Executive Board Meeting Minutes, 31 March, 1 April, Barcelona, Spain.

Posted On 18th June 2017

Executive Board Meeting


31st March & 1st April 11.00 UFEC Office, Barcelona
Meeting Executive Board
Attendees Marijke Fleuren, Jorge Alcover, Carola Meyer, Mika Rihtila, Leonardas Caikauskas, Inez Cooper, Bjorn Isberg, Walter Kapounek, Angus Kirkland, Simon Mason, Ludmila Pastorova, Gianni Rossi
Apologies None

Agenda topics

President’s Welcome
Marijke Fleuren
Discussion The President welcomed the Executive Board to the first meeting of 2017 in the beautiful surroundings of the UFEC (Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia) office.

She began by noting that we have been in period of change, firstly within the FIH – she reported that under the new leadership (CEO and President) there appeared to be  good collaboration, and the most recent meeting of the FIH Executive Board was very positive.  Marijke went on to say that cooperating is for her the essence of good governance. She assured the board of her confidence that everyone works hard together for a bright future for hockey.

A major project is the “Home & Away” league which in her view will change hockey. This will be reported on in more detail during the FIH EB report later in the meeting.

However she did emphasise that we all are aware that not every nation will be able to take part in this competition, but that all NA’s are able to subscribe for the World League 1 (WL1) in the future. Through the WL 2 there is always a pathway up to the Olympic Games and World Cup. EHF is a body for all nations and do our best to ensure that as many of our nations as possible will have the opportunity to make this step. We must take ownership, and formulate together what that ownership means to us in this aspect.

The President went on to speak about Women in Sport, and proposed to come back to this later in the agenda when she would ask all EB members to support the HeforShe policy.

She emphasised the importance of the development of getting more women in hockey, especially in decision making bodies and management within NA’s.

The President then reported on a very successful Indoor Season which took place over January and February, as always she wished to emphasise how impressive the organisation by our hosts are.

She also noted that several World League events took place since our last EB meeting and congratulated the various European teams on their performances, but also on their excellent hosting as did Spain and Ireland.

She reported that an Operational & Organisational review had started within the EHF office, lead by Ray O’Connor who was being engaged for the project on a professional basis.  She noted that whilst this is a very worthwhile exercise it involves extra work by the staff during the project and wished to note her thanks to the staff for their efforts.  This will be reported on further by the Director General later in the meeting.

The President then congratulated Walter Kapounek and Leonardas Caikauskas on their re-elections to their National Olympic Committees.

The Board then had an open discussion on the workings of various National Olympic Committees

The President then invited Jorge Alcover to give some information on UFEC.

Jorge informed the Board that UFEC is the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia.  It was created in 1933 and reopened in 1985.  Jorge acted as secretary of UFEC for 10 years.

The union gives services to the federations, on legal, tax, accounting and insurance matters, and since 2014 they have begun to give direct assistance to clubs.

There is no fee for the Federations to be a member of UFEC.

The President and the Board congratulated UFEC on such an excellent service to their Sports Federations and Clubs.


Minutes of last Meeting
Discussion The minutes of the last Executive Board meeting which took place in Brussels in December 9th & 10th December 2016


Agenda topics

Disciplinary Update
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus reported on behalf of Tim Ollerenshaw, Disciplinary Commissioner.

He informed the Board that the Competitions Manager had quarterly meeting with the Disciplinary Commissioner. He noted that discipline was generally good, with some withdrawals which have been dealt with.

He reported on the case with a German player who had appealed the decision of the Disciplinary Commissioner. This is the first time an appeal panel has been required since Angus started.

The Appeals Panel heard the appeal and have informed the German Hockey Federation of their decision to overrule the Disciplinary Commissioner’s decision on this occasion.

The Director General wished to note that the decision of the Appeals Panel was no reflection on the work of the Disciplinary Commissioner who had correctly followed the regulations.

The Regulations Committee have reviewed the relevant regulation pertaining to this case and will propose an appropriate change which the board will be asked to approve later in the meeting.

The President noted that she was pleased that the process had worked efficiently and noted her thanks to the Appeals Panel members for their time.






EU Sport Forum
Angus Kirkland
Discussion The Director General reported that he had attended the recent EU Sport Forum which took place in Malta. Marijke was also invited to the Forum to peak the openings words. Due to earlier commitments with FIH she was unable to go.

The sessions at the Forum included innovation and digital technologies, gender based violence in sport, e-sports, evolving good governance in European sport, debate on grassroots sport.

He went on to report that other IF’s, CF’s, and Sport related bodies were also in attendance, there were several Presentations and opportunities for useful networking.

He reported that the EHF had agreed to sign up to a Pledge of Good Governance in Sport, and we were invited to share our views on what steps we have taken or will be taking to put the pledge into practise.  Angus presented this on behalf of the EHF at the Forum by making a short speech and co-signing with the Commission representative a document declaring our commitment to this pledge.


Commercial Update
Angus Kirkland
Discussion The Director General outlined his plans for the coming months to work towards securing new partners/sponsors for the EHF.

He reported that he would like to make initial contact with potential new partners/sponsors with a view to inviting them to attend our EuroHockey Championships in Amsterdam in order to showcase our sport and its possibilities.

To this end he asked the Executive Board for their assistance by sharing with him any warm leads that he may follow up with in the coming weeks.  His proposal is that over the next 8 months significant time and energy be spent on this project in order to secure new partners/sponsors for the EHF.

The Hon Treasurer opened a discussion where the Board agreed it is important to agree a financial target for income from sponsors – how much percentage of our income should we seek to achieve through sponsors/partners?

Conclusions It was proposed that the Financial Committee at their meeting in June discuss this and bring a proposal to the Board where a target income will be agreed.  They will also be asked to give advice on the type of industries which would be good to approach in this regard.

It was also proposed that a small Working Group be set up to discuss a strategy for new sponsors/partners and live streaming that can report back to the Board at their June meeting.

