2017 – EHF Executive Board Minutes 29/30 September 2017, Brussels, Belgium.

Posted On 20th December 2017

Executive Board Meeting


29th & 30th September 2017 EHF Office, Brussels Belgium
Meeting Executive Board
Attendees Marijke Fleuren, Carola Meyer, Walter Kapounek, Mika Rihtila, Leonardas Caikauskas, Inez Cooper, Pamela Michaelis, Patrick Keusters, Peter Elders, Simon Mason, Angus Kirkland


Yamila Conill, EHF Operations and Partnership Coordinator

Ophélie Duquesne, EHF Administration Manager


Apologies David Serrahima

Agenda topics

President’s Welcome
Marijke Fleuren
Discussion The President welcomed the Board, particularly the new members. She passed on David Serrahima’s apologies for his absence to the rest of the group.

She shared that she hoped everyone would feel very welcome and ready to work hard for hockey.

She welcomed Ophélie Duquesne who has joined the EHF and will be the new EB liaison.

The Rabo EuroHockey Championships were enormously enjoyable, not just on the main pitch but also all the side events. The stands were full, even for mid-day games, the atmosphere was great. A huge thanks to the KNHB for all their work.

To remark particularly: ParaHockey and the Youth Leadership Festival were fantastic. The broadcast quality was top-notch and it was simply two weeks of enormous joy.

After Amsterdam, we had the EuroHockey Junior Championships in Valencia. It was a wonderfully organised event, though of course the end was complicated, the event was great.

Now we are here with a new Executive Board, we have taken special care to review practices and think about a new approach. We have changed the system slightly, to focus on the Strategic Plan and work together to find a new way for a new Board.

The President is very happy about the work the staff has accomplished during the year, 34 tournaments in 2017 is remarkable. This is only possible through their hard work, and that of all the volunteers who dedicate their time to hockey.

Tom Pedersen-Smith who you met in Amsterdam has already began work in earnest and is contributing a lot by preparing together with the President a presentation to the Women in Sport Commission meeting. This will be shared with the Board in December. Tom will join the President for a visit in Sweden at the end of October, as the Nordic countries need our support.



Minutes of Last Meeting
Discussion The minutes of the last Executive Board meeting which took place in Brussels on 16th & 17th June 2017 were approved.


Matters Arising
Angus Kirkland
Discussion New Executive Board Introduction

The President asked for all the Board members to introduce themselves briefly.


The President wished to thank Gianni, Jorge, Bjorn and Ludmila who have recently stepped down from the Board. We are thinking of them and wish them the best and thank them for all their work during their Board membership throughout the years.

EHF Executive Board: What it means

The President made it clear that we are all representing EHF and come to the meetings to work hard and make the right decisions together, in a transparent and clear way.

However, also as Board members, we have many different roles: we must lead the way in policy, and set out the correct processes to accomplish our goals together. We are also the public face of the EHF, which means that we are also communicators and representatives for the European Hockey family. In this way, we also serve as role models so we must be conscious of what we say and how we say it, because we are not only speaking for ourselves. Lastly, we as Board members must take ownership of our decisions and actions. We must be steadfast in our implementation and focus on our values. We must be open, transparent, but also, we must be neutral. When we are in the Board, we need to take the most objective position possible, no matter how difficult it may be and in our decisions, we must stand together.

The Minutes are published on the EHF website after they are approved by the Board.




Communications Committee Report
Simon Mason
Discussion  Simon Mason presented the report from the Communications Committee


The Committee has not met since the last Executive Board Meeting.


Update on Projects:  


Live Streaming 2017

On 16th August we launched www.eurohockeytv.org. On 18th August we presented the National Associations page to the NAs at the General Assembly. On 18th August we started streaming on www.eurohockeytv.org the Rabo EuroHockey Championships with some GEO blocking restrictions. Huge thanks are due to SportRadar, our partner who gave us excellent technical support to launch in a short time frame.

All EHF competitions will be available for all on this new platform.



EHF Hall of Fame – Kate Richardson-Walsh, Maartje Paumen and Moritz Fuerste have been successfully inducted into the Hall of Fame. All pages have been added to the website. The Hall of famers stories will be included into the content plan for the duration of 2017 in our #motivationmonday series. Marijke will meet with Teun de Nooijer to discuss a possible app for hockey skills.


Website – We had an attempt to corrupt the site during the EuroHockey Junior Championships in Valencia, this was managed and sorted.


Strategic Plan 2017 – 2024 – The theme Let’s Share was successfully delivered at the GA. The sharing table on Social Media was successful, albeit it could be better to consider a Communications Seminar with Comms managers in Europe to get the message to those who will delivering the social message, rather than Presidents or CEOS. Simon is reporting back to Grainne on feedback from our table.


Events 2017– we delivered the Hockey5s, EuroHockey Championships I, II, III and IV and EuroHockey Junior Championships I, II, III from July 5th – September 3rd. 85 articles on the site, 51 days of EuroHockey supported by hundreds of social media posts.


Event planning – 

2018 events – A Webinar with Outdoor hosts is set for 6th November. We have already conducted the Indoor host seminar. The focus over the coming 2 months is to get streaming contracts with hosts in place in accordance with budget for 2018.


Content planning –

Siobhán has a content planner in place for the rest of 2018, this includes planning for the Indoor season 2018 and how we build the conversations towards our 2018 events.

Plans are in place as to how this will be delivered by the office especially in Siobhán’s annual leave absence (9th November – 6th December).  Siobhán and Tom are working on how we build social conversations around our work on development and education, especially on our social channels.


Channel Report –


Twitter followers received an accelerated growth due to the EHC. Impressions are more telling, as we can see how many people engaged with our content during the EHC (over 3,000,000)


Again, growth during the EHC with a small dip at the end as the event is over. Facebook reach is more important to us (how many people we reach), which is significant over the EHC and shows some good engagement with our content.

