Posted On 18th April 2018

Executive Board Meeting


15th & 16th December 2017 EHF Office, Brussels Belgium MeetingExecutive BoardAttendees

Marijke Fleuren, Carola Meyer, Walter Kapounek, Mika Rihtila, Inez Cooper, Pamela Michaelis, Patrick Keusters, Peter Elders, Simon Mason, David Serrahima, Angus Kirkland

Ophélie Duquesne, EHF Administration Manager

Apologies: Leonardas Caikauskas

Agenda topics

President’s Welcome

Marijke Fleuren Discussion

The President welcomed the Board and especially David Serrahima who was attending his first Board meeting. It is an emotive time in Spain and David explained that the way things are going is not the right way but that hopefully things will become better in the coming weeks.

She also welcomed Ophélie Duquesne for her first meeting as EB liaison. She thanked the staff for their easy co-operation during the last year.

On Friday night it will be the first time ever the EHF had a Christmas party – it was time to say goodbye to some of the staff members and former EB members. Siobhán has prepared a nice Christmas video message.

Marijke emphasized the fact that it was important that the Board members are involved during and between the meetings as we go forward.

Not a lot of hockey happened in the last 3 months in Europe but we signed a great contract with Barcelona for the EHL for 4 coming years with sincere thanks to Jorge Alcover for all his work in securing this. The Pro League will however, challenge us in the organisation of the EHL.

Marijke stated that it was undeniable that the times are difficult at the FIH.

Marijke confirmed that the U14 girls EHCC will take place in Surbiton, which is really great as it is the second EHF U14 girls event organized.

The ParaHockey Forum will be held after the Board meeting at the EHF Office and she welcomed all the Board members to stay. Norman, who will act as a consultant for the FIH going forward and will lead ParaHOckey for FIH. Marijke congratuled Spain on their blossoming ParaHockey development with a league, sponsors and a lot of activity.

Marijke thanked everyone for being there and passed her apologies for Leonardas who is tied up with his NOC at this time.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Discussion: The minutes of the last Executive Board meeting which took place in Brussels on 29th & 30th September 2017 were reviewed and Angus went through all the action points and updated the board on them.  The Minutes were then approved.

Matters Arising

Discussion: Peter Elders confirmed that the rules for the Hockey5s at the Youth Olympics 2018 are set and wont be reviewed until after the YOG.

Competitions Committee – Outdoor Report

Walter Kapounek/David Voskamp


EHF has invited all U16, Junior and Senior teams to participate in the 2019 events and asked for applications to host. The deadline to respond was 30 November 2017.

The dates for 2019 that we received approval for of FIH are

-U16 (hockey5s) Championships: between 3-7 July 2019

-U21 Championships: between 13-21 July 2019

-Senior Championships II-III-IV: between 27 July-11 August 2019

-Senior Championships Antwerp: 16-25 August 2019

FIH however might change their calendar, but nothing will be known until their EB will meet at the end of this year.

Entries and applications to host will be considered by the CCO in March 2018 and recommendations will be send to the EB shortly after.

In the future, there might be a clash for the U21 and senior championships II with the Hockey Series. FIH are reviewing a proposal to move the U21 World Cup to 2021.

2019 EuroHockey Junior Championships (W)

The format of the 2019 EuroHockey Junior Championships (W) will be a 9-team tournament played over 9 days.  (1 pool of 5 teams (Pool A) and 1 pool of 4 teams (Pool B)) (24 matches-9 days)

Teams from pool B can come in 1 or possibly even 2 day later.

EuroHockey Club Cup, Trophy and Challenges (Men & Women) 2018

Challenge II (M)

The pitch in Lipovci (SLO) had an issue with their E-layer base which appeared at the Championship IV last summer. The EHF was aware that they were already working on repairing the pitch. The host, their NA and the construction company in charge of their pitch have all confirmed in writing that the pitch will be renovated and ready in May 2018 for the event. Therefore, it was published HK Lipovci was the host. Dates of the event: Thursday 17-Sunday 20 May 2018.

Challenge III (M)

No offer to host was received unfortunately, so therefore a draw was held to determine the club that had to host the event. Zuvedra Tauras (LTU) was drawn and was informed that they were to host the event. They however came back that their pitch wasn’t available. The other LTU club uses the same pitch so could also not host the event.

Copenhagen HC (DEN) was drawn as second club and were informed they had to host the event. They had some questions re the cost of hosting, but accepted in the end they had to host the event. Dates of the event: Friday 18-Monday 21 May 2018.

