Final day roundup: EuroHockey Indoor Club Trophy, Zelina, Croatia

Posted On 10th February 2019

We came to the last day of the EuroHockey Indoor Clubs Trophy 2019 in Zelina with 4 matches left on the schedule.


The host Zelina was only safe in the relegation group and had a non-stressful against Soerbymagle that had a small chance to not to get relegated.  And after 6 minutes of the match, they became smaller because Zelina had 3 – 0 lead. One goal for Soerbymagle from the penalty stroke but Zelina stroke another three.
Till the end of the first period, Danes used one sloppy defence positioning from the Zelina´s side to decrease the lead but they had to give a lot more to reach Zelina. In the second period, Zelina carried on with a very good and fast play resulted with more great goals and the Danish side had to pack their bags for the next year Challenge I.


Very tight relegation match. Tough struggle through the whole court without goals on any side.
The decision came in the 32nd minute. Super action and Poppe scored goal worth survival in Trophy and Slavia need to find their come back to Trophy through Challenge I competition.


Another battle and clash of the Titans. Another great indoor performance. Norouzzadeh scored two goals in a row for the Turkish side lead.  But then started to initiate Grunwald machine for the turnover. Two goals in the first period to an equal result and one more at the start of the second period. But Norouzzadeh scored the equalizer. The match explode.  In the same minute, Mikula found the net for new Grunwald lead. Two minutes after and Grunwald had two goals more then Gaziantep. The Turkish side didn’t surrender and attacked Grunwald with all weapons and the lethal was Norouzzadeh who scored his fourth goal for 4 – 5.  And then came complete turnover by the Turkish side. They started to play perfectly with a lot of pace and with only one touch passing. Great indoor hockey performance. Aydin and Bahrami scored for the Gaziantep´s victory but they had very small chances for promotion because the winner of the next match will overtake them on the pool D table.


The last match of the EuroHockey Indoor Clubs Trophy. And what match it was. High pace, dynamic with very attractive moves and strikes.  In very intense match first lead came Complutense from Cobos, one of the best player on the tournament. In the last minute of the second-period penalty corner for Complutense and Alvarez scored a very crucial goal. East Grinstead tried as much they can but the Spanish side presented perfect and precise indoor hockey. Two more goals for Complutense and East Grinstead was all the further and further from the promotion. Although Jackson scored from a penalty corner, the Spanish side scored two more for their promotion and for winning Trophy in Zelina.


Top Scorer:
Cobos Ignacio (11) (Complutense)
Best Goalkeeper:
Banaszak Rafal (Grunwald)
Best player:
Curiel Cesar (Complutense)

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