Images and videos are our best tools.


Great growth rate over the summer with the takeovers and more content being created.

Our Website audience is static, as it seems to be a more mature audience that remains steady.

Impressions 2.5 + 300,000

Twitter: 10 million +4million

Facebook 12.2 million + 2.6 million

Instagram +20percent

Snapchat: use but no monitoring



Competitions Committee Outdoor Report
David Voskamp
Discussion David Voskamp and Walter Kapounek  presented the report from the Competitions Committee


Club Tournaments 2017

All TD reports of the club events in 2017 were considered. Some transport and food issues occurred.


During the men’s Trophy in Elektrostal certain organisational things were not arranged which also were not arranged during last year’s indoor events hosted by the same club. The Committee suggests to the EB to send a letter to this club to inform them of the need to improve their organisation before future events are awarded to them.


Due to LTU U21 withdrew from the Junior Championship II in Lucerne a draw had to be made between BLR and SUI and BLR was drawn as the team who will take over the spot of the relegated team of Championship II, being UKR. This means UKR is 1st reserve and SUI 2nd reserve for Championship II, unless more NAs enter the Championship III in 2019 and a real event could be held.

The Competitions Manager will inform SUI of this decision after the EB meeting.


BUL boys wants to enter the Championship III in Konya in 2018 making it 8 teams. However, some teams will most likely withdraw from the event, but more will be known nearer the withdrawal deadline of 15 January.


After the EB meeting we must invite all U16, Junior and Senior teams to participate in the 2019 events. The dates for 2019 that we asked and received approval for of FIH are:

-U16 (hockey5s) Championships: between 3-8 July 2019

-U21 Championships: between 13-28 July 2019

-Senior Championships II-III-IV: between 3-18 August 2019.

FIH however might change their calendar, but nothing will be known until their EB will meet at the end of this year.


The Committee considered the late withdrawals and the fines the Disciplinary Commissioner has made and believed the fines were far too low. It was noted that the EB will discuss a proposal from the Disciplinary Commissioner for a new fine system.


Consideration of TD reports from the Hockey5s Championships

The overall feeling was that the events went well despite some late withdrawals.

The format of the 9-team girls event with 23 matches in total was not felt the best by some teams, but it was felt the least worst option by EHF.

In the girls’ event some head injuries occurred where the shooting from everywhere regulation could be looked at by FIH.

The survey done by EHF afterwards with the staff of the teams was noted and will be send to FIH for their consideration.


Consideration of TD reports from the Senior and Junior Championships

The tickety prices for spectators was high in Valencia but the CCO believes EHF cannot get involved in setting a maximum amount for ticket prices.


The type of hockey balls used in events were discussed as it came back in various TD reports. Currently FIH only has the Kookaburra Elite ball as approved ball, but this ball costs 25-30€ per ball. This is too expensive for most of our EHF hosts and for events played on sand based pitches this ball can’t be used at all. The CCO determined a Working Group to discuss with FIH and to draft an EHF accepted balls list for lower level competitions. Simon informed the Board that the FIH is already reviewing its guidelines and tests for approved balls.


At the end of the U21 event in St. Petersburg the Scotland Men’s U21 players and Management Team went for a meal at a recommended restaurant 500 yards from the tournament Hotel to celebrate the end of their European U21 Tournament and without provocation were sadly attacked by some local soccer fans.


During various events issues with TUR teams happened. The Committee suggests to the EB to send a letter to TUR to inform them of the need to improve their organisation and clubs.


EuroHockey Club Cup, Trophy and Challenges (Men & Women) 2018

Trophy (M)

Offers to host: WAC (AUT), HC Minsk (BLR).

WAC was awarded the Trophy event.


Pool A: KS AZS AWF Poznan (POL), Grange HC (SCO), HC Minsk (BLR), SC Stroitel Brest (BLR)

Pool B: HC Bra (ITA), HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI), WAC (AUT), HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR)


Challenge I (M)

Offers to host: Servette HC Geneva (SUI), SK Slavia Prague (CZE), Clube de Futebol Uniao de Lamas (POR), AD Lousada (POR)

Servette HC Geneva was awarded the Challenge I event


Pool A: ASD SH Paolo Bonomi (ITA), AD Lousada (POR), HAHK Mladost (CRO), Clube de Futebol Uniao de Lamas (POR)

Pool B: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), TJ Plzen Litice (CZE), Slagelse Hockeyklub (DEN), Servette HC Geneva (SUI)


Challenge II (M)

Offers to host: Grammarians HC (GIB), HK Lipovci (SLO)

Lipovci were awarded the Challenge II event.


Pool A: Whitchurch HC (WAL), Bolu Belediyesi SK (TUR) HC Zelina (CRO), Asteras Agion Anargiron HC (GRE)

Pool B: FHC Academia Plus Sofia (BUL), Grammarians HC (GIB), KPH Rača (SVK), HK Lipovci (SLO)


Challenge III (M)

No offer to host was received unfortunately.

Therefore, a draw was held to determine the club that has to host the event.

Zuvedra Tauras (LTU) was drawn and would be informed that they were to host the event. Copenhagen HC (DEN) was drawn as second club in case the first drawn club would refuse. Zuvedra Tauras has explained that they are not able to host so Copenhagen HC (DEN) will be informed that they have to host.


Pool A: Copenhagen HC (DEN), Baltic Champs (LTU), HC Cherkassy Region (UKR), Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR)

Pool B: Nacka LHK (SWE), Kringsjå Sportsklubb (NOR), Sliema Hotsticks HC (MLT), Zuvedra Tauras (LTU)


Challenge IV (M)

No offer to host was received unfortunately.