Challenge IV (M)

Unfortunately, no offer to host was received, so therefore a draw was held to determine the club that had to host the event. HC Kilppari (FIN) was drawn and was informed that they were to host the event. They however came back that their pitch wasn’t suitable. The other team from FIN (ABC-Team) however was interested to host the event in Helsinki. After negotiations by the 2 clubs and their NA, it was decided that both FIN clubs would host the event with the support of the NA, but that ABC-Team would be the lead host. Dates of the event: Thursday 17-Sunday 20 May 2018.


All 3 venues were published end of October. All hosts have received their draft match schedules which will be published as soon as they have agreed to them.

EuroHockey Club Cup, Women 

Surbiton (ENG) came back to EHF shortly after they were awarded the event, that they made a mistake with the event dates. As Whitsun Monday in England is not a public holiday they wanted the event to start Thursday 17 and end Sunday 20 May 2018. This was accepted and the change was published shortly afterwards.

The Competitions and Communications Manager visited the venue end of October and had a meeting with the club. They are very positive and eager to host the event. The venue for the Junior EHCC was also visited.

Junior EHCC (U14)

The deadline for responding which team will participate was 1 December. All 8 girls U14 teams of the same 8 senior teams have been invited and at this time we have 5 entries and waiting on a possible sixth team.


EHL Round 1 was held in October in Barcelona. The teams of HC Bloemendaal (NED), Racing Club de Bruxelles (BEL), HTC Uhlenhorst Mülheim (GER) and St. Germain (FRA) won their pool and advanced to the KO16. The KO16 draw was held mid-October and the match schedule was published 1 November.

ABN AMRO Junior EHL (U14)

The deadline for responding which team will qualify was 1 December. Of the top 6 senior men’s countries 1 team per NA is able to participate.

NED: HC Bloemendaal qualified in a 3-match playoff with the other 2 Dutch clubs.

GER: HTC Uhlenhorst Mülheim is their representative because of the better results at the German youth Championships compared to the other clubs interested.

IRL: Three Rock Rovers will participate.

BEL: Racing Club de Bruxelles will participate

ESP: Club de Polo will participate

ENG : to be finalized

The match schedule will be determined in December.

EuroHockey U18 Championships 2018

No changes or withdrawals to date. The withdrawal deadline is however 15 January 2018.

Boy’s Championship: Santander (ESP)


Dates:Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018

Boy’s Championship II: Cardiff (WAL)


Dates:Sunday 22- Saturday 28 July 2018

Boy’s Championship III: Konya (TUR)


Dates:Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018

CYP: withdrawn and pools amended accordingly

Girl’s Championship: Santander (ESP)


Dates:Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018

Girl’s Championship II: Rakovník (CZE)


Dates:Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018

Girl’s Championship III: Konya (TUR)


Dates:Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018


In the last EB it was discussed how the EHF could improve to make sure all teams participate, particularly in the women’s side.

Regulations have been amended to make it clear to NA’s that withdrawing after the deadline comes with a penalty that increase the nearer it gets to the event. In Stockholm in June 2016 a discussion on the issue of travel fees’ assistance was raised by Mika where he presented a proposal into a travel subsidy cost programme for lowest division tournaments. It was decided that further research was needed before making a final decision and would be tabled for the Mach EB meeting.

The deadline for the entries for 2019 was the 1st December. Not all the NA’s entered everything in time but we have offers to host for each tournament, which is positive.

On the men side, we have the same numbers of teams that entered than last time and for the women we have 3 more teams.

For the Junior tournaments, we also received offers to host for each of them.

Regarding the U16, we received offers to host for almost all the tournaments. Number of teams that entered are slightly less for the boys and the girls.

Priorities for Committee for the next period:

-onging support to all outdoor club/nations hosts

-updating Regulations and Event Manuals

The next meeting will take place on Saturday 17 March 2018 in Brussels (BEL) from 9.00-16.00h. The September 2018 meeting will be held on Saturday 8 September 2018. Venue TBC.

Competitions Committee Indoor Report

Walter Kapounek


Indoor Championships 2018

Men: 12-14 January 2018

Women: 19-21 January 2018

Men’s Indoor Championship – Antwerp (BEL)



Men’s Indoor Championship II – Alanya (TUR)



Men’s Indoor Championship III – Nicosia (CYP)

One pool:


GEO withdrew and GRE came in as new entry.

Women’s Indoor Championship – Prague (CZE)



Women’s Indoor Championship II – Brussels (BEL)



Women’s Indoor Championship III – Apače (SLO)

One pool: SVK/TUR/SLO

Initially it should be played in Puconci, but the host could not get the hall so a new venue some kms away has been arranged and accepted by EHF.

