Posted On 21st December 2018

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

21st & 22nd September 2018

EHF Office, Brussels Belgium


Executive Board

ATTENDEES Marijke Fleuren, Mika Rihtila, Carola Meyer, Walter Kapounek, Leonardas Caikauskas, Inez Cooper, Patrick Keusters (part), Peter Elders, Pamela Michaelis, Simon Mason, Angus Kirkland Ophélie Duquesne, EHF Administration Manager

APOLOGIES David Serrahima

President’s Welcome

Marijke Fleuren AS Marijke Fleuren welcomed the Board for the third meeting of 2018. She apologised for Patrick Keusters who cannot attend the meeting on Friday because he has a meeting with BEL and David Serrahima is also not available due to work obligations. David is doing a lot of work with Angus on the commercial side and it is unfortunate that he is not here for the Board meeting. She highlighted the fact that it is important to know that when the Board is together, they need to take decisions and discuss important matters. Especially now, with the FIH elections coming very soon we must discuss altogether. Since the last meeting, a lot happened for hockey in Europe. First, we had the ParaHockey events in Barcelona and Paris. What has been done, has been important for the future of ParaHockey. Norman Hughes is very dedicated to developing ParaHockey across the Continents. Marijke expects the funding to continue having seen our draft MoU with FIH. Continuing our work with INAS and seeking to become am aspirant Member of IPC are part of the ongoing plans. The Special Olympics were organized in Malaysia, a tournament was held in Chili, and there will be one in Australia. All these initiatives are fantastic. We also had lot of hockey with the Hockey Series Open all over the world. Europe organised 3 tournaments. For the men Poland, Italy, Austria, Wales, Russia and Scotland have qualified for the next round. For the women Ukraine, Czech Republic, Wales, Belarus, Russia, France. We had satisfying results and Marijke congratulated Leonardas Čaikauskas for the great event they organized in Lithuania. The World Cup in London was amazing to see. It was a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ for the ladies in Ireland. It changed the life of the girls and is very positive for Hockey in the country. We also had the U18 Championships which were well organized. It is going well in that sense for hockey in Europe. The Pro League is coming together. The umpires have got their schedule for next year. Invitations will be sent out to organise future World Cups in October/November. But it is informal for the moment. The calendar will be one of the main subjects in the next period and we must be prepared to stand up for our competitions. We had lots of Committee meetings in the last weekends. The Finance Committee met yesterday, the Competitions Committees met in September and we have Development and Education Committee meetings this weekend. We will use this Board meeting as an opportunity to talk about elections and how to support Europe. The message is clear, and we must work hard to support our European candidates. Marijke and Angus Kirkland have travelled a lot during the summer. The went to Italy in June to watch some youth matches and meet with the president. They also met their new IOC member.

They have also been to Russia, where they had the opportunity to watch a football match from the World Cup. The President of the Russian Federation has helped build the stadium where the match was played. They saw the hockey stadium as well. Russia will bid to organise the elections in 2020 and the World Cup in 2022. Marijke went to Norway with David Voskamp. They have a new hockey pitch and will organize one indoor and one outdoor event in 2019. They are doing things together with bandy and floorball. The 3 bodies get the money together from the government. Are there other possibilities to incorporate floorball with hockey? We are fighting for the same money and they want an Olympic spot. Yesterday Marijke met with Turkish President in the EHF Office and they have invited EHF to hold a Board meeting in Turkey next year. Tom Pedersen-Smith also held a gender balance forum, which was very interesting.

Minutes of the Last Meeting


The minutes of the last Executive Board meeting which took place in Brussels on 8th & 9th June 2018 were reviewed and Angus went through all the action points and updated the Board on them. The Minutes were then approved.  Comments No action required for the No Objection Certificates as the status quo remains.

Matters Arising


All items were covered by the agenda. There was a short discussion about the situation regarding the clocks changing from next year. AK to find out more information and circulate.

Marketing & Communications Report Siobhan Madeley/Simon Mason/David Serrahima


Angus presented the Commercial Report Yamila has returned and taken on the role of Commercial Manager and began work on a series of projects. Branding A full branding suite was commissioned and is almost complete. As Indoor Branding has already been distributed, this will be launched for the Outdoor season. New elements include: a template clapper/programme (this will be added to the Indoor Dropboxes) Sponsors The basic idea of the sponsors presentation is to make it look professional, modern and exciting. With this presentation we are taking the person through who we are, our values, what can interest them. We only give a brief overview, to let the person get the feeling of what we feel hockey is. It includes also the GA because we think it is added value. We highlight the fact that we are proud to be a 50/50 sport. We will send along the presentation a sheet with the different offers of sponsorship. Yamila and Col (designer) did a good job on this presentation. We will now spend a lot of energy on it to get and retain partners. It is a good opportunity to bring in more money. Yamila is currently looking for hockey related companies and within there she is looking for connections in hockey. Grays is now on board as Official Clothing Supplier. We will sign the contract on Monday. Part of the arrangement with Grays is that we can give every official 2 shirts for free plus full kit for officials at some top events to recompense the Barringtons fiasco.

The relation with Polytan has been challenging. We are now talking with Greenfield. They are interested in exclusivity for the 2021 EHC. Angus Kirkland will update the Board when we have more information. Leads We have had meetings with Philips, Rabobank, Greenfields, Sports Verlichting and STATSports GPS. We have sent our full offering to them all and will hope to continue to move forward and tailor each proposal as we move the process along. We have also continued to do work on a list of potential companies and entities to approach for sponsorship. This is an ongoing process and the research can be very time-consuming. As we move forward to more aggressively lobby for partnerships, all Executive Board Members were asked to work with us in making introductions to potential sponsors and helping us make contact where possible. Communication Report Siobhan has been off sick since August 1st however, it has been a relatively quiet period and thanks to Ophélie and Yamila for their work in keeping the website and social media pages updated in Siobhan’s absence. Siobhan will have a full year update and analytics for the next Board meeting in December. One update to note is that the eurohockeytv.org platform registered 5563 new fans in July through the U18 Championships bringing our registered fan number up to 65,580.  We will continue to work on engaging more NAs and delivering more content but for Year 1 it is a reasonable start and gives us an initial platform from which we can seek to derive commercial value.

Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period): Create a target list of contacts and companies to present our commercial offering to Increase the eurohockeyTV.org registrations Look to continue to engage fans through the website and social media channels

Competitions Committee Indoor Walter Kapounek/David Voskamp


Walter reported on the Competitions Indoor report Review – Indoor Tournaments 2018 The level of umpiring at the 4 highest events was in most top events not as we would like. Some TDs/UMs suggested in their reports to have other ways of appointing umpires. The Appointments Committee will have to investigate this and most likely suggest recommendations to the Board. It was mentioned already to the CCI that the EHF will not be able to pay for more neutral umpires, so the money will have to come from the NAs. The floor at some top events led to discussion. In Antwerp, there was a small bump in the middle of the pitch and in Dundee, there were many other lines on the pitch. The CCI agreed that a Gerflor floor like in the IWC Berlin would be great to have, but it was acknowledged that this would have cost implications. Competitions Manager and Angus to look into these floors. A meeting is scheduled for autumn with Gerflor, the company providing the floors for the last 2 IWCs.

Update EuroHockey Indoor Junior Championships 2019

The withdrawal deadline was 30 June, but no teams withdrew. No changes to teams since the last EB meeting. The Match schedules have been announced and nearly all Teams Letters are received by the NAs. An online webinar will be held with the hosts at the end of September to discuss the hosting. The withdrawal deadline was 31 August, but no teams withdrew.

Challenge I (Men) 8th – 10th February 2019 Update Venue: Kringsjå SK (NOR), held in Oslo. No offer to host was received. A draw was made during the CCI in May, but UKR, POR and WAL respectively weren’t able to host when they were told they were drawn (no halls available), nor did the other 5 teams. Finally, on the 12th of July, all teams were informed that no host was found and that the event couldn’t be held. After that NOR, SCO and ITA came back stating they would look into it a final time. In the end, NOR came back they were able to host. On the 20th of August, everyone was informed the event would be held in Oslo. The Competitions Manager visited them mid-September.

Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period): • Next meeting via webinar in November 2019 • CCI meets 11 May 2019 in Minsk (BLR) • Follow-up of minutes and ongoing support hosts.

Competitions Committee Outdoor David Voskamp


EuroHockey U18 Championships 2018 Youth Championship (U18 Boys), Santander (ESP), 15-21 July 2018 1.Spain – European Champions, 2.Netherlands, 3.Germany, 4.Belgium, 5.England, 6.Ireland, 7.France (relegated to Championship II), 8.Poland (relegated to Championship II) Youth Championship II (U18 Boys), Cardiff (WAL), 22-28 July 2018 1.Russia (promoted to Championship), 2.Scotland (promoted to Championship), 3.Austria, 4.Wales, 5.Czech Republic, 6.Italy, 7. Belarus (relegated to Championship III), 8. Switzerland (relegated to Championship III) Youth Championship III (U18 Boys), Konya (TUR), 15-21 July 2018 1.Ukraine (promoted to Championship II), 2.Turkey (promoted to Championship II), 3.Croatia, 4.Lithuania, 5. Finland, 6.Hungary Youth Championship (U18 Girls), Santander (ESP), 15-21 July 2018 1.Netherlands – European Champions, 2.Belgium, 3.England, 4.Germany, 5.Spain, 6.Ireland, 7.Belarus (relegated to Championship II), 8.France (relegated to Championship II) Youth Championship II (U18 Girls), Rakovnik (CZE), 15-21 July 2018 1.Scotland (promoted to Championship), 2.Russia (promoted to Championship), 3.Czech Republic, 4.Austria, 5.Poland, 6. Wales, 7. Italy, 8. Lithuania (relegated to Championship III) Youth Championship III (U18 Girls), Konya (TUR), 15-21 July 2018 1.Switzerland (promoted to Championship II), 2.Ukraine, 3.Croatia, 4. Turkey

Update EuroHockey Senior Championships 2019

No withdrawals or new entries since the last Executive Board meeting. The pools and match schedule of Antwerp have been announced. The World Ranking was used from June 2018 as that was the moment we started the draft match schedule. After confirmation of EHF, KBHB and the broadcasters, it went to FIH for the final approval and this process has taken some time. As Page 5 of 19, the KBHB wanted to announce the schedule end of August together with the start of the ticket sales, we couldn’t use the World Ranking from after the Women’s World Cup as we would never have been ready in time. This process was used also for the last 2 EHCs. The pools and match schedules of the Championships II-III-IV are created now using the World Ranking as per September. The pools will be announced as soon as possible when the hosts and FIH have confirmed the match schedules.

