Posted On 20th September 2018

Executive Board Meeting


8th & 9th June 2018
EHF Office, Brussels Belgium
MeetingExecutive BoardAttendees

Marijke Fleuren, Mika Rihtila (part), Carola Meyer, Walter Kapounek (part), Leonardas Caikauskas, Inez Cooper, Patrick Keusters, Peter Elders (part), Pamela Michaelis, Simon Mason, Angus Kirkland


Ophélie Duquesne, EHF Administration Manager


ApologiesDavid Serrahima

Agenda topics


President’s Welcome

Marijke FleurenDiscussion

The President welcomed the Executive Board to the meeting noting that the attendance was lower than usual. She sent apologies for Peter for not being there on Friday and Walter for not being able to attend the meeting on Saturday. Mika will have to leave in the afternoon as well.

She started the meeting saying she was happy with the changes at FIH. The new CEO Thierry Weil is taking care of everything in the office in Lausanne. The FIH Board is meeting next week, where important decisions have to be taken. The FIH congress is not too far away and will be discussed later in the meeting.

We had some great hockey in the last 3 months, with a good level of hockey at EHL. All matches in theFinal 4 were very close. It was hockey at its best with field goals making the difference in the end. The second day was sold out, Saturday was almost sold out.

Surbiton brought the EHCC to another level of performance. The layout of the club was very nice. The overall standard went up in both organization and hockey level. They raised 95 000€ sponsorship. That is massive and amazing for women hockey! The President heard only praise, from all sides, about the event.

During the same weekend, we had 9 other events. The new rankings have already been released. The President went to Denmark to visit their club event. They have a possibility to grow but they will need support. ParaHockey can be a good starting point for them. She also visited the Mamis festival in Egara. It is fantastic what they do. The theme was Hollywood with more than 400 women participating in the festival.



Minutes of Last Meeting


The minutes of the last Executive Board meeting which took place in Brussels on 23rd & 24th March 218 were reviewed and Angus went through all the action points and updated the Board on them. The Minutes were then approved.

Comments on the previous minutes:

The Junior EuroHockey Championships will go back to even years because the FIH is going back to odd year with the Junior World Cup. This will be discussed at the Competitions meeting in September and a proposal will be bought to the next EB meeting later in September.

No Objection Certificates: the FIH is leading on that matter.

EHL decided not to allow an additional person on the bench.



Matters Arising

DiscussionAll items were covered by the agenda.



Marketing & Communications Report

Siobhan Madeley/Simon Mason/David SerrahimaDiscussion

Updates from the previous Board meeting:

The committee had a Skype meeting since the last Board meeting. The committee members are more engaged than in the past and we know where we want to go.

Links between bulletin and match schedule is now on the website:

This is now standard practice. It should be noted that the match schedules will only show once approved and have been uploaded by the Competitions Manager onto TMS/AltiusRT

Have national Final 4 of NAs on Eurohockeytv:
Scotland streamed their finals on EHTV. Angus updated the Board on the other Members that we are working with.

A Job description for Marketing Interns has been advertised.  We are currently following up with two.

Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


Committee Meetings:

The Committee met on 30th May by skype. David and Simon will report on the outcomes of the meeting.



www.eurohockey.org is now fully updated apart from the section on Technical Officials. Siobhán will work with Rogier Warris during June on this section.


www.eurohockeytv.org – we now have over 60.000 subscribers. Siobhán and Ophélie were on a training course with SportRadar to understand how to produce reporting on the channels data analytics.



Siobhán is doing a piece of work with the Committee on re-looking at what we track and why.

Current analytics will be presented to the Board in June with new tracking presented in September.


Live Streaming:

Since the last Board meeting we have delivered EHL KO16/8, Finals and EHCC on eurohockeytv.org. We were delighted to welcome Maddie Hinch who volunteered her time to commentate at the EHCC in Surbiton.


In addition, the following hosts streamed during Whitsun:

EuroHockey Challenge I, Women, Edinburgh streamed all their games

EuroHockey Challenge IV, Man, Helsinki streamed all their games

EuroHockey Trophy, Men, Vienna streamed the medal games


EuroHockey Branding:

EuroHockey Branding was delivered at all our EuroHockey Whitsun events. Hosts were very co-operative and complied, with assistance, with our Branding.

We worked with the teams at the EHCC to create Ambassadors for the event. The objective was to create Heroes and work with the players to engage more with the EHCC event.


Sponsorship Document:

The Committee met on Wednesday 30th May to review the EHF’s initial sponsorship document. DS/AK updated the Board on the progress to date and outlined the timeline for going out to the marketplace.



Siobhán is managing the Communications Budget to ensure that it is delivered within the figures presented and approved by the Board.



An updated privacy policy has been delivered onto both our websites. We have informed the 11,500 opt in clients on our EHTV mailing list about the new privacy policies, giving them the option to opt out.  All staff have completed an online course which is in line with best practice.


International Relations:

We delivered a successful piece of work on our channels around World Down Syndrome Day

We are working closely with the FIH on Olympic Day (24th June). Pam Michaelis presented on this to the Board


2019 EHC venue inspection:

The EHF and LOC met at the venue in Antwerp on 23rd May. A number of items were discussed including Branding, location of offices/media centre/lighting/tv cameras/official side events/website and ticket sales.  The next meeting is scheduled for July 5th.


2019 EHC Branding: It was agreed to approve a change of colour to the EuroHockey logo at the EHC 2019 to those of the likely title sponsor – Belfius.  Their colours are not to dissimilar to our own.


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):


The focus of the Committee is to be able to present to potential sponsors in the coming months.



Focus is on ensuring that content on both sites is kept up to date and current. It should be noted that we have some 250 pages on www.eurohockey.org



Ensure delivery of EuroHockey Branding at our U18 Championships this summer and delivery the Branding assets to the 2019 hosts.


Content Planning:

Content creation is constantly being monitored to ensure that we are delivering content on all our channels


2019 EHC:
Agree the launch and ‘look and feel’ of the 2019 website



We have a partnership meeting with Philips.

AK and David Serrahima put together a master document/presentation to present EHF to potential partners. Depending on the partner we are discussing with, and what they specifically request we will select the information that we will present and price accordingly.




Competitions Committee – Outdoor Report
Walter Kapounek/David Voskamp

Information Outdoor Clubs 2018

During the Whitsun weekend 11 events were held in 10 different venues and 9 different countries. (11th event is U14 EHCC)

Total of 79 senior teams played: 39 men’s teams and 40 women’s teams. Last year it was 37/36. Moreover 6 U14 girls teams played and the week after Whitsun the 4 EHL teams played in the Final4.


It was noted that the 2nd men’s team of POR is promoted again for the 4th year in a row: from Challenge IV to Trophy in 4 years’ time! Every time it was the same club: Clube Futebol União de Lamas. However, if they will not become the POR champion this year, so they must play in Challenge II next year as the other POR team got relegated from Challenge I.