Angus informed the Board that there is a generic proposal which can be tailored to specific potential sponsors which he will share with them.

The President thanked the Board for their input to the discussion.


Action items Person responsible Status
  1. Finance Committee to discuss target income through sponsors/partners and type of industries to approach
Mika/Angus Will be discussed at Finance meeting in June
2.     Executive Board to contact Angus with any “warm leads” for potential sponsorship/partnership Mika/Angus Angus will update at meeting
3.     Working Group to be set up Angus Will be discussed at Finance meeting in June
4.     Add to agenda for next Executive Board meeting for further discussion. Angus  
5.     Share Sponsor Proposal document with EB via Dropbox. Angus Complete
Streaming Video
Angus Kirkland
Discussion The Director General presented to the Board on the topic of streaming video content.

He noted that research shows that digital access to video content is the future.

As a result of this costs are declining so it is important to continually look at how we can do this better.

We currently stream content via YouTube – both the FIH Channel and our own EHF channel.  The advantages of YouTube are that it is well known, free, and easy, with on demand access.  Even if we move away from YouTube as our main platform we can continue to use it as a tool for clips, highlights, funnies etc

The disadvantages are that it has a limited revenue opportunity, and it must be a clean feed (without music or advertisements).

Angus went on to present other options for streaming to the Board including Sportradar who can offer a dedicated platform that enables rights holders support revenue generation free of charge.

It was noted that as such a platform is not as well-known as YouTube the visibility will have to be driven by the EHF.

Conclusions It was agreed that the goal is to find a Home for European Hockey which will grow our fan base, and allow us to analyse this fan base in order to leverage revenue from numbers.

It is also clear that streaming is a core part of our media strategy.

It was also agreed to invite a representative from SportRadar to present at the next Executive Board meeting in June.


Action items Person responsible Status
6.     Invite SportRadar to present at June EB Angus Complete
EuroHockey Championships 2017
Angus Kirkland
Discussion The Director General gave a brief update on the planning for the EuroHockey Championships 2017.

He reported that ongoing meetings with KNHB and EHF were taking place.  He gave an update on ticket sales and that status of the Stadium.

He reported that the KNHB were supporting a large amount (23+) of side events.  He noted that hospitality was selling well.

Operational and Organisational Review of EHF Office
Angus Kirkland
Discussion The Director General reported that the EHF Office was currently undergoing an Operational and Organisational Review which we hope will conclude with clear staff Role Profiles, Policies and Governance Structures.

This should help with EHF evolution, eliminate duplication of work, generate smart working practices and create clear work flows.

He went on to report that discussions are ongoing with the FIH with regard to establishing a combined competitions and appointments system which will also be used by the EHF.

General Assembly
Jane Brennan
Discussion The Operations Manager presented to the Board the plans for the upcoming EHF General Assembly.

The theme of Let’s Share will be demonstrated by using a Round Table format to share with our NA delegates various topics including Twinning (as per the Sharing Knowledge Programme), Youth & ParaHockey, Hosting of tournaments, Communications and Social Media and the Education 3 Tier System.

It is hoped that this format will encourage participation and also allow the delegates to share their own thoughts and experiences with the EHF.

The Executive Board were asked to contact Jane directly if they had any additional comments or ideas.  Gianni asked if it might be good to involve one or two of the ParaHockey players during the General Assembly.  It was agreed that he would discuss this with Norman to decide if it would be a possibility or not.

Action items Person responsible Status
7.     Discuss with Norman the idea of including ParaHockey players in General Assembly Gianni Gianni to update at EB


Agenda topics

Communications Committee Report
Simon Mason
Discussion Simon reported on the activities of the Communications Committee.

Live Streaming

The following were delivered to date in 2017

·       EuroHockey Indoor Junior Championships M, Lisbon (All games were streamed)

·       EuroHockey Indoor Junior Championships, W, Vienna (semi-finals, finals and pool C)

·       EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup, M, Vienna – Club streaming, EHF supporting.

A number of other streams were supported by the EHF using the FIH You-Tube channel.

The FIH agreed to allow our hosts to have a post advertising roll on the FIH YouTube channel to thank their sponsors, this was very much appreciated by our hosts.

Planning for upcoming tournaments in 2017:

·       EuroHockey Club Cup, Women, Den Bosch – Club Streaming, EHF supporting

·       EuroHockey5s, Women, Wattignies, W – games to be agreed

EuroHockey Junior Championships 2017:

Simon reported on plans for potential streaming at the tournament in Valencia.

He talked about the advantages of providing commentary – which adds insight and makes the experience more professional.

He informed the Board that Nick Irvine has offered his services to do the commentary in Valencia on a volunteer basis.

Originally no budget had been allocated specifically for providing/supporting live streaming at the EuroHockey Junior Championships, however the Communications committee would like the Board to consider what additional budget could be allocated to support live streaming at this tournament.

The President emphasised the importance of staying within budget and asked that the Committee come back to the the Director General and Hon Treasurer with a proposal to be considered.

Simon reported that there has been great interest in the Hall of Fame voting with up to 7,000 votes to date.  A shortlist of 10 players (below) was created from a list of 62 nominations by fans.

The NA’s are actively engaged in promoting their own players, so this has caught the imagination of the fans, which is what we had hoped to achieve by opening it up to a public vote.

·       Naomi Van As (NED)

·       Tina Bachmann (GER)

·       Yvonne Frank (GER)

·       Mortiz Fürste (GER)

·       Ellen Hoog (NED)

·       Maartje Paumen (NED)

·       Kate Richardson-Walsh (ENG)

·       Jérôme Truyens (BEL)

·       Charlotte de Vos (BEL)

·       Christopher Zeller (GER)

When the public voting is closed, the panel will review the votes, take into consideration the public vote and bring the list to 3 players who will be inducted will be agreed. These names will be kept secret and the players will be inducted at the EHC 2017.