Update EuroHockey Junior Championships 2019

No withdrawals or new entries since the last Executive Board meeting. The pools and match schedules of all Junior Championships are created now using the World Ranking as per September. The pools will be announced as soon as possible when the hosts and FIH have confirmed the match schedules. For the Women’s teams in Valencia, some teams could get in later as they would only have their first match on day 2 or 3 and that would be discussed nearer the time with the appointed TD. There was a possible solution needed if on the off chance the pitch in Plzeň Litice (CZE) wouldn’t be ready, and CZE requested if Prague could also be used, just in case. This backup plan was approved. There are 20 teams and not 19 for the boys, Cyprus entered for Championship III. Women in Valencia is 9 teams with pools of 4 and 5. DV working on match schedule, 3 teams that were at the discussion last time are in the same pool so will be fair. TD will have to be flexible at this event. TUR has requested to change the venue from Antalya-Belek to Alanya. A new pitch is laid down in the upcoming months and they have started in August. The pitch in Antalya-Belek is part of a resort (Gloria Resort) and they ask a lot of money for the use of the pitch. Moreover, the accommodation prices of the resort are high. The same 2 airports are used, so the CCO doesn’t see an issue as this is beneficial to host and teams. This was approved by the Board.

Update EuroHockey5s U16 Championships 2019

Boy’s U16 Championship – Walcz (POL) Teams: AUT, BLR, CRO, DEN, FRA, POL, SUI, TUR, UKR, WAL (10) Dates:3-6 July 2019 Boy’s U16 Championship II – Albena (BUL) Teams: ARM, BUL, FIN, GEO, GIB, LTU, LUX, SLO (8) Dates:4-6 July 2019 Girl’s U16 Championship – Walcz (POL) Teams: AUT, BLR, CRO, FRA, GEO, GIB, LTU, POL, SUI, TUR, UKR, WAL (12) Dates:3-6 July 2019 LIT will not take part for boys and girls. We are waiting for the withdrawal deadline to make the pools.

Update FIH

FRA had informed FIH that their NOC will not nominate its boys’ YOG team as they would nominate rugby instead. From Europe, both POL and AUT will participate in YOG Buenos Aires with both teams. Due to JPN winning the Asian Games for Men and Women, there will be 1 extra playoff game in Oct/Nov 2019, which means not 12, but 14 teams will be in the running for OG qualification, which is good for European teams. Page 6 of 19 A letter from Asian Hockey was sent to FIH because they would have liked to see the second ranked team of the Asian Games qualified directly to the Olympics. But it was refused by FIH.

EHF Calendar recommendations

The Trophy Men will be brought back to Whitsun due to the FIH Calendar congestion. AUT and WAL are due to play in MAS in the HSF which starts 1 day after Easter. The Challenge I Women will be brought forward to Easter due to the FIH Calendar congestion. BEL is due to play in HPL during Whitsun. The CCO discussed extensively the EHF Calendar for the upcoming years. The CCO was clear that the U18 Championships should be scheduled in 2018-2020-2021-2023-2025-etc, so back to-back events in 2020-2021. To have a 3-year gap for this age group isn’t felt good for them. The CCO recommended the EB to schedule U18 in 2020-2021-2023-2025-etc. and this was approved. The CCO is of the opinion that in 2020 also the U21 teams need to play but understands that due to the busy calendar with FIH events, Olympic Games and U18 Championships, this can be a (financial) burden to most NAs. Therefore, in order for this U21 generation to still play, the CCO proposes to schedule in 2020 Invitational U21 events so the NAs that wish to participate with their U21 teams, can do so. This event/these events would be organised as a 1-off and have no influence on promotion and relegation.

Recommendation to the Executive Board was as follows:

• In 2020 Invitational events are played in summer for which all U21 teams can enter.

• The 2019 EuroHockey Junior Championships will determine which teams would play in which Invitational event in 2020.

• There is no promotion/relegation at stake in these Invitational events. • Entry fee and hosting fee for the Invitational events in 2020 need to be determined by the EB, but CCO suggests waiving the hosting fee for the highest event.

• The 2019 EuroHockey Junior Championships will stay as the Junior World Cup qualifying event and the final rankings of these events in 2019 will determine where teams will play in 2022.

As the IOC hasn’t announced what will happen with the YOG in 2022, the CCO is of the opinion not to plan anything with regards to the U16 events after 2019. As soon as more is known, the CCO can suggest what the years will be the U16 events are played.

The calendar for the upcoming years would look like this:

This was approved by the Board.

EHF outdoor Club format

Due to the proposed change in EHL to go back from 24 to 20 teams, the rest of the club system was discussed. The 4th ranked nation will lose its 3rd EHL spot and will, therefore, lose its right to play. The nation’s 7 and 8 will lose 1 EHL spot, so their 2nd teams will automatically go to the tournament below. The same counts for the champion of nation 12. To sell this better to all Page 7 of 19 teams, it is suggested to create an extra Trophy event (for men only). That way you can promote 5 teams from each event to the event above.

The recommendation to the Executive Board is:

• To add a Trophy event for the Men only, between EHL and Trophy (Trophy 1).

• In both Trophy 1 and Trophy, 2 ranking points are at stake.

• Teams 1 and 2 from the Trophy 2 will earn promotion to Trophy 1.

• Teams 7 and 8 from the Trophy 1 will relegate to Trophy 2.

• The ranking points table will still determine participation in EHL.

• Teams 7 and 8 from the Trophy 2 will relegate to Challenge 1.

• Ranking points allocation to be determined at the next CCO meeting.

Marijke Fleuren congratulated the Committee for their work on the new system.

The solution of an extra trophy is good, and it makes it in a positive way. This new system only applies for men’s events! There are no changes in women’s number of teams.

This will be announced after the press conference of the EHL in October.