EuroHockey Indoor Club Championships 2018

Men’s:16-18 February 2018

Women’s: 23-25 February 2018

Cup (Men) – HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)

Pool A: KTHC Rot-Weiss Koln (GER), Surbiton HC (ENG), Dinamo Elektrostal (RUS), HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)

Pool B: SV Arminen (AUT), AH&BC Amsterdam (NED), SPV Complutense (ESP), Racing Club de Bruxelles (BEL)

Trophy (Men) – HC Minsk (BLR)

Pool A: KS Pomorzanin Torun (POL), Slagelse Hockeyklub (DEN), Grove Menzieshill (SCO), HC Bra (ITA)

Pool B: Partille SC (SWE), HC Minsk (BLR), Hockey Klub Zelina (CRO), Lille MHC (FRA)

Challenge I (Men) – SK Slavia Prague (CZE)

Pool A: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), SK Senkvice (SVK), Soroksári HC (HUN), Gaziantep Polisgücü (TUR)

Pool B: AD Lousada (POR), HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR), Cardiff & Met (WAL), HK Lipovci (SLO)

Challenge II (Men) – Tbilisi Club (GEO)

One POOL: RHC Lokomotiv 1929 (BUL), Three Rock Rovers (IRL), Kringsjå Sports Klubb (NOR), Tbilisi Club (GEO), HC Kilppari (FIN), Hrazdan HC (ARM), Klevas – Siauliai (LTU)

Cup (Women) –  Dundee Wanderers (SCO)

Pool A: UHC Hamburg (GER), Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (ESP), SV Arminen (AUT), Dundee Wanderers (SCO)

Pool B: GHC Ritm Grodno (BLR), HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI), AH&BC Amsterdam (NED), MSC Sumchanka (UKR)

Trophy (Women) – SK Slavia Prague (CZE)

Pool A: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), HC Gintra Strekte Uni (LTU), Ards Ladies HC (IRL), HAHK Mladost (CRO)

Pool B: Royal Evere White Star HC (BEL), Slough HC (ENG), Stade Francais (FRA), Dinamo Elektrostal (RUS)

Challenge I (Women) – HK Moravske Toplice (SLO)

Venue: HK Moravske Toplice (SLO)

Pool A: Partille SC (SWE), FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL), HK Moravske Toplice (SLO), KPH Rača (SVK)

Pool B: CUS Pisa (ITA), Lisbon Casuals HC (POR), Whitchurch Saints HC (WAL), Bolu Belediyesi Spor Kulübü (TUR)

The SVK team entered after the deadline making it an 8-team event.

EHF Competitions Manager will visit the events in BEL (W), CYP and GEO.

FIH published new Indoor Regulations in November. Whilst there are several amendments, most are linked to having the same or similar wording as in Outdoor Regulations. However, one change is re Appendix 1, where the procedure for requesting a time-out in an international competition is clarified. Teams have to address this to the TO and the TO will decide when to stop the match.

Priorities for Committee for the next period:

-Ongoing support and advice to host venues and participating teams and nations for Indoor tournaments 2018.

-Deal with any queries from participating nations and clubs accordingly.

Casper will write to members if he doesn’t see them personnaly in Berlin.

Next meeting

May 2018 meeting tbc after new CCI has been installed.

Provisional date: Date: May 5, 2018

It was noted that there is an increase in teams participating to the different tournaments.

 Euro Hockey League

Angus Kirkland


We signed a contract for 3 round ones and one Final round in 2021 in Barcelona. The Director General thanked Jorge Alcover for all his work regarding that contract. Not only is it financial a good deal but it will save us time as we don’t have to look for venues for these rounds and allow us to build the profile of the Round.

Angus has monthly meetings in Rotterdam regarding the KO16. It is a fantastic club and venue. 1700 tickets have already been sold.

The Final 4 is an ongoing discussion. Bloemendaal and Dragons are both interested in organising this event and one of them will host if they make it to the Final 4. If neither team makes it then we may put the deadline for the offers to host, after Easter so we can engage with Clubs who are in the Final 4.

EHL Calendar: NAs want two windows prior to Christmas and only one at Easter in the Jan to June period. We will discuss a new calendar and format once the HPL scheduling is finalised.

Director Generals Report

Angus Kirkland


HR update: we are required to have appropriate work regulations, in the past we referred to more standardized working regulations more appropriate for say a Bank as opposed to a sporting organization. We received help from the Belgian Federation and our regulations are now relevant to us a sporting organisation. The document was translated into English and we will put it in place from January 1st, 2018. For employees who are not full time in Belgium, if a rule is more favorable in their country, they can refer to it and not the Belgian rule. It is important to have regulations and to be consistent.

Streaming update: the plan is to build the content, build the fan base and then the money will come in. Ireland and Russia have already their own page. EHL will be streamed on the platform as well. New countries are coming soon. The betting system will guarantee income for each of the matches during the Indoor tournaments and will be done as a trial.

