Petitjean (FRA), plus 2 Men
EHF UM seminar at 2017 EuroHockey Championships in Amsterdam (NED)

During the EuroHockey Championships 2017 to be held in Amsterdam an UM Seminar will be organised in the weekend of 19-21 August. The seminar will be open for all European umpire managers. Recently all umpire managers have received a first message about this event. The UM Seminar 2017 will be organised by Yolande Brada (NED) and she has already started the first preparations, in particular about the programme and the other conductors.
This new seminar will be offer a diversity in workshops for different types of umpire managers: starters, less experienced an highly experienced. Yolande has initiated contact with the FIH for a possible cooperation.
Cooperation with FIH and FIH World Academy of Sports
Inez reported that there is no information on this area. FIH’s plans and views for future education are not entirely clear and FIH Academy for Officials is also not clear. The EHF Education Committee, working group officials, is happy to give and receive any input, but at present is unclear what is expected from EHF. Edna is trying to stay in contact with André Oliveira (FIH Sports coordinator).


The President thanked Inez for her report form the Education Committee


Director General’s Report

Angus Kirkland presented his report.

Disciplinary Commissioner

He presented a short report from Tim Ollerenshaw, EHF Disciplinary Commissioner, noting that Carry over suspensions are currently being trialled to move to the Disciplinary Commissioner. Other than that Tim had no unusual activity to report. There is a meeting scheduled between Tim and the EHF Competitions Manager on 26th September. 

Sponsor Proposition Grays/Barringtons

Angus then outlined proposals from 2 companies to become Official EHF clothing supplier:

He reported his recommendation to strike a deal with Barringtons and the Board agreed to proceed with the agreement, which would include: Value in Kind clothing for Officials at our top 4 events (cost saving), official supplier to Officials, and Merchandising Partner, with royalty and cash guarantee.

EHC/EHL 4 Way Agreement

Angus reported that this was as outlined in Stockholm and final touches to the agreement were being completed.

The agreement includes bundling EHC and EHL rights, more control of Commercial rights and the ability to offer long term match appropriate advertising to NAs. 

EuroHockey Championship Update

He reported that EHF staff had met KNHB on June 27th, with the next meeting scheduled for September 26th. The Logo, tickets & Website and website were scheduled to be launched on Sept 21/22. There is continued ongoing interaction between two teams and as has already been reported the Sharing Knowledge Programme is well underway.

Competitions Committee – Indoor

Walter Kapounek presented a report from the committee.

Indoor Junior Championships 2017 Update

Championship II (Men)

SWE has withdrawn, so it is now a 7 team tournament: TUR, WAL, SLO, NOR, SVK, ITA and UKR.

Championship (Women)

SWE has withdrawn and was replaced replaced by ITA as they were 1st reserve. UKR is now 1st reserve.

EuroHockey Indoor Club Championships 2017

Challenge II (Men)

HK Spartak (SRB) withdrew due to “unstable situation” in Turkey. At the moment GEO can play but they have a debt to EHF, so the EB must decide if they may be permitted to participate or not.

The Board agreed that due to lack of payment of their debt, Georgian teams would be withdrawn from the Indoor Club tournaments.

So now Challenge I is a 4-team tournament: Railway Union (IRL), HC Kilppari (FIN), Gaziantep Polisgücü (TUR), Aker SC (NOR).

Challenge I (Women)

The reserve team HK Novi Sad (SRB) withdrew. At the moment GEO can play but they have a debt to EHF, so the EB has to decide if they will allow them to participate or not. Currently it is an 8-team event.

The Board agreed that due to lack of payment of their debt, Georgian teams would be withdrawn from the Indoor Club tournaments.

EuroHockey Indoor Championships 2018

The Competitions Committee Indoor has the following recommendations for the Executive Board on hosts for the EuroHockey Indoor Championships 2018. The pools are to be announced after the new FIH Indoor World Ranking is published (Sept 2017).


Men: 12-14 January 2018

Women: 19-21 January 2018


Championship (Men)

Offers to host: Antwerp (BEL)



Championship II (Men)

Offers to host: Alanya (TUR)


Not entering: FRA, so CRO was promoted.