Trophy 1 (NEW!) Pool A Pool B EHL7EHL8 T1EHL12 T2T3 T5T4

Trophy 2 T6T7 CHI1T8 CHI2CHI3 CHI5CHI4





Allocation of 2019 outdoor club hosts

Trophy (M)

No offer to host in 1st instance, but HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI) came back they could only host it during Whitsun. Group A: Glenanne HC (IRL), HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI), SC Stroitel Brest (BLR), Casa Pia Atlético Clube (POR) Group B: Cardiff & Met (WAL), HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR), WAC (AUT), HC Bohemians Prague (CZE)

Challenge I (M)

Only 1 offer to host: HKS Siemianowiczanka (POL) Group A: HKS Siemianowiczanka (POL), HK Trešnjevka (CRO), SG Amsicora ASD (ITA 2), Whitchurch HC (WAL) Group B: HC Bra (ITA 1), Slagelse Hockeyklub (DEN), Servette HC Geneva (SUI), HK Zelina (CRO)

Challenge II (M) Offers to host:

Grammarians HC (GIB), SK Slavia Prague (CZE), Bolu Belediyesi Spor Kulübü (TUR) TUR was awarded the Challenge III already, so it was either GIB or CZE. As GIB hosted in 2017 and Slavia didn’t host a men’s event for a while and because it is a little more central in Europe, the decision was to award in favour of SK Slavia Prague (CZE). Group A: AD Lousada (POR), HK Lipovci (SLO) KPH Rača (SVK), Nacka LHK (SWE) Group B: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), Grammarians HC (GIB), Bolu Belediyesi Spor Kulübü (TUR), Ardas Rudamina (LTU)

Challenge III (M) Only 1 offer to host: Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR) Group A: FHC Akademik Plus Sofia (BUL), Copenhagen HC (DEN), Soroksári – Olcote HC (HUN) Group B: Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR), HC PK-Start Zytomyrskyi Region (UKR), HK Triglav Predanovci (SLO), AGAS HC (GRE) Due to a late withdrawal in 2018 the GRE team cannot earn promotion. Pre-qualified team of LTU didn’t enter, so after the venues are announced NOR will be asked if they would like to play in Challenge III or want to stay in Challenge IV.

Challenge IV (M)

Only 1 offer to host: Qormi HC (MLT) Group A: Furuset Landhockeyklubb (NOR), HC Kilppari (FIN), Építők HC (HUN) Group B: Qormi HC (MLT), Seinäjoki United (FIN), Floriana Young Stars HC (MLT), Kringsjå SK (NOR) Pre-qualified team of BUL didn’t enter.

Trophy (W) Only 1 offer to host: Holcombe HC (ENG) Group A: Holcombe HC (ENG), Dinamo-COP Moscomsport (RUS), UCD Ladies HC (IRL), Edinburgh Uni HC (SCO) Group B: Club de Campo de Madrid (ESP), HC Victorya Smolevichi (BLR), MSC Sumchanka (UKR), Waterloo Ducks HC (BEL)

Challenge I (W) Offers to host: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI), Lille MHC (FRA), Braxgata HC (BEL) ZE and SUI were already awarded another event so the choice was FRA or BEL. BEL hosted last year and FRA hasn’t hosted in a few years. Lille MHC has proved in the past to be good hosts. Moreover, the BEL club withdrew late in 2017 which didn’t feel correct to award them with an event now when there were also other good offers. So the event was awarded to Lille MHC (FRA). Group A: SK Slavia Prague (CZE), Clydesdale Western HC (SCO), Gintra Strekte Uni HC (LTU), HC Rottweiss Wettingen (SUI) Group B: Lille MHC (FRA), Luzerner SC (SUI), HC Metrostroy (RUS), Braxgata HC (BEL)Luzerner SC (SUI) not able to gain promotion as they replace the SUI club champion who didn’t want to enter.

Challenge II (W)

Offers to host: NAVAX AHTC (AUT) and Cardiff University HC (WAL) Cardiff Uni requested if they could host outside the Whitsun weekend (21-24 June) due to student accommodation not available in the Whitsun weekend. Moreover the Whitsun dates clash with the Cricket World Cup with a game taking place in Cardiff (8 June). Whilst the pitch is available, hotel rooms in the city would be limited and those which remain are very expensive. Therefore it was apparent that the event would be hosted again by NAVAX AHTC (AUT) where in spring a new pitch will be installed. Group A: Swansea City (WAL), Zuvedra Tauras (LTU), St. Germain (FRA), Cardiff University HC (WAL) Group B: HF Lorenzoni (ITA), SV Arminen (AUT), SG Amsicora ASD (ITA), NAVAX AHTC (AUT)

Challenge III (W)

Offers to host: HC 1972 Rakovník (CZE), Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR), Kolos Boryspil (UKR), Grupo Desportivo do Viso (POR) TUR was already awarded an event so wasn’t taken into consideration. The pitch is POR is a 3D pitch where the event in 2017 was held. The feedback was that the pitch isn’t really suitable and when other offers are available, they should be taken into account. As CZE was already awarded a club event, it was felt that UKR should get the event awarded as they have a new 2nd hand pitch installed recently, the venue is close to Kiev airport and the hotels are cheap and close by the venue. Therefore Kolos Boryspil (UKR) is awarded the event. Group A: HC 1972 Rakovník (CZE), HK Zelina (CRO), Nacka LHK (SWE) Group B: Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR), HAHK Mladost (CRO), Kolos Boryspil (UKR), Grupo Desportivo do Viso (POR) Pre-qualified 1st women’s teams from POL and DEN not entering. The CCO awarded the events to the below clubs. The venues were announced after the FIH announced the venues and dates of the HSF events in 2019.