EuroHockey Club Trophy, Men – Vienna (AUT) – 18-21 May 2018

1. Grange HC (SCO)

2. HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR)

3. HC Minsk (BLR)

4. HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI)

5. SC Stroitel Brest (BLR)

6. WAC (AUT)

7. KS AZS AWF Poznan (POL) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)

8. HC Bra (ITA) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)


Lots of cards were given in this tournament. But according to the UM, it’s due to the physical style of play predominantly of the Eastern countries. Umpires didn’t do anything wrong but perhaps could have managed better the (colour of the) cards they gave.

HC Bra showed up with players not on the list of players. Then they got players injured and who had to go home so they ended up playing the last game with 7 players.


EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Men – Geneva (SUI) – 18-21 May 2018

1. SK Slavia Prague (CZE) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2019)

1. Clube de Futebol Uniao de Lamas (POR) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2019)

3. Slagelse Hockeyklub (DEN)

3. HAHK Mladost (CRO)

5. ASD SH Paolo Bonomi (ITA)

5. Servette HC Geneva (SUI)

7. AD Lousada (POR) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)

7. TJ Plzen Litice (CZE) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)


EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Men – Lipovci (SLO) – 17-20 May 2018

1. HC Zelina (CRO) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)

1. Whitchurch HC (WAL) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)

3. Grammarians HC (GIB)

3. HK Lipovci (SLO)

5. KPH Rača (SVK)

5. Bolu Belediyesi SK (TUR)

7. FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2019)


EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Men – Copenhagen (DEN) – 18-21 May 2018

1. Zuvedra Tauras (LTU) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)

1. Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR) (not eligible for promotion due to late withdrawal in 2017)

3. Start Berdyscev Region (UKR) (not eligible for promotion due to late team change)

3. Nacka LHK (SWE) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)

5. Baltic Champs (LTU)

5. Copenhagen HC (DEN)

7. Kringsjå Sportsklubb (NOR) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge IV in 2019)

7. Sliema Hotsticks HC (MLT) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge IV in 2019)


EuroHockey Club Challenge IV, Men – Helsinki (FIN) – 17-20 May 2018

1. Soroksári – Olcote HC (HUN) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2019)

1. HK Moravske Toplice (SLO) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2019)

3. HC Kilppari (FIN)

3. ABC-Team (FIN)

5. Építők HC (HUN)

5. FHC Slavia 1921 (BUL)

7. Floriana Young Stars HC (MLT)

7. Mortensrud-Aker SK (NOR)




EuroHockey Club Cup, Women – London (ENG) – 17-20 May 2018

1. HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED)

2. UHC Hamburg (GER)

3. Club Campo Villa de Madrid (ESP)

4. AHBC Amsterdam (NED)

5. Mannheimer HC (GER)

6. HC Victorya Smolevichi (BLR)

7. Surbiton (ENG)

8. UCD Ladies HC (IRL)


EuroHockey Club Trophy, Women – Dublin (IRL) – 18-21 May 2018

1. Holcombe HC (ENG)

2. Junior FC (ESP)

3. GHC Ritm Grodno (BLR)

4. CSP Krylatskoye (RUS)

5. Monkstown HC (IRL)

6. MSC Sumchanka (UKR)

7. SK Slavia Prague (CZE) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)

8. Lille MHC (FRA) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)


EuroHockey Club Challenge I, Women – Edinburgh (SCO) – 18-21 May 2018

1. Braxgata HC (BEL) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2019)

1. Edinburgh University HC (SCO) (Promoted to EuroHockey Trophy in 2019)

3. HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI)

3. Clydesdale Western HC (SCO)

5. Gintra Strekte Uni HC (LTU)

5. HC Metrostroy (RUS)

7. Swansea City (WAL) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)

7. CUS Pisa (ITA) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)


EuroHockey Club Challenge II, Women – Ghent (BEL) – 18-21 May 2018

1. Gantoise HC (BEL) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)

1. Black Boys HC Geneve (SUI) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge I in 2019)

3. SV Arminen (AUT)

3. Zuvedra Tauras (LTU)

5. Douai HC (FRA)

5. SG Amsicora ASD (ITA)

7. HC 1972 Rakovník (CZE) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2019)

7. AZS Politechnika Poznanska (POL) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge III in 2019)


EuroHockey Club Challenge III, Women – Vienna (AUT) – 18-21 May 2018

1. Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR)(not eligible for promotion due to late withdrawal in 2017)

1. Navax AHTC Wien (AUT)(Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)

3. Cardiff University Ladies HC (WAL) (Promoted to EuroHockey Challenge II in 2019)

3. HC Zelina (CRO)

5. HAHK Mladost (CRO)

5. Nacka LHK (SWE)

7. Copenhagen HC (DEN)

7. Grupo Desportivo do Viso (POR) (Relegated to EuroHockey Challenge IV in 2019)


Ranking table

The EHL ranking table was updated afterwards which resulted in some changes in EHL: IRL has lost their 2nd EHL spot, which SCO took over due in part to their winning the Trophy. WAL has lost their EHL spot to BLR.

The EHCC ranking table was updated afterwards. The same NAs will be represented as this year will in the EHCC 2019.


Feedback club events

The TD reports have not all been handed in yet, so this will be looked at during summer and in the next EB Report an overview will be given. The overall feeling however is a great weekend with many well organised events.


Decision Entries and Applications to host 2019

Normally directly after the outdoor club season, all NAs get the letter to send in their entries and Applications to Host for the outdoor club season 2019. The deadline for submitting everything is 15 July.

Due to the Hockey Pro League the Whitsun weekend is now busy with International fixtures. The EHL KO16 and Final4 will most likely be played during the Easter weekend as a combined event however the EHL Board will decide this at the end of June. The EHCC will be played during Easter as decided previously.

The question came up if the 2 Trophy events, where there are ranking points at stake, should not also be played during the Easter weekend. During May and June 2019, the Hockey Series Finals are played where some NAs might have to play. Walter gave a full overview to the EHF Board however until the dates and venues of the Hockey Series Finals is confirmed it is difficult to allocate dates to events in an effective manner.




NED 1, NED 2, GER 1, GER 2, BEL 1, BEL 2, ESP 1, ESP 2, FRA 1, ENG 1, RUS 1, SCO 1, plus 4 teams qualified from Round 1 (NED 3, GER 3, BEL 3, ESP 3, FRA 2, ENG 2, RUS 2, SCO 2, IRL 1, POL 1, AUT 1, BLR 1)

EuroHockey Club Trophy

IRL 2, WAL 1, UKR 1, SUI 1, BLR 2, AUT 2, CZE 1, POR 1

EuroHockey Club Challenge I

POL 2, ITA 1, DEN 1, CRO 1, ITA 2, SUI 2, CRO 2, WAL 2

EuroHockey Club Challenge II

POR 2, CZE 2, GIB 1, SLO 1, SVK 1, TUR 1, LTU 1, SWE 1

EuroHockey Club Challenge III

BUL 1, TUR 2, UKR 2, LTU 2, DEN 2, HUN 1, SLO 2, GRE 1

EuroHockey Club Challenge IV

NOR 1, MLT 1, FIN, 1, FIN 2, HUN 2, BUL 2,  MLT 2, NOR 2



EuroHockey Club Cup

NED 1, NED 2, GER 1, GER 2, ESP 1, ENG 1, BLR 1, IRL 1

EuroHockey Club Trophy

ENG 2, ESP 2, BLR 2, RUS 1, IRL 2, UKR 1, BEL 1, SCO 1

EuroHockey Club Challenge I

CZE 1, FRA 1, SUI 1, SCO 2, LTU 1, RUS 2, BEL 2, SUI 2

EuroHockey Club Challenge II

WAL 1, ITA 1, AUT 1, LTU 2, FRA 2, ITA 2, AUT 2, WAL 2

EuroHockey Club Challenge III

CZE 2, POL 1, TUR 1, CRO 1, CRO 2, SWE 1, DEN 1, UKR 2


Withdrawals and disciplinary

After the many club withdrawals last season, this year only 1 team withdrew too  late, being GRE from the men’s Challenge II.

