Round up – EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge I, Budapest

Posted On 12th February 2017

Saturday 11th of February 2017. As the motto says, it’s time to our Indoor Clubs to shine. The time has come, and all of the teams were ready for the 2nd day of the Challenge. The French fans were unbelievable today too, they put a very good mood to the hall.

Luc Ronchin HC (FRA) – HK Triglav Predanovci (SLO) – 15-0

Saturday started with the French and Slovenian team’s match. A strong performance from the French was not surprising, they led the match all along, confidently. They won 15-0. Half of the goals were scored by the Lockwood brothers.

HC NSA Sofia (BUL) – SK Senkvice (SVK) 1-8

The captain of Senkvice was missing, because he became a father and ASAP travelled back to his family. (We would like to congratulate you Matus!) The beginning was not easy for the team which missed the captain. The first half was quite even (1:2) but then Senkvice played a more confident game, that helped them to win.

Cardiff Met (WAL) – HC Bra (ITA) 6-2

This match was absolutely the surprise of the day. Yesterday the Italian team beat the Hungarian 7-0, and the host Soroksári HC scored 2:1 against Wales. The Italian team did not played it’s best, allowing Cardiff to win 6:2. The result was 3:0 to Cardiff Met at  half time, the Italian team tried hard to equalize the result at this tough game. The game was open until the end. HC Bra scored a goal in the last minute which helped them to reach the semi-finals.

HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR) – Soroksári HC (HUN) – 7-1

The Ukrainian team were likely to be hard opponent for Soroksári HC. The start of the game was not good for the host Hungarians, Vinnitsa scored a penalty stroke at the 4th minute. Very quickly the Ukrainian team scored 3 more field goals. Close to the end of the first half, in the 19th minute the Hungarian team scored a goal. In the second half the Hungarian team fought hard but the Ukrainian’s  did not give up . Vinnitsa continues in the Pool C (promotion), and Soroksár HC in the Pool D (relegation).

Soroksári HC (HUN) – HC NSA Sofia (BUL) – 6-2

The home crowd expected win for Soroksári HC, but the start of the game was hard. HC NSA Sofia scored a goal in the first 5 minutes, but the Hungarians could not equalise until just before half time. However it happened, the Bulgarian team led at the end of the half time, because they scored a penalty corner in overtime (1-2). Then Hungarians started to play intensively in the second half and scored 4 goals one after another. HC NSA Sofia tried to tie the game, but it did not happen. The final result became 6-2 to Soroksári HC.

Cardiff Met (WAL) – HK Triglav Predanovci (SLO) – 8-4

Predanovci scored a goal in the first 5 minutes, but Cardiff Met did not let them celebrate for long. In a few minutes Wales scored a goal to make the match equal and then another one to take the lead. The match was balanced until the half time (4-3), both teams scored goals alternately. In the second half the Slovenian scored their last goal on this match in the 26th minute and but Cardiff went on to score 4 more!

HC Bra (ITA) – SK Senkvice (SVK) – 9-0

For all you math geeks out there – HC Bra built a real math statistic on the pitch, after the second goal in the first half they scored goals in every second minute, then in the second half in every 4th minutes. (except last one, that was 6 minutes after the last) Did they count the minutes for scoring?

HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR) – Luc Ronchin (FRA) – 4-5

It was the most exciting game of  the second day. Incredibly tight, a hard fought game to end the day here in Budapest. HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa was a harder opponent for Luc Ronchin, every moment was very tight. The French team scored a field goal first, then at the end of the first half  the Ukrainian took the lead. It was a very hard fight, finally Luc Ronchin scored it’s 5th goal at the 37th minute and won the match.








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