Trophy – Wettingen (SUI) in Wettingen at Whitsun 7-10 June 2019

Challenge I – HKS Siemianowiczanka (POL) in Siemianowice Śląskie at Whitsun 7-10 June 2019

Challenge II – SK Slavia Prague (CZE) in Prague at Whitsun 6-9 June 2019

Challenge III – Gaziantep Polisgücü SK (TUR) in Konya at Whitsun 7-10 June 2019

Challenge IV – Qormi HC (MLT) in Kordin at Whitsun 6-9 June 2019


Trophy – Holcombe HC (ENG) in Rochester at Easter 19-22 April 2019

Challenge I – Lille MHC (FRA) in Lille at Easter 19-22 April 2019

Challenge II – NAVAX AHTC (AUT) in Vienna at Whitsun 7-10 June 2019

Challenge III – Kolos Boryspil (UKR) in Boryspil at Whitsun 7-10 June 2019

Allocation of 2019 EHCC

Offers to host: HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED), AHBC Amsterdam (NED) Teams: HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED), AHBC Amsterdam (NED), Der Club an der Alster (GER), UHC Hamburg (GER), Real Sociedad de Fútbol SAD (ESP), Surbiton HC (ENG), GHC Ritm Grodno (BLR), Loreto HC (IRL) HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch hosted in 2017, has a great venue and are always good hosts. Were unsuccessful in their bids in 2018, 2016, 2013. Offer a licence fee above the minimum stated. Page 10 of 19 AHBC hasn’t hosted a women’s event since 2012 and 2010 when the EHCC Final4 was combined with the EHL Final4. They offer €5000 license fee plus 15% of the ticket sales (above 1.000 tickets per day). The recommendation from the CCO to the EB was in favour of AHBC Amsterdam. They think that a good number of spectators in Amsterdam can also make a good amount of money for EHF. Moreover, they think that HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch has hosted many events in the recent past and thinks awarding events to new hosts is positive. Amsterdam hasn’t hosted in a while. In 2015 and 2016 the EHCC was awarded to SCHC 2 years and the CCO feels that after 2017 to go back to HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch is too soon, when there is another good offer. The vote in the CCO was 9 votes for AHBC Amsterdam and 2 for HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED).

Evaluations of outdoor events 2018

The following points were discussed and decided: Internet issues at the Technical table at some events. A formal feedback procedure will be established for hosts to review officials, EHF and the requirements of hosting. Where there is no offer to host a Trophy or Challenge I event, then all clubs would be considered in a draw and no exceptions would be made, even though a club said they couldn’t afford the hosting or wouldn’t have a pitch. In the lower events, exceptions could be made. Feedback was received regarding the 5th staff member on the bench. This was overall very positive. After the indoor clubs’ weekend this trial will be evaluated.

Regulations Working Group

The Regulations Working Group met Friday 7 September in Vienna and made the following decisions:

• There will not be a withdrawal date in the regulations for U14 EHL/EHCC. It should be stressed in the Teams Letter to teams and NAs that when they enter they commit to participating.

• There was a suggestion to change the format of the Trophy events for the last day to play 3A-4B and 3B-4A and both losers would relegate, but the Trophy events will not change its format and the classification matches will stay 3A-3B and 4A-4B with teams 4A and 4B relegated.

• LTU wanted to only enter their men’s champion, but not in the event where they were scheduled to be playing. LTU has a place in Challenge II and III, where the champion club wanted to enter the Challenge III as they predicted themselves to have more chances. The CCO was unanimous that champion clubs should take the highest spot available and teams should not have an opportunity to choose.

• The SUI women’s champion club didn’t want to enter, so their replacement team Luzerner was accepted to enter in their place, but without the opportunity to get promotion.

• It was decided that where events would not be held due to no host available, that teams would not get promotion to a division higher. There was a moment when the indoor Challenge I was not held and the Challenge II was. None of the 8 teams in Challenge I would get promoted and teams 5 and 6 of the none-held event would be relegated as per the regulations. However when a team in the Trophy event would withdraw then one of the teams of the noneheld event would be seen as reserve team. In case the in the lowest event no host would be found, the decision was that a team would get promoted although no event was played in order to give the opportunity to play the year after.

• As there is a minimum age for players in events, it was decided to have the same minimum age (15) for staff members.

• The Hockey India League (HIL) will most likely be played from 2019 onwards, but not in Jan/Feb, but in Nov/Dec. In case the HIL indeed will be held, the regulations need to be Page 11 of 19 adjusted as currently the Open Window to play for another club is 15 Dec-28 Feb and this needs to change to 15 Nov-28 Feb.

• The FIH has done some tests with other balls than Kookaburras and will let EHF know ASAP which balls are approved so they can be used for events. It was decided that these balls could be used for club Challenge events, Senior Championships III-IV and Junior Championships II-II-IV.

Marijke Fleuren congratulated DV and Walter for the good work and the increasing number of teams participating.

Euro Hockey League Report,  Angus Kirkland


Angus Kirkland reported to the Board on the new Euro Hockey League season that will start beginning of October. They are currently working on the Round 1, which will be held in Barcelona. They are trying to push to get more people coming to the event as the ticket sales are still slow. The Catalan federation will shut down the competition except for the youth teams of the host that will play on the second pitch during the event. Angus also presented a slide show from ABN Ambro about EHL and its future format. They have grown their social community and fan base. Due to the calendar congestion, EHL will be organized in 2 moments over the season, October and Easter. Round 1 this year will be as it has always been. From next year on, there will be only 20 teams and not 24 anymore playing the Round 1. The great news for EHL is that they will organise an EHL for women at the same time than the KO8 EHL for men. It will also be fully broadcasted and at the same venue. This will start at Easter 2020. It was a good idea to change format of the EHCC a few years ago to make it similar to the KO8 for the men. Marijke Fleuren gave her credits to Arthur Zuidewijke from Southfields for pushing to include the women under the EHL umbrella. Oranje-Rood asked to start an U18 EHL as well. It is a possibility, but it would be played at another moment because U18 players are in exams at that period. A press conference will be held on the 21st October at Oranje-Rood to make the KO16 draw and announce the new format of the EHL for men and women. If Oranje-Rood is not qualified after Round 1, we will need to think about a new location. All this information is confidential until the press conference. EHL will invite an influential woman to be present at the press conference. Regarding the rules, EHL will go back to normal goal scoring. And they will try to go to 90 seconds maximum for the use of the video referee.