Commercial update: contract with Polytan is extended. The facilities panel will help with understanding what opportunities are out there for Polytan. Musco didn’t renew the contract and thanks were expressed for their long-term support of EHF. PRG is interested to collaborate and discussions are ongoing. Barrington is not proving easy to cooperate with, but it is overall a good deal for EHF so work is being put in to try and make the collaboration better. Angus met with Van de Boer but they are only interested in EHL business. Gant would be a good proposition also and Angus is to follow up with them. Tom Pedersen-Smith will be looking at EU funding stating with attending the EU Erasmus+ information day on January 30th and Angus is much more positive than in the past in this area.

Overall there is a lot of work to be done in the commercial area.

Scorrd: platform for players, coaches and clubs to interact. It is a transparent “transfer market”. They want an endorsement. We want to give them the support as it is potentially a good option for the future, but we need to set some parameters. Proposal: give a 12 months endorsement and see where we are. This means no costs for us. But we need to be sure that if it a success, we can get a compensation.

EHC 2019: we had an initial meeting and visited the site. We need to understand how they operate. AK/MF are meeting with Serge and Marc to understand the philosophy for the event around Club development, youth, Parahockey.

EHC 2021: normally we go out to NAs at this time of the year to have an expression of interest. However, this time we will push out the to 3 months later to have more time for the manual, bid documents and site visits.

CF meeting: Marijke had good reports about AK from that meeting. He received presentations about the YOG, a commercial/streaming update, highlights of 2017 and plans for 2018 (that is aligned with the operations plan).

New Committee Selection and Approval

Marijke Fleuren


The Board went through the nominations for the different committees and agreed the proposal of the Office Bearers.

The letters will go out on Monday 17th December.

Igor was originally nominated but the Russian Federation withdrew him due to internal procedures.

Communications Report

Siobhan Madeley/Simon Mason Discussion

The Committee has not met since the last Executive Board Meeting.

Live Streaming 2018

Siobhan and Simon presented the plans for streaming 2018 at the Board meeting.


Given the feedback from the Development and Education Committees we had planned a strategy to make those pages about what we do not who we are.

In addition, Siobhan is in the process of re-designing the home page with our webmaster, this will be finished in early 2018.

An archive site has been set up and in early 2018 we will move a number of archived material to the archive site which will increase the speed of the current site.

There are still lots of challenges/objectives on the website. It is an ongoing process. It is one of the channels that didn’t grow as people are getting their data from other places. However, it was not our main focus during the championships and it is clear the main reasons for people to come on the website are for competitions, to have dates and information.

Events 2018– Events in 2018 have been prepared with Branding and Marketing and Communications plans being shared with all hosts. David Voskamp and Siobhan have hosted Webinars on event hosting with all our Indoor and Outdoor (club) hosts. These webinars are very well received.

EHC 2018 – 

Siobhan and Clarinda (KNHB) have debriefed the Media and Comms from 2017. We were very pleased with the outcome of EHC2017.

Content planning –

Siobhan and Tom have agreed a content plan for the balance of 2017. They plan to meet in December to agree a content plan for 2018. Gráinne is heavily involved in actioning this plan.

Channel Report –Siobhan and Simon presented the analytics for 2017 at the meeting.

Four social channels: Siobhan updated the Board on the figures about each channel (twitter, eurohocke.org, snapchat, facebook, Instagram). She explained that we don’t spend money on Twitter but we do on Facebook. There is no other option to have Facebook promote our publications. It was noted that good quality videos are the most appreciated content by followers.

Priorities for Committee for the next period, 2017 and 2018:

Marketing and Communications – Simon and Siobhan are delighted with the decision of the Board meeting to re-instate Marketing with Communications and are looking forward to the outcome of the nomination process with the first meeting planned for March 2018.

Content planning for 2018 – still ongoing

Deliver EuroHockey Branding – ongoing delivery

Youth Committee Leadership – as soon as the Youth Committee has settled into its work we plan to look at how we can engage with them in delivering events, especially in relation to social media. Tom and Siobhán are jointly working on this.

Siobhan, presented the yearly round up of what was done during 2017. Every single result of every single tournament, top or not, youth or senior, men or women, is tweeted.

Siobhan updated the new Board members about her role and her responsibilities.

Eurohockey.org is a new channel. We have nothing to compare but we are happy with the launch so far. The most seen video was the Junior men final. It is interesting to see that it was not a senior top match that was the most seen.

Development Projects Report

Norman Hughes/Tom Pedersen Smith


Norman and Tom presented on the Development Projects work.