Simon reported that the switch over to a mobile optimized website had been achieved at the end of January. Thanks are due to the staff and Allan (our webmaster) who supported Siobhan to achieve this.  The Board were asked to please pass on any comments with regard to the new website to Angus or Siobhan.

Simon presented a summary of the channel report since the last quarter.

This included impressions, reach, viewers and followers of our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

It is clear that there is steady growth and the Committee were congratulated on this.

The Board however asked that the trend be shown more clearly – for example in a graph with monthly or quarterly figures demonstrated.

Action items Person responsible Status
8.     Communications Committee to show growth of our channels and reach in a graph including monthly or quarterly figures Angus/Simon/Siobhan Next report
9.     Communications Committee to come back to the the Director General and Hon Treasurer with a proposal to be considered regarding a budget for Live Streaming in Valencia


Simon/Siobhan Complete


Agenda topics

Competitions Committee Outdoor
Bjorn Isberg
Discussion The President and Bjorn Isberg informed the Board that as Bjorn would be taking up the position as Chair of the FIH Competitions Committee he would no longer be able to continue as Chair of EHF Competitions Committee – Outdoor as this would create a conflict of interest.  He will however be permitted to remain on the committee as an ordinary member.

The President informed the Board that a proposal will be presented to the Board in June as a solution to this issue.

Follow-up from last Executive Board Meeting:  The Board agreed in December 2016 that, for the sake of consistency, the EuroHockey U18 Championships and all outdoor club events should also be played in the 4 x 15 minutes format.

FIH has confirmed both the U18 and all club events could be played in this format.

EuroHockey Club Cup, Trophy and Challenges (Men & Women) 2017

Bjorn updated the Board on planning for the upcoming Club tournaments.

He noted that in the Club Challenge III (W) a team from TUR withdrew after the deadline. Reserve teams 1, 2 and 3 from Challenge IV were not able to accept the invitation to play in Challenge III so it will be a 7-team event.

Out of the 43 member Associations 32 countries are represented in the men’s events and 25 in the women’s events.

EuroHockey Club Cup (Women) Date change proposal

Bjorn reported that the Committee would like to propose from 2019 onwards the EHCC date could be moved to the same weekend (last weekend in May) as the EHL Final4.  He informed the Board that the idea is to secure the tournament by having it on a fixed date.

The Board discussed the issue and asked that this proposal be looked at again in June, as there may be some consequences with regard to the Home & Away league.  As more information will be available about the Home & Away league it was felt that the decision was better made at the June Board Meeting.

EuroHockey5s U16 Championships 2017

Bjorn updated the Board on planning for the upcoming EuroHockey5s U16 tournaments.

Championship (Boys) – Walcz (POL) will be 15 teams

Championship (Girls) – Wattignies (FRA) will be 11 teams

The Competitions Manager explored possibilities to hold a Championship II (Boys), however after contacting potential participant nations it was decided not to organise a Championship II due to insufficient teams.

Bjorn reported that the FIH did not approve the match schedules for this tournament as the incorrect pools were used.  As the EuroHockey5s Championship tournaments are qualifying tournaments for the Youth Olympic Games, according to the FIH Regulations the composition of the pools should be based upon the World Ranking of the participants’ senior teams (at the time match schedules are prepared).

It was agreed that another survey will be sent to participating NAs after the 2017 Hockey5s events to understand what teams think about Hockey5s.

EuroHockey Championships (Men & Women) 2017

Bjorn updated the Board on planning for the upcoming EuroHockey Championships

He noted that DEN withdrew from the Championship III (Men) after the deadline due to financial issues. It was decided not to ask HUN as highest ranked team from Champ IV to be promoted in order to have 2 decent filled events.

EuroHockey Junior Championships (Men & Women) 2017

Bjorn updated the Board on planning for the upcoming EuroHockey Junior Championships.

ABN AMRO Junior EHL (Boys)

SV Kampong (NED), Mannheimer HC (GER), Real Club de Polo (ESP), St. Germain (FRA), KHC Dragons (BEL) and Wimbledon (ENG) will play in 2 pools of 3 on 16-17 April in Eindhoven (NED). After the pool games, semi-finals will be played. A day later the classification matches (final, 3/4 and 5/6) will be played.

Junior EHCC (Girls)

Bjorn reported that this year the first Junior EHCC will be played for U14 girls teams during the senior EHCC in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED) with 5 (2x NED, 2x ENG, 1x RUS) out of the 8 invited teams and with Dutch officials appointed. The GER, ESP, IRL teams declined the invitation due to other plans. KNHB has appointed the TD, UM and umpires. The teams will play a Round Robin (10 matches) on Sunday 4 June.

The host club was very positive about this idea and is hosting this event also. Teams have to pay their own transport, accommodation and catering though. The host club will pay for the catering of the officials and EHF will pay for the medals and the clothing of the 6 umpires.

The President noted that this is a great step forward and she is delighted to see that it will take place.

Beach Hockey (BH) update

Bjorn reported that The Competitions Manager had met with Floris Jan Bovelander to discuss Beach Hockey. He reported that the FIH has published official rules for Beach Hockey now however they have confirmed they are not planning on having official beach hockey events in the near future.

The Committee does not propose that EHF move to have any official EuroHockey BH Championships, but to support where possible the organisation of BH festivals all over Europe.



Proposed regulation changes

Bjorn presented proposed regulations changes for the Board to approve following a meeting of the Regulations Working Group

The changes were with regard to:

·       Requests for additional practice/training facilities

·       Addition of the mention of school, college or university league competition in the regulation regarding players’ qualifications The EB is asked to agree that the proposed addition to the regulations would come into effect immediately.

·       Changes in advertising regulations for club events to allow more sponsors on kit.