Championship III (Men)

Offers to host: No offer

Decision: SCO are considering to host, but need until the end of October because they are hosting FIH WL Round 1 in September. It was decided to give SCO until the end of October to make the decision.

A draw was made if SCO fail to apply. The following order was drawn: CYP, WAL, SVK, BLR, SCO.


New entry: CYP

Not entering: FIN


Championship (Women)

Offers to host: Prague (CZE)



Championship II (Women)

Offers to host: Kortrijk (BEL)

Not entering: FRA, so WAL was promoted.


Championship III (Women)

Offers to host: Alanya (TUR)

Status: only 2 teams (TUR/ITA) available, so they are reserve teams for Championship II with TUR as 1st reserve. In case of new late entries, a Championship III can be held in Alanya (TUR).

New entry: ITA



FIH Indoor World Cup 2018

Dates are between 6-11 February 2018 but so far no host confirmed. CCI await the decision from the FIH.

Any other committee business

Set dates for 2018 Clubs. Due to the FIH World Cup the dates agreed by the Committee are:

  • Men: 16-18 February 2018.
  • Women: 23-25 February 2018.

Indoor World Cup 2018

As far as EHF is concerned the following countries (in bold) are qualified for the Indoor World Cup 2018. The current IWC men’s champion NED is not qualified.

In this calculation for the time being the host is considered to be European.


  1. Germany 2. Austria 3. Russia 4. Czech Republic 5. Poland 6. Switzerland 7. Belgium


Reserve teams:1. Denmark 2. Netherlands 3. Sweden


  1. The Netherlands 2. Poland 3. Belarus 4. Germany 5. Ukraine 6. Czech Republic 7. Russia 8. Switzerland


Reserve teams: 1. Austria 2. Belgium

  1. France


Next Indoor meetings:


Date and time:              November 29, 2016 at 18:30 CET.

Next meeting

Date:                            May 6, 2017


Competitions Committee – Outdoor

Bjorn Isberg presented a report from the committee

Beach Hockey report

Bjorn informed the Board that the CCO had discussed Beach Hockey (BH) again. A few European countries play Beach Hockey. In these countries BH is used to promote hockey. BH events are not played by clubs, but by individual groups of friends. Jorge Alcover confirmed that EHF already recognized BH, but when you make it competitive you have to deal with rules and regulations.

The Competitions Manager is requested to talk informally with Floris Jan Bovelander who is in the lead in NED regarding BH. It was also requested to look into the regulations for BH. The President noted that is a recurring issue, Simon confirmed that he had already discussed Beach Hockey with Floris who runs a commercial company and would like to be recognized. EHF decided not to sign off with a commercial entity. The President noted that it is up to FIH if they want to take further actions on it. 

Regulations Working Group report

The Regulations Working Group met on Friday 2 September and had changed a number of adjustments to the various regulations and appendices.

2 issues that would be proposed to the EB are:

The proposal was that for both Senior and Junior the host pays the transport to/from designated airport(s) – designated hotel(s) and the NA pays the transport hotel-venue.


Moreover, it was decided that the host is responsible to bring staff members to/from the location of pre-event meetings if they stay in a designated hotel and also to bring players/staff from the venue to the designated hotel if the Anti-Doping tests took longer.

A proposal to have a minimum age for U16 and U18 events:

Agreed but asked to change the age to 13 for U16 tournaments.

It was decided to inform all National Associations regarding the main changes in the regulations as soon as they have been updated.

What was decided in the Regulations Working Group is that when a NA enters and wants to participate with a club team, but is not able to participate because they are a reserve team (eg UKR women in Challenge IV), that their NA will not get any ranking points. For receiving ranking points, 2 teams of that NA should enter and participate.

Club Tournaments 2016

It was clear that not all TDs highlighted everything in their reports. Moreover it was felt that TDs sometimes don’t mention anything positive. Wifi is still an issue highlighted in many reports. Also young and inexperienced ball children are often reported. Some VISA issues arose and EHF should look at where to assist, if even possible. The Competitions Manager will mention in the Event Manuals a list of minimum medical supplies that hosts need to have when hosting an event.