EHF/KNHB Sharing Knowledge Project:

Twinning 2017.

•        Belarus- Push HC. Herman has visited with Yolande Brada in October to deliver both a coaching camp and seminar and also an umpires seminar. He returns in Dec, 15-23 to train their Indoor squads. Belarus have been successful also in achieving an Olympic Solidarity grant ($30,000) for their top hockey preparation.

•        Lithuania – No twinning activity in this period other than head coach attending seminar in Belarus in October

•        Ukraine – Spanderbos HC  – Hien  conducted a coaches seminar in Ukraine for 15 coaches from Sumy and Vinnitsa in November 2017. Tom will visit in 2018 after the new President is settled in. Also plans underway for their National Indoor squad to visit Spanderbos in December as part of their preparations for the Indoor season 2018

•        Croatia – Oosterbeek HC  Albert visited in October and delivered coach and umpire training over 1 weekend.

•        Czech Rep – HOD No activity in this period. Gino Schilders the President is reviewing future plans.

•        Bulgaria – Athena HC 15 members of clubs from Bulgaria made a successful visit to Athena HC in October to cover club development and youth training.

·       Austria – Oranje Red no reported activity in this quarter. Follow up with Austria required.

•        Poland – Kampong HC Poland visited Kampong HC with their U18 squad in November.

•        Turkey – KNHB.  Turkey sent two representatives to the EHF SE Europe Forum and are staging EHF SE Europe U19 Indoor Championships in Edirne. Rob ten Cate staged Umpires training in Alanya in October.

There has been a massive amount of work and time delivered from Gabrielle van Doorn! It is important that we find a way to continue and Norman stressed that quality is more important than quantity!


•        Panel/Festival

There is now a Youth Leadership Group of 12 and over 20 Youth Panel members. Supported by TPS and KNHB through Gabrielle Van Doorn.

We had fantastic presentations from the youth leaders. They are not the future, they already have better ideas than most of us. We need to listen to them and put their input. The panel is composed of 12 members of the “Board” that are in contact with a group of youth leaders from different regions. A meeting is scheduled during the IWC in Berlin.


  •  Spain is very active gaining an award of 5,000 Euro for their Para Hockey work (Hockey +)
  • Spain has hosted a ParaHockey at Real Club de Polo Inmaculada Tournament 8-10 DecemberEHF
  • ParaHockey Forum will be staged immediately following the Board meeting.

Since the EHC, thanks to Marijke, we have a really good link with Special Olympics and we will be present at the INAS Europe in Paris 2019 as a full sport.


  1. Bourgas Bulgaria have taken the Scharweide pitch
  2. Armenia have taken the Munich HC pitch
  3. Kit shared with 8 nations (clothing from KNHB and GK and sticks)
  4. Redesign of new Give and Get programme for 2018

It is largely a facilities and kit redistribution programme. Second hand carpets are moved from developed countries to emerging nations. We are working on a manual with the information for the donating and receiving clubs.

CLUB of the YEAR 2017

Club of the Year information and applications go out for 2017 in the next week.

Priorities for Committee for the next period :

•        Review Twinning 2018 with Gabrielle van Doorn

•        Manage and monitor Twinnings

•        Follow up Youth Panel and firm up plans. Is Youth Panel/Youth Festival a sponsorable product?

•        Deliver actions from ParaHockey (ID) Forum 17th Dec 2017. Is Para Hockey a sponsorable product?

•        More detailed analysis of survey feedback

•        Finalise plans and budget proposal for 2018.

Norman Hughes and Tom Pedersen-Smith Smith, presented their plans for 2018. There are several projects in development.

Women & girls: we are looking at a long-term strategy to support increasing profiles of leading women.

Marijke explained that we are better with diversity. Men start to understand that doing things together with women is a better way to go forward and that women have the aspiration to be at the same level as men.

Education Committee – Umpires

Tom Pedersen Smith/Norman Hughes


We have just launched the new education prospectus with all the details to apply for the different courses.

Norman and Tom outlined to the new Board members the programs for coaches, umpires and officials. We are always looking to improve the content in the different programs. Our approach is that people must have taken part in Education first and then they can be appointed for a tournament.

It is clear that we need to focus on getting more females coaches.


Since Eric Denis made the decision to stand down, we have been working to manage things in his absence. Rob ten Cate (RtC) (NED) has agreed to act as interim UDP Lead until the next meeting in March.

Following Breda, we have selected the following umpires for UDP Group 12:

We have secured one of the two mentors for Group 12, and are hoping that the second will confirm in the near future.  Meanwhile, the basic arrangements for the Group Launch in April are being prepared by RtC.