·       When an NA replaces a club team in a Challenge event before the deadline date of withdrawals, this alternative team cannot earn promotion. In indoor this is already in the regulations, but not yet in outdoor – not discussed, will be discussed at Office Bearers meeting on 8th May.

·       In some responsibility charts the host should pay for the TOs travel and in other events the TOs own NA is responsible. Due to the fact that the TO is an important job and more and more experienced TDs are being appointed as TOs in order to provide support to newer TDs it is felt in all responsibility charts the host should pay for the TOs travel – not discussed, will be discussed at June meeting. – and at Office Bearers meeting on 8th May.

EuroHockey U18 Championships 2018 

Bjorn asked the Board to approve the proposed venues for the EuroHockey U18 Championships in 2018

Championship III (B)

The Executive Board did a draw to decide the ranking of the 5 new entries for this tournament (CYP, CRO, LTU, HUN, FIN).  This was due to an administrative error where the Finnish entry was not recorded or included in the original draw done by the Competitions Committee Outdoor at their meeting.

3rd is CYP, 4th is HUN, 5th is FIN, 6th is LTU, 7th is CRO

The President thanked Bjorn and his committee for the report.  She requested that in future the Outdoor Report include participation numbers compared to the previous year(s) as is included in the Indoor Report.



1.     Proposal to move the date of the EuroHockey Club Cup to the same weekend (last weekend in May) as the EHL Final4.

No decision – will be reviewed again at the June EB meeting.

2.     Changes to Regulations (see above)

All Approved to come into effect for the next season, with exception of #3 which should come into effect immediately

3.     EuroHockey U18 Championship (Boys & Girls) – Sun 15- Sat 21 July 2018 – Santander (ESP)


EuroHockey U18 Championship II (Boys) – Sun 22- Sat 28 July 2018 – Cardiff (WAL)


EuroHockey U18 Championship II (Girls) – Sun 15- Sat 21 July 2018 – Rakovník (CZE)


EuroHockey U18 Championship III (Boys & Girls) – Mon 16- Sat 21 July 2018 – Konya (TUR)


Action items Person responsible Status
  1. Request to move dates of EHCC to be added to June EB Competitions Committee Outdoor Report
  1. Update regulations accordingly
12.  Two regulations changes which were not discussed to be discussed by the Office Bearers at their meeting on 8th May Angus/David One was agreed, one was carried forward
  1. Inform approved hosts as per usual procedure
David Complete


Agenda topics

Competitions Committee Indoor
Walter Kapounek
Discussion Walter updated the Board on the recently completed Indoor Season.

He reported that the Indoor U21 Championships had:

3 tournaments, with 23 teams (in 2015 there were also 23 teams).

He noted however that Ukraine Women had wanted to take part but this was not possible due to insufficient number of teams in Championship II (Women).

Poland are the EuroHockey Indoor Junior Champions for Men, and Czech Republic for Women.

He went on to report that the Indoor Club tournaments had:

7 tournaments, with 51 teams (in 2016 there were 50 teams)

HTC Uhlenhorst Mulheim (GER) are the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup winners for Men, and Mannheimer HC (GER) for Women.

During the season, the Competitions manager visited the tournaments in Lisbon (Nations), and Budapest and Siauliai (Clubs), he reported that they were all very well organised events.

Indoor Club Championships 2018 & Indoor U21 Championships 2019

Walter reported that all NAs have been asked to enter their indoor club champions for the 2018 indoor club events and send in offers to host. Also for 2019 the U21 teams have been asked to enter and offer to host. Deadline are 15 April.

EuroHockey Indoor Championship 2018

He updated the Board on planning for the Indoor Championships 2018

In particular the Championship III (Men), for which there was originally no application to host.

Cyprus was appointed at the CCI meeting by a draw and accepted the appointment.  This tournament will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus. The following 5 countries have entered to participate: SCO, BLR, SVK, WAL, CYP.

The host has asked EHF to investigate if more countries are interested in participating in this Championship III so in the near future perhaps extra teams will enter.

The Board wished to note their thanks to Cyprus for accepting the request to host this tournament and they are pleased that this will be the first EuroHockey tournament to be hosted in Cyprus.

FIH Indoor World Cup 2018

Walter reported that FIH has announced that Berlin (GER) will host the Hockey Indoor World Cup 2018 between 7-11 February.

The President noted that the dates were originally moved to accommodate World League events, and as this will no longer be an issue it is hoped that the FIH may consider moving the dates back to odd years which would be more convenient for the EHF calendar.

Responsibility charts Indoor (2nd Umpires Manager at 7/8-team events)

Following the approval of the proposal to add a 2nd UM to 7/8 team events at the last Executive Board meeting, the EHF office was asked to propose a solution so that hosts are not burdened by extra cost.

The Proposal is that the host National Association is offered a credit note of €500 as a contribution towards the cost of the 2nd Umpires Manager.

The Board were asked to reconsider the long-term solution to this issue of an additional UM

Whilst we appreciate that we do not wish to burden our hosts with extra costs we also want EHF tournaments to continue to be self-sustainable.  The Appointments Committee agreed that a second UM is what is required to run Indoor tournaments, and this was agreed by the Competitions Committee Indoor.

The Board agreed with the proposed procedure and amount for supporting hosts financially with regard to the 2nd Umpires Manager.  It was agreed to proceed with this for a 3 year period (2018, 2019 & 2020) after which the procedure should be reviewed.

The President requested that a special announcement be made about this change on our website.



4.     Responsibility charts Indoor (2nd Umpires Manager at 7/8-team events)

            The Board agreed with the proposed procedure and amount for supporting hosts             financially with regard to the 2nd Umpires Manager.

            It was agreed to proceed with this for a 3 year period (2018, 2019 & 2020) after             which the procedure should be reviewed.

Action items Person responsible Status
  1. Update Responsibility Chart with regard to 2nd UM costs.
  1. Announce this change
David & Siobhan  


Agenda topics

Euro Hockey League
Jorge Alcover
Discussion Jorge Alcover informed the Board that the EHL Board were looking at making longer term arrangements with various cities and clubs for the coming years.

