EHF Athletes Committee

Posted On 24th April 2019

2019: EHF Athletes Committee

 Following the launch of our Strategic Plan in 2016, and in line with our values of being Inclusive, Positive, Accountable and Dynamic we feel that establishing an Athletes Committee not only incorporates these values but also goes towards achieving our goals, in particular raising the level of professionalism for our athletes, our staff, and our volunteers through education, development and good governance.

This Committee will be unique in our structure as the athletes will be voted onto this Committee by their fellow athletes during the upcoming Senior and Junior Championships during this summer.

It is an exciting time in the history of the European Hockey Federation as we open up the possibility for our current, or recently retired athletes to become decision makers within our Federation.

The aims of the Committee: 

  • To represent the views of the Athletes within the EHF, protect their interests and uphold their rights and obligations;
  • To serve as the link between active Athletes and the EHF;
  • To provide current and past international Athletes the opportunity to contribute to the continuous development and involvement in the growth of the sport of hockey;
  • To raise awareness and educate Athletes on topics of direct concern.

Committee Composition: 

The Committee shall be composed of 5 members. A Committee Chair and 4 (four) ordinary Members (former and/or current Athletes) with the Committee being represented by at least 2 females and 2 males. One of five Committee Members should come from the FIH Athletes Committee. The other four members will be appointed by election. On the recommendation of the Athletes Committee the Chair will be appointed by the Executive Board. An appointed member of the EHF Staff will also sit on the committee.


Nomination Deadline –  30th April 2019. Details have been sent to National Associations.

The EHF will issue a release publishing the list of all validated and admissible candidates after 25th May


Full details have been sent to all National Associations, or you can contact 

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