Therefore, a draw was held to determine the club that has to host the event.

HC Kilppari (FIN) was drawn and would be informed that they were to host the event. Floriana Young Stars HC (MLT) was drawn as second club in case the first drawn club would refuse. Monday 23rd October Finland will come back with a definitive answer.

2 new entries were drawn: ABC-Team (FIN) was 7th ranked team and Építők HC (HUN) 8th.


Pool A: Floriana Young Stars HC (MLT), HC Kilppari (FIN), HK Moravske Toplice (SLO), Építők HC (HUN)

Pool B: Soroksári – Olcote HC (HUN), FHC Slavia 1921 (BUL), Mortensrud-Aker SK (NOR), ABC-Team (FIN)


Trophy (W)

Offers to host: Monkstown HC (IRL), Lille MHC (FRA)

Monkstown was awarded the event.


Pool A: Holcombe HC (ENG), GHC Ritm Grodno (BLR), MSC Sumchanka (UKR), SK Slavia Prague (CZE)

Pool B: CSP Krylatskoye (RUS), Junior FC (ESP), Monkstown HC (IRL), Lille MHC (FRA)


Challenge I (W)

Offers to host: after no offers to host were received before the first deadline, EHF asked clubs to reconsider and Edinburgh University HC (SCO) offered to host. As they were the only offer, they were awarded the event.


Pool A: Edinburgh University HC (SCO), Swansea City (WAL), HC Metrostroy (RUS), HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI)

Pool B: CUS Pisa (ITA), Gintra Strekte Uni HC (LTU), Braxgata HC (BEL), Clydesdale Western HC (SCO)


Challenge II (W)

Offers to host : SV Arminen (AUT), Douai HC (FRA), Zuvedra Tauras (LTU), Gantoise HC (BEL)

As already 2 events were going to AUT, Arminen was not taken into consideration this time.

Gantoise has 2 brand-new Polytan pitches and the last time a women’s club event was hosted in BEL was in 2013.

The Committee awarded the event to Gantoise HC in Ghent.


Pool A: Gantoise HC (BEL), Black Boys HC Geneve (SUI), HC 1972 Rakovník (CZE), SG Amsicora ASD (ITA)

Pool B: SV Arminen (AUT), Douai HC (FRA), AZS Politechnika Poznanska (POL), Zuvedra Tauras (LTU)


Challenge III (W)

Offers to host: Navax AHTC Wien (AUT), Grupo Desportivo do Viso (POR)

. As WAC is awarded the men’s Trophy, 2 events are hosted within 200m from each other in the Prater park in Vienna.


2 new entries were drawn: HC Zelina (CRO) was 7th ranked team and Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR) 8th. Kolos Boryspol (UKR) was a late new entry (entry form sent in well after the deadline date) so is first reserve team.


Pool A: Navax AHTC Wien (AUT), HAHK Mladost (CRO), Nacka LHK (SWE), Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR)

Pool B: Cardiff University Ladies HC (WAL), Copenhagen HC (DEN), Grupo Desportivo do Viso (POR), HC Zelina (CRO)


The following venues have been chosen:

EuroHockey Club Trophy, Men – Vienna (AUT)

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Men – Geneva (SUI)

EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Men – Lipovci (SLO) *

EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Men – Vilnius (LTU) *

EuroHockey Club Challenge IV, Men – TBC (FIN) *

EuroHockey Club Trophy, Women – Dublin (IRL)

EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Women – Edinburgh (SCO)

EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Women – Ghent (BEL)

EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Women – Vienna (AUT)


All hosts have been informed following the Competitions Committee Meeting and all Trophy and Challenge venues and pools have been published Thursday 21st September.


EuroHockey Club Cup, Women 

Offers to host: HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED), Surbiton (ENG), Club Campo Villa de Madrid (ESP)

EHF had received 3 offers to host the event. Having reviewed each of the bids EHF concluded that all bids offer the same minimum licence fee of €5000 and all other factors were very comparable.

As also the hosting of the Junior EHCC takes up a lot more time and effort, EHF was of the opinion that we would like to give the clubs who offered to host both events another opportunity to come back to EHF explaining in what way they would promote the event, if they are planning to arrange live streaming and what they would do to make sure the Junior EHCC would be a success.


Club Campo Villa de Madrid informed EHF they could not host both events. HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED) and Surbiton (ENG) came back with strong proposals. HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch hosted in 2017, has a great venue and are always good hosts.


Surbiton hasn’t hosted in many years. Airports that are close are Gatwick and Heathrow. England Hockey is fully supportive of their bid and has advised that they will provide both logistical support and PA equipment. The Junior EHCC they propose to play at a venue 3 km away from their venue.


The Committee was clear that the difference in licence fee and the fact that the last 4 years the EHCC was played in NED, was sufficient to recommend to the EB to award it to Surbiton HC.


The Executive Board discussed the license fee arrangement, the importance of the inclusion of the Junior EHCC and the different supporting factors of each bid.


The publication of the EHCC venue is scheduled to be on Tuesday morning 3rd October.




Entered in 2017

40 men’s teams (plus 24 EHL teams)

44 women’s teams


Participation in 2017

37 men’s teams (3 withdrew) (plus 24 EHL teams)

36 women’s teams (5 withdrew) (3 declined to play in Challenge III/IV)


Entered in 2018

40 men’s teams (plus 24 EHL teams)

40 women’s teams


How can the EHF improve to make sure all teams participate, particularly in the women’s side? Issues to consider: two extraordinary events: Belgian club champions withdrawal and Italy withdrawal. Continuous communication from Competitions Manager to support nations and reinforce that withdrawal is the last resort.

Regulations should be streamlined to make it clear to NA’s that withdrawing after the deadline comes with a penalty that increase the nearer it gets to the event.