Explanatory Note Competitions Manager

This year the ABN AMRO Junior EHL will again be played during the KO16 at Easter in NED. A possibility is that during the EHCCC at Whitsun a girls EHCCC (U14) could be played as well. ABN AMRO is sponsoring a big amount for the boys’ event and there is no sponsor for the girls event. Therefore, the participating girls teams need to fully cover the costs and the EHCCC host club needs to be willing to organise this event also. The framework has to be discussed in the EB first and in March this will be on the CCO agenda again.

The President noted that it is most likely not possible to link to EHCCC, we can ask ABN AMRO if they would do 4 x boys and 4 x girls at EHL. We will discuss with ABN what they think about combining with EHL.

In the Event Manuals an instruction would be created for the use of drones at events: not above pitches and spectator areas. Moreover the local legislation needed to be checked.

GRE requested if in the lowest division for clubs a 3rd team of the same country could participate so the event had more teams and the event would be held for sure. The decision was, No.

Youth Tournaments 2016

The Competitions Manager would highlight in the Event Manual what was expected from hosts regarding lunches following comments after the tournament in Cork. The 2-venue setup caused some issues for the Officials appointments.

BLR U18 girls had many problems with their visas and came too late, but due to the TDs and hosts efforts, the event did not suffer. They would however be fined by the DC.

EuroHockey Club Cup, Trophy and Challenges (Men & Women) 2017

The following venues have been chosen:

EuroHockey Club Trophy, Men – Elektrostal (RUS)

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Men – Vinnitsa (UKR)

EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Men – Gibraltar (GIB)

EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Men – Lipovci (SLO)

EuroHockey Club Challenge IV, Men – Predanovci (SLO)

EuroHockey Club Champions Cup, Women – ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED)

EuroHockey Club Trophy, Women – Munich (GER)

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Women – Siauliai (LTU)

EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Women – Vienna (AUT)

EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Women – Porto (POR)

EuroHockey Club Challenge IV, Women – TBC


All events would be held Friday-Monday 2-5 June 2017. However, the events in GIB and POR have requested to have the events Thursday-Sunday 1-4 June 2017 as Mondays are no bank holidays in their countries. This was accepted.


EuroHockey5s U16 Championships 2017


The following venues would be proposed to the EB for their confirmation.

Youth EuroHockey5s Championship (Boys) – Wed 5/ Sat 8 Jul – Walcz (POL)

Youth EuroHockey5s Championship (Girls) – Wed 12/Sat 15 Jul – Wattignies (FRA)



Bjorn noted that CZE did not enter the Hockey5s events in 2017. BUL also did not enter their pre-qualified girl’s team.


Championship II (B)

Offers to host and entries: Helsinki (FIN), Kordin (MLT) In case more teams enter, the awarding of this event would be looked at again.


Bjorn explained the feedback that was given by the 3 EuroHockey5s TDs and coaches. Most comments would be sent to FIH as they need to review their regulations and rules.

Some issues that came out of the survey were:

  • Pitch should be 46m instead of 48m long so the 23m lines could be used as backlines.
  • Overall match time was ok, but rest time between periods should be 3 instead of 2 minutes. This was agreed by the CCO.
  • Side boards were not felt dangerous for players, but perhaps it was for umpires.
  • Shooting from anywhere was felt dangerous by teams who conceded the most goals. Suggestions were given to change the rule to shooting from the oppositions half only.
  • Hockey5s was felt ok for U16, but not for older ages.
  • Some coaches felt 8 field players were sometimes not sufficient.


The Competitions Manager and Erhard Heissmayr have been asked to look at the format of promotion and relegation from the 2017 EuroHockey5s Championships and match schedules and this agenda item was postponed until the March meeting.


Any other business

The Competitions Manager explained that the word Champions in all club event titles had been deleted, except in the EHCCC for women. The proposal is to delete 1 C, so the event is called EuroHockey Club Cup, EHCC.


Agreed to rename EHCC no need for Communications Committee to discuss.


The CCO put forward a proposal o to the EB that for all club/nations events at Prize Giving Ceremonies only teams who would receive medals would be asked to remain at the venue for the PGC.



