Day 2 roundup: EuroHockey Indoor Club Trophy, Zelina, Croatia

Posted On 9th February 2019

Day 2 on the EuroHockey Indoor Club Trophy in Zelina and we had already all settled in the group A. Gazaintep from Turkey and East Grinstead from England had their place in promotion group C with 10 points each. Amiens and Soerbymagle left without any points and they went to relegation group D.
In group B we had nothing settled. All teams had their chances to take their place in the promotion group.


What a match for the start of day 2 !!! Two best teams from the group A clashed in the very interesting, dynamic and dramatic match. They fought for the crucial point in the promotion group. Winner takes it all with much better chances for promotion. Gazaintep started much better with two goals in two minutes. Everything seemed to on the Turkish side. But East Grinstead returned back in the match with two penalty corner goal. The minute after and Gaziantep was again the lead from the penalty corner. Penalty corners were lethal weapons from both teams in this match. A.Jackson made the result even after another penalty corner and four minutes later lead for East Grinstead also from a penalty corner. Mackey scored for the lead and for the victory and five big points for the English side in the promotion group.



At the end of the match an easy win for the French side in the important relegation match.
In the first minute of the match, Amiens had a lead with a Pauchet´s goal. Two minutes after and there was a two-goal lead for the French side. In the second period, Pauchet scored again. A minute after Gavois scored and Amiens had a great lead with a four-goal difference. Pauchet was on fire in this match. He scored two goals in a row, one from the penalty corner and one field goal. With four goals Pauchet jumped up on the best scorers table with only one goal less than top scorer Aydin from Gaziantep. At the end of the match after the buzzer, Soerymagle had a penalty corner and they stroke their consolation goal in this match for 6 – 1.


A new day for teams in group B and every one of them had their chances to enter in the promotion group. Victory was a must for both teams. Very paced match with lots of turnovers on both side but there were no goals till the 12th minute of the match when umpire awarded penalty stroke for Complutense. Cobos was calm and scored for lead. The same player scored his second goal after a great spin pass assist. Slavia returned to the match four minutes in the second period from a penalty corner. Vacek stroke the roof of the net. Three minutes later and the Spanish side had again two goals lead. Nice penalty corner execution from Corral. Another goal from Complutense and they had a massive lead for catching their place in the promotion group. Slavia didn´t surrender and stroke again for 4 – 2. They took out the keeper and successfully defend themselves without keeper but couldn´t make much more to diminish Complutense´s lead. Finally, the match ended with a 4 – 2 result and Complutense found their place in the promotion group with 11 points.


The host Zelina needed a clear victory for the promotion group and Gruwald will be happy with a draw but they needed victory also to transfer five points. Very tough and tight match with very few chances.
Zelina missed great one after what they received the penalty corner goal. Perfect shoot for Dutkiewicz.
But Zelina managed to come back also after a penalty corner. Fujs Gregor stroke the top of the goal. In the second period turn over from Zelina. Fujs Anže scored for Zelina´s lead and a big cheer from the stands.
But another turnover in the match. The Polish side came to lead and Zelina had to take out goalkeeper to try to catch two goals for victory but they received two more on an empty net and Grunwald found their place in the promotion group with 5 additional points.


And we came to the promotion/relegation part of the tournament with the first match between Soerbymagle and Slavia in pool C. Both teams went to pool C without any point so it is crucial for both of them to win some otherwise they will be in a big problem and with a relegation ticket. Another tight match and the Danish side took a lead with Jensen´s goal in the ninth minute. Soerbymagle had a good game but Slavia managed to equal in the last minute of the first period. In the second period, the first lead went to Slavia. Lehovec scored a fine goal. But Jensen, the second one in the Danish team, put the result in a draw again. Everything was open in that match and every next score could be crucial and 5 minutes before the end of the match great penalty strike from Vacek and Slavia´s lead. The goal was worth five points and probably staying in the Clubs Trophy competition.


Zelina entered the match with five points from the pool B and victory for them meant survival in EHI Clubs Trophy competition. Amiens had zero points in the pool C and they needed a victory to try tomorrow win their survival. It was a real relegation match. Very tight with a struggle for every ball. Zelina had a better start- Lykov scored from the penalty corner. But Pauchet scored the equalizer. A minute after penalty stroke for Zelina. Ilinović had a calm hand and got Zelina a new lead. Then came Pauchet and made a turnover with two field goals with a little help of Zelina´s keeper. Zelina´s lethal weapon in this game was penalty corner execution. Three goals in a row from a penalty corner. One scored Lykov and two scored Gregor Fujs with two super-precise strikes below the post. In the last minute, Amiens awarded penalty corner and Pauchet got another one on his sheet and with four new goals went to the top of the best scores table. With a win and new five-point Zelina won survival in Clubs Trophy competition and tomorrow have a more relaxed match against Soerbymagle. And Amiens and Slavia will have tomorrow tough survival match.


It was not a match. It was real hockey “battle” till the end. Great match. Gaziantep scored two goals and everything seemed to go on their side. But Cobos didn´s think the same. Two goals in almost one minute and he pushed back his side in the match. And made crowd on stands to cheer for them. Total madness started when Corral scored for a total turnover. But the Turkish came back with a field goal.
Six minutes before the end of the match Gazaintep had a sloppy intervention in the D and Curiel took advantage of that opportunity and scored a goal for the lead. The Turkish side increase the pressure and Garcia was on shooting but he managed to save the goal till the end of the match. Save of the match was when he saved a penalty stroke from Norouzzadeh. The Spanish side is back in business for promotion.


The clash of teams that won their pools. Winner will win promotion before Sunday´s matches.
Better entry in the match by East Grinstead. High pressure and Stott scored in the fourth minute.
But Grunwald is a well-experienced team with plenty such matches in their legs. Poltaszewski equal two minutes before the end of the first period from the penalty corner.
In the second period, Grunwald showed their power and lots of indoor experience. They scored three goals in a three minutes a raised the bar for Englishmen on 3 goals. Tough challenge for East Grinstead.
And they responded with a fast two goals and decreased Grunwald´s lead only on one goal.
Four minutes after and Grunwald had an important penalty corner. And Dutkiewicz showed how well-experienced teams executed such chances. Precise low ball for two-goal lead.
East Grinstead scored the penalty corner on the end of the match.
Grunwald won the promotion on Saturday and tomorrow will have a less stressful match against Gazinatep. While East Grinstead must prepare for tomorrows direct clash for promotion against Complutense.
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