#FridayFocus Coaches 4 Europe in Breda for their second seminar

24th August 2018

The Coaches 4 Europe (C4E) programme has been a successful pioneering initiative which has been running in Europe for nearly five years.

This week 16 coaches, from 11 nations were welcomed to Breda, Netherlands for a 5 day seminar on Individual Tactical Skills. The seminar was delivered by four world class mentors from Croatia, Portugal and England (Tomislav Jamicic, Bernardo Fernandes and Grahame Mansell-Grace).

All coaches were assigned a mentor group and delivered a range of different challenges designed to encourage the coach to think about the philosophy of coaching and managing teams. This was done through individual and paired presentations skills around tactical coaching principles and these were principle were introducing during the live match analysis of the prestigious U18 tournament running at Breda during the weekend.

Mentors provided live demonstrations of tactical skill improvements across outfield players and Goalkeepers and how to implement your coaching principles with individuals within a team. Including and when to use these skills.

Guest mentor Norbert Nederlof delivered an engrossing and challenging feature on differences for tactical analysis for age groups. Which enabled for a great debate about the features of coaching plans and principles across different European regions and nations.


Nominations for C4E and TCP Programmes for 2019 to 2020 Open this October and you must be nominated via your National Association.

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