Day 1 round up – EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge II

9th February 2019

Games got underway yesterday at the EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge II in Varna, Bulgaria:


Match 1: Soroksari HC 9- 0 (4-0) Club Adjara

It was a pretty easy win for Soroksari HC, even though Adjara played their hearts out.

Match 2: Triglav 5 – 2 (3:0) Elektrovojvodino

The game was intense. Triglav lead 3:0 in the first half. However, Elektrovojvodino put some pressure on their opponents during the second half by scoring two goals. Triglav had 100% success with the penalty corners.

Match 3: HC Kilppari 1 – 2 (1-1) HC Akademik

It was an equivalent game. Kilppari opened the score, but Akademik was quick to follow with an equalizer. After a great game with a lot of chances for both teams, Akademik won by 2:1.

Match 4: HC Soroksari 12 – 3 (7-1) HC Elektrovojvodino

The game started with a beautiful deflection that ended up to be a goal, scored by number 7 from the team of Soroskari. The boys from Elektrovojvodino played very ambitiously but were outplayed by the team from Hungary, which was very well positioned and placed during the whole game.

Match 5: Club Adjara 0- 2 (0-1) HC Kilppari

The first and the second halves both were in favour of Kilppari. Both teams tried to score, but Adjara couldn’t do it, even though they made many counter attacks.

Match 6: HC Triglav 3- 5 (1-2) HCAkademik

Akademik was leading the game since the first minutes. However, the team of Triglav was attacking aggressively the whole time.

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