2019 EuroHockey Championships – UPDATED

Posted On 27th March 2019

The 2019 EuroHockey Championships (Men and Women) will take place on the following dates at the venues stated. Participating nations have qualified for each division based on their final ranking from the 2017 competition.


Men’s Championship

Pool A:           BEL, ENG, ESP, WAL

Pool B:           GER, IRL, NED, SCO

Venue:            Antwerp (BEL)

Dates:             16-25 August 2019

Men’s Championship II

Pool A:           AUT, ITA, RUS, UKR

Pool B:           BLR, CZE, FRA, POL

Venue:            Cambrai (FRA)

Dates:             28 July-3 August 2019

Men’s Championship III

Pool A:           GIB, LTU, TUR, SUI

Pool B:           CRO, MLT, POR, SVK

Venue:            Gibraltar (GIB)

Dates:             28 July-3 August 2019

Men’s Championship IV

One Pool:       CYP, FIN, NOR, SLO, HUN

Venue:            Helsinki (FIN)

Dates:             6-11 August 2019

Women’s Championship

Pool A:           BEL, ESP, NED, RUS

Pool B:           BLR, ENG, GER, IRL

Venue:            Antwerp (BEL)

Dates:             16-25 August 2019

Women’s Championship II

Pool A:           ITA, POL, TUR, WAL

Pool B:           AUT, CZE, SCO, UKR

Venue:            Glasgow (SCO)

Dates:             4-10 August 2019

Women’s Championship III

Pool A:           CRO, FRA, HUN, SLO

Pool B:           GIB, LTU, SUI, SVK

Venue:            Lipovci (SLO)

Dates:             28 July-3 August 2019

1st Reserve: POR

NB For the Senior Championships tournaments the arrangement of the pools will be the responsibility of the FIH (using the appropriate World Ranking positions on the moment the match schedules are prepared). The match schedule for the Championship in Antwerp was created in June 2018. The match schedules for Championships II-III-IV were prepared in October 2018 and as soon as they have been approved by FIH, the host organisers will send them to the participating teams.

Note: The withdrawal date for all tournaments in these competitions is 15 January 2019.
Any National Association withdrawing after that date may be subject to a fine or other disciplinary action by EHF. See current EHF Regulations for further details.


EHF/ 27th March 2019 

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