During the events some cards were given, resulting in 5 carry-over suspensions. The EHF Disciplinary Commissioner will now have to decide the number of matches the suspensions will last.


Information U14 EHCC

In the Whitsun Weekend the 2nd U14 EHCC took place. The teams played the same format as the U14 boys did at EHL, being 2 pools of 3 with semi-finals and final classification matches.

A TD, a UM and 2 local judges were appointed by England Hockey, together with 6 young female umpires. The host club Surbiton HC did a great job hosting the event. The Prize Giving Ceremony was attended by Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh.

1.     HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED)

2.     Surbiton (ENG)

3.     AHBC Amsterdam (NED)

4.     UHC Hamburg (GER)

5.     Mannheimer HC (GER)

6.     Cork Harlequins (IRL)


Information Update EuroHockey U18 Championships 2018

Preparations are underway with hosts, officials and teams.

The Competitions Manager will visit the event in Konya (TUR).


Boy’s Championship – Santander (ESP)

Teams: Pool A: GER, ENG, ESP, POL                  Pool B: NED, BEL, IRL, FRA

Dates:   Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018


Boy’s Championship II – Cardiff (WAL)

Teams: Pool A: ITA, AUT, RUS, BLR                   Pool B: CZE, SCO, SUI, WAL

Dates:   Sunday 22- Saturday 28 July 2018


Boy’s Championship III – Konya (TUR)

Teams: Pool A: UKR, LTU, FIN                           Pool B: TUR, HUN, CRO, GIB

Dates:   Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018

Ø  CYP and BUL withdrew too late.


Girl’s Championship – Santander (ESP)

Teams: Pool A: NED, BEL, ESP, FRA                   Pool B: GER, ENG, IRL, BLR

Dates:   Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018


Girl’s Championship II – Rakovník (CZE)

Teams: Pool A: RUS, SCO, LTU, WAL                 Pool B: POL, CZE, ITA, AUT

Dates:   Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018


Girl’s Championship III – Konya (TUR)

Teams: One Pool: UKR, SUI, GIB, TUR, CRO

Dates:   Sunday 15- Saturday 21 July 2018


Information Update EuroHockey5s U16 Championships 2019

Boy’s U16 Championship – Walcz (POL)

Teams: Teams: AUT, BLR, CRO, DEN, FRA, POL, SUI, TUR, UKR, WAL (10)

Dates:               3-6 July 2019


Boy’s U16 Championship II – Albena (BUL)

Teams: Teams: ARM, BUL, FIN, GEO, GIB, LTU, LUX, SLO (8)

Dates:               4-6 July 2019

Ø  SLO was added to the panel of teams, which brings it to a total of 8 boys teams.


Girl’s U16 Championship – Walcz (POL)

Teams: Teams: AUT, BLR, CRO, FRA, GEO, GIB, LTU, POL, SUI, TUR, UKR, WAL (12)

Dates:               3-6 July 2019


Information Update EuroHockey Senior Championships 2019

Men’s Championship – Antwerp (BEL)

Teams: Teams: BEL, ENG, ESP, GER, IRL, NED, SCO, WAL

Dates:               16-25 August 2019


Men’s Championship II – Cambrai (FRA)

Teams: Teams: AUT, BLR, CZE, FRA, ITA, RUS, POL, UKR

Dates:               28 July-3 August 2019


Men’s Championship III – Gibraltar (GIB)

Teams: Teams: CRO, GIB, MLT, LTU, POR, TUR, SUI, SVK

Dates:               28 July-3 August 2019


Men’s Championship IV – Helsinki (FIN)

Teams: Teams: CYP, FIN, HUN, NOR, SLO

Dates:               5-10 August 2019


Women’s Championship – Antwerp (BEL)

Teams: Teams: BEL, BLR, ENG, ESP, GER, IRL, NED, RUS

Dates:               16-25 August 2019


Women’s Championship II – Glasgow (SCO)

Teams: Teams: AUT, CZE, ITA, POL, SCO, TUR, UKR, WAL

Dates:               4-10 August 2019


Women’s Championship III – Lipovci (SLO)

Teams: Teams: CRO, FRA, GIB, HUN, LTU, SLO, SUI, SVK

Dates:               28 July-3 August 2019

1st Reserve: POR


Information Update EuroHockey Junior Championships 2019

Men’s Junior Championship – Valencia (ESP)

Teams: Teams: AUT, BEL, ENG, ESP, FRA, GER, NED, POL

Dates:               15-21 July 2019


Men’s Junior Championship II – Plzeň Litice (CZE)

Teams: Teams: BLR, CZE, IRL, ITA, POR, RUS, SCO, TUR

Dates:               14-20 July 2019


Men’s Junior Championship III – Vilnius (LTU)

Teams: Teams: LTU, UKR, WAL

Dates:               18-21 July 2019

Ø  The teams have requested to only play each other once so a 4-day event will be held.


Women’s Junior Championship – Valencia (ESP)


Dates:               13-21 July 2019


Women’s Junior Championship II – Antalya (TUR)

Teams: Teams: AUT, CZE, LTU, POL, SCO, TUR, UKR, WAL

Dates:               14-20 July 2019

1st Reserve: ITA


Information Update YOG 2018

FRA informed FIH that their NOC will not nominate its boys’ team as they will nominate rugby instead. It is now up to FIH what to do, but probably they will ask AUT boys to participate. According to AUT they will most likely accept this. POL will also participate with 2 teams according to the POL Federation.


Our qualification rankings were:

Final ranking Boys

1. Poland

2. France

3. Austria


Final ranking Girls

1. Austria

2. Poland

3. Turkey


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

·       Working together with U18 hosts

·       Next meeting: Saturday 8 September 2018 in Vienna (AUT) (and not as previously mentioned in GIB as they participate that weekend in Hockey Series Open)


Desiscion The Board decided to move the Trophy events (men and women) to Easter and leave the remaining events for Whitsun. They may reconsider later moving the Challenge I to Easter as well if needed.


Competitions Committee Indoor Report
David Voskamp

Information Review Indoor Tournaments 2017

Overall feeling of the events was very positive. Nicosia (CYP) and Tbilisi (GEO) hosted for the first time an indoor tournament and both did a great job.

Second UM – most if not all UMs felt that there was a huge benefit for having the 2 UMs which helped the umpires predominantly, but it was also appreciated by both UMs who were there to learn from each other.


Information Disciplinary Report

·       Incident in Minsk. Just after the final whistle, a HC Bra’s player got into a physical encounter with a French player. As per the regulations the EHF Disciplinary Commissioner has looked into it and suspended the player for 2 matches and a fine was imposed as the player did not engage fully in the Disciplinary Process.