In the light of the Pro League starting in 2019, it was decided that it would be useful to review the way in which UDP has traditionally operated, and to brainstorm other options. As a result, a meeting is being held in Brussels on January 7th, which will be attended by Inez Cooper (EHF), Laurine Delforge (BEL), Marcin Grochal (POL), Rob ten Cate (NED), Henrik Ehlers (FIH), Paul Box-Grainger (ENG), and Tom Pedersen-Smith (EHF). Input from our two most “famous” UDP graduates, and from Henrik Ehlers, who can bring both an FIH and a European view, will hopefully lead to a stimulating discussion.

This meeting should be put in context. It is not that UDP is failing – indeed, UDP members past and present gained nearly twenty upgrades in 2017. However, we always seek to renew and refresh our umpiring programmes so as to continue to be world leaders in this field.

In the meantime, UDP activities have continued as usual, with the highlight being a practical weekend in Barcelona for Group 10.


The Breda Practical Weekend was a big success as usual, attended by 33 umpires from 18 different European nations. They enjoyed one-to-one mentoring from the six U4E mentors (Belen Gonzalez (ESP), John Heron (SCO), Pierre-Philippe van Besien (BEL), Tamas Hermann (HUN), and Mirjam Wessel (NED)), and of course the opportunity to umpire a very high standard of junior hockey in the Push Tournament. They also heard from Craig Gribble (FIH), who was in attendance the whole weekend.

Following that, a webinar on Indoor hockey was held on December 6th, led by Lee Barron (ENG) and organised by Rob ten Cate (NED), and it will be repeated on December 19th.


SNG also launched a new development partnership opportunity for NAs.  In essence, this seeks to move away from one-off seminars and events, and to partner led tailor-made longer-term initiatives to provide lasting benefit. We strongly believe that this will allow sustainable programmes to be built and evaluated.

Liaison with Staff

It has been a period of upheaval in the EHF Office, with new staff and new systems being introduced. This has inevitably demanded a huge amount of input from volunteers as we seek to bring the new staff up to speed with all the programmes. Building the Education Prospectus was a helpful – if very time-consuming – induction! Thanks were given to Tom Pedersen-Smith for grappling with these challenges with sustained enthusiasm.

Priorities for Committee for the next period (to March):

·       UDP Review January 7th, and actions that may arise from the discussion

·       Finalising and announcing UDP G12 Mentors and interim UDP Lead

·       Preparing for UDP G12 Launch

·       Identifying roles and responsibilities once new Committee is announced

TPS reported that we are looking at new funding sources for development and education: TAP, sponsorship, EU Erasmus.

We don’t have a parahockey education program (it is under development) and we can help them there. Parahockey is a whole package, the sport, including officials, umpires and coaches but there is no special education program for them.

Marijke and Norman met a company named LISA to help clubs/federations in their governance. They offered 2 free pilots for 2 nations: Czech Republic and Poland. Peter Elders warned to be careful with their capacity, number of employers to support.

The Board agreed to go on with this program.

Overall in 2017 we did much more than in 2016 with more people, for more people but with the same amount of money.

Decision The Board agreed to go on with the program LISA.

Education Committee – Officials

Tom Smith/Norman Hughes


Activities in 2017 of EHF Education Committee (working group officials)
*TO (Advanced Level – refresher) seminar in Brussels (BEL), 1-3 December 2017

This seminar was organised on a special request of the EHF Appointments committee to fulfil the requirements of the ‘new’ appointments criteria. The course conductors were Sylvie Petitjean (FRA), Björn Isberg (SWE), Rogier Warris (NED) and Edna Rutten (NED). Guest speakers: Herman Kruis (NED), Rob ten Cate (NED) and Jef Brouwers (BEL).
The focus of the seminar was overall tournament management and recognising/developing personal skills.
The participation fee for this seminar was EUR 150,– to be paid by the NA. Prior to the invitation to each individual participant the NA’s were asked for support.
In total 11 participants from 8 different European countries participated in the seminar:
ENG (Sue Bodycomb, Karen Daffy and Harry Stickland), ESP (Roccio Nigorra),
GIB (Eric Abudarham), GRE (Antonio Mavridis), IRL (Karen Burrell),
LTU (Yolante Liskauskienne), NED (Adrienne Lijs and Cees Sluijk), CH (Peter Suter).The feedback reports were (again) very positive and the seminar met all participants expectations. A more detailed feedback will be done by Sylvie Petitjean in the next meeting of EHF Education Committee in March 2018.The level of the different seminars were discussed, taking into account the FIH Education format.It was agreed that the European seminar could be categorized as:

