8 days to go! EHCC 2017 – Meet Sarah Kerly, Canterbury

Posted On 25th May 2017

25th May 2017: As we head into the final days of waiting for the #EHCC2017 we are really happy to have been able to chat with Canterbury’s Sarah Kerly. The EHCC 2017 will take place in ‘s Hertogenbosch HC 2nd-5th June 2017. Canterbury face the might of UHC Hamburg in their opening knock out game on 2nd June. 

Sarah, what does it mean to be playing for Canterbury in the EHCC? 

“Canterbury players are very proud and loyal players. We play for our club because the club is our passion, as well as the sport, obviously. We like to say that we bleed green and white and many of us have been playing for Canterbury from a very young age. For me, I have been at the club since I was 2 years old, and watching the 1st team was like watching celebrities in action! I hope our youngsters look up to us in the same way. I feel like it’s an opportunity to give back and make our club proud of us as we are of our club.”

In 2015 you lost to SCHC in a shoot out in your opening game what lessons have you taken from your 2two previous EHCCCs? and what will the approach be now to this year? 

“They say third time lucky right? I think we’ve learned how to play in front of a big crowd and manage nerves, and how to adapt to different games. You need to plan for each opposition with little time, and not be too phased. In our first year, we lost in a shoot-out to the home team SCHC and I think that that really set us back physically and emotionally. Whereas in our second year we lost our first game by quite a high margin, but actually finished higher overall. I think we learned that once a game is over, you have to let it go and move on quickly.” 

 We’ve asked this question of all our heroes this year, but we think it’s important for women players to promote the women’s game to young players so what message would you give to young female hockey players aspiring to get to this level? 

“I think the most important traits are not necessarily skill and natural ability, but the ability to continuously work hard and be coachable. Particularly at junior level. My favourite quote is “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and I truly believe that.”

Apart from your playing (that’s a given) what do your bring to the team? 

“I like to think I’m always one to stay positive. Especially during our fitness sessions. No one loves to run fitness, but I do my best to pretend I do to keep everyone up! I can be a little hyperactive so I try to pass on some of my energy!”

You are possibly what we call a ‘hockey maniac’ being steeped in hockey history, what would you say to a person who never played, never watched – why should they become a fan of hockey? 

“Hockey is a brilliant team game with a huge amount of skill, tactical play, sportsmanship, passion and tough athletes at the heart of it. It is high risk and high reward. It’s fast paced and exciting. What’s not to love?” 

Take a look at this cracker from Sarah, never ever give up at PC time!

Huge thanks to Sarah, who has a cocker spaniel puppy, in case you’re wondering “a great running companion”… 

All the EHCC games will be Live Streamed 

Official Website to be sure to get your tickets for these epic battles

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