·       Armenia (men’s club) and Russia (nations women) were going to withdraw from the Tournaments, however once they were informed of the fine if they were to withdraw they opted to play at the respective tournaments.

·       Only 1 team (GEO national men) withdrew too late. 2 other teams withdrew in time.


Information EuroHockey Indoor Clubs Tournaments 2019

The Competitions Committee Indoor made the following decisions on hosts for the Indoor Club Tournaments 2019.

Men’s: 8th – 10th February 2019

Women: 15th – 17th February 2019


Cup (Men)

Venue: SV Arminen (AUT)

Decision: Was awarded as a joint tournament as it’s their 100 years anniversary in 2019 and it is nice to have a parallel tournament with the women (Trophy). It will be held in the women’s weekend by request of Arminen as the week before there are school holidays in Vienna and the 2nd hall isn’t available the weekend before. After taking everything into consideration and all the variables, it was a unanimous decision to go for Vienna.

Offers to host: SV Arminen (AUT), Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg (RUS)

Group A: UHC Hamburg (GER), AH&BC Amsterdam (NED), HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI), Partille SC (SWE)

Pool B: Racing Club de Bruxelles (BEL), Dinamo Stroitel Ekaterinburg (RUS), SV Arminen (AUT), HC Minsk (BLR)


It was noted that it will be a challenge in terms of communications and streaming to have a joint event with the Men Cup and the Women Trophy and the same venue and the top Men event the same weekend as the top Women event.


Trophy (Men)

Venue: Hockey Klub Zelina (CRO)

Offers to host: Only one application to host.

Group A: East Grinstead (ENG), Soerbymagle HC (DEN), Amiens SC (FRA), Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR)

Group B: SPV Complutense (ESP), WKS Grunwald Poznan (POL), Hockey Klub Zelina (CRO), SK Slavia Prague (CZE)


Championship Challenge I (Men)

Venue: TBC

No offer to host.

Decision: A draw was made – UKR (1st), POR (2nd) and WAL (3rd) > UKR came back informing us that they do not have a suitable hall and would really want to stay in the indoor as otherwise all their efforts from previous years are gone. The 2nd drawn team (POR) has now been informed they are to host. No reply yet.

Group A: Inverleith HC (SCO), AD Lousada (POR), ŠK Šenkvice (SVK), Kringsjå SK (NOR)

Group B: Hockey Team Bologna (ITA), HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR), Cardiff & Met (WAL), Three Rock Rovers (IRL)


The last option for this event would be to go to HUN, that will promote from Challenge II and Ukraine would then be relegated. If no host, there won’t be a tournament organized.


Championship Challenge II (Men)

Venue: FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL)

Offers to host: Only one application to host.

One Pool: Soroksári HC (HUN), HK Triglav Predanovci (SLO), HC Kilppari (FIN), FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL), HK Elektrovojvodina (SRB)


HK Triglav Predanovci (SLO) is not the indoor champion of SLO so is not eligible to be promoted. The SLO indoor champion doesn’t have the money to go. NAs can enter another team other than their champion in Challenge events, but with the restriction that the team isn’t able to gain promotion.


Not entering: GRE, LTU (were pre-qualified but team participates in outdoor and no money also for indoor), ARM (were pre-qualified but team has no money now to enter), GEO (were pre-qualified but team has no money now to enter). Tbilisi Club is indoor champion but might enter at the end of the year when they can get money from the government.


Cup (Women)

Venue: Club an der Alster (GER)

Offers to host: Only one application to host.

Group A: Der Club an der Alster (GER), MSC Sumchanka (UKR), GHC Ritm Grodno (BLR), Dinamo Elektrostal (RUS)

Group B: Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (ESP), LMHC Laren (NED), HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI), Waterloo Ducks HC (BEL)


Trophy (Women)

Venue: SV Arminen (AUT)

Offers to host: Only one application to host.

Will be a joint tournament – see Cup (Men).

Group A: SV Arminen (AUT), HC Gintra Strekte Uni (LTU), Bowdon Hightown (ENG), Partille SC (SWE)

Group B: Clydesdale Western (SCO), SK Slavia Prague (CZE), HAHK Mladost (CRO), HF Lorenzoni Bra (ITA)


Challenge I (Women)

Venue: Douai HC (FRA)

Offers to host: Bolu Belediyesi SK (TUR), FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL), Douai HC (FRA)

Decision: FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL) has already been awarded Challenge II (Men) and the transport time airport-hotel (4-5 hours) for Bolu Belediyesi SK (TUR) was considered to be a challenge for all the teams.

Group A: Douai HC (FRA), FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL), HK Moravske Toplice (SLO), Whitchurch Saints HC (WAL)

Group B: Ards Ladies HC (IRL), Bolu Belediyesi SK (TUR), Lisbon Casuals HC (POR), KPH Rača (SVK)


Challenge II (Women)

Venue: HK Bask (SRB)

Offers to host: Only one application to host.

For the Pool Ranking a draw was made as all 4 teams are new entries, resulting in the following ranking: Porvoo HC (FIN), HK Bask (SRB), Ukimerioni Kutaisi (GEO) and Copenhagen HC (DEN)


It was decided that if a women’s Challenge I a team withdraws, we leave Challenge I with 7 teams and Challenge II with 4. This way we give Challenge II the option to be a real event. A 3-team event is too fragile.


Decision EuroHockey Indoor Championships 2020

The CCI made the following recommendations for the Executive Board on hosts for the Indoor Championships 2020

Men’s: 17th – 19th January 2020

Women’s: 24th – 26th January 2020


Championship I (Men)

Venue: Crefeld (GER)

Offers to host: Prague (CZE), Crefeld (GER), Vienna (AUT), Aalst (BEL)

Recommendation: The final recommendation in favour of GER was based on the chronological sequence: BEL hosted in 2018, CZE in 2016 and AUT in 2014 while GER hosted in 2012.

It was acknowledged that GER wants to keep the option open until spring 2019 to change the venue as that depends on regional public funding.



Championship II (Men)

Venue: Lucerne (SUI)

Offers to host: Matosinhos (POR), Lucerne (SUI)

Recommendation: The final recommendation in favour of SUI was based on the chronological sequence: POR hosted in 2016 while SUI hosted in 2014.



Championship III (Men)

Venue: Seville (ESP)

Offers to host: Alanya (TUR), Puconci (SLO), Batumi (GEO), Seville (ESP)

Recommendation: The final recommendation in favour of ESP was based on the chronological sequence.



A draw was made among the 4 new entries for 3 possible vacancies: 1st GEO, 2nd BUL, 3rd ESP, 4th IRL. Ireland is 1st reserve if anyone withdraws.


Men’s teams not entering: FRA, GRE (were pre-qualified), ENG (were pre-qualified (no funding for indoor), LTU, MLT.


Championship I (Women)

Venue: Minsk (BLR)

Offers to host: Minsk (BLR), Crefeld (GER), Lucerne (SUI), Aalst (BEL)

Recommendation: The final recommendation in favour of BLR was made based on the fact that GER was already awarded Championship I (Men) and SUI Championship II (Men) and finally on the chronological sequence where BEL hosted in 2018 while BLR hosted in 2016.