The Executive Board had a long discussion on the recommendations received from the Competitions Outdoor Committee surrounding the issues in the EuroHockey Junior Championships in Valencia.

The first issue to decide was whether the matches could not be played due to force majeure.

The Board voted and agreed that force majeure was present and therefore the regulations do not cover the situation. The vote count was 9 yes, 2 abstentions and 1 absence.

Following this decision, the Executive Board considered the situation with the EuroHockey Junior Championship (Men). As there are no adverse consequences, the TDs’ decision to award Germany the bronze medal and for Spain to be declared 4th stands.

For the women’s tournament, the situation is more complex as one team must be relegated. Therefore, the Executive Board has decided that the next edition of the EuroHockey Junior Championship (Women) will be played as a 9-team tournament, with the EuroHockey Junior Championship II (Women) to be played as a 6 to 8 team tournament. This format is instituted in this case due to the extraordinary circumstances following the events in Valencia, and future editions of the Junior Championships will revert to the 8-team format.


More details on the tournament format will be decided in the Executive Board meeting in December.




Trophy Elektrostal: EB has agreed to send a letter
Turkey: EB has agreed to send a letter advising them about proper behaviour and expectations.
EHCC Host: The EB has decided to award Surbiton HC the 2018 EHCC.
The Executive Board voted and agreed that force majeure was present in Valencia. For the women’s tournament, the Executive Board has decided that the next edition of the EuroHockey Junior Championship (Women) will be played as a 9-team tournament, with the EuroHockey Junior Championship II (Women) to be played as a 6 to 8 team tournament. This format is instituted in this case due to the extraordinary circumstances following the events in Valencia, and future editions of the Junior Championships will revert to the 8-team format.




Regulations Working Group Report
David Voskamp
Discussion Regulations Working Group (RWG) report

The RWG met in Zagreb Friday 15th September and discussed various comments from TDs and the Competitions Manager.

Some things that were discussed or decided are:

·       The EHL has changed their goals system – 1 goal for a Penalty Corner scored and 2 goals for a field goal scored. The regulations will be updated accorcingly.


·       The EHF Office Bearers had decided to change the Entry List for EHL Round 2 teams from 26 to 29 players as per the request of England Hockey. Due to the Commonwealth Games being played shortly after the EHL, the ENG teams feared they didn’t have sufficient players to choose from. The 4 teams qualified from Round 1 to KO16 would be given the chance to add 3 players to their list.


·       The RWG proposes to the EB that from now on in all events a players list of 29 is used (instead of 26) to have 1 Entry List for all events and make it as clear as possible.


·       The RWG proposes that all persons mentioned on the Entry List as GK can play either as GK or as field player. Clubs however must mention 5 GKs per list so they can never say they have not listed enough GKs on the. The sentence in the regulations – If these goalkeepers wish to be included as field players, their names also must appear on the list of 21 players – will be deleted.


·       The RWG decided that no paper Entry Lists are needed anymore as NAs can submit this via the TMS/AltiusRT system. At FIH events this procedure is already the case. NAs still have to submit the Team Registration Report, which comes out of TMS/AltiusRT after everything has been submitted.


·       The current regulations do not say what happens in the EuroHockey Championships when the host of the following Championships is relegated. E.g. As in 2019 the event is held in Belgium, what would have happened when one or both teams of BEL would have been relegated during the event in Amsterdam. Appendix A 2.6 says: Notwithstanding anything else in these regulations, which tournament nations shall be entitled to play in, and the ranking of the pools within each tournament, shall be a matter entirely within the discretion of EHF. The RWG will make a suggestion for the Competitions Committee to consider at its next meeting.





The Executive Board agreed to use one entry list for all events with 29 players and that the players mentioned on the list may play as a GK or as a field player.
The Executive Board did not wish to change the regulations regarding hosts and transport requirements.



Competitions Committee Indoor Report
Discussion Indoor Championships 2018

Men: 12-14 January 2018

Women: 19-21 January 2018

Pools based on FIH Indoor World Ranking.

Men’s Indoor Championship – Antwerp (BEL)



Men’s Indoor Championship II – Alanya (TUR)



Men’s Indoor Championship III – Nicosia (CYP)

One pool:


Women’s Indoor Championship – Prague (CZE)



Women’s Indoor Championship II – Brussels (BEL)



Women’s Indoor Championship III – Puconci (SLO)

One pool: SVK/TUR/SLO

SVK did enter indoor Champ III W.

TUR confirmed they will travel so we will have 3-team event in Puconci played in 2 days. One pool: SVK/TUR/SLO

Match schedules are made and confirmed with hosts/FIH and will be published on the website shortly.

EHF and CYP spoke during EHC2017 in Amsterdam regarding the hosting of the event. Their main struggle is how to get side-boards. EHF already explained them they cannot help financially.

EuroHockey Indoor Club Championships 2018

Men’s:              16-18 February 2018

Women’s:        23-25 February 2018


Cup (Men) – HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)

Pool A: KTHC Rot-Weiss Koln (GER), Surbiton HC (ENG), Dinamo Elektrostal (RUS), HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)

Pool B: SV Arminen (AUT), AH&BC Amsterdam (NED), SPV Complutense (ESP), Racing Club de Bruxelles (BEL)


Trophy (Men) – HC Minsk (BLR)

Pool A: KS Pomorzanin Torun (POL), Slagelse Hockeyklub (DEN), Grove Menzieshill (SCO), HC Bra (ITA)

Pool B: Partille SC (SWE), HC Minsk (BLR), Hockey Klub Zelina (CRO), Lille MHC (FRA)


Challenge I (Men) – SK Slavia Prague (CZE)

Pool A: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), SK Senkvice (SVK), Soroksári HC (HUN), Gaziantep Polisgücü (TUR)

