#FridayFocus: Mobilising volunteers through good governance

22nd March 2019

Our Friday Focus this week is to highlight the ‘kickoff’ meeting for the Erasmus+ program which took place in Brussels 21st and 22nd March where all the partners discussed the project, planning and projected outcomes. European Hockey’s Erasmus+ journey has really started now! 

What is it?

An EU Sport Erasmus+ Funded Programme

Who’s involved?

Lead Partner: European Hockey Federation

Partners: KNHB, Czech Republic, Sumy Regional Federation (Ukraine).

Where does the funding come from?

EU Funding Pot: Small Collaborative Partnerships

What is the planned outcome?

To mobilise volunteers through good governance the European Hockey Federation will support federations to build full governance structures. Thereby supporting a range of volunteer teams of administrators, coaches, and officials by providing practical and continued support through the sharing of experience and skills.

This will be monitored by –

  • increasing gender balance;
  • safeguarding of safe sport environments;
  • increasing of club hockey and regional hockey representation;

Therefore recognising the need to diversify those volunteers into elected leadership positions across the committees and boards that govern hockey in the member nations.

The meeting discussed:

Ascertaining the collaborative learning concept and to agree on priorities and monitoring and evaluation arrangements.

The timelines in the project bid were discussed and the priorities to be fulfilled. Tasks were allocated within the group, including the structure around the methodology outlined in the bid for implementation and evaluation.

The appropriate times and administration during the year were agreed to place the project meetings at the most accessible place and time; enabling a successful launch for the Collaborative Learning.

In attendance were: Marijke Fleuren, Carola Meyer, Tom Pedersen-Smith (European Hockey); Iryna Kharchenko and Yana Voruskylo (Ukraine Hockey); Gabrielle van Dooren and Rolf Martens (Dutch Hockey); Gino Schilders and Jan Lehejcek (Czech Hockey).

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