Championship II (Women)

Venue: Sveti Ivan Zelina (CRO)

Offers to host: Alanya (TUR), Sveti Ivan Zelina (CRO)

Recommendation: The final recommendation in favour of CRO was based on the chronological sequence where TUR hosted in 2018 while CRO hosted in 2014.



Not entering: ENG (no funding for indoor), so WAL, as highest ranked team in Championship III, is promoted.


Championship III (Women)

Venue: Galanta (SVK)

Offers to host: Galanta (SVK), Puconci (SLO), Seville (ESP), Kutaisi (GEO)

Recommendation: ESP was already awarded Championship III (Men). The final recommendation in favour of SVK was based on the chronological sequence: SLO hosted in 2018 while SVK hosted in 2013. SVK might want to change the venue later if possible as they haven’t found an option in Bratislava yet, which is their preference.

Teams: BUL, DEN, ESP, GEO, IRL, POR, SLO, SVK (6 new entries: BUL, ESP, IRL, POR, DEN, GEO)


England and France are not entering anymore for Indoor competitions because they have no money to allocate to indoor.


It was discussed if a joint event with 1 pitch can be played in 4 days. 40 matches in 4 days is possible, but unrealistic. Teams will play only 3 days but cannot leave early on their final day so at least have to stay 1 extra night. Moreover, some matches are played late in the evening with the Prize Giving Ceremony being very late in the evening as well. There is also no training or warm-up option for teams during the event when there is only 1 pitch available. So, the CCI concluded that for joint indoor events, 2 pitches in the same venue are needed.


Information Participation Seniors Indoor

Entered in 2016

26 men’s teams

20 women’s teams


Participation in 2016

22 men’s teams (4 withdrew)

16 women’s teams (2 withdrew, 2 unable to play due to withdrawal of event)


Entered in 2018

24 men’s teams

20 women’s teams


Participation in 2018

23 men’s teams (1 withdrew)

19 women’s teams (1 withdrew)


Entered in 2020

25 men’s teams (+BUL, ESP, IRL, GEO and -ENG, GRE)

24 women’s teams (+BUL, ESP, IRL, POR, DEN, GEO and -ENG, ITA)


Information Participation Clubs Indoor

Entered in 2017

31 men’s teams

25 women’s teams


Participation in 2017

29 men’s teams (2 withdrew)

22 women’s teams (3 withdrew)


Entered in 2018

32 men’s teams

24 women’s teams


Participation in 2018

31 men’s teams (1 withdrew)

24 women’s teams (0 withdrew)


Entered in 2019

29 men’s teams (+SRB and -ARM, LTU, GEO)

28 women’s teams (+SRB, DEN, GEO, FIN)


Information Update EuroHockey Indoor Junior Championships 2019

Indoor Junior Championship (M)

Venue: Vienna (AUT)

Pool A: AUT, SUI, CRO, BLR       Pool B: POL, RUS, ITA, TUR


Indoor Junior Championship II (M)

Venue: Paredes (POR)



Indoor Junior Championship (W)

Venue: Tarnowskie Gory (POL)

Pool A: BLR, POL, SUI, ITA        Pool B: UKR, CZE, AUT, RUS


Indoor Junior Championship II (W)

Venue: Sveti Ivan Zelina (CRO)



Information FIH Competitions update

·       The CCI was updated on several issues concerning FIH Competitions.

·       European qualifier will be in 2020 or 2022 depending on the IWC in 2023.

·       Perhaps if NAs want it, there can be a IWC every 2 years, but within Europe. The CCI was of the opinion that it is more special to have it every 4 years and moreover it is not easy to get volunteers every 2 years.


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

·       Next meeting via webinar in November 2019

·       CCI meets 11 May 2019 in Minsk (BLR)

·       Follow-up of minutes and ongoing support hosts.


Desiscion All venues for the 2020 EuroHockey Indoor Championships were approved by the Board.


Euro Hockey League
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Marijke Fleuren shared a great promotional video from the Final4 at Bloemendaal. EHL was again a great success this year with the Final4 being sold out on the final day. The EHL is an icon for men’s Club hockey in Europe and an attraction for millions of fans all over the world. Dedicated fans followed the matches on their screens and travelled to the events and supported the clubs, and the EHF believes that the EHL deserves to be a steady part of the FIH Calendar.

However, the calendar of future editions will most probably have to be adapted, which will be decided by the EHL Board at its next meeting. 2018/2019 will be a transition year due to the calendar congestion. The proposal is to organise the Round1 in Barcelona with 4 groups of 3. The winner of each group will then qualify for Round2 at Oranje-Rood provided they qualify. The KO16 and Final4 will likely be organized together at the same venue.

From 2019/2020 on, the EHL will be in a new format. An option being explored is to organize a KO8 and Final4 during the Eastern weekend. This will have consequences for the Round 1. Different options are on the table and will be discussed including 4 pools of 4 with the winers progressing to the Final 8. This offers the potential opportunity to organize the EHCC in combination with the EHL.




Development Projects Report
Tom Smith/Peter Elders
Discussion Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


The relation between Tom and the Committee is really working well and he is pushing a lot of projects.


Hockey Organisations for Development

Currently pulling together an agreement for a range of different hockey development organisations that we currently work with. It will be a simple service level agreement that would include measures we would expect to see of a partner for hockey development projects so that the EHF can safeguard themselves by agreeing/providing a professional agreement with current and future partners.


It should be a win-win situation however organizations can’t just use our logo to attract people and get more credibility without EHF receiving applicable benefits.


Main Aims:

i)               Safeguarding of young people / vulnerable adults

ii)              Agreed Development and Education outcomes from partnership

iii)             Correct level of coaching qualifications

iv)             Correct & agreed level of exposure for EHF

v)              The EHF having the right to terminate the partnership at any time.


Current Hockey Development organisations EHF work with –


§     Sportsways work with us on the C4E programme and we have just come to a recent agreement to carry on using them for the forth seminar every two years. See more in the education EB report.


§     Magic Caravan deliver a cluster of coaching camps for young people in an agreed region with the EHF and NA’s each summer over a 4-week period. EHF provide some basic funding for this youth development. This summer they will deliver in central Europe. For2019 we are working on a Nordic Camp.


§     Tom Boon Hockey Camps is a progressive well-structured organisation with plans for development across multiple European Nations.


§     Self-Pass. We will be working with Self Pass on the Youth Panel, Youth Festival, Para Hockey. Using an innovative, vibrant hockey brand that appealed to young people was a request of the EHF Youth Panel.


Club of the Year

All clubs have been made aware and winners were announced through all EHF communication channels. Separate pieces will be arranged the week after they are presented. SM and TPS have agreed this.


Each Club has been made aware that they must spend the winning 500 Euros on Hockey Kit and Equipment ONLY and then send invoices to TPS for approval.


§  ETB SW Essen as small club of the Year 2017.

o   CM will visit ETB SW Essen on 7th July as the club is holding a competition on that weekend so many members will be around. German Hockey have been invited too.

