So what happens next?

19th May 2018

19th May 2018: We have had many questions over the past few days of what happens next, after the EuroHockey Club Cup is over, so here goes….. 

After the EuroHockey Club Cup and the EuroHockey Club Trophy the final EHCC ranking table will be determined. The clubs teams play to get as many ranking points for their country.


Teams in the EHCC will play for the following ranking points: 1st ranked team gets 32 points, 2nd ranked 26, 3rd 21, 4th, 19, 5th 17, 6th 15, 7th 13 and 8th 11 points.

EuroHockey Trophy:

In the EuroHockey Trophy events the ranking points are: 1st ranked team gets 15 points, 2nd ranked 13, 3rd 11, 4th, 9, 5th 7, 6th 6, 7th 5 and 8th 4 points).

Ranking Tables:

Ranking tables are calculated using results from the EuroHockey Club Cup (W) and the EuroHockey Club Trophy (W) over the last three years, with points awarded to each Nation and then divided by the number of clubs participating from that nation. In order to reflect current performance, results from events 2 seasons ago are discounted to 25%, results from last season are discounted by 50% and results from the current season are awarded 100% points. Details of points awarded can be found in the appropriate competition regulations on the EHF website.


The number 7 and 8 of the EHCC are not automatically relegated and the number 1 and 2 of the Club Trophy are not automatically promoted. This all depend on the final ranking table.

Click here for the current ranking table.


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