Day 2 EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Women, Morska Sobota

25th February 2018

25th February 2018: After Day 2 it’s Bolu and Partille that are top of the D Division with Whitchurch and Raca in danger of relegation at the bottom of Pool C. There was a big crowd in the hall supporting the games especially the home team.

Final Score: Pisa – Bolu  2-3

This was a great game to watch, as Bolu didn’t play their usual fast paced game.

Final Score: Whitchurch – Lisbon 3-5

This games was interesting because it was an open game but unfortunately for Whitchurch Lisbon were stronger and won the game.

Final Score: Partille  – Raca 3-2

A cracking game, tight end to end, Partille just got some lucky breaks and took the win.

Final Score: Moravske Toplice- Akademik 2-3

This was one of the best games of the day. Made more intense with the home crowd. Moravske Toplice almost won this game, but in the end Akademik got the one goal winner. 

Final Score: Raca-Whitsaints 2-2

These 2 were completely equal teams and both had big chances but unfortunately neither could take the win. 

Final Score: Moravske Toplice – Lisbon 3-3

This game was full of surprises. First Moravske Toplice let with 2-0 then later it was even turnaround and Lisbon lead with 2-3 and at end Moravske Toplice scored and it was equal and both had great chances.

Final Score: Akademik – Bolu 2-8

This was also a very nice game to see with full of surprises unexpected Akademik led the game. But then after some strong actions the Turks game back and starting to score and played a lot faster then earlier. It was a turnaround which paid off because they scored fast, one after the other in the second half. 




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