§  Atletic Terrassa large club of the Year 2017.

o   CM/TPS will visit Atletic Terrassa on Saturday 23rd June. Spanish Hockey have been invited. TPS and CM are already in Barcelona for a Para Hockey Festival that weekend.



Submission and agreement of three (3) funding bids with the EU Erasmus+ programme.

All decisions will/should be made by the EU in September 2018.



Title: The mobilisation of volunteerism through good governance

Lead Partner: European Hockey Federation

Partners: KNHB, Czech Republic, Sumy Regional Federation (Ukraine).

EU Funding Pot: Small Collaborative Partnerships

Amount: 60k Euros

Project length: 24 months



Title: Best Practice Sharing of Innovative and Disruptive Field Hockey Skills

Lead Partner: Czech Republic

Partners: KNHB, Poland, Austria

Supporting Partner: European Hockey Federation

EU Funding Pot: Small Collaborative Partnerships

Amount: 60k Euros

Project length: 24 months



Title: The mobilisation of volunteerism through good governance

Lead Partner: French Federation for Company Sport

Partners: European Federation for Company Sport, Professional Women Network, Association Mondiale des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises, Multisport club Lazio Roma,  European Hockey Federation, University of Copenhagen, University of Tennessee, European Non-Governmental Sport Organisation and Sport Club Partizan Skofja Loka.

EU Funding Pot: Large Collaborative Partnerships

Amount: 400k Euros (EHF due a minimum of 9k)

Project length: 36 months


State of the Game

European Hockey Federation bi-annual survey ‘The State of the game’ has been reviewed condensed so that applicable answers can be found across a range of answers provided last year. This includes the number of players, officials, coaches, umpires, types of hockey pitches, use of floodlights etc. Each EHF staff member has been made aware of the new document and can request usage from TPS.

The survey was sent out last time with the FIH, but we will go ahead on our own as it stands.


The facilities committee and EHF staff team has thus far fed back ideas around the 2019 Survey, those questions will be added to the survey, this includes the age and quality of surfaces to name but one. The other concept will be to host the answers to the survey on file so that they are readily viewable by each federation. Thus far we have always asked NA’s to respond on a clean survey. In 2019 it has been proposed that NA’s will be given their answers from last time and only asked to make changes that are needed. This will be between February 1st, 2019 to April 30th, 2019.


TPS is currently going through all feedback request to the EHF from the current survey and will pass on any questions to other staff members if it does not fit the criteria for his role of development and education.



National Associations

Visits and meetings planned with the following Federations/Clusters:

Tom will get to know the people in each of these NAs and how they work. Making the relations easier with a contact in person.


§  Germany have approached EHF about a Euro Wide Youth Hockey Seminar. Working on the practicalities and logistics of this with German Hockey.

§  Belarus are hosting a Youth Festival during international Olympic Week in Mid-June in Minsk. EHF are supporting this with educator coaching sessions.

§  Spain are hosting a ParaHockey festival in Barcelona & Atletic won Club of the Year, presentations will happen over the same weekend in Mid-June.

§  France will be at the ParaHockey INAS in Paris in June, with EHF youth leaders and the FIH and French Hockey.

§  South East Region: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbian, Greek delegates at u15 H5’s tournament in Albena end of June.

§  Nordic Region: Working on Nordic Regional Meeting in Copenhagen in September at Sport Haus, Denmark.

§  South Med: Working on logistics of holding a regional seminar with NA’s.


Give & Get

Created a monitoring sheet of where, historically, items have gone, which will help in decision making moving forward on other kit and facilities.


§  Pitches

Rebranded, Relaunched on Friday 4th May through all EHF channels.

Integrated into the facilities committee work (see facilities report around Facilities Tree).


§  Kit

Successful start to 2018 as stated in last report.

Next steps are the rebrand and relaunch of this.



Peter reported really good news from Special Olympics:


From their last meeting minutes:

1.1.       Field Hockey – based on 2017 Census, Natasha to contact Programs that reported FH (9 in SOEE); Natascha has full support to take the lead on Field Hockey further development; Possibly practical part of next Sports Conference or participation of SO coaches in upcoming EHF seminar.


This effectively means hockey is going to take the next step towards development in Para Hockey. There is a ParaHockey event part of the Special Olympics in Holland in June 9-11th. Following that Natasha Bruers will work with EHF and FIH on progressing the development of more Special Olympic programmes that reported an interest or are already playing hockey across Europe.


Barcelona ParaHockey Festival, Barcelona; June 22-24th.

Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Netherlands are playing

The Development Committee are working on ParaHockey EHF Ambassador programme to increase the profile of ParaHockey linking able-bodied and ParaHockey athletes/role models together. To do this would also incorporate the support of Hockey Development channels as was done so well recently by SM with Self Pass.


European ParaHockey Championships

TPS attended a meeting with Belgium Hockey and the event organisers. Next steps have been outlined and TPS will work with Victory HC, Belgium Hockey and the EHF Youth Panel.


Youth Panel

Meeting held on 21st May (via Skype) with all Youth Leadership Panel members. Discussions where held on ParaHockey, marketing, development, internships, EHF Youth Festival. Panel members where all provided specific actions to feedback by end of June 2018.


The EHF and EHF Youth Panel will merge marketing channels, following a discussion with the marketing committee. TPS and SM working on this. The Youth Panel have already provided EHF with their marketing ideas.



Additional funding pot will be launched with maximum pots of 2k. First NA’s to receive the 2018 applications will be those that worked on the sharing knowledge programme.


Women & Girls

EHF host a one off meeting this summer. The purpose of the meeting would be to ‘establish the strategy timeline and content for achievement of gender balance’

§  EHF President

§  EHF Development Committee Reps

§  Person working in equality for another sport

§  High level official/umpire educator and champion of women & girls

§  A top male player (Currently playing or recently retired)

§  Coaches x1 male & x1 female (Gives good balance to each part of hockey)

§  Marketing/Communications Director (From outside of EHF as this gives a good balance to perceptions)

§  A charity that uses sport for good gender interventions


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

Agree and create Women & Girls/Gender Balance strategy next steps.

Move European ParaHockey Championship Plans forward.

Create Youth Festival outline.

Research and apply for funding for internships.

Launch Give & Get: KIT & EQUIPMENT.


The new committee had a promising start and things are moving really fast.

ParaHockey at EHC 2019: the schedule was discussed with Belgium Hockey. They want ParaHockey to be a bigger part of the event and would like to put the final in the middle of the tournament on the main pitch.

ParaHockey at FIH: Norman Hughes is employed as a consultant. He is getting the other continents in slowly but there must be firm commitments there and everyone needs to know about it. Some countries could use ParaHockey to develop the sport in general in their country, so it is important we continue to promote it well and show what can be achieved.




Education Committee – Umpires
Tom Smith/Inez Cooper
Discussion There has been a lot of improvement around all three working groups about tracking information about the people taking part to the different courses. There is more structure and consistency across the groups.


Supporting National Growth



March 2018 there will be a Level 1 – x10 Participants from the South East Region with Tomas Holek as the Educator.  This was part of the new strategy to look at progressive development. This course was created for South East Nations following a recent SE Forum where development & education plans where created. See ‘coaching EB report’ for similar outcome from the forum. The course was run in conjunction with a SE EHF Indoor competition.