Pool B: AD Lousada (POR), HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR), Cardiff & Met (WAL), HK Lipovci (SLO)


Challenge II (Men) – Tbilisi Club (GEO)

One POOL: RHC Lokomotiv 1929 (BUL), Three Rock Rovers (IRL), Kringsjå Sports Klubb (NOR), Tbilisi Club (GEO), HC Kilppari (FIN), Hrazdan HC (ARM), Klevas – Siauliai (LTU)

NB HK Elektrovojvodina (SRB) withdrew before the deadline


Cup (Women) –  Dundee Wanderers (SCO)

Pool A: UHC Hamburg (GER), Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (ESP), SV Arminen (AUT), Dundee Wanderers (SCO)

Pool B: GHC Ritm Grodno (BLR), HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI), AH&BC Amsterdam (NED), MSC Sumchanka (UKR)


Trophy (Women) – SK Slavia Prague (CZE)

Pool A: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), HC Gintra Strekte Uni (LTU), Ards Ladies HC (IRL), HAHK Mladost (CRO)

Pool B: Royal Evere White Star HC (BEL), Slough HC (ENG), Stade Francais (FRA), Dinamo Elektrostal (RUS)


Challenge I (Women) – HK Moravske Toplice (SLO)

Venue: HK Moravske Toplice (SLO)

One group: Partille SC (SWE), CUS Pisa (ITA), Lisbon Casuals HC (POR), FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL), HK Moravske Toplice (SLO), Whitchurch Saints HC (WAL), Bolu Belediyesi Spor Kulübü (TUR)


EHF has held a webinar with the indoor club hosts in July already to explain what is expected from them.

EHF Competitions Manager visited the venue in SLO in August.

The draft match schedules have been sent to the various hosts and confirmation is now sought from them.


Information EuroHockey Indoor Junior Championships 2019

Men: 11-13 January 2019

Women: 18-20 January 2019

Junior Championship (Men)

Venue: Vienna (AUT)


Junior Championship (Women)

Venue: Tarnowskie Gory (POL)


After confirmation from RUS was received in July about their participation, the teams per venue were announced on the website.


Marijke thanked Walter for his presentation.




EuroHockey League
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus updated the Board on the Euro Hockey League. Last season was a great season, both on the pitch and financially. Profit was about €50,000, and costs were as projected. From 2018, we have included in the EHF budget a dividend from EHL.

Hosts have been arranged for the coming years: Rotterdam and Oranje-Rood for the KO16. There is also an arrangement with the city of Barcelona to host 3 Round 1 (2017, 2018, 2019) and 1 Final Four (2020).

Discussions are ongoing with the countries involved in the ProLeague to preserve the place for EHL in the calendar. We have to work together to make sure we work for solutions to preserve our contractual obligations and what is best for the competition and the players. The wish is to keep KO16 and Final4 as two separate events.

The President urged Board members to work on this with their respective NAs to reach a solution together. She also expressed her thanks to Angus for all his work in EHL administration.




Development Projects Report
Carola Meyer
Discussion Carola presented the Development Committee report:

EHF/KNHB Sharing Knowledge Project:

Twinning 2017

Carola gave a brief explanation on Twinning for the new Board members. Twinning is a club/nation interchange, where Dutch clubs share knowledge with smaller, developing hockey countries.

  • Belarus- Push HC. Herman Kruis has made several visits. BHF now has a new President and Sec. General and Herman feels their planning and reliability will show improvements going forward. Good success with their team in Cardiff. Herman plans a coach seminar and umpire seminar 16-20 October in Belarus. Neighbour nations Lithuania and Ukraine have been invited.
  • Lithuania – Push/Victory HC Sven van der Most visited in July and conducted training camps for their coaches and players. Their coaches have been invited to Belarus to continue this development.
  • Ukraine – Spanderbos HC Hien The, conducted a coaches’ seminar in Ukraine for 15 coaches from Sumy and Vinnitsa in June 2017. 2 young leaders attended the Youth Festival and 8 kids from Ukraine joined the EHF Sportways Camp in Amsterdam.

Later this year Gabrielle Van Doorn will visit to deliver a Club Development workshop.

Also plans underway for their National Indoor squad to visit Spanderbos as part of their preparations for the Indoor season 2018.

  • Croatia – Oosterbeek HC  29 Sept, 6 representatives from Split will visit Oosterbeek for 3 days to receive umpire training and club development training. Plan is for Albert to revisit Split to check on the ground progress in late October. Luca gave a very impressive presentation during the EHF GA, so the passion is there. We just should “slow” them down and focus them on sustainable club centred hockey
  • Czech Rep – HOD 2 coaches from HOD visit CR 15-17 Sept to support and train local coaches in Rakovnik outside Prague. They have further plans of support for an online umpires’ resource and club development via KNHB/HOD.
  • Bulgaria – Athena HC Summer Camp in Albena proved a big success with a large group of kids and coaches going to Bulgaria. 6 members of clubs from Bulgaria will visit Athena HC to cover club development and youth training.
  • Poland – Kampong HC Kampong coaches are going to Poland in October to conduct training with local coaches and Mateusz is bringing a group to Kampong later in 2017.
  • Turkey – KNHB This project has slowed down as Turkey have been very busy sending many teams around tournaments. Michel Kinnen is linking with THF in September and will report back. Our desire is to shift our support from Turkey to other regions in need of workforce training. This topic will be a main discussion topic at DPC in October and we will report back to the board in December.
  • Austria- Orange Rood – This project is leading the way in becoming self sustaining.  Activity planned for November with the Austrian team visiting Oranje Rood with a full group including – Coaches/Umpires and players


  • Panel/Festival

30 young leaders had an unforgettable experience in Amsterdam comprising a variety of workshops and events.