A proposal was put forward that EHF will put in the regulations that club teams can put the EuroHockey logo on the back of the shirts in case teams would like that, but it’s either the whole team or no player at all.



Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on Saturday 4 March 2017 in Brussels (BEL) from 9.00-16.00h. This date will be confirmed after the FIH GA in November.


The September 2017 meeting will be held in Zagreb (CRO) after Igor kindly offered to host on behalf of the Croatian Hockey Federation. The date will be Saturday 9 September 2017.


Bjorn then reported as EHF Representative on FIH Competitions Committee.


He noted that a proposal has come up to remove the shoot out and put back penalty stroke, or alter format of the shoot-out. He asked for EHL point of view of the shoot out – this will be discussed at the next meeting. Bjorn also presented on the proposed FIH Event portfolio 2019 and asked that the EB consider any feedback they have which he can give to the Committee.


Euro Hockey League


Jorge Alcover reported that Round 1 is already well on the way to taking place in Banbridge, Ireland 7/9 October. All teams are confirmed and everything is being prepared. It will be very exciting as Ireland have done some great promotion – with 20 Olympic players taking part it is not to be missed!


The Junior EHL – ABN came to us and said they want to have 6 teams instead of 4 teams. Currently 1 from each 4 countries, now the 5th and 6th, ENG and FRA have been invited. Very good reactions received on this extension.


The 2015/16 season was very successful regarding TV/Promotion/Income. At the recent Board meeting, it was discussed that Eleven Sports, a new broadcast company, wants to take the rights for the EHL in Belgium. They are a subscription channel and have made a good offer for EHL for the next 5 years plus money for EHC 2017 and 2019.


Communications Committee


Simon Mason presented a report from his committee


The Communications Committee met by Skype on 22nd August 2016.

The following items were discussed:

  • Live streaming – update on 2016 from Siobhan
  • Throwback Thursday – a joint collaboration with the Hockey Museum which will result in blog posts
  • Fan engagement and sports presentation – Siobhan / Sabina Zampetti /Elizabeth Fuerst
  • Hall of Fame


Item 1 – Fan Engagement:


Hall of Fame:

The Committee recommends that we allow the fans to nominate players for the EHF Hall of Fame.


The Board received a paper with a proposed Timeline.


It was noted that in the past the lack of nominations made the award less relevant than we would like. It appears NAs don’t have enough time perhaps, and we want to find out how we can get more people interested in the process. The Committee would like to use social media to create long list of nominations.


They propose to go use an online system to ask for nominations, from which we can make a short list of approx. 10 (with NA approval) which will then be put to a public vote.


This was agreed but the President stressed the importance of explaining the change of procedure to the NAs.


Live Streaming:

We plan to continue the Live Streaming in 2017 and the venues are to be confirmed.


Fan Engagement Tool Kit:

The Sub Committee on Fan Engagement will have the EHF Tool Kit ready by end November 2016.

Proposed strategies for hosts:

Pre event – Spread the word, During the event – Enable your fans to be part of the action, Post Event –Celebrate the event


Sports Presentation (Closing Ceremony):

Change to Event Manual to:

  1. Make compulsory the Awards for Best Player, Best GK and Top Scorer
  2. Top level events: Only the Medal Winners on the pitch for Ceremony
  3. Lower level events: non-medal winners – Athletes come onto the pitch all together
  4. EHF to provide a Top Scorer Certificate that hosts can print and frame

Bjorn stated that it would be good to be consistent, and have a system of how the players are chosen. The Board agreed to to make compulsory awards for best player, best goalkeeper and top scorer.


Item 2 – Communications Channels


We continue to grow all our social channels:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube



Simon presented analytics figures for the last 3 months.



A meeting was held on 30th August with the Web Master Allan Jobling. It has become clear that due to previous bespoke coding that the website cannot be mobile optimised and therefore it has become necessary to create a new website. This will be done within the current budget. Planning is ongoing. As this is an unexpected item, completion will be as soon as possible.


Budget for 2017:

A budget was presented to the Board and the Committee are asking for an increase of 3k. to do more with the various channels.

Budget Approved

Item 3

Current Services

EuroHockey Branding – currently working on templates for posters.