Approached EHF/TPS around developing an Umpire Pathway. TPS has requested information and development plans and this will be evaluated by Umpiring Group in regards any support from the EHF.


Umpire Coaches (UC)

Breda, Netherlands 24th to 26th August there are x7 Applicants (x6 male, x1 female – x5 National Associations). Educators will be Craig Madden & Thomas Eilmer supported by Rob Ten Cate


Umpires for Europe (U4E)

The program is oversubscribed. It’s a great problem in itself but it’s a big challenge.

2017 U4E Group Mentoring

Regular sessions have seen the 2017 group meet with their peers from U4E and mentor between September 2017 and June 2018. A new system has been created to monitor the mentoring session/s provided to each year group.


2018 U4E Plans

Breda, Netherlands 24th to 26th August with x36 new applicants for 2018. (oversubscribed). x18 continue from 2017 plus 24 from this 2018 application stage. We have made special arrangements following consultation with the umpiring group increased the number of Umpires on the programme due to the popularity. So, we have now hit 30 different National Associations through U4E in just 5 years.

Letters explaining rationale have been sent to NA’s where nominations have been rejected.

There are 7 Mentors which are to be confirmed.

The FIH have expressed interest in adopting the EHF U4E model for other continents. Discussions are ongoing and FIH have been invited to Breda at their request and cost and are seeking our collaboration.


Umpire Development Programme (UDP)

We have been tracking & monitoring the mentoring session/s provided to each year group. TPS is storing this centrally and will share with UDP lead. TPS working with UDP lead to centrally create EHF branded content and booklet for UDP mentors and umpires and a new UDP Induction video being developed.


Group 10 (2016, 2017, 2018)

2018: Met in Brussels, March & EHL K016/K08 in April


Group 11 (2017, 2018, 2019)

2018: Met in Vienna, April & are meeting EHL R1, October


Group 12 (2018, 2019, 2020)

2018: Will be launched at FIH Champions Trophy in Breda, August


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):



§  Promote to National Associations looking to make progressive long-term steps with to their umpiring education. (ongoing)

§  Awaiting all confirmations of attendance for UC. (1 month)



§  Announce Umpires for U4E

§  Allocate mentor groups

§  Awaiting all confirmations of attendance for Breda. (1 month)

§  Awaiting further FIH discussions around their plans. (TBC)



§  Group 13 (2019, 2020, 2021) mentors TBC (6 months)


The President complimented the work being done which she is proud of.  We like to collaborate, but it is a two-way street and the work needs to acknowledge, recognised and appreciated.


Education Committee – Officials
Tom Smith/Inez Cooper
Discussion Judges

Breda, Netherlands 24th to 26th August – X14 Applicants (x4 male, x10 female – x8 National Associations). Educators are Rogier Warris, Barbara Morgan, Caroline V.  Working with TPS on the revising the content and brand.


The group is looking into the possibility of developing a course to educate national officials (regionally) so NA’s don’t need to nominate national judges for them to be educated. For some NA’s it would be more appropriate to have a SNG level course for Judges whom just work within  that NA. Then Breda becomes the next level up in training only for those whom want to work at an international level.


Technical Official & TD

Currently working on the format and business case of moving TD and TO training seminars to competitions. Whereby the training is on a more practical level to just being in the EHF office. The group will work closely with TPS on how this could work. TPS to insure internal communication with DV so not to affect the running of any EHF competitions.

2018 TO level                      – Location TBD (planning October 2018)
Judges level                – Breda, NED (planning 25/26 August 2018)
2019 Top TD level                – EHC in BEL
Judges level                 – Breda, NED
TD Intermediate level – Location TBD
UM seminar                 – Location TBD          UM seminar                 – Location TBD

Umpire Managers (UM)

A skype meeting was chaired by IC including leads of the Officiating Group and Umpiring Group around whom manages and delivers the programme. There were some good suggestions /challenges about where to take UM Education.  Time will be set aside at the September meeting to discuss this further. It was agreed to leave UM education in Officials for the moment based on all above


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

§  Work on UM content and administration (Next 12 months)

§  TO/TD content and delivery agreed (September)

§  Delivery of a fantastic Judges course in Breda (August)


The group wants to recognize Edna and Thomas as committee members. They will have dinner in Breda to thank them.

The President is worried about the fact that we educate the three groups, but we don’t see them appointed at FIH event. They need women involved in decision making for appointments.

FIH needs to invest in the successors/future young umpires.





Education Committee – Coaches
Tom Smith/Inez Cooper


§  Formal agreements in place with below partners

We get something back from these partners.


Sport Session Planner – coaching analysis platform

SSP allows coaches to build coaching drills & share coaching drills all online in 2D and 3D formats and is accessible through laptops and all mobile devices. The NEW IMPROVED agreement see’s 50 coach licenses provided each year. This gives C4E, TCP coaches and all mentors access as part of their programme involvement. This new agreement is between EHF and SSP and has removed the middle partner ‘Sportsways’ which was used during the last few years with trial access to the SSP programme. It is costed in line with the Education coaching budget. The new agreement also provides our own licensed platform with EHF Branding rather than generic SSP material. The EHF holds a central administration account and also a central coaching drills library, which is being used to store information regarding C4E, TCP.


HockeyToday – online hockey webinars

They give us the standard that we didn’t have before.

Hockey CC – is a new innovative company that provides coaching webinars to members of Hockey CC.  The EHF TCP and C4E programme offers 12 Webinars per year – Up 10 from previous C4E/TCP years.  Hockey CC and EHF have made an agreement at no financial cost to the EHF that Hockey CC will host up to 12 webinars for C4E and TCP. Hockey CC will not charge access to members of the EHF programmes or the mentors.  EHF will guarantee 30-40 coaches/mentors per EHF webinar & EHF will agree to Hockey CC using the EHF Shield Logo. Both parties are open to discussing the use of this platform for Umpiring and Officiating Webinars in the future.


Sportsways – International Coaching Camp

A new long-term agreement has been agreed with more clarity around the role our coaches play, the role of our mentors and the benefit to the EHF. Whereby 1 of the 4 seminars per C4E programme will be jointly hosted between SW and EHF. EHF Mentors will now be fully immersed and involved in that seminar. SW will also work with mentors directly to provide additional opportunities for C4E coaches to lead and assist in other SW camps/labs/clinics.


Online Assessment Centre

Meetings have taken place with two potential partners that could support the central online storage of coaches’ data. That would enable coaches and mentors to input their assessments online and therefore both parties would have access, rather than hand written copies or multiple Microsoft word copies on multiple devices (EHF, Mentor, Coach). This would enable EHF to monitor and evaluate the progress of individuals and the groups. Coaches would only be able to access their data and Mentors would only be able to access their coach’s data. EHF would hold central administration rights.

No final decision has been made yet but work in ongoing on the detail and potential effectiveness.





The goals is to make sure there is a consistent standard between the mentors for coaches to get the same experience and quality across all programs.

Discussions have been held with a number of current mentors about the level of support needed from the EHF. It is clear that a bigger pool of mentors is needed as well as more female mentors

We will look at providing a TCP/C4E training day.