He went on to report that ticket sales for the upcoming KO16 in Eindhoven are going very well, and both the club and the city are very enthusiastic

The President reported that Oranje Rood and the city of Eindhoven are also organising some side events.  She reported that the Technical University is involved as a sponsor, and they will run a “Hackaton” throughout the tournament with sport, health and vitality as the themes.

There will be fixed cameras at certain pitches, some technology available for players to perform muscular ultrasounds after the games where they will receive the results directly to their phones.

Other events involving 3D glasses measuring eye coordination with stick and ball, will also be taking place.  All spectators are invited can bring in ideas and discuss with them.

5- 6 of the 7 pitches in Oranje Rood will be filled with clinics, where people can analyse matches with trainers etc.  It will be a 4 day hockey party but also a sport and innovation party.


Agenda topics

Education Committee – Coaches
Inez Cooper
Discussion Inez reported that an excellent meeting had taken place the previous weekend in Brussels.  She reported first on the Top Coaches Programme, noting that there have been a great number of applications resulting in  23 coaches from 14 different nations:

Holland, Germany, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Czech Rep, Poland, Portugal, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Hungary, Sweden, Russia.

The coaches from Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal and Gibraltar have or are all working in major hockey nations.

She reported that the group has 2 seminars planned

·       14-17 April at EHL Eindhoven

·       20-25 August at EuroHockey Championships in Amsterdam linked to FIH High Performance seminar.

She also reported that the mentors group has been freshened up and consists of:

·       Herman Kruis

·       Robin Roesch

·       Michel Kinnen

·       Dave Passmore

·       Thomas Tichlemann

We have also linked Andreas Prause to TCP. Andreas has worked as Sports Science consultant to the Belgium teams.

Inez then went on to report on the Coaches 4 Europe Programme which she also said had a good take up but was slower than TCP with 13 coaches from 9 nations:

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Gibraltar, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,

The mentors group has also been freshened up and consists of:

·       Norbert Nederlof

·       Tomislav Jamicic

·       Bernardo Fernandes

·       Graham Mansell- Grace

This group has 2 events planned:

·       Seminar 30 Mar – 2 April in Lisbon Portugal

·       20 -25 August – Amsterdam where they coach at a Youth Camp.

The President wished to note that she is pleased that the mentors have been freshened up as this is always a positive move.

Inez then spoke about the Supporting National Growth programme.

She noted that applications for support have been received from:

·       Finland 22 April – Norbert Nederlof will conduct an FIH Level 1

·       Norway 5 May – tbc

·       Russia 9 June – tbc

·       Malta 9 June – tbc

·       Lithuania 8 Sep – tbc – probably Sven van der Most (Twinning)

·       Greece 22 Sep – tbc

·       Norway 13 Oct – Indoor seminar – tbc

·       Balkan 25 Nov – Indoor seminar – tbc probably Stan Huisjman

The new process for SNG Coaching means that our expert sits with their National coaching committee/group and helps them to work up a Coach development strategy to ensure follow up and the improvement of the coach pathway.

Our expert also talent spots for C4E.

Education Committee Officials
Inez Cooper
Discussion Inez went on to report on the activities in 2017 of Officials Working Group

A TO Seminar (intermediate level and Judges ready to move up) is currently taking place in Brussels.

Participants were selected for this seminar in cooperation with the EHF Appointments Committee. This is an invitational seminar, based on feedback reports in previous seasons and overall performance.

The following people are in attendance:

WOMEN                                                         MEN

Katerina Huptychova (CZE)                             Michiel Bruning (NED)

Lesley Bane (WAL)                                          Neil Maylan (WAL)

Emi Vilchez (ESP)                                            Jose Luis Goicoechea (ESP)

Patricia Pereira (POR)                                    Dariusz Kurz (POL)

Iulia US (UKR)                                                 Harry Stickland (ENG)

Raymond Hughes (IRL)


Inez reported that during the committee meeting Jef Brouwers, a sports psychologist attended and presented to the committee.

He offered to do a presentation at the TO seminar which is currently taking place.  Inez reported that it will be interesting to receive feedback after the seminar on how successful this is.

The President noted that this is a very good step, and it may be something we should think about offering on a regular basis at some of the seminars and meetings.

Inez went on to report on upcoming events – an Umpires Manager seminar will take place in Amsterdam during the EuroHockey Championships 19 – 21 August

This will be a joint High Performance and Continental Level seminar.

Invitations have been sent to all European Ums on the EHF List as well as to the Top UMs in cooperation with FIH and FIH Academy.

The UM Seminar 2017 is organized in good cooperation with KNHB and preparations started 2 years ago. Yolande Brada is leading the organisation of this seminar, during which a diversity in workshops will be offered for different levels of umpires managers: starters, less experienced and highly experienced.

FIH and FIH Academy will both contribute to the costs of the seminar.

Inez reported that a TO seminar (Basic level – Judges) will be held at HC Push in Breda 25 – 27 August as per previous years.

Course conductors will be Anne Wotherspoon (SCO) and Sonja-Annabel Swede (GER) and Barry Anderson – there is 1 request for conductor outstanding.

An invitational letter to the NA’s will be sent out in the coming week by EHF Office.

Planning 2018 – 2020

The Committee will continue planning the following activities :


·       TD level (intermediate) – refresher course for TD’s and seminar for potential TOs to move up  (Brussels, BEL, dates tbc)

·       TO basic level (judges) – starting judges/refresher course for judges

·       (Breda,NED)

·       2019

·       TO level (intermediate) – refresher course for TOs and seminar for potential judges to move up

·       TO basic level (judges) – starting judges/refresher course for judges (Breda,NED)

·       UM seminar etc.