–        Judges level = Basic or Development level

–        TO level = Development level

–        TD1 = Intermediate level

–        TD2 = Advanced level

Action: to implement these levels into the Calendar for the next 5 years

Planning 2018 – 2020

The Committee will continue planning the following activities :
2018 TO level                      – refresher course for TO’s and seminar for potential
(Development level)           – Judges to move up (planning March/April 2018)
TO basic level (judges)      – starting judges/refresher course for judges (Breda,NED)
(Development level)          -(planning 25/26 August 2018)
2019 Top TD level              – refresher course for Top TD’s
(Advanced level)                –  to be discussed: at EuroNations in BEL ??
TO basic level (judges)     – starting judges/refresher course for judges (Breda,NED)
(Development level)      and/or another location in BEL or GER as proposed
2019 UM seminar – within the Committee it was expressed that no overspending
of the budget should be allowed, unless proper discussed well on
For all seminars in 2019 extra budget is needed.
* Cooperation with FIH and FIH World Academy of Sports

Edna Rutten has sent an email to FIH (André Oliveira and Craig Gibble) with an invitation to participate in the European Officials seminars.
The November 2017 invitation was on too short notice, but André will discuss participation of FIH participants in the March/April2018 seminar, if the dates are announced on time.
If announced in time, André will judge the programme and see if the EHF programme will meet the qualification criteria of FIH Academy.
* New feedback report on TO’s
This project will be formalized in 2018. All TD’s in EHF Indoor and Outdoor tournaments will be asked to fill in 2 reports (the FIH feedback report on Technical Officials and the new Feedback form).

* ParaHockey:  Cooperation with the Youth Panel (Leen Rikx (BEL)) on education of Technical Officials in Parahockey: to draft an education and action plan for 2018 – 2023
Leen Ryckx attended the meeting in October 2017 to give input for a draft of an education plan of Technical Officials in ParaHockey for the next coming 5 years.

The following ParaHockey events are on offer in 2018:

1)     8 – 11 June 2018 Doetinchem (NED) – Special Olympics Netherlands National Games
Action: It has been agreed to start educating officials for Parahockey. Experienced Technical Officials from NED are going to help the LOC and will set up a table and educate ParaHockey officials
Budget needed: travel costs for Technical Officials team (if asked for)

2)     24-26 June 2018 Barcelona (ESP) – EuroHockey ParaHockey Festival
Action: to appoint 1 TD and 1 UM to help the LOC and to educate other officials
Budget needed: travel costs and accommodation of 1 TD and 1 UM,
approx. EUR 1.000

3)     14-17 July 2018: INAS European Games
Action: to appoint 1 TD, 1 TO and 2 Judges plus 2 UMs to set up a proper table with the help of the local organizers.

Budget needed: travel costs and accommodation for Officials Team

approx. EUR 2.000,-

Priorities for Committee for the next period (2017 and 2018):

–       To start implementing the new development/feedback form for officials on a regularly basis (all EHF Indoor and Outdoor tournaments) and to review

–       To organize a TO (refresher – intermediate level) seminar in Brussels (BEL) in March/April 2018 – budget still needs formal approval

–       To write to the NA’s to inform that the application procedure is open for the TO seminar (judges – development level) in Breda in August 2018

–       Composing a working group on reviewing the online documents (Magda Nazareth and Sabina Zampetti already offered their help)

–       Education and Action plan for ParaHockey

Education Committee – Coaches

Tom Pedersen Smith/Norman HughesDiscussion

A successful Coaches Working Group meeting on 14th Oct at EHF HQ when 2018 was planned in detail. The plan is that Herman takes control of this Working group alongside Tom but ideally, they need Chair/Head of TCP/Head of C4E/Head of SNG/2 other members.

New Education Booklet launched in October – Tom showed these to the Board and they are on the website.

Supporting National Growth (SNG)

Portugal weekend seminar was held 18-19 Nov in Lousada. Malta FIH/EHF Level 1 was held 1-3 Dec with Norbert Nederlof as Educator. 15 delegates registered for this award. The planned Balkan seminar was cancelled during the SE Europe Forum as the nations could not agree on a suitable date. Plans for Norway were also postponed until 2018 due to facility issues.

Coaches for Europe (C4E)

2018 programme finalised

§  Seminar 1 – 12th – 15th April at HC Victory Belgium

§  Seminar 2 – 22nd – 26th August at Breda Push HC

With the following mentors – Norbert Nederlof – Lead C4E, Bernardo Fernandes, Tomislav Jamicic, Sophie Gierts – Mentor

Top Coaches Programme (TCP)

2018 programme finalised

§  Seminar 1 – 5th – 9th Feb at Berlin FIH IWC (linked to FIH)

§  Seminar 2 – 21st – 25th June Breda FIH Men’s CT (linked to FIH)

With the following mentors – Michel Kinnen -Lead TCP, Dave Passmore, Graham Mansell Grace’, Sonja Thomann, Robin Rosch

LISA/Hockey Praktijk

As outlined, Norman and Marijke met LISA team together representatives from Poland and Czech Rep and this may provide EHF with an opportunity to share coaching schemes digitally across all of our developing NAs.