From this group Leen Ryckx and Kostas plan to form a new Young Leaders panel comprising those members who stay active and want to add value to EHF events.

  • EHF Sportways Camp (Official Side Event)

8 Coaches for Europe coaches and over 100 kids from our C4E and Twinning nations took part in this pilot. Chats on site suggest this was a major success but we have sent out evaluation forms to all C4E coaches to ensure this was and will be a valuable part of their programme.

  • EHF Caravan

Tomislav Jamicic and Dick Besters delivered a very successful Caravan again in Slovakia and Hungary 1-7 July. They coached the local coaches as well as delivering day camps for the local youth players. 17 local coaches and 94 players were involved this year.



Very successful event staged in Amsterdam with 9 nations. Format was 3 pools -Championship/Trophy/Challenge.  Meetings were held at Pinoke HC with INAS President Marc Trufault and Jose Pereira (Sec – European INAS).  ParaHockey was upgraded from a demonstration sport in INAS European Games in Paris 2018 to a full status/ official sport.

  • Winners of the 3 pools were:
    • Portugal with Italy RU
    • The Netherlands with Belgium RU
    • England and Spain joint winners

CLUB of the YEAR

This award was successfully presented to both winning clubs during the Euro Championships on the main pitch. SG Rotation Prenzlauer Berg (GER) – Large
Grove Menzieshill (SCO) – Small


Give and Get

Carola urged all Board members to make sure to donate equipment, gear and pitches.


All NAs replied apart from Moldova, Estonia and Azerbaijan. DPC and Education Committees will now collate all the data – not just the player numbers and use the findings to inform future decisions


At EHF General Assembly we said goodbye to Gianni Rossi our chair. Gianni has worked long and hard and with passion for over 20 years and we will all miss his impact on our work. We wish to formally thank Gianni for all his support and leadership. Ciao Gianni.





Inez Cooper
Discussion Inez presented the Education Committee report:

Education Committee – Umpires

UDP Programmes for 2017 are all under way.  All Groups were in Amstelveen, with Group 9 graduating there. Other upcoming events will take place around EHL R1 in October.

Selection for UDP 12 in progress following Breda assessment. Selection performed by Paul Box-Grainger, Ray O’Connor and Craig Gribble with input from the mentors. A meeting will be held in January with Henrik Ehlers and two UDP graduates to discuss how the programme can improve and move forward.

U4E – Another successful Umpiring Pathway (U4E/UDP) was held in Breda.

SNG – First Level 1 Umpire Coaching course held in Breda with 16 attendees. Course supported with financial support from the FIH Academy. Review will be held at October meeting, but initial feedback has been very positive.

The new 2-3-year development plan for NAs Announced and promoted – delivered by SNG mentors at both the Assembly and at Breda.

Looking Forward:  Following the direction of the last Board meeting, we have agreed to hold a Workshop on UDP in early January considering new FIH Appointments pathway structure (to be agreed in October) and Henrik Ehlers and 2 UDP graduates will join the workshop (Laurine Delforge and Marcin Grochal). Prior to the workshop we will also look to take input from the Umpires Group.





Education Committee – Officials
Inez Cooper
Discussion Activities in 2017:

UM seminar in Amsterdam (NED) at EuroHockey Championships, 19-21 August 2017

During the Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017 in Amsterdam an UM Seminar was organised in cooperation with KNHB, FIH and FIH Hockey Academy in the weekend of 19-21 August. The chair of the Organizing Committee was Yolande Brada (NED).

The seminar has been a huge success with 36 participants from all over the world, good interaction between FIH and EHF. A big “Thank you” to Yolande for all the efforts and energy she has put in to this!

One point to discuss for the future, how can we promote that there will be a session on interaction between Technical Officials (TD/TO) and UM’s?

Technical Officials seminar (Basic level – Judges), 25-27 August 2017

The EHF TO seminar (Basic level – Judges) has been held again in Breda at HC PUSH.  The course conductors were Sylvie Petitjean (FRA), Anne Witherspoon (SCO), Barry Anderson (ENG) and Sonja-Annabel Swede (GER). Peter de Leeuw (NED) and Caroline van de Leur (BEL) were acting as TD/TO and liaison to the OC of HC Push.

The participation fee was EUR 100.

In total 26 participants from 16 different European countries participated in the seminar, with a good geographical spread of participants.

The feedback reports were (again) very positive. The practical sessions at the pitch were appreciated, the classroom sessions very informative and mixed groups encourage interaction between the participants.

The hospitality and meals were great at HC Push. The accommodation was fine and the transport possibilities ok. It is recommended to use the Amrath Hotel again soon.

It has been appreciated that EHF Board and Committee members took the opportunity to visit the tournament in Breda (a big “thank you” to Carola, Rogier, Barbara and Edna).

Craig Gribble, FIH Officials and Appointments Manager, and André Oliveira,

FIH Academy and Education Manager, came to visit Breda.

Together with Paul Box Grainger and his film crew, they were filming for FIH Education purposes:

–  Equipment and stick checks

–  Managing timing and scoreboard

–  Managing substitutions and suspended players

–  Managing team benches

Edna will ask Paul Box, Craig and Andre to give feedback and to find a way to share these films for Educational purposes in the future.