Development Projects Report, Tom Pedersen- Smith and Peter Elders


Club of the Year ETB SW Essen as small club of the Year 2017 Carola Meyer met and awarded the club Atletic Terrassa large club of the Year 2017 Carola Meyer met and awarded the club 2018 Nomination period – November 5th to November 30th, 2018

EU Funding Submission and agreement of three (3) funding bids with the EU Erasmus+ programme.

All decisions will/should be made by September 2018. 1. Title: The mobilisation of volunteerism through good governance Page 12 of 19 Lead Partner: EHF 2. Title: Best Practice Sharing of Innovative and Disruptive Field Hockey Skills Lead Partner: Czech Hockey Federation 3. Title: SWinG – Support Women in achieving their Goal Lead Partner: French Federation for Company Sport Tom Pedersen-Smith met with EU last week. We will find out next week about the funding.

State of the Game (SOTG)

Agreement in place with FIH that they will now conduct the SOTG survey annually to all member nations and share the information/data with CF’s.

National Associations Visits and meetings planned with the following Federations/Clusters:

Tom has met with Belarus NOC and Federation around club and coach education and attended youth festival. He visited Spain and met with the development manager and club of the year and attended ParaHockey event. In June he met France met with FIH & INAS and Federation at ParaHockey Event and attended a South East Region: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Greece and discussed with each federation at forum about education and competition development needs.

Working on for next quarter

▪ Nordic: Meeting Danish Federation mid-September to go through development plan and see facilities and then Skype is agreed for the evening with FIN, SWE, NOR.

▪ South Med: Working on logistics of holding a regional seminar with NA’s.

▪ Ukraine: Possible visit planned for October – pending an update re: old debts.


Offered a pitch from Germany but both times not in good enough condition to move both were over 15 years old. Offered pitch from Wales, looking to move the pitch in September/October details and location TBC.


Sticks sent to the following Nations for projects following the SE forum meeting in June: Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia

ParaHockey Barcelona:

What better day than Olympic Day for the EHF to announce Helen Richardson Walsh and Juan Andres de Koning as ParaHockey Ambassadors. Paris: Working with INAS and FIH to include hockey in the 1st ever ParaHockey INAS games (strategically very important in regards IPC). EHF sent the youth panel to work at the event.

Youth Panel

Skype with part of group early September to discuss the Youth Festival for next summer. Skype with whole group late September to discuss the Youth Festival, ParaHockey, Marketing.

Twinning 2018 projects:

Lithuania and Croatia and Czech Republic. Gender Balance EHF host a gender balance forum mid-September. The purpose – ‘establish feedback on the strategy timeline and content for achievement of gender balance’. It was an interesting day. We will work towards next year’s GA for a presentation.

Priorities for Committee for the next period:

Move European ParaHockey Championship Plans forward. Agree and create Women & Girls/Gender Balance strategy next steps. Create Youth Festival outline. Research and apply for funding for internships. Launch Give & Get: KIT & EQUIPMENT.

Education Committee – Umpires Tom Smith/Inez Cooper


Umpire Development Programme (UDP)

Umpires for Europe (U4E) 2018

U4E Plans Breda Weekend a huge success. x32 attended 24th to 26th August. x42 chosen to be part of 2018 cohort, X37 remain for 2018/2019. x5 dropped from attending Breda but all will continue in programme (x3 appointed to the Hockey Series Open, x2 work commitments). x5 dropped Page 14 of 19 completely x1 maternity leave deferred to next year, x2 pulled out personal reasons, x1 pulled out late (still receiving invoice), x1 had been removed from NA umpire list.  We have now hit 30 different NA’s attending U4E in 5 years. Some good turnover in mentors and increased the number Tamas Hermann, Pierre-Philippe van Besien, John Heron, Belen Gonzalez, Mirjam Wessel, Jamie Aiken, Gregory Maya-Perez TPS has and will continue to monitor exchanges with mentors over the year. We will select UDP umpires out of this group.

Supporting National Growth

France Approached TPS around developing an Umpire Pathway. TPS has requested development plans – waiting to receive this.

Umpire Coaches (UC) Breda, Netherlands 24th to 26th August.

x7 Applicants (x6 male, x1 female – x5 National Associations)

Meeting with FIH Officials Committee:

Their objective is to ‘professionalise’ the Officials and see EHF as a leader in this. There will likely be some more interaction with FIH in this space, but not expecting much adjustment to what we do and deliver.

Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

▪ Review 2018 Breda Weekend – as ever, seek to make it better still in 2019!

▪ Plan Exchange Weekends

▪ Confirm We4binar Programme

▪ Select the next UDP group – selectors – Rob ten Cate, Margaret Hunnaball, Paul BoxGrainger. ▪ Communicate with NAs, seek financial support, and announce when confirmed. ▪ Appoint UDP mentors Group 13

Education Committee – Officials Tom Smith/Inez Cooper


We had a smaller number of judges participating in the course, but you must go to this course to get an appointment. We are looking at possibilities to organize local courses, NAs are looking to train their people for their own league as well, not only for the international level. We need to keep going and growing but the quality is driven by the number of volunteers and the money. FIH would like to have the Breda concept in every continent. Judges for Europe Breda, Netherlands 24th to 26th August. x14 Judges (x4 male, x10 female – x8 National Associations).


Currently working on a new format. This would mean using EHF competitions as the locations for training seminars. Proposed dates and locations will be determined at the September Education Committee.