Inez noted that unfortunately no representative from the Appointments Committee was available to attend the meeting this year which highlighted the importance of good communication between the two committees.

Inez went on to talk about a new feedback report on TO’s.

She reported that a working document on development and feedback of Technical Officials has been drafted and during the 2017 Indoor season the Committee started a project to implement this feedback report.

TDs of Indoor tournaments were asked to fill in both feedback reports (the official FIH report and the new feedback form to be sent to Rogier Warris).

Some new feedback reports have been received by Rogier, he will evaluate these reports and discuss amendments.

She went on to say that the Committee would now like to officially start a pilot whereby before all next EHF tournaments the EHF office will ask the TD of each EHF Tournament to fill in at the end of the tournament the official FIH feedback report on Technical Officials as well as a new feedback form (the new development format). Both forms to be given to the TOs.  The original TO Feedback form should be sent to FIH and EHF, the new feedback form ONLY to EHF, via Dropbox.  Evaluation will take place in the next meeting.

The board supported the idea of this pilot scheme.

Inez reported that the Committee expressed that it is important to educate officials in Parahockey.  Norman Hughes will contact Leen Ryckx, chair of the Organizing Committee of ParaHockey in order to investigate the possibilities and if necessary to organize a meeting

Action items Person responsible Status
16.  Jane to speak to Rogier about practical requirements for start of pilot scheme for TO Feedback form. Jane Complete
Education Committee Umpires
Inez Cooper
Discussion Inez reported on the planning for Umpires Development Programme (UDP)

UDP Group 9:

·       Practical Weekend in Brussels 22nd/23rd April

·       EHL final 4 weekend 3rd/4th June, Belgium

·       Graduation EuroHockey Championships Amsterdam 19th/20th August

UDP Group 10:

·       Practical Weekend Malaga, 11th/12th February

·       EuroHockey Championships Amsterdam 19th/20th August

UDP Group 11:

·       Launch Weekend Berlin, 7th/9th April

·       (possible) EHL final 4 weekend 3rd/4th June, Belgium

·       EuroHockey Championships Amsterdam 19th/20th August

She then reported on the Umpires for Europe (U4E)

Henrik Ehlers ran a Webinar,on the 22nd March, with approximaely 30 attended, Inez noted that this was particularly successful as Henrik was very efficient at using the software for the webinar which meant it ran smoothly.

Detailed preparations for Applications for 2017 from NAs and planning for Breda Weekend (25th-27th August) is underway.

Inez reported that the selection of umpires for UDP form this group would be done by Eric Dennis, Paul Box-Grainger and a representative from Appointments (tbc)

She went on to report on Supporting National Growth (SNG)

Applications have been sent out for brand new Level One Umpire Coaching Course during Breda Weekend. The National Association Development Programme is moving away from one-off events to providing tailored development programmes over 2-3 years with NAs.

There was a seminar in Varna, Bulgaria 17th-20th March (conductor Thomas Eilmer) and there will be a seminar in Volgodonsk, Russia 18th-20th April (conductor Juanma Requena) and there have been discussions have also started with NAs from Malta, Belarus, Croatia, Poland, Gibraltar.

Inez reported that the committee discussed the issue of the next educational/development step for umpires beyond UDP. The Board felt that this next step has to come from FIH and hope that Henrik Ehlers will initiate this in his new role as chair of the Officials Committee.

The President noted that the work is very impressive, she wished to thank Thomas and Juanma for their time by travelling to Bulgaria and Russia.

The Board noted that it is important to compile figures of how many people/volunteers are involved in running these events and how many take part per year

Marijke then asked Inez to contact all volunteers and give them the appreciation of all the board.

Action items Person responsible Status
17.  Compile figures of numbers of volunteers involved and numbers of participants taking part in our courses/events Inez/Norman  
18.  Contact volunteers to thank them on behalf of the Board for their work Inez  


Agenda topics

Development Projects Committee
Gianni Rossi
Discussion Gianni reported on an excellent meeting the week previously, including a useful dinner with members of the Education Committee where they had the opportunity to share ideas and strategies for activities.

Gianni Rossi gave an update on the EHF/KNHB Sharing Knowledge- Twinning Programme.  He reported that step by step, a consistent and realistic project and programme has been achieved.

Overall it has been disappointing that two participating countries had to withdraw however the other twinnings have been very successful.

1.     Belarus-Push: Successful 4 day visit to Breda just completed. This is the start of 3 weeks intensive twinning between Belarus Breda and Minsk

2.     Lithuania-Push: Successful 4 day visit to Breda for 2 coaches and 2 umpires just completed.

3.     Ukraine – Venlo: Plans firmed up for Easter twinning plus GK coaching and young umpire work using local co-ordinator Michel de Lange.

4.     Croatia- Oosterbeek: Gianni was delighted to report that this has been such a success since Slaven from Croatia organised events in Split that the local municipality have planned to build 2 small pitches.  He emphasised that this is an excellent result and one which was not predicted.

Split will visit Oosterbeek in May/June. Young coach and young umpire support follows in Sept.

5.     Czech- HOD: twinning actions planned for Aug and Sept including young umpire and young coaches development.

6.     Bulgaria- Athena: Athena HC send a group of 20 persons last week of July Summer Camp in Albena, Gianni explained that this twinning involves social activity and education on both sides which has been a great success. Twinning visit to Athena by key volunteers from BHF is scheduled for the end Oct

7.     Poland- Kampong: Poland have funding issues but plan to send coaches to Kampong for training in August and receive Kampong coaches in 2017

8.     AustriaOranje Rod: more planning needed but focus seems to be on U18 development

9.     TurkeyKNHB: constantly under review. Michel Kinnen goes to Turkey end March to deliver Coach development and we will review again after this event.

Gianni went on to report on the EHF Youth activities.  He noted that under their leader Leen Ryckx there has been a lot of action.  The group are busy targeting potential leaders group from those who have applied for the Youth Festival. This festival has been a great success re applications, though this needed a lot of “pushing”.  We have had 40 participants apply from 22 nations.

