Meet Janne Müller-Wieland, UHC

16th May 2018

16th May 2018: We caught up with Janne Müller-Wieland, stalwart member of UHC, on the run as she was travelling to the EHCC in Surbiton. 

EHF: So Janne, almost  year on from almost becoming Club Champions of Europe, has being in last year’s final spurred on your team to try to go one better this year?

Janne: “We always try to go one better / want to win. But this year will be completely different again – looking at our side and probably also looking at the other teams this year. We will go step by step.”

EHF: Last year Yvonne retired, how did this change the dynamic of the team?

Janne:“Yvi is an incredible goal keeper, the kind of team mate and player everyone would love to have in their team. Obviously, she influenced our game massively and is a big loss. However we’ve been very lucky to have Noelle Rother step in – she’s a young and very talented goal keeper (U21 and now her first senior caps) who is developing every day and has saved our asses a couple of times this season.”

EHF:  This year the event is in London, also the venue for the Women’s World Cup – what would you say to fans thinking about coming to see the EHCC?

Janne: “I love how the British hockey community engages their fans and how much effort Surbiton have put into making this a special tournament, which I’m sure it will be – so definitely come round to see some high class hockey!”

EHF: This year there are 2 German clubs again with Mannheimer back in the EHCC, does that indicate that German women’s club hockey is getting stronger?

Janne: “I think the german league has been strong already in the last years, but unfortunately we lost a spot at the EHCC for other reasons. It’s great to have 2 spots back again now! Even though it would be nice not to play the other German team in the first game right away…”

 Quick fire: 

Playlist: Summer bangerzzz

Apart from your hockey, what do think you bring to the team: My sister – Roda Müller-Wieland (no.14) (well that was an unexpected answer!!!!!) 

Favourite pre match meal: Brötchen with Avocado, ham and poached eggs. 


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The clash of the Germans is on at 13.15 tomorrow! Watch here


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