#FridayFocus UDP Group 10 in Dublin

14th September 2018

UDP Group 10 met again in Dublin for what would be the penultimate workshop before our graduation weekend in Barcelona.

Luckily, this was the second time that Group 10 had the opportunity to meet in Dublin. The first time we came to gain practical experience where we umpired the Irish League. This time however, we got the chance to learn about Video Umpiring, meet Ray O’Connor and hear about Alison Keogh’s journey from UDP Group 2.

The group arrived on Friday evening and caught up on summer happenings and how our tournaments went. We had our first session on Saturday, where we discussed with Carol and Michiel, our summer experiences in the tournaments and how we could have learnt from specific situations.  Following that, Carol brought us through the video umpire presentation and the presentation that the World Cup umpires received in London.   We also watched some of the video referrals from the World Cup and other events.

In the afternoon we had a pleasure to have Ray O’Connor present to us. He explained the new feedback form, the instructions of the new umpire panels and how they are working and the “red zone”. We reviewed some clips from the World Cup and how “accuracy” is the key to development.

On Sunday, we had a Shoot Out presentation.   The shoot-out process and how video referrals can be used. Michiel and Carol, showed us  UDP film and then we had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Alison Keogh. She told us about her career and how UDP was an important stepping stone for her. It’s amazing to see how what she told is real and relates to us!

UDP Group 10 would like to thank Ray, Alison, Carol and Michiel on a fantastic weekend with lot of learnings as always!

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