Gianni reported that Norman had negotiated a special discount price for emerging nations to send in total 30 children to be part of this EHF Youth Camp – “Official Side Event.” The normal price is €565 and EHF has an offer of 30 places at €195. Czech Rep have already filled their places and we have targeted Twinning Nations first to fill the 30 places.

Gianni reported that the EHF Para Hockey has also been a great success so far with 9 nations entered (5 took part in London 2015).  He urged the Board members to continue to promote the tournament and when possible to visit it whilst they are in Amsterdam.

Gianni reported that EHF had presented to the FIH CFs meeting and offered to drive the Global ParaHockey agenda.

The President reported that unfortunately there is no budget within the FIH for ParaHockey, however they have signed an MoU with INAS.  She noted that she will speak with Jason McCracken and David Luckes to request that EHF can take over as a type of pilot scheme and see what budget may be available.

Gianni reported on Give & Get where two carpets have become available in Berlin, with one going to Ukraine.  The second will go to Belarus.

Carola reported that another half pitch is available and appealed to the Executive Board to get in touch with Norman if they have a proposal about where this may be laid.

The President proposed that this be announced on the EHF website.

It was also suggested that this pitch may go to Split given the willingness of the local municipality to support them.  Gianni will ask Norman to investigate if this is a possibility.

Gianni reported that it had been a record year for applications for the EHF Club of the Year, with 11 countries submitting 15 applications.

He informed the Executive Board that the winners as agreed by the committee are as follows:

Club with 300+ members: SG Rotation Prenzlauer Berg e. V. – Abteilung Hockey (GER)

Club with 300- members: Grove Menzieshill Hockey Club (SCO)

Gianni reported that the competition was very tight, and the President proposed that the runners up also be announced.  Gianni requested that the application of the winners be published on the EHF website and this was agreed.

Gianni reported that so far only 13 responses have been received for the EHF Survey 2016, the deadline is the end of May however he asked the Board members to urge their NAs to complete this survey in good time.

Action items Person responsible Status
  1. Norman to check if Split can take the pitch, if not announce on website ½ pitch is available from Berlin to be laid somewhere that is available to take it
Norman/Siobhan In progress
20.  Marijke to speak to Jason & David (FIH) to see if Europe can “pilot” ParaHockey and if any budget is available Marijke Done, no answer yet
  1. Norman, Gianni, Yamila to coordinate communicating with Club of Year Winners and applicants


Agenda topics

Appointments Committee
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus Kirkland reported on behalf of Ray O’Connor, Appointments Committee Chair

He reported that the Indoor 2017 season has concluded, we once again were confronted by a high number of withdrawals and rejections. We made 149 umpire appointments for 92 available positions, but still only managed to secure 86 umpires, which means several tournaments were played with less umpires than dictated by the responsibility chart.

The Appointments Committee provided detailed statistics for the Indoor period.

A survey has been sent out to all officials to review TD performance and to all umpires to review UM performance.

He noted that the Nomination periods for 2018 have opened and are as follows

·       Indoor – March 6th – April 14th  2017

·       Outdoor – June 5th – July 14th  2017

Mika Rihtila noted that it would be useful if a second nomination window opened up at a later date which would allow National Associations to change or add to their original list based on new availability information of their officials.  He also noted that it would be useful if there was a facility where they could add information about the availability eg if a person is not available during a certain month.  He noted that this would prevent double work where an appointed person would need to withdraw and be replaced – this could be avoided if the Committee were already aware of non-availability at certain times.

The President noted that the Appointments Committee was also made up of volunteers on whom we did not wish to burden with extra work, however it was felt that this may also assist them in avoiding double work.

The Director General will discuss these proposals with the Appointments Committee Chair. He emphasised that other aspects of the procedure may change once the new proposed combined tournament and appointments system comes into place with the FIH.

Leonardas Caikauskas requested that Lithuania be permitted to add some names to their list outside the window on this occasion. He had made this request to the Chair of the Committee who asked that the President and the Board approve his request.

Taking into account the previous discussion the Board agreed on this occasion to make an exceptation to the procedure and allow the extra members be added to Lithuania’s officials list.  However they also asked that the Lithuanian Hockey Federation improve their response time and follow the process correctly when asked in future to nominate officials in order to avoid this situation in the future.

Leonardas thanked the Board for this and confirmed that his federation would work hard in future to follow the process correctly.

Angus went on to report on Feedback, and he noted that following the setting up of a formal feedback procedure, we have received formal feedback from EHF staff members that attended tournaments, and we are working our way through the feedback.

Lastly he reported that all appointments have been made for Outdoor 2017, and replacements/new appointments are being made as needed. Already we have made over 100 extra appointments (withdrawal rate currently at 26% and expected to grow)



6.     Request from Lithuania to add extra officials to their list as an exception outside the normal window.


Action items Person responsible Status
22.  Request that the Appointments Committee review the procedure and consider opening a second window for addition/removal of nominations Angus Committee has received request


Agenda topics

FIH Executive Board Report
Marijke Fleuren
Discussion The President opened her report by talking about the Home & Away League.  She informed the Board that progress has been made in the development of the league, and that she is a member of the Implementation Panel which is leading the introduction.

She noted that this league will have a lot of consequences for hockey in the future, it will have consequences for the National Associations who are involved, but also for the ones who are not.

Regarding the procedure so far, she went on to report that a successful workshop was held over 3 days in March with 16 CEO’s and marketing persons from 15 NA’s who had applied to take part in the Home & Away League. The NA’s were asked between the end January and end April candidates complete an extensive questionnaire on several subjects, as financial sustainability, media and broadcasting, venues, organisational experience etc..

The Implementation Panel will make recommendations to the Executive Board who will make the final decision on 10th June. She emphasised that this league will have implications for the overall calendar and in that way also for the club competitions of our top NAs and the EHL.