Planning 2017 – 2020

The Committee will continue planning the following activities:

–           2017 TD (intermediate / refresher) – refresher course for TD’s and seminar for potential new TDs to be held in Brussels (BEL) in December.

o          This seminar is on special request of EHF Appointments committee to fulfil the requirements of the ‘new’ appointments criteria

–           2018 TO level (intermediate) – refresher course for TO’s and seminar for potential TOs to move up (planning March/April 2018

–           TO basic level (judges) – starting judges/refresher course for judges (Breda, NED) (planning August 2018)

–           2019 Top TD level – refresher course for Top TD’s and seminar for potential TDs to move up –  possible timing to be discussed at Committee meeting: EuroHockey Championships in BEL

–           2019 TO basic level (judges) – starting judges/refresher course for judges (Breda, NED)

–           2019 Second location in BEL or GER as proposed

–           2019 UM seminar

Cooperation with FIH and FIH World Academy of Sports

FIH and FIH World Academy of Sports successfully participated in the UM seminar in Amsterdam (NED).

Edna Rutten has spoken again, to Craig Gribble about cooperation with FIH Academy. Edna suggested to make an e-learning module on Equipment- and Stick checks. Paul Box Grainger showed his interest and together with his Filming Crew in Breda, shots were taken.

New feedback report on TO’s

This project has started, and EHF TDs have been asked to fill in the new feedback reports as well. In the next meeting these reports will be evaluated.

Cooperation with Youth Panel: Education of Technical Officials ParaHockey

Edna Rutten has spoken to Leen Ryckx and in September both will draft a five-year education plan.





Inez Cooper
Discussion Education Committee – Coaches

Top Coaches Programme (TCP)

EHF TCP coaches linked with the FIH Academy coaches from across the world from 20-25th August in Amsterdam. The group was split into 2 sections.

    • 1st year TCP coaches attended the FIH Level 3 seminar mentored by David Passmore, Thomas Tichelman, Grahame Mansell Grace, Darren Cheesman, Denis Pritchard. This group had 19 delegates from 15 nations (2 from Pan Am and 1 from Oceania). 11 EHF TCP members attended this seminar and 4 passed their FIH Academy Level 3 award.
    • 2nd year TCP coaches attended the High-Performance seminar mentored by Michel Kinnen, Siegfried Aikman, Chris Clemens. This group had 16 delegates from nations. 7 EHF TCP members attended this seminar and 6 achieved the competencies required (1 coach only attended part time due to his involvement with ParaHockey team).

Plans well underway for 2018 programmes

    • Indoor seminar linked with FIH Academy Berlin Feb 2018.
    • Outdoor seminar linked to Champions Trophy Men Breda June 2018.
  • 2 Webinars still to be delivered during October and November.

Coaches for Europe (C4E)

EHF C4E coaches linked to EHF Sportways Summer Camp (an official side event at EuroHockey Championships) 20-25 August.

Each coach brought 5-8 children from their nation. These kids received a special discounted rate. The coaches staffed the camp alongside Sportways Dutch coaches, so it was a very intensive 5 days coaching experience for them. We have sent evaluation forms out to all the C4E coaches as this was a pilot event and the feedback from Czech Rep already is most positive.


Supporting National Growth (SNG)

Malta is now scheduled for November (FIH Academy Level 1) Norbert Nederlof to be the Educator. Greece had to cancel due to too few delegates to make the investment worthwhile. There will be a Balkan indoor seminar on 25th November and in Norway there will also be an indoor seminar in November. Bernardo Fernandes to be the Educator.


The lack of female coach nominations in 2016-17 so we plan to prioritise female coach applications for all programmes in 2018-19.

We have met with FIH Academy manager Andre Oliviera and agreed partnership work for 2018-19.

Inez remarked on the huge contribution that Norman Hughes has made to the Coaching group and how new leadership will need to be established moving forward.

Marijke wished to thank Inez for all the work and looked forward to receiving an update in December.






Strategic Plan
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus gave a presentation on the EHF’s Strategic Plan, which was launched at our General Assembly in Dubai in 2016. The full plan is available on the EHF website: https://testceelect.co.uk/strategic-plan/.

He discussed how the plan is our guiding principle, and focused particularly on the efforts made to bring our plan in line with the FIH and the Hockey Revolution. This joined up thinking means that all Continental Federations speak the same language and are working towards the same goals, in their own ways.

He also underlined the importance of the EHF values of inclusivity, positivity, accountability and dynamism.




Operations Plan
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus presented the EHF Operations Plan to the Executive Board. The Operations Plan is delivered to the FIH and contains the same headings as the Strategic plan, but it lays out the actual activities planned for the professional staff and committees to deliver that will drive the strategy.

The President remarked to the Executive Board that when possible, it’s important to offer support and assistance to the staff and Angus so all goals and activities are accomplished and delivered.




Commercial Plans
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus presented to the Board an update on the commercial plans for the EHF in the coming years. The focus for EHF is to bring in new forms of revenue and to monetize our activities and events. We have done a lot of work in getting our TV, streaming and social media in place and now the next phase is to maximise the value available from our various platforms.

Where we are today: Angus explained the current situation with our sponsors, two of whom have contracts until the end of 2017. Discussions are being held with our existing sponsors and with some new prospects, announcements will be made by the December Board meeting.

Angus also spoke about the expansion of the Communications Committee to include a Marketing/Commercial group, which would serve to advise who to approach and how, and how to maximise opportunities for sponsorship and revenue creation.

Angus also updated the Board on the recently launched streaming platform, which EHF hopes will provide a home for hockey and assist our NAs in spreading their national leagues and matches more broadly. The platform currently has over 25,0000 registered users, since its August launch. Geographic split of users covers Europe and the US. Profit is negligible at this point, but there has been zero cost, so the potential for success is very high.

The main aims for the near future is to continue to grow the community and build content, not just with future competitions but also by archiving the content we already have. This will include EHL, and NA links. Target is 10 nations by end of 2017.

Angus also informed the Board of an offer to purchase betting rights for our Indoor Competitions. The Board asked that a statement be prepared on our position regarding betting.

Lastly, Angus informed the Board that Tom Pedersen-Smith is beginning to work on more actively pursuing EU Agency/Institutions funding as part of his role.