Umpire Managers (UM)

TPS has spoken with Yolanda around UM seminar for next August. Budget etc to be discussed in Sep committee meeting. Priorities for Committee for the next period (please specify period):

▪ Work on UM content and administration (Next 12 months)

▪ TO/TD content and delivery agreed (September)

Education Committee – Coaches Tom Smith/Inez Cooper


After Breda the Committee had a dinner to thank Edna Rutten and Thomas Eilmer for their work. Most of the committee was there. Both really appreciated the dinner. It was very interesting looking back and how it started and grew in the committee. The logistics in Breda went really smooth this time thanks to the work Tom did beforehand. People could focus on what they had to do and not the rest. A lot going on in that group. Herman and Michel are taking the lead and doing great work.

Partnerships for EHF Coaching Programmes

Sport Session Planner – coaching analysis platform (Cost 1k per year) SSP allows coaches to build coaching drills & share coaching drills all online in 2D and 3D formats, x50 individual licenses available in agreement Coaches and mentors from TCP and C4E can put their drills on the platform. They can use it to distribute around. The value is about 4000€. The company works with some of the biggest football clubs.

HockeyToday – online hockey webinars (VIK) Hockey CC – is a new innovative company that provides coaching webinars to members of Hockey CC. Up from 2 webinars a year to 12. Coaches can pay a subscription for the webinars (twice a month). Sportsways – International Coaching Camp (VIK) A new long-term agreement with more clarity around the role our coaches play, the role of our mentors and the benefits to the EHF. We celebrated our 25th year working with Sportsways and we signed a new contract for the next 3 years.

CoachLogic – Online Video Analysis Platform (VIK) agreement TBC TPS met with CoachLogic who will build EHF an online assessment centre to provide updated feedback on each seminar including mentor feedback and will be where we sign off FIH L2 & L3 awards in Europe. Early 2019 completion. An agreement was signed with Self-Pass as well. It will become the official EHF youth partner. They will take the lead in the youth festival next year at EHC 2019. They will do a skillers session. EHF will also get merchandise at factory prices. It is fantastic as we align our self with the youth. The value around 15000€ in term of the service we get back.

SNG – Greece:

Page 16 of 19 September 2018: Educator Thomas Tichelman (x17 Coaches) FIH Level 1. Kit & Equipment provided by EHF, Sportways & Hockey Dreams Foundation.

C4E & TCP – 2019 nomination period for NA’s: October 1 st to 26 th 2018


Agreement to be sent out to mentors committing themselves to programmes. TBC – mentor training meeting to update on C4E and TCP. A new Booklet has been designed.

C4E – Coaches for Europe – Seminar 2: Breda, Netherlands (August)

x16 Coaches (x14 Male, x2 Female – x11 National Associations). 2019 Seminar 1: GIB Seminar 2: NED

TCP – Top Coaches Programme – Seminar 2: Breda, Netherlands (June)

x20 Coaches (x17 Male, x3 Female – x12 National Associations) – 2019 Seminar 1: ESP Seminar 2: BEL All programs are going well. A window will open soon to get the new groups for C4E and TCP. Hopefully we will see more women coming in the applications. We are working with FIH to get an agreement that we can be the provider in terms of providing L 1, 2, 3 and not FIH. Nobody else can run these courses. Our TCP candidates are from a much higher standard than L3 FIH coaches. Now coaches must go through EHF TCP to be able to go to L4 FIH.

Priorities for Committee for the next period:

▪ Webinar Dates TBC (September 18)

▪ Mentor training day (January 19)

▪ Online Monitoring System live (March 19)

▪ Planning work for all of the upcoming Seminars

Hon Treasurer’s Report Mika Rithila


Mika Rihtila presented the report from the Finance Committee that met the day before the Board. The Committee suggested to set up a subsidies system for NA’s that have high costs to travel to some events due to long distances based on case by case. Angus Kirkland and Mika Rihtila will look into this and what costs it will represent for the EHF. It was approved by the Committee and then the Board, that the subscription proposal (annual membership fee), based on FIH, will remain the same. The same was approved by the Committee and the Board for the entry and license fees. The honorary treasurer presented the year to date 2018 budget and the 2019 budget, which was approved by the Board to be presented at the General Assembly. The outlook of the 2018 budget looks much better than foreseen.

FIH Report Walter Kapounek/Pam Michaelis/Marijke Fleuren


Walter Kapounek and Peter Elders reported on the Joint Super Committee meeting held the weekend before the EHF Executive Board meeting at FIH. They met with all the committees. Then they were put into small groups to discuss the future of hockey. The subjects raised were the right ones, the questions they raise are also correct, but everyone has heard that before, now it’s time to put it into actions. Thierry Weil and Jon Wyatt also gave a speech and presented the people at FIH. They informed the committees that they would cut the budget by 15% for next year.


Peter Elders updated the Board on the new rules that were decided during the Rules Committee, the day after the Joint Committee Meeting. FIH did not appoint a secretary for the committee, they had no connections with the office which was a bit disappointing. They will make some changes now and then try not to change the rules for 3-4 years to keep some stability in the future. The Committee discussed the questions about left hand sticks and the possibility of playing with both sides of the stick, but it was decided that the discussion will not go further than that as hockey is skilful sport and the stick rule is a fundamental part of the game and we don’t want to change that.

Changes proposed for outdoor: – a field player with goalkeeper privilege will not be allowed anymore (either it can be a real goalkeeper full equipped or 11 field players but not with a different shirt colour or with goalkeeper privileges). – if an attacker comes too early in the D on a penalty corner, the injector will have to go back to the middle line. This is more in line with the penalty the defender would get if he breaks the line too early. – all penalty corners will be finished when the ball is out of the dotted lines. – all matches will be played in 4 quarters. But it was not decided yet if it would be quarters of 15min and stop time at corners or quarters of 17,5min without stopping the time for corners. All the new rules decided by the Committee will be changed by the 1st of January, so internationally it will apply for the Pro League and if countries want to apply them, they can do it from the summer on.