She reported that before the Implementation Panel sees the applications, a lot will already be done by professional consultants with regard to commercial possibilities so they will advise Panel.

Marijke went on to say that it is not yet sure how many teams will be involved till the evaluation has beendone and the participation agreements have been signed. She felt that the schedule possibly will be an issue.

She outlined a proposed general schedule which is being considered emphasising that Athletes welfare will be important.

She wished to point out that that the FIH is not only concentrating on Home and Away league teams but they will also be working hard for on events for and with other countries.

She then reported that during EHL in Oranje Rood, she along with Angus Kirkland will meet with 6 of the candidate countries for a general discussion on the Home & Away league from a European perspective.

She hopes to have more clarity at the next EHF Board meeting.

Women in Sport

The President then spoke about the UN HeforShe campaign.

During the last Board meeting in December she spoke about making efforts to get more women involved in our Committees, Boards, as coaches, as UM’s, as umpires etc.  We have some good examples to share, but she also urged the Board to brainstorm about what all of us can contribute to make it happen.  She went on to say that she firmly believes men and women working together (again cooperating) makes all of us stronger and gives better decisions. She hopes that her fellow Board Members share this opinion and will work with her to get more awareness within the world of hockey.

A lot took place on International Women’s Day in March – in Lausanne Women in Leadership Forum, organised by IOC and in Geneva during the International Gender Celebrations, organised by UN.

The main outcomes in Lausanne were expressed by Lydia Nskera, the chair of my ‘Women in Sport’ Commission:

•          Increase collaboration with male leaders to achieve the minimum target of 30 per cent of women in leadership roles in the Olympic Movement by 2020, as called for by the IOC Executive Board last December;

•          Stand for election for decision-making positions in national, international and continental associations;

•          Become mentors for other women in sport;

Following that, the President reported that she initiated within the FIH EB the idea that all members and staff subscribe to the HeforShe policy of the UN to show that hockey understands the message. This was received with great enthusiasm!

Therefore she proposed that Europe follows, and she invited her colleagues on the Executive Board to sign up to the HeforShe policy.

She thanked the Board for sharing this inspiring and ground-breaking idea and encouraged them to ask their own NAs to do the same.

FIH Committees

The President reported that the FIH have begun a restructuring of their committees and several new chairs have already been appointed from Europe:

·       Bjorn Isberg will chair the Competitions Committee

·       Henrik Ehlers will chair the new Officials Committee

·       David Collier will chair the Rules Committee

·       Erik Cornillessen will chair the Commercial & Broadcast Panel

·       Marijke Fleuren will chair the Governance panel, and will be a member of the Implementation Panel of the Home & Away league.

She explained that the procedure would be that each committee may have a European representative, and we will be asked to put forward a man and a woman so that they can make a gender balance on the committee.

Lastly she reported that the Office Bearers will meet in May in Helsinki, and among other things they would discuss the approach to the FIH Committees and then share their thoughts with the Board.

Action items Person responsible Status
  1. EB Members to encourage their own NA’s to sign up to HeforShe policy
Board Members Update at meeting
24.  Office Bearers to discuss FIH Committee nominations at their meeting in Helsinki in May and report back to the Board Angus Complete


Agenda topics

Hon Treasurer’s Report
Mika Rihtila
Discussion Mika presented a report following the meeting of the Finance Committee which took place the previous day via Skype.

He also presented the management Accounts and debtors to date.



Agenda topics

2019: 50 Years Old
Jorge Alcover
Discussion Jorge gave a brief update on plans for the celebration, he noted that the Treasurer will be requested to allocate a budget for this event.

Agenda topics

Athletes Committee
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus updated the Board on progress with the establishment of the EHF Athletes Committee.

The Board reviewed the Election Procedures document.

Angus confirmed that the next step is for the EHF Office to finalise practical details of the Election procedure itself.

The Executive Board were asked to check the dates of the relevant tournaments where voting will take place and see which tournaments they will be available to attend.

It was agreed to ask Moritz Fürste to be the FIH Athletes Panel Representative on the EHF Athletes Committee.



  1. Election Procedures document approved with agreed changes
Action items Person responsible Status
  1. Contact Moritz Fürste to invite him to be FIH Athletes Panel Representative
Angus Complete
26.  Executive Board members to contact Jane with their availability to attend tournaments and assist with Election process

27.  Angus to review the challenges of completing the election given staffing changes




Partially complete



Agenda topics

Any Other Business
Discussion The Director General reported that Operations Manager, Jane Brennan would be stepping down from her role in July.  The Board congratulated Jane on her new position with the European Free Trade Association and thanked her for her work with the EHF.

Walter Kapounek asked for an update on the European Games 2019 which was discussed in the previous meeting.

Angus reported that he had contacted them to ask if they would be interested in hosting the EuroHockey Championship II event in place of the Championship, which has already been awarded to Belgium.  However they responded that they only wished to have competitions which were Olympic Qualifying events.

Walter noted it was unfortunate that hockey would not be involved in this Olympic event, however the President noted that she was not sure if participating in the European Olympic Games would help to improve our profile in the Olympics in general.

Angus reported that he hopes for 2023 we will know venue and date well in advance.

The President thanked Jorge Alcover and everyone involved in the various events over the two days in Barcelona.  She went on to say that Catalonian people are extremely welcoming in a very natural way.  It is clear that they are all very proud of Jorge and the work that he has done for hockey over the years, just as we are in EHF.  She reported that EHF Hall of Fame member and Catalonian Santi Freixa had contacted her to say that he is proud the Board are meeting in Barcelona and sends his regards to the Board.

She then went on to thank the Board for an excellent meeting with a lot of good discussions on important points.

She wished everyone safe travels home and said that she looked forward to meeting all again in Brussel in June, and then closed the meeting.



Signed as a true record:  





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