Promotion and Relegation: see who came out on top at the EuroHockey Challenges

Posted On 5th June 2017

June 5th – Final day for the Challenges, after a full weekend hockey! See the final rankings, who won promotion and who is relegated here:


EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Men, Vinnitsa

Slagelse HC (DEN) – Penarth HC (WAL) 6-4

Slagelse and Penarth leaving it all on pitch today as Penarth was facing relegation. Penarth started off right, with a goal in the 9th minute, but Slagelse was quick to equalise and in the second quarter took control, gaining a three goal lead. The half time break gave Penarth a change to regroup, and they owned the third quarter, with three goals of their own, giving them the lead again. But they could not keep up the momentum, and Slagelse kept pressing, scoring two more goals and securing match.  Penarth will be relegated.

Hockey Klub Zelina (CRO)  –  FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL) 7-0

Zelina ends on a high after a lackluster performance here in Vinnitsa. Akademik could not break its losing streak and fell once again by a wide margin. Akademik will be relegated, Zelina finishes third.

SC Stroitel Brest (BLR) – AD Lousada (POR) 5-0

With a hat trick from Mikhail Paulovic (#2), Stroitel Brest solidifies its standing in the tournament and shoots to second place in the final table.

HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR) – TJ Plzen Litice (CZE) 5-0

For the closing tournament in Vinnitsa, a stellar performance by the hosts, who have won every single one of their matches and end up at the top of the ranking table, as well as with the coveted promotion spot.

Final Ranking

1. HC OKS SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2018)
1. SC Stroitel Brest (BLR) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2018)
3. TJ Plzen Litice (CZE)
3. AD Lousada (POR)
5. HC Zelina (CRO)
5. Slagelse Hockeyklub (DEN)
7. Penarth HC (WAL) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2018)
7. FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2018)

EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Men, Lipovci

Kringsja Sports Klubb (NOR)  –  SZLG DSE – Olcote HC (HUN) 4-0

Kringsja ears a good victory here on the last day, while Olcote could do little to prevent their loss and relegation.

Baltic Champs (LTU) -Qormi HC (MLT) 5-3

Both teams had it all to lose, as a loss meant relegation for both teams. Baltic Champs came ready to win, and got two goals in before 10 minutes had passed. Qormi fought back and got close, but Baltic was determined. The third quarter was decisive, with 5 goals in total. Baltic secured its (NUMBER ) place and Qormi will be relegated.

Asteras Agion Anargiron HC (GRE) – Soerbymagle HC (DEN) 4-3

Really exciting last match for Asteras and Soerbymagle. Asteras had been undefeated, so their promotion place is secure. Soerbymagle worked really hard for an upset, a victory would have given them a chance at the second promotion spot, but they were not able to pull it off. Great effort from both teams!

HC Lipovci (SLO) – Nacka LHK (SWE) 7-2

Host HC Lipovci ends on a high by securing a victory over Sweden’s Nacka LHK and thus securing promotion to the next division.

Final Ranking

1. Hokejski Klub Lipovci (SLO) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2018)
1. Asteras Agion Anargiron HC (GRE) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2018)
3. Soerbymagle HC (DEN)
3. Nacka LHK (SWE)
5. Kringsjå SK (NOR)
5. Baltic Champs (LTU)
7. Qormi HC (MLT) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge IV in 2018)
7. SZLG DSE – Olcote HC (HUN) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge IV in 2018)

EuroHockey Club Challenge IV, Men, Predanovci

Mortensrud-Aker SK (NOR)  – Napeos Apollon HC (GRE) 0-9

Napeos avoids relegation with this win over Mortensrud-Aker, who with no points accumulated, were already slated for relegation. Napeos had a modest two goal lead for most of the match, but they exploded in the last quarter, with 7 goals!

Start Berdyscev Region (UKR)  –  Seinäjoki United (FIN) 7-0

Start Berdyscev keeps its perfect record over this tournament, with its fourth win in a row to secure first place and a promotion place. Again, after a modest one goal lead for most of the match, the second half of the match saw Start turn up the heat and score 6 more times, Demina Mazurkevych (#11) scoring a hat trick.

