EHF and SportWays: the story of Josip from Croatia

8th May 2019

The European Hockey Federation has partnered with SportWays for 25 years now.

Time to share some success stories of European coaches who have been part of our camps. Coming up: Josip from Croatia.

“My first SportWays experience was a blast! It was great for my growth as a player, as a person and a coach. Overall, it was great and really positive for my hockey development.”

Hi Josip, can you do a little introduction about yourself?
“Hello! My name is Josip Briški and I live in the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia.”

What is your current involvement in hockey?
“Currently I am a player and an assistant coach for youth categories in my club ‘Hokej klub Trešnjevka’ in Zagreb. I am also a social media officer and an active volunteer. I help with organization and administrative tasks regarding events that we organize and our day to day tasks.”

You attended one of our overnight camps in 2018. How was your first SportWays experience?
“My coach, Goran Jamičić, went to a few SportWays camps and thought it would be a good learning experience for me as a young coach, so I applied. My first SportWays experience was a blast! It was great for my growth as a player, as a person and a coach. Overall, it was great and really positive for my hockey development.”

How would you describe the development of hockey in Croatia?
“The development of hockey in my country has been and still is hard. There isn’t a lot of support from the governing bodies that are above us. People generally don’t have any knowledge of our sport and that often creates even more problems. I would say that the development of hockey in Croatia lies solely on the backs of a few committed volunteers.”

How did your experience at the SportWays hockey camp impact your hockey development?
“The entire experience was great. I learned a lot about how to manage unfamiliar sport situations and how to be a better colleague. It was really interesting to see different outlooks of people and the way they do things. I took a lot of things back to Croatia, and I use them every time I can when coaching our youngsters, but also when I coach myself! Things like talking less and getting things done sooner, not carrying my stick around all the time, that there are positives in every situation and that being happy, positive and cheerful can help anyone around.”

What would you say to someone who was considering joining a SportWays hockey camp?
“Go for it! I think that anybody who can experience this for themselves as words can’t really describe the entire experience that a SportWays camp can offer.”

Want to be part of this year’s hockey overnight experience? Check it here!

We are delighted that Josip will be part of the EHF team delivering the Euro ParaHockey Championships in Antwerp (click here)

Together we develop hockey
SportWays and The European Hockey Federation have a longstanding partnership for 25 years and promote hockey development in Europe. They do this by working together to create possibilities for ambitious coaches from all over Europe. This involves the Coaches 4 Europe seminars, allowing coaches to attend the SportWays LAB in Barcelona and inviting them to join the SportWays EHF Excellence Hockey Camp in Barcelona. This joint effort builds a concept where both parties support the education of young and talented coaches – a key component in the development of European hockey. The collaboration is part of the Supporting National Growth (SNG) initiative. Read more about the partnership here.

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