Delivering EHL Media Centre and assisting in the marketing plan to promote EHL with Stephen Findlater.

Strategic Plan & Operations Plan

Angus informed the Board that the Strategic Plan was as was presented to the Board previously, with just the Ambition and Values to be finalised. The plan follows the structure of the FIH Strategic Plan with the major initiative headings mirrored in our Operational Plan. Once this was done it would be shared with the Board. The Operations Plan will sit under this new Strategic plan as a working document, and this too will be shared with the Board for their information. Board members are asked to review the Operations Plan paying particular attention to where their own names feature. Any and all feedback should be given to Angus.


FIH Elections


The Board discussed the upcoming FIH Elections to its Executive Board. The President noted that it is extremely important we have the best people in the best positions. There is a lot to do both in the relations between people as in the roll out of the Hockey Revolution. She asked the Board for their opinion about the upcoming elections.


The Board expressed their thanks to Marijke for all her recent efforts with regard to the FIH Presidential election and candidacy. The Board all agreed that it is important to support our European candidates. The President asked the Board to always speak in a positive way about all the candidates and to highlight importance of attending the GA and voting whilst being informed in the best way about the different candidates.

Honorary Treasurer’s Report


Mika Rihtila presented his report and the report of his Committee which met the previous day.


The previous day’s agenda consisted of:

  • Summary of financial Year 2015 results
  • Audited Accounts 12 months ending 31st Dec 2015
  • Auditors Report 2015
  • Auditor Appointment
  • General Assembly Report and Presentation
  • Subscription Proposal 2017
  • Actual 2016 to date (July)
  • Budget 2017
  • Competition Entry and Licence Fees
  • Any Other Business


He then presented 2015 accounts to the Executive Board and asked for their approval.




Mika reported that the GA presentation in Dubai will be the same as previous years including statutory accounts, management accounts, Treasurer presentation and Auditor Report and Budget approval. He noted that the Current auditor appointment would need to be renewed as per EHF statutes.


With regard to Subscriptions for 2017 the committee proposed to the EB to keep them as they are.




Competition entry and license fees are also proposed to be kept on 2016 level.




The committee also discussed the possibility to build up the “story” of EHF thorough media figures (as presented by the Communications Committee) in order to be able gain more sponsorship in the future. This requires more investments on communications and marketing.


In 2017 the committee will meet in June in Brussels due to GA in August.


Mika reported that a VAT study has been done by experts in the area and we will apply to become a mixed VAT entity. It is likely that this will commence from 2016 but more will be known was the application has been reviewed by the relevant bodies.




Mika reported on some Member Associations with outstanding debts to EHF, significant ones include Ukraine, Armenia, Greece, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Malta, Georgia. The President noted that we must be firm with any outstanding debts, Member Associations may not attend the EHF General Assembly in accordance with our statutes if they have any outstanding debts to the EHF.

Appointments Committee

Angus Kirkland presented a report on behalf of the Appointments Committee

Indoor 2017

The appointments for Indoor 2017 have now been made.


Outdoor 2017

The nomination period has now closed. Outdoor 2017 appointments will follow after the Committee meets in October


Outdoor Nations 2016

Late withdrawals continue to be a problem for Club tournaments especially on the female side. The Appointments Committee, needed 85 appointments to get 13 umpires for the U18s and Hockey5s Nations tournaments during the summer


Education Committee Links

Following the Education Committee meeting in Lisbon, a Judges seminar was held in Breda (Push Hockey Trophy 26-28 August 2016), with Sylvie Petitjean as one of the conductors. On behalf of the Appointments Committee Yolande Breda was also one of the selectors in Breda to select possible UDP candidates for 2017.


Meeting 2016

The Appointments Committee will meet in the weekend of 8/9 October


The Committee will discuss appointments, withdrawals, invitationals and feedback systems during their meeting.


Any Other Business


Jane Brennan wished to note her thanks to Yamila Conill for filling in on her behalf during her maternity leave.


The President and Board congratulated Jane on her recent engagement! The President thanked the Board for a very nice meeting, with good discussions and positive attitudes and closed the meeting.

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