HC Stick General Toshevo (BUL) – Floriana Young Stars HC (MLT) 3-5

Last match of the tournament here in Predanovci with Stick General Toshevo and Floriana Young Stars meeting to fight for the second promotion place. General Toshevo had a lead for the first quarter, but by the second 15, the score was tied 2-2. The third quarter was close as well, with each team scoring once, keeping the tie in place, with all to play for in the 4th quarter. Floriana Young Stars took control  and managed two goals while shutting Toshevo out. Young Starts gets the promotional place and General Toshevo finishes third.

Final Ranking

1. Start Berdyscev Region (UKR) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2018)
1. Floriana Young Stars (MLT) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2018)
3. HC Stick General Toshevo (BUL)
3. Seinäjoki United (FIN)
5. SK Triglav Predanovci (SLO)
5. Napeos Apollon HC (GRE)
7. Mortensrud-Aker SK (NOR)

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Women, Siauliai

Parc HC Auderghem (BEL)  –  Dinamo-Giproniiaviaprom (RUS) 0-2

Parc HC Auderghem fell against Russia’s Dinamo Giproniiaviaprom today in the first game of the last day of competition.

Douai HC (FRA)  –  Swansea City HC (WAL) 2 – 2 (3 – 2 SO)

Swansea City giving it their all to beat France’s Douai HC. Tied from the top of the second quarter, neither team budged or allowed more goals in, prompting a shoot-out. A tight game and shoot-out, but Douai takes the win, which guarantees their promotion.

Gintra Strekte Uni HC (LTU) – SK Slavia Prague (CZE) 1-5

Disappointing match for the hosts, Gintra Strekte who just miss out on a promotion spot with this defeat to SK Slavia Prague. After an even first half, Slavia pushed and broke through, scoring three goals in the third quarter to cement their victory.

Top scorers

Anelia Belda  – 3 goals (Douai HC)
Adela Bižova  – 3 goals (SK Slavia Praha)
Renata Capouchova – 3 goals (SK Slavia Praha)

Best Goalkeepeer: Andrea Vančurova (SK Slavia Praha)

Best player: Kristina Poškutė (Gintra-Strekte-University)

Final Ranking

1. Douai HC (FRA) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2018)
1. SK Slavia Prague (CZE) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2018)
3. Gintra Strekte Uni HC (LTU)
3. Swansea City LHC (WAL)
5. Dinamo-Giproniiaviaprom (RUS)
6. Parc HC Auderghem (BEL)

Navax EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Women, Vienna

Navax AHTC Wien (AUT)  –  HC 1946 Praga (CZE) 0-1

The host Navax AHTC were unable to secure a needed win, so they are slated for relegation. Praga’s win saves them from relegation.

HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)  –  Whitchurch Saints (WAL) 9-0

Rotweiss Wettingen gets a big win, after a narrow defeat to Arminen and a tie with Black Boys, to guarnatee them a safe spot at the final table. Whitchurch could do little to respond and are relegated.

University of Edinburgh HC (SCO) – SV Arminen (AUT) 1 – 1 (3 – 1 SO)

Close game for Edinburgh and Arminen. Goalless for most of the match, Edinburgh’s Alison Eadie scored in the 56th minute. It seemed that was that, when in the 60th minute, Joanna Wieloch gave her team a chance in the shoot-outs. But Edinburgh has dominated this competition and would not be denied, and they walk away with the top position, the promotion spot and a final win!

Black Boys HC Geneve (SUI) – Iris Hockey Lambersart (FRA) 4-2

Black Boys Geneve pull out a decisive win against Iris Hockey Lambersart, with four goals by Macarena Rojas (#6). The performance means promotion for the Swiss side and a third place finish for Lambersart.

Final Ranking

1. Edinburgh University HC (SCO) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2018)
1. Black Boys HC Geneva (SUI) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2018)
3. SV Arminen (AUT)
3. Iris Hockey Lambersart (FRA)
5. HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)
5. HC 1946 Praga (CZE)
7. Navax AHTC Wien (AUT) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2018)
7. Whitchurch Saints LHC (WAL) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2018)


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