Priorities for Committee for the next period (Jan-Mar):

1.     Inform TCP group 2018-19 after nominations have been vetted by mentor group

2.     Finalise TCP delegate portfolio (modular approach) for Berlin seminar

3.     Inform C4E group 2018-19 after nominations have been vetted by mentor group

4.     Finalise C4E delegate portfolio for Antwerp seminar

5.     Link closely with FIH and ensure Berlin seminar meets needs of TCP group

6.     Link with Victory HC and ensure all details for April C4E seminar

7.     Find educators for SNG requests

8.     Progress the pilot of LISA

9.     Induct and introduce all new committee members.

FIH Report

Marijke Fleuren


Competitions Committee: a discussion took place regarding the awarding of ranking points for the Pro League.  The Board agreed that the EHF position is, that as the Pro League is a commercial competition, and entry is not based on performance, that there should be no ranking advantage from participation.

Walter can state the position of the EHF Board at the next meeting: against ranking points.

The qualification system for the Olympics is in place and agreed. Wales, Scotland and Gibraltar can take part of the hockey series but cannot qualify for the Olympics. World Cup qualification will be similar to the Olympics qualification.

U21 calendar: proposition on the table to change to the uneven years the World Cup.

Rules committee: they agreed that they could not agree a new rule in the same meeting that the rule was proposed.

Agreed for 1st January 2019:

·       every match will go to four quarters;

·       either with a fully equipped goalie or 11 players but not flying keeper;

·       if an attacker runs in the circle too early on a corner, the injector has to go (The Board suggested that the player has to go and that there will be no replacement);

Make the rules as easy and transparent as possible.

During the meeting, the Board was informed that the CEO and Director of Events of the FIH have resigned, the Board discussed this matter.

Hon Treasurer’s Report

Mika Rithila


Mika reported that in 2016 we had to change the VAT system. Starting in January 2018, we will be a ‘mixed taxable entity’. Commercial activities will be completely subject to VAT and it was confirmed that we don’t have to take the previous years into account with this new system.

2017 ended more or less as planned. The results will be better than the budget. The office amount is a bit over budget because of the turnover in employees. We will go back to normal next year when it will be stable. 2018 will be a negative year. We have a conservative approach as we have a small surplus.

Marijke informed the new Board members about the aim of the presidential fund. It was at first created to pay the president, but it is now used for special things that can add value to the EHF.

From January on we will use the new financial programme. We wanted a new set up so we reviewed offers for new program. Accofisk still doesn’t have a solution that meets our requirements. Mika/Angus and Marijke proposed an account agency in Finland. Mika knows the program and can help the office. Now we are really reliant on Accofisk.

Mika is happy with that solution, he has control on everyday operations.

This took a lot of time to Mika for all the efforts to change the program.


The Board accepted the solution and to open a bank account in Finland.

The Board approved that a transaction above €5000, should be approved by min 2 people (Mika/Marijke/Angus).


Appointments Committee Report

Angus Kirkland


Angus reported on behaf of the Appointments Comnmittee that they had their annual meeting on the weekend of 8/9 October.

Christian Blasch (GER) replaced Henrik Ehlers (DEN) who became chairman of the FIH Officials Committee, as the person responsible for the male umpires’ appointments. Christian attended for the first time the meeting.

Main issues of the meeting were

·       Feedback 2017

·       Appointments for outdoor 2018

As mentioned in former reports, one of the biggest concern is the withdrawal and lack of availability with regard to umpires and officials (judges, TOs and TDs). It is worth noting that we hardly ever we have problems re: umpire managers.

For 2018 we have less tournaments compared with 2017 and as such a lot of people may not receive an appointment. Hopefully this will contribute to more availability for tournaments generally.

Priorities for Committee for the next period:

·       For the period December-February: Checking the indoor appointments and take care all tournaments will receive the minimum standard of all types of officials

There is a lack of availability of umpires and UM. We will go on with the same second window for the appointments. It was a quieter year this year, a lot of people were available but it was noted that relatively, we didn’t have a lot of appointments to make.

Any Other Business


The Women World Cup in England is almost sold out. They are reallocating tickets to NAs, but you have to let AK know of you need some.

AK thanked the staff for all they havef done with all the changes in this year. And the Board and the president for all the support.

MF thanked the staff for the cooperation, good, positive and open relation.



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