Supporting National Growth


March 2018: FIH Level 1 completed by 6 coaches – Educator Michel Kinnen


FINLAND: Completed

April 2018: FIH Level 1 completed by 11 coaches & FIH Level 2 completed by 7 coaches – Educators Norman Hughes (L1) & Darren Cheesman (L2)


GREECE: Scheduled

Level 1 for South East and Mediterranean National Associations. September 2018 – Educator Thomas Tichelman



Working group agreed to improve the effectiveness by setting these criteria at the last meeting in March 2018.

§  Maximum 20 coaches per programme

§  Each seminar location should have walking/biking access from hotel to club

§  Each seminar location should have access to enough hockey players

§  October 1st to October 30th each year for nomination period

§  Do not need to be at live events/competitions

§  Video/data/analytics can be provided from other competitions by EHF


TPS has revised the content. The syllabus was developed in March 2018 at the Coaching Group meeting. TPS creating materials for coaches and mentors.


C4E – Coaches for Europe

The C4E programme for 2019 onwards for new intakes will increase in price from 400Euros to 600Euros. Due to increased syllabus and content.


2018 C4E – Now formed

x16 Coaches (x14 Male, x2 Female – x11 National Associations)


1.     Antwerp, Belgium (April)

Positive feedback from group & mentors about the course and host club was received.

2.     Next session is Breda, Netherlands (August)


TCP – Top Coaches Programme

The TCP programme for 2019 onwards for new intakes will not increase in price from and will remain at 800Euros. This was agreed with the EHF Coaching Group.


2018 TCP

x22 Coaches (x17 Male, x3 Female – x12 National Associations)


1.     Berlin, Germany (February)

Feedback from group & mentors:

§  Successful working with FIH at Indoor World Cup with EHF keeping timings.

§  New mentor Ageeth Boomgaardt involved and was very good.

§  Live analysis of games was good but could access footage beforehand?

§  Introduced the pilot of TCP booklets for each candidate for assessment.


Next session is Breda, Netherlands (June)


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

§  Online Monitoring System choice (6 months)

§  Feedback from C4E & TCP 2nd seminars (3 months)

§  Agree webinar dates and speakers (2 months)

§  Creation of Mentor pack, training, pathway in more detail (6 months)




Hon Treasurer’s Report
Mika Rithila
Discussion Mika presented the current situation and updated the Board about the 2018 budget. The situation is brighter than reported at the last EB meeting. A draft of the 2019 budget, which will be approved at the General Assembly in November 2018, was also presented.

Ophélie Duquesne, Administration Manager, presented the new financial system.

Alain Chaerels, EHF Auditor, presented the final figures for 2017. Christoph Sels, previous EHF accountant, and Angus Kirkland made some clarifications after the cut off.

The Board confirmed there will be no write-off for the debtors because these amounts should be paid in the future. They also agreed that we would not write a depreciation in the EHF participation in the EHL BV.




FIH Report
Walter Kapounek/Pam Michaelis/Marijke Fleuren
Discussion Competitions:

There will be significant calendar congestion in 2019. The calendar will be defined by the HPL. The final decision regarding dates and locations of hockey series finals will also have an impact and should be made soon.

The Trophy events (men and women) and the EHCC will be put forward at Easter. The other events will remain on the Whitsun weekend. If there are some changes in the meantime, the Board will discuss it during their next meeting in September. We should know more after the FIH Board meeting.

As a consequence of the HPL, the Olympic qualification system has changed. If the qualification system remains like that for World Cup, it will most probably be the case that small European nations will not be able to afford to travel to the higher ranked host and qualification matches won’t take place. Our members need to stand up at the Congress with a strong opinion about the system.

The format for the 2018 World Cup will be as follow: 4×4 pools. There won’t be extra matches (rankings matches) for the last teams of the pools, which makes it difficult for teams not to know if they will have to stay there for 7 or 18 days. We should have these extra matches the next time.

The calendar in 2020 seems to be more challenging than in 2019, as we might have U21 back in 2020 due to qualification needed for the Junior WC.

We can notice that the World Ranking gets more important with the new Olympic qualification, hockey series events etc.

Olympic day (week)

We will carry the Olympic flag all around different cities during one week (Tom Pedersen-Smith will go to all these cities). We are trying to involve more NAs than in the past in this event.

On the 23rd June France will organize an event every year until 2024 in Paris. We, as EHF, need to promote these events. All sports will be represented and they will have a big space dedicated to hockey.


There is still no contract to us between the FIH and India but the Congress should take place in Delhi beginning of November (2/3). India has offered free hotel for everybody. The elections and European candidates for election were discussed.

From next congress on, the head of delegation will have free accommodation and travel. The travel component for the head of delegation will be paid by FIH.


The FIH Board meets next week-end. Their new CEO is working hard. We will see some progress which will be reported back afterwards.

Desiscion The Board decided to put forward the Trophy events (men and women) and the EHCC to the Eastern weekend.




Director Generals Report
Angus Kirkland
Discussion EHC 2019

The staff had a meeting with Belgium Hockey on the 22nd May at the venue and will meet them again on the 5th July. The title partner will be Belfius, whose colours will be the main colours of the event (and the logo). The match schedule has been discussed and is now at FIH for approval. The tickets sales will be launched beginning of September.

EHC 2021

The EB were shown a bid video from the Netherlands. The video and written presentations matched and exceeded our requirements. The German bid was not submitted and as such the EB agree to award the EHC 2021 to The Netherlands. We will discuss with the KNHB the next steps.

CF meeting

The CF had a regular conference call to share each other’s knowledge. The CF’s will study the feasibility of an intercontinental H5’s event.

Facilities meeting

The Facilities committee met earlier this year and came up with a decision tree to help NA’s and clubs in their acquisition of a new or second-hand pitch.

General Assembly 2018

The 2018 EHF General Assembly will be held in Delhi the day before the FIH Congress (early November).

Disciplinary Report

No urgent matters.


The staff had an off-site meeting to discuss the general organization with Yamila Conill coming back from maternity leave and Gra¡nne Corry leaving. All the staff members completed a GDPR course and got their certificate.

We are currently looking for interns for the period November 2018 – August 2019. We have had a couple of excellent candidates.


The director general is in discussion with the administrators for the next steps. The whole situation is highly unsatisfactory, and we are now working on another supplier for the future.




Appointments Committee Report
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Items to note and/or decisions required to be taken by Executive Board


Indoor 2019 nomination period currently open, NAs making changes to umpires and officials lists.


Outdoor 2019 nomination period will open on June 22nd


Feedback Indoor 2018- surveys collected from indoor officials and umpires have been collated and distributed


AC Representation in the Education Committee: John Heron (Working group Umpires) and Yolande Brada (Working group Officials). Yolande Brada and Rogier Warris, the current chair of the Working Group Officials have been in contact, and discussion have taken place between Inez Cooper, Paul Box-Grainger, Rogier Warris and Yolande with regard to the umpires managers. The decision is that the Umpires Managers will be part of the Working Group Officials; a continuation of the current situation.


The high number of withdrawals for tournaments is still an issue. Federations have been requested to ensure nominees are available during the tournament periods in 2019.


Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

Checking the appointments/replacements for U18






Signed as a true record:  





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