Changes proposed for indoor: – some technical changes but no drastic changes. – teams won’t have to change bench at half time anymore. – same rule will apply for the extra field player instead of the goalie than for outdoor. Additionally, if a team wants to substitute their goalie, the time will have to be stopped. It can be as many times as a team wants to, but the time will have to be stopped. There will be a trial period for 1 or 2 years than the committee will evaluate the rule. – matches will be played in 4 quarters of 10 minutes with no time out anymore. These rules will be changed be the 1st of April, it will not apply for the 2019 indoor season. Regarding hockey 5’s, there has never been a proper evaluation of the rules as it was originally created to be more fun, innovative and to be played everywhere. But it’s dangerous… It is not a priority for FIH for the moment.


The Pro League is scheduled, the matches are planned, and it will take place. If some NAs are not able to bear the costs, FIH has solutions to solve it. For future competitions, there will be an overlap in the calendar between International events and Continental events. The FIH CEO thinks that the WC and Olympic qualification system does not work as well as it could. FIH is currently working on a 4-year calendar, that will come out quite soon. But as a Competitions committee, they were not allowed to have a look at the calendar. It will go to CF’s when finished for remarks. Currently there is a window for the U21 Junior World Cup from September to November. But there should be an agreement between FIH and nations from the Pro league that this window would be for club competitions. FIH said there is not such an agreement. For the 2022 World Cup, it will be the same. There is one window in the summer and one in autumn. But this is not ok for Europe with the EHL and national leagues. We also face some short-term calendar issues with the Hockey Series Open. There should be tournaments in all 5 continents but currently 3 of these tournaments are not schedule. All teams moved out of the tournament that could possibly be organized in Pakistan. In Africa, no tournament will be organized. It was agreed that still Asia should get another place (one for men and one for women) in the qualification event and Africa should get 2 for the men and 2 for the women. For the Hockey Series Final, it was promised a year ago that we would know where and when it will be played. But for now, only 4 tournaments have been announced already. There is no planning for the non-Pro League nations. Additionally, the Hockey Series Final that takes place in Malaysia is supposed to start the following day after the EHL Final 4. The Committee discussed the World Ranking and is working on a completely new World Ranking system with new criteria. Regarding the Indoor World Cup, there is a proposal to play it in 2023. But the Committee has still the desire to play it every second year instead of every 4 year. This will only happen if one of them is organized in Europe. Because European teams will not go if not. Walter also reported about the discussion on hockey 5’s and the future of the short version of the game. It was deliberate, from the top nations, not to be included in that version of hockey.


Marijke Fleuren updated the Board about the situation at FIH. Communication still remains a challenge both internally and externally. The Pro League appears to be more or less under control. FIH refused to offer extra space for the Olympic qualification to Asia as they had requested.


The elections at the FIH Congress have been discussed by the Board. Two men and two women will be elected. NA’s will receive a manual about the elections and who the candidates are for the Congress.


The Board agreed to suggest to the FIH Rules Committee to have matches of 4 quarters of 15 minutes and not 17.5 minutes as it is more in line with international hockey.

Director Generals Report Angus Kirkland

DISCUSSION Angus Kirkland, the Director-General, updated the Board on different matters. The EHF staff met twice with Belgium Hockey and their partner over the summer regarding the organisation of the EHC 2019 in Antwerp. During the press conference on the 28th August, the title partner (Belfius) and logo were announced. The match schedule was published. Also, the tickets were opened for Belgian clubs and will be open from 1st October onwards for the rest of the people. He also reported the last information regarding the General Assembly 2018, that will be held in New Delhi on the 2nd November. There, we will announce the creation of a new Committee, the Athletes Committee. Angus Kirkland explained the structure and election system for this Committee. Angus presented the report from the Disciplinary Commissioner. No matters are urgent. The Board then agreed on the dates of the 2019 meetings. They will also meet before the GA in New Delhi.

Appointments Committee Report Angus Kirkland


Outdoor 2018 Season

The latest statistics were circulated. Umpires continue to be a challenge. Some countries necessitate multiple appointments per slot to find an available umpire. However, given the reduced number of tournaments this year, we still had a high number of rejections/withdrawals (about 40%).

EHL Round 1

The Committee is trialling the appointment of mixed umpire panels at EHL. 2 female umpires have been appointed to the upcoming Round 1, following their performances at the Women’s World Cup.


The FIH will have a meeting to discuss the new officials grading system in September. Ray O’Connor and Sylvie Petitjean will be in attendance and report back to the EHF Appointments Committee. Yolande Brada will also report on the new procedure for UM training.

EHF Education

Yolande Brada and John Heron are the links between the committee and will attend the Education meeting and report back. The Education meeting will take place on the 22nd of September. The Appointments Committee will meet in Dublin, Ireland on October 27th.

Priorities for Committee for the next period:

Outdoor 2019 Appointments Indoor 2019 Appointments – replacements and withdrawals Mixed panel at EHL

Any Other Business


There is a new hockey club that was just created in Congo, Kinshasa. Congo will have to be approved by FIH before they are members. Angus informed the board that Yamila has handed in her notice and is taking up a role with an Energy company and that she is pregnant again – the Board extended their congratulations to her. We will work straight away on recruiting a new staff member. Angus Kirkland thanked her very much for all the work she has done for EHF.

Marijke Fleuren thanked the Board for all the discussions and the committees for the good work.

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