Meet GHC Ritm Grodno

15th April 2019

With just 4 days until the start of #EHCC2019 let’s meet some more newcomers to this fantastic event!

The ladies from GHC Ritm Grodno, Minsk chatted to us as a team:

They are incredibly honoured and excited about coming to EHCC.

Not having played any of the teams, they have been using as much resource material as possible from streamed games, club websites and other channels to prepare to face the teams at EHCC.

The women from Minsk have many hobbies apart from hockey, including music, dancing, driving cars, photography.

One of our their players has the nickname “goldfinch”, as it is very fast and light:) We look forward to watching her! 

They are really happy that all the games will be live streamed, it is very important for us and our relatives who will worry about us at home and now will be able to see the games as they unfold! 

Thanks, ladies so much for taking the time to chat with us! We are looking forward to your opening game v Real Sociedad de Fútbol, S.A.D – click here 

Click here for our preview of the 10th and final EHCC as we move to an EHL Women in 2020.
All games will be Live Streamed 
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