2017 EHF updates its Tournament Regulations for Club and Championship events

Posted On 21st July 2017

The EHF today announced a number of changes to it’s regulations for all it’s events: 

They are: 

  • For 7- and 8-team indoor tournaments (Club Events and Championship Events), a 2nd Umpires Manager will be appointed. The EHF will contribute € 500 towards the cost of the 2nd Umpires Manager.
  • The Responsibility charts have been updated. Depending on which event, the Technical Officers (TOs) travel will be paid for by the EHF or by the host and not the TOs own NA.
  • The EHL, EHCC and Trophy Ranking table points system has been updated to reflect the changes in the match schedule and to make it more easy to understand.
  • For indoor club events (Cup, Trophy and Challenges), the deadline for all events to be eligible to play has been changed from 1 November (for Cup and Trophy) and 1 January (for Challenges) to 1 December.
  • For clubs playing in indoor or outdoor club events, the clothing advertising regulations are stretched and more options are allowed. On the front of the player’s shirt, the allowed size  that cannot be exceeded changed from 350 to 500 sq cm. Also updates are:
    • on the front of the shirts chest (on both sides) – size not exceeding 40 sq cm;
    • on the reverse of the player’s shirt above the player’s name/number – size not exceeding 100 sq cm.
  • An EHF Team Uniform logos document can be found on the website. There is one for EHL and one for all other EHF club events. This document will explain what is and what isn’t allowed regarding advertising on the clothing.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable once the official entry form has been received by the EHF. What has been changed is that where a team in a Challenge club event or in a Championship II-III-IV nations event withdraws before the deadline date for withdrawals, the team only has to pay 50% of the entry fee.
  • The Entry Fees per event have been raised slightly for the first time in 7 years.
  • In outdoor Challenge club events ONLY, a National Association may replace their second club entry provided such a request is received by the EHF before the deadline date for withdrawals (31 October). Any such replacement club:
    • (i)  will be subject to approval by the EHF Competitions Committee Outdoor and
    • (ii) will not be eligible for promotion that year.
  • The Anti-Doping certificates which all players must, are valid for 2 years.

Should you have any queries or require any additional information please contact the EHF Competitions Manager, competitions@eurohockey.org


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