New Committee Approach
Marijke Fleuren
Discussion The President presented a proposal for the new committees.

The Criteria for Committee membership and selection is as follows:

§  Every nominating NAs will have at least one person selected

§  At least 2 women in each committee, with a preference for 3 where possible. (at least 2 of the gender that is less represented)

§  New talent must be given a chance

§  History of committee attendance and performance for prior members

§  NA to financially support

§  Good level of English

§  Relationship between the number of playing members of an NS and number of appointed committee members.

Terms of reference will be updated and will be sent to all NAs with the committee application papers in the coming weeks.

The Office Bearers make an initial selection for proposal to the Executive Board to approve in their December meeting.

Changes to Committee structure

The Communications Committee to be combined with a Marketing Committee. Simon Mason and David Serrahima will be the Board members chairing the Communications and Marketing side respectively, with support from the Director General, the Communications Manager and the Operations and Partnerships Coordinator.

The Competitions Committees will retain their structure, with Walter Kapounek taking over Chairmanship of the Outdoor Committee and Casper ‘Guldbrandsen as the Chair of the Indoor Committee, both supported by the Competitions Manager. Vice-President Walter Kapounek also takes the lead in the Competitions Co-ordination Committee.

The Appointments Committee Chair remains Ray O’Connor, with EHF Operations and Partnerships Coordinator as support.

For Education and Development, Vice-President Carola Meyer continues in her coordination role, with Inez Cooper as Chair of Education Committee and Peter Elders as Chair of the Development Committee. Both committees are supported by the EHF Education and Development Manager

A new Facilities Committee will be created, chaired by Angus Kirkland and supported by the EHF Operations and Partnerships Coordinator.

The Finance Committee will continue to be chaired by Hon. Treasurer Mika Rihtila.


In practice, some of these are already in place, but the Board wished to formalise these roles as follows:

§  Eastern Europe Relations : Leonardas Caikauskas

§  International Relations : Pamela Michaelis

§  Legal: Patrick Keusters

§  Regulations Working Group: Erhard Hiessmayr

§  Disciplinary Commissioner: Tim Ollerenshaw



The Board agreed to the proposed criteria for new committees and the formalisation of the advisor roles.




FIH Report
Marijke Fleuren
Discussion Walter Kapounek, as member of the FIH Competitions Committee updated the Board on some of the items on the FIH agenda. A new ranking point allocation system is being discussed, with the inclusion of the ProLeague, the World League, the World Cup, Olympic Games, etc. A correct World Ranking procedure is very important, and a proposal will go to the FIH Board following the October Competitions Meeting. Angus stated that in previous Board meetings that it had been agreed and made clear that as HPL was a primarily a competition based on commercial attractiveness, as opposed playing ability, that any ranking should not afford participating teams the possibility of an advantage.

Some discussions are also being held surrounding the qualification procedure for the Olympic Games, and the competition calendar for the years to come.

Peter Elders updated the Board on the FIH Rules Committee, which will meet in mid-October. Agenda contains several important points, such as procedures and rules vs regulations. Some rules are also being reviewed, like the penalty corner. Clarification on match duration and times in terms of the rules will also be discussed. Hockey5s rules will also be discussed. The Board expressed its support for this, as the participating European teams have been giving feedback on this for the past 2 years.

The President updated the Board gave an update about progress of the HPL.

The President also informed the Board that David Luckes is leaving the FIH for a new job with the IOC.




Hon. Treasurer’s Report
 Mika Rihtila
Discussion The Hon. Treasurer presented his report of accounts to date and the forecast for 2018.

The Board wished to express its thanks to Marijke for her extraordinary efforts in terms of time and energy.


Mika also presented a proposal for some changes in the software and administration procedures used by the EHF to process its finances and accounts. Mika proposed to change over to a new system called Netvisor for all our accounting, with additional support for the local Belgian agency. Some further investigations are needed to fully understand the financial outlook, but the Board has agreed that Mika can continue to further investigate the cost implications and the Executive Board will make a decision after receiving the final report.


Marijke thanked Mika for his report.



Mika to continue work to compile a full report for the Executive Board to consider for approval before its December meeting.





Appointments Committee Report
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Nomination Period – Indoor TRIAL

An extraordinary period for nominating umpires and officials will open from Oct. 1st – Nov 1st, so NAs may add/remove any officials for 2018 Indoor tournaments. Therefore, no replacement will be made until November at the earliest (unless requested).

All NAs have already been notified, and the Committee will follow this trial closely and feedback in December/March.

Outdoor Nations

For nations, we made 279 umpire appointments where only 151 were accepted.  In red, we’ve highlighted the nations who have a 50% or less acceptance rate.


Surveys have been sent following the Outdoor season completion and the EHF staff has been asked for pertinent feedback as well.

Appointments 2018

Appointments have been made and published. Amendments may follow after the trial nomination period. Outdoor 2018 Appointments will be made during the October meeting.


The Committee will meet in Brussels on October 7th.




Disciplinary Commissioner Report
Angus Kirkland
Discussion The Disciplinary Commissioner has sent a lengthy proposal to consider fines and the reasoning behind withdrawals. The wish is to encourage nations to stay in the competitions, rather than withdraw. Nations/Clubs wishing to withdraw must make a verbal declaration of the reasoning behind the request to withdraw before it can be considered by the Disciplinary Commissioner.

Penalties have to be proportionate with the timing and consequences of a withdrawal, to not make a late withdrawal and fine more attractive than staying in the competition.




The Executive Board approved the Disciplinary Commissioner proposal.




Any Other Business
Discussion Future Meetings:

December 15/16, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

March 23/24, 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Marijke wished Yamila good luck on the upcoming arrival of her first child.  She